Turning Red | Official Trailer

It’s gonna be Mei! 🐼 Watch the brand-new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red, coming March 2022.

Disney and Pixar’s “Turning Red” introduces Mei Lee (voice of Rosalie Chiang), a confident, dorky 13-year-old torn between staying her mother’s dutiful daughter and the chaos of adolescence. Her protective, if not slightly overbearing mother, Ming (voice of Sandra Oh), is never far from her daughter—an unfortunate reality for the teenager. And as if changes to her interests, relationships and body weren’t enough, whenever she gets too excited (which is practically ALWAYS), she “poofs” into a giant red panda! Directed by Academy Award® winner Domee Shi (Pixar short “Bao”) and produced by Lindsey Collins, Turning Red releases on March 11, 2022.



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David Emanuel Rosini
David Emanuel Rosini:
I'm loving how Mei's friends aren't kept in the dark about her secret and are actually supportive of her. Especially since, of course kids would love it if their friend could turn into a giant fluffy red panda.
courtney timmins
courtney timmins:
I don't care what people hate about this movie. My brother says it's cringey too, but this movie gives me that feeling of friendship that I wish I had at Mei's age it's really wholesome. I honestly love every scene and every character in this movie.
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams:
This was a wonderful movie. I’d heard there was some controversy but now I realize it’s just uptight parents who are simply uncomfortable (or incapable) of dealing with something that is perfectly natural and happens to ALL girls. Me and my daughter loved it.
Despite what Twitter thinks, this movie actually looks pretty good. It’s nice to finally see an original animated movie in 2022
Рич Таро Хөзөр
Рич Таро Хөзөр:
10 stars out of 5 for sure!!!!! I loved this movie. Sooooo relatable.
it's so surreal seeing a pixar movie taking place in Canada, I love it XD I saw that box of Timbits
Hunny Bunny
Hunny Bunny:
I cried the whole movie 😭 I dunno if ppl get how much this is about healing generational trauma. I'm 30 years old and I've had the almost same relationship struggles with my mother. Unfortunately we never had the happy ending they have. But it was so comforting. I'm not chinese but the social pressure is so similiar in our community. I've felt so seen. And i love it so much how mei finds her way but without losing her culture and her roots. Finally a film where freedom doesn't mean to go the complete whitewashed way. I love it so much 😭💛
I’m sorry Turning Red I thought you were going to be terrible but I ended up loving you. 10/10 would watch again!!
Sabhya Barua
Sabhya Barua:
Just watched this movie recently... Perfect family entertainer and a great message ✨🥺❤️
I'm From Nowhere
I'm From Nowhere:
Awsome movie. Been a while since I watched 3D/Pixar movie. I realized how 3D animation improved alot esp the details in this one. The texture, animation movements, lightning, and color scheme. The ost/ 4 town is so cool and depicts how late 90s and early 2000s song would sound like.

Story is relatable some cringe moments like as a teen having a crush on boys or boybands, parents expectations, and supportive friends. There are lot of hates cuz of the storyline that is new to some avid pixar/disney watchers. As asian the storyline/plot is relatable and Im used to cuz u can encounter something this on some asian films or dramas especially the humor.

People criticize the animation but should understand that every animation film has different crew, concept, and art style. Just because the other disney/pixar character looks like this or that, Turning Red should also. It's because this movie or other has its own concept.

Some teens/kids may not relate on this movie yet but I think someday as an adult if u look back to this film you will fully understand. Although the main plot is about a teenager.
Jefferson Mason
Jefferson Mason:
Finally, a movie where the nerdy kids don't spend the entire movie trying to become cool/popular. Seriously, I’m honestly digging this group dynamic: how fresh is it to see the nerdy kids who are comfortable being themselves??
Love the movies. Watched it with my girlfriend and it was so relatable to our culture. We totally happy to see Asian culture is being aPpreciated and we really love all the characters! Love Sandra Oh! So touching screens
Me Warrior
Me Warrior:
Watched this . This is a great movie , I loved it very much . It defines the teen age crisis of teenagers and offcourse the character of friends shown is amazing ❤️ Just a great movie Pixar 👍🤘
I have not watched the entire movie just yet, but I saw many clips and it's really intruiging to me.
I'm 14 myself and I have really been struggling with myself and the opinion of others. Seeing all this, it gives me strenght to not care if I'm awkward as long as I'm being me.
I like that this time, girls actually get portrayed as girls and not as flawless disney princesses. I will definitely watch it, and I have a great feeling about it.
Melissa Krimsky
Melissa Krimsky:
I LOVED this movie. I’m 35, I was (and still am) the chubby, nerdy theater kid in school. It was so wonderful to see us portrayed, to see nods to our youth (umm the Tamagotchi, Teen Beat, Y2K sticker etc anyone!?) and I just thought this was super fun and cute. Good job Pixar!
As a Canadian around Mei's age myself, for as baffling as this sounds the energy in this is PERFECT! I know Canada always comes off as pretty much the calmer and more polite America, but the eccentricity here is weirdly accurate to how most of the generation is like, and from my experience most Canadian moms tend to be that type of casual Karen so the mother's personality is spot on.

I say we have a winner, March can't come soon enough!
I've just watched it and i totally enjoyed it!! 😍 I'm in my late 20s and this story made me reminisce about those new, scary, messy but quiet fun times. I felt comfort seeing Mei facing all the stress bravely thanks to her lovely and unique friends. ¡Amé la película! GRACIAS~ THANK YOU!! 🐾💓
😎 I'll watch it again~
Angela Wright-Swifte
Angela Wright-Swifte:
Just finished watching turning red and I cried so so so so much, I’m still crying. I know I’m built different in a bad way but seriously it’s a good movie.
La La
La La:
I love watching this movie with my nephew! He loves it and dances to all the songs.
LT & Friends
LT & Friends:
it's a great movie with a good plot. This was actually a great film in my opinion, that ending gave me chills.
Baseball Royalty
Baseball Royalty:
are we not gonna talk about how her friend literally enjoyed punching her friend to the ground. that had me laughing
Karisse Murray
Karisse Murray:
This is the BEST animated movie I’ve ever seen in a long time 💯 got me filled with emotions. Laughed then cried many times. I loved it so much❤️
Mohamed Benyahia
Mohamed Benyahia:
Such a beautiful movie! wasen't really into the animation at first as it is not the usual "Disney.Pixar" one but it definitely grew on me!! Domee Shi is a bold storyteller and I can't wait for her upcoming projects 😍
i'm literally in love with this movie 😭❤️ i genuinely didn't expect it'd be so good.
jessica ArmyBlinkStayHiddenkardMOAInsomnia
jessica ArmyBlinkStayHiddenkardMOAInsomnia:
Just finished watching this movie today and I really enjoyed it alot❤️
Manuela Montoya
Manuela Montoya:
I'm OBSESSED with this art style!!! The characters are so cute and the story so unique. Everything is so satisfying to look at. I never get tired of all the details behind every scene, it's mind blowing knowing how magical the process is now that I'm an Animation student Thank you @Pixar and everyone who made this possible. I'm really looking forward for this film <3
JimBro 92
JimBro 92:
Love the trailer and the dynamic of the Characters
After watching this trailer 2 times I only got one question left

Why does the red Panda looks like a giant Fox? 😅
Kenpi Basar
Kenpi Basar:
So far the best movie of this year 😍.....Why can we resonate it so much❤️😘
Angel Daniel
Angel Daniel:
The best pixar movie I've seen in my life, it's my favorite, I love to see it many times and the song is very catchy, I sing it every day!!! Besides, the movie conveys a very important message metaphorically so I invite you all to watch the movie, you won't regret it.
Inês Gil
Inês Gil:
THIS MOVIE HIT SO HARD, WHAT?! just watched it, loved it, i missed seeing a disney movie that made me excited, this one was so fun and relatable, with such lovable and unique characters <3
Callum Drage
Callum Drage:
I love how bright and colourful this film looks! Luca had this quality too. I love that Pixar isn’t afraid to experiment with their animation styles, like they also did with Luca. It was a bit jarring at first, but I am on board! So excited for this film! I put trust in Pixar!
Lali Sanchez
Lali Sanchez:
This movie made me cry!!! Such a beautiful beautiful movie with meaning of culture. <3
_I just watched it, it was a lot better than I thought it would be! Everyone did an amazing job_
Coralia Villeda
Coralia Villeda:
Watched this with my three daughters and during the first 10 minutes they were yelling at each other…hey that’s you! My oldest is a straight-A student, my middle child considers herself the awkward one and the youngest is really the crazy Panda. It was fun to see my three girls portrayed in this movie.
Amei esse filme ♥︎
Skully D. ÆDD
Skully D. ÆDD:
What I love most is she throws her hands up when she's startled. Which is a real thing red pandas do to make themselves look bigger
Been here since the teaser trailer came out! I have watched it every night for 4 nights straight and It's become my favorite movie. This movie is so awesome!
Johnmar Dato-on Baldo
Johnmar Dato-on Baldo:
I love this movie is about self-control very advisable to teenagers and to the youth like me!
Paul Staker
Paul Staker:
The night time backgrounds in this movie are ripped straight out of that 90s anime (you guys who've seen it know which). Very pretty.
Novi Ting
Novi Ting:
Mei's mom was once a teenager too, she went through the same struggle. Although I understand Mei's viewpoint but somehow I empathize with her mother more. Some people make it seem like their mom is the villain who needs to be defeated instead of healed. Our parents are humans too, with their own strengths and flaws.
Olivia Hawkins
Olivia Hawkins:
god i'm so glad that Mei is unapologetically herself. so many tween dramas focus on the MC trying to be someone they're not and then suffering the consequences. it's truly a breath of fresh air, plus Mei is super funny :D
I love this movie captures the exact cringiness and ego of a teen in their phase
jjvksae ༉‧₊˚.
jjvksae ༉‧₊˚.:
just finished watching this masterpiece... tbh I enjoyed watching this and it's so relateable at the same time haha!! idc what twitter thinks bit y'all should definitely watch this 👍🏼😉
Watched the whole movie today and hands down its my most fav disney movie! It was just incredible!
I just watched the movie yesterday or the day before AND I LOVED IT I like how it explains what a girls teenage life is like as a 12 year old we pre teens and teens find some scenes relatable
Cartoon Nerd
Cartoon Nerd:
Okay so I’m surprised that they didn’t follow the typical formula of hiding the secret “powers” from friends and family as well as being embarrassed of her new form. Her embracing her special self feels refreshing. It all seems to be a metaphor about growing up into a teenager and I like the positive spin on it. Oh also her being an overachiever and not embarrassed or mocked for it.
Nabil Ismail
Nabil Ismail:
To be honest when I saw the trailer, I thought that it would a hard pass for me but the movie was really good.
I like how at 2:01 She just pushes her back inside
If Mei is 13 years old and this movie takes place in 2002, that means Mei was born in 1989 and is currently 36 years old
I loved this movie so much ,pleaaaaaase make a part 2 !!!
I am IN LOVE with the fact that their family INHERITS a special type of power/connection instead of Mei being the first or only one to have it. I love how the dad just casually says, “it happened already?” like it’s normal, lol.
It’s literally my mom and me, I love this movie sooooo much!
I would change the fact that they didn’t have it at the cinema… 😐 but still the movie was great ❤️
Fiona Daniels
Fiona Daniels:
Absolutely LOVED it!
Rosanna Cheng
Rosanna Cheng:
I had major OCD when Mei as a red panda destroyed every inch of her surroundings, thinking “does she have to be so destructive in the process 😤!?”, but I guess that’s part of the symbolism of the red panda in the story. The red panda symbolizes her imperfections and her emotions, which most would say could be messy.
The movie felt extremely relatable. Got teary eyed at the end.
I love the character designs in this movie. The four main girls aren't conventionally beautiful. They're each so diverse and dorky and feel like real life tweens. It's seriously awesome.
Turning Red (2022) Full Movie
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10:10 Sun: "Hotter"
11:12 Sugar: "Sweeter"
00:18 Joonie: "Cooler"
18:00 Yoongi: "Butter"

23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos
SamKin Z
SamKin Z:
I am so happy Finneas gets the recognition he deserves ❤️
That beat box at the starting was actually amazing
Al Hadar Alam
Al Hadar Alam:
This movie got me hooked to the point where I didn't want to stop watching it.
I think that Mei's gonna be one of those characters that people find annoying at first, but with a little development, she becomes a cool and lovable character. I love when movies do that.
The Jane Ash Channel
The Jane Ash Channel:
Some huge teenwolf parallels in this movie but the ending does break off in a different direction. I love it!
Song choice is everything. It’s gonna be Mei. Also, when she was angry and sad at the red panda, it says “you may have hurt mei (me)”
Taya El
Taya El:
Its amazing movie! I think all ages will enjoy watching it
Chase The Plotagonist
Chase The Plotagonist:
After watching this movie, I feel like this plot is worth making into a tv show
Zytrux 1
Zytrux 1:
You know what I like the most? This Is not another: "Oh no! I turned into something different!! I better hide this from my parents or anyone who could actually help me!"
They all seem aware
بروس باتمان
بروس باتمان:
Just watched the movie, it's alright, I'll give it a 7/10
STG Arts
STG Arts:
I have a question on the movie:

1) what happened to the temple when ming turned into a giant red panda?
2) what happened to the houses and buildings and busy streets of toronto (from which melin lee was jumping while going to the sky dome) ? did ming gave leg on them destructed the area?
Roger P
Roger P:
This has such a powerful message. I was hesitant on letting my daughter have a onlyfans. But after seeing this film, its awesome to show off your talents for the hustle.
Mery Gomez Burgos
Mery Gomez Burgos:
This is such a fantastic and realistic movie! It deserves all the awards ❤️✨
i love the color grading in this, and it reminds me of how cringy i am in middle school 😂 the setting looks very natural while being cartooney. i love how they include varities of characters, bc it reminds me of my country where there are tons of ethnic groups here. i love the panda mei design too! it looks like your good ol red panda, but it kinda sticks in your head haha. i hope this will be great
Umbrae Crystalheart
Umbrae Crystalheart:
Funny how back when the teaser trailer came out i was like "it looks cute but probably not gonna be good" and now that it came out on disney+ i have a hyperfixation and im hooked on all of the songs XD
Sebas ZC
Sebas ZC:
Wow y pensar que me daba cringe el trailer pero hoy que salio la película me encantó 💕
Eden O’Reilly
Eden O’Reilly:
What a wonderful movie!! Thank you Pixar!!
Sorbet Shark Cookie
Sorbet Shark Cookie:
This Is A Very Good Movie I Watched! I Watched it 11 Times
Cause i Love it! Even My Cousin Loves it.
We Enjoyed Watching It!
Can I just say how ADORABLE Mei's little squad is? They really all just look like a close group of friends having fun and being kids!
Angel Simone
Angel Simone:
This looks cute that's me everyday when I deal with strong emotions I turn into this. I want to see this. Looks cute.
Vincent Horn
Vincent Horn:
I really liked this movie I always enjoy movies when people transform into animals sometimes makes me wish that was a real ability and that ending all I can say is MOMMY'S VERY ANGRY!! Hope it gets a sequel
As a wise man had said: “Imagine a movie called going Bananas...” and it talks about what boys go through during puberty. -_-
"Strong emotion" being the antecedent for this transformation along generational lines implies objective value judgements, which is super interesting since from this we can use what is considered a "strong" emotion to then categorize other distinctions
i love how she isnt a shy, anxious introvert like people in alot of movies, she looks social and outgoing
tokyo 東京
tokyo 東京:
I’m gonna watch it in a few hours with my cousins!! Edit: if you didn’t watch it WATCH IT ITS SO GOOD
Josh Horn
Josh Horn:
I love how Priya made Panda Mei’s tail move up and down! It’s SO Cute! 🐼
Sebas Stan
Sebas Stan:
This was a GREAT movie. Thank you Pixar.
I CANNOT emphasize how glad I am I did not see this trailer before seeing the movie.

"It's gonna be mei" :P
i'm loving the artstyle that pixar has been using, instead of being more realistic, is a lot more cartoony, it looks great!
Maya Gantt
Maya Gantt:
It's gonna be Mei. This would be my favorite movie and I love it. 🥰❤
Truly an art piece.
I can just cry from how cute the red panda is. I only saw real red panda once they are so adorable
Gunnar Dalton
Gunnar Dalton:
Next thing you know they’re going to come out with a live action one
Michael Gibb
Michael Gibb:
I love the mother's reaction when the father says "This has happened already." Her facial expression says everything.
Boss Ahmed
Boss Ahmed:
Loved it 🥰
The little Korean girl (Abby? forgot her name) is the best part of this movie. xD hahaha so funny. Whoever came up with her idea and character deserves a raise. Overall, the animation style is so good and it almost feels like it was animated at 60fps :D
"It's Gonna Be Me (Mei)".
I don't often see a trailer with such a perfectly matching pop song.
Mother Boop •w•
Mother Boop •w•:
I absolutely ADORE the different personalities of her friends, and I love how they all dress like they’re in the 2000s!
I just saw this Movie and it's one of Pixar's best movies yet. I was very outgoing like Mei here and that I'm 2 years younger than her in the year it took place so I'd look up to her as my Senpai.
Nezuko Shinobu
Nezuko Shinobu:
Such a unique and hilarious movie . Love it.
Jennifer Sharon roy
Jennifer Sharon roy:
This mov kinda motivated me to let my inner beast out at Times .... good mov to watch with fam nd friends ... I legit rate it 10 / 10
When this trailer first started popping up on youtube ads i kept skipping it as per usual with like 95% of ads I see. However, I eventually caved and decided to watch it and was interested enough to buy a single month subscription to Disney+ just to watch it. Long story short, this is my new fav Pixar movie and is definitely in my top 10 fav movies of all time