"Twilight" Star Gregory Tyree Boyce & Girlfriend Found Dead | E! News

The 30-year-old actor who played Tyler Crowley in the 2008 film and his 27-year-old girlfriend Natalie Adepoju have died. Details here.

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1153316/twilight-star-gregory-tyree-boyce-dead-at-30

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"Twilight" Star Gregory Tyree Boyce & Girlfriend Found Dead | E! News

100+ comentarios:

Cathryn Geban
Cathryn Geban:
Ohh wow. I'm really shocked by this news. I'm so sorry for the family of the both of them. Rest in peace you angels
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin:
I don't even know about him. But, RIP. 😢
cheryal lawrence
cheryal lawrence:
Omg what a shocker may they both rest in peace.
madame paka
madame paka:
I don't believe for a second that it was an overdose or drug abuse, so I'm highly doubtful of these "close friends" being sourced. They were BOTH found dead at home. Something just isn't adding up. This world is cruel...may they both rest peacefully.
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus:
This is such a tragedy. Their children’s lives will never be the same, sadly. Money and fame clearly don’t buy happiness and don’t guarantee length of life.
Carolyn Minter
Carolyn Minter:
So sad two young people gone too soon!
Emoretta Robinson
Emoretta Robinson:
This is so sad. My condolences to their families, children, loved ones and friends.
Reincarnate In Peace Gregory -- I pray you'll be born into a better world.
The Blu Ray Collector
The Blu Ray Collector:
This is sad I especially loved his character in Twilight. God bless them both, lord put your arms around there families to comfort them from this tragedy and may they both rest in peace Amen. 🙏😔❤
Taliyah Romero
Taliyah Romero:
Rest In Peace Gregory much love for u and ur girlfriend ❤️
Kate Nolan
Kate Nolan:
So weird. I was just watching twilight again recently.
Kemetdeb Gibson
Kemetdeb Gibson:
Stay away from the movie and music industry, and trust no one, for there's a war against Israel and Jacob
Calvin Payne
Calvin Payne:
I read somewhere that the police didn't think there was any foul play, lol.🤔 maybe I don't know the definition of foul play from a cop's perspective🤓. Sadly a weird situation to me🤨R.I.P. Y'ALL....
Chris Spiers
Chris Spiers:
Praying for their families, loved ones, and friends.🙏🙏🙏
Stay away from drugs kids!!!
John Mark Tamano
John Mark Tamano:
Drugs just keep them afloat after the fleeting limelight.
Sandra Harris
Sandra Harris:
After reading about him on CNN, they showed the clip, the scene he played in on Twilight, that's how I remembered him, after reading about him, he sounds like he loved life and I can say the same about his girlfriend, I just hate that two young lives were snuffed out at such a young age, they both left behind a child, many prayers to their families!!
Scar Love
Scar Love:
Weird I am literally rewatching the saga and I just checked YouTube during the commercial and this was on my feed. 🧐 I hope there wasn't fowl play even tho it's quite likely.
Theresa Warren
Theresa Warren:
Watch the first thing they'll say is dugs or murder suicide Hollywood weird af
cele dashae
cele dashae:
R.I.P ❤️
That's so sad RIP 🙏💔
Butterfly Butterfly
Butterfly Butterfly:
I have no idea who he is 🤷🏾‍♀️ this is just too sad though 😕
Elizabeth Kargbo
Elizabeth Kargbo:
Rip 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Master Of Puppets
Master Of Puppets:
Dont get high
Get low
Thats Whats Up
Thats Whats Up:
Jesus is Lord. Get right before you get left
Star Baby
Star Baby:
Rip❤so sad
dark spirit
dark spirit:
Curious?? 🤔🤔🤔Did they leave a car running in a closed garage or something? 🤔
Carolinagirl 1986
Carolinagirl 1986:
I never watched Twilight, but I know how popular it was and always heard/still hear ppl talking about it. R.I.P to him. Was he related to Cameron Boyce?
Nichole John
Nichole John:
So sad he' looks like my brother
Rene Hendrixon
Rene Hendrixon:
Oh my goodness rest in Peace angel 🙏 my deepest condolences to you and your family and her 💔 family 🙏 and her friends.
to you my heart breaks 💔 for you all.💔💔🙏🙏🙏🙏
Daniel E.
Daniel E.:
Natural selection!
Brenda grinnall
Brenda grinnall:
Was he related to Cameron Boyce? 😥😥😥
They OD'd together
but did they test positive for covid19?
People say it’s their mistake, but don’t understand your still learning in your 30s especially your late 20s, this is a horrible way to die.
Vick KnewZeus
Vick KnewZeus:
Big dundee
Big dundee:
Yep fentynol is a hell of a drug
No Neck Ed
No Neck Ed:
2020 the year that just keeps on giving. What is next huh, you gona let yellow springs erupt😒
Crack is wack.
Vernon Thiede
Vernon Thiede:
God is killing off the Tattooed "Drug Addicts".
mi channnal
mi channnal:
"He was the life of the party" Actually, he was the death of the party. Close friends (and everyone) are saying overdose
Michael Gray
Michael Gray:
I know the Truth of what happened...Rest easy my Prince...
Платим за регистрацию!
Платим за регистрацию!:
Awesome vid
If your going to make a video talk or narrate. I play videos while I multi task. If I want to read I’ll go online to a website. 👎
Unidentified xox
Unidentified xox:
Is anyone else confused how you can find two dead bodies and not know what happened
It got to be a bout of acute constipation, its nevertheless sad when young people dies, though.
Dova Sis
Dova Sis:
Wow that is sad and so unfortunate
mary draper
mary draper:
P H:
Sadae Sashington
Sadae Sashington:
My condolences to the family.. I have no idea what happened nothing was released yet.

Both of them gone together? Oh Jesus that doesn’t sound good. I pray that no one harmed them but that might mean something else... it’s just too horrible.

Bless their family and children. I’m so sad that they lost a parent. 🙏🏽
Irish Eyes
Irish Eyes:
Hmm another tragic overdose & they went together so that means they were using drugs together unless it was an honest accidental overdose. I feel sympathy for their children & pray that they dont follow in their footsteps & end up having an amazing life in spite of losing their parents. Prayers for both families.
Belle V
Belle V:
What happened 😨 both dead ?!
Charles Kim
Charles Kim:
Linda Martinez
Linda Martinez:
Was it just them two in the condo? Maybe carbon monoxide poisoning???
It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife
It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife:
Always keep God first. No one knows when their time on earth will be up.

❤ Jesus is the only way to Heaven ❤
kim paff
kim paff:
Omg, what really happened to them? Will ever know the truth? So sad. Sorry for the families loss
Rick Solari
Rick Solari:
Yeah. Super-positive people do drugs.
Risingofthephoenixx x
Risingofthephoenixx x:
One dying of a drug overdose makes sense but two?? Nah this sounds sus af like murder.
Itz Ceanna Of High House
Itz Ceanna Of High House:
Oh crap not him !
Joyful Richardson
Joyful Richardson:
So I’m so confuse how did they die cause would be somebody they killed them over tv checks that the guy had coming in ??
Dee Jay
Dee Jay:
He died of Kobe-19.
lorien Ray
lorien Ray:
When are they going to get fentanyl off the streets, it has been the cause of so many overdoses
For the first time in over thirty operations they put fentanyl into the mix, was the first time after a surgery I hallucinated and vomited for hours while Dr. Kicking me out of hospital, that night I stopped breathing
Only difference was fentanyl, get rid of it, stop these senseless deaths
Seven Durchbruch Müller
Seven Durchbruch Müller:
Das leben schreibt seine eigene Geschichte !
roger smith
roger smith:
they should just say he died of corona to get their fake numbers up so bill gates can stick it into people.
Kat Campb
Kat Campb:
They all think it won't happen to them. Look how rich Prince was and he couldn't help save himself even knowing where he'd die. Time to turn in your local dealer and save your life.
keke julien
keke julien:
So sad
ashten Nguyen
ashten Nguyen:
So sad
Tiara Lynn
Tiara Lynn:
Wth happen?
Tatiyana Saunders
Tatiyana Saunders:
That's why you shouldn't do drugs kids
Bill Randolph
Bill Randolph:
Cause of death = Douchebagery.
A R:
Who cares!!
joanna jamerson
joanna jamerson:
Rest in paradise.
How terrible
Sahara Safari
Sahara Safari:
Drug abuse I’m assuming so sad
Matthew Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez:
not tryna be rude RIP, but he has such a small role in Twilight tbh
Christy Woods
Christy Woods:
Now I kmow That it's pissibke for a double overdose on accident like they both took some fake xanax bars cut with fentynal or something, But IOT IS SOOOOOO VERY UNLIKELY THAT A DOUBLE ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSE OCCURED.O SMELL SOMETHING FISHY OR NOT RIGHT AT ALL.I JUST FEEL IT.and Im betting the Cops do to,behind the scenes.for Sure...
R H:
Online Spice Tests
Online Spice Tests:
? 2 people die of overdose, as their careers are taking off? Nah. Check the story and look for some other causes. This doesn't make sense. One person maybe, but two? If drugs were involved check the dealer. But this may be some racism inspired issue. The family should hire a great lawyer, investigator and look closely at this. In this age of blind violence and rage from the right-wing extremists, there is probably more to this story.
Adriele Santos
Adriele Santos:
Be Woke Jeanty
Be Woke Jeanty:
They both killed each other wtf
AJ Anderson
AJ Anderson:
🙀🙀🙀Death probably caused by suicide. Hollywood and the entertainment world is closed down due to Coronavirus. The future looks bleak for celebrities. Actors & Actresses are unemployed. No money coming in. The entertainment businesses will be the last to open unless a vaccine is quickly found. Plus, Gregory Tyree Boyce wanted to open a restaurant. That's a double-wammy ("set back"). Many small restaurants are currently not doing good or failing plus the added NEW dine-in medical restrictions due to coronavirus. Gregory Tyree Boyce and his girlfriend (Natalie Adenike Adepoju) probably said ...."Due to coronavirus what DO we have to live for let's end this nightmare". So sad beautiful talent is no longer with us. 😢 Rest In Peace 🙏 Gregory Tyree Boyce you and Natalie Adenike Adepoju.👼
Just Steve
Just Steve:
So tragic when two cellphone chargers go down at the same time and extreme depression leading to suicide results.
Recep Gültekin
Recep Gültekin:
Jerito Babilla
Jerito Babilla:
I can’t find footage of him in the movies, only black guy I remember in them is the long hair dreadlock guy which is taller and darker than this guy.
Max Marx
Max Marx:
cause of death COVID19
Ahmed Mahmoud Zaki 0240
Ahmed Mahmoud Zaki 0240:
I don't even know who the f is that guy and where he was in "Twilight"!!
X X:
If it's drugs, no sympathy. They shouldn't be using them in the first !!
Jovana Gorko
Jovana Gorko:
So sad. This Is such a mysterious dead. Why people could kill a normal couple with family and a lot of friends?! I bet they died because e someone killed them or they were kidnapped and killed.. Rest in peace love you two❤️🥰🙏
End of Days News
End of Days News:
Illuminati hit
Noo Day
Noo Day:
Murder : Obama was involved
I hope it was not murder suicide
Maria Vasquez
Maria Vasquez:
I am not at all saying that this is for sure what happened, because I wasnt there. But could it be possible that they might have been a sacrifice since Stephanie Meyer's new book is set to come out this fall. Midnight Sun i believe is the name. The new addition to the saga. Mayeb guarantee the book's success
Greg Gallacci
Greg Gallacci:
Assuming the rumors of overdose are right:
This is what the war on (certain) drugs gives us.
The couple wanted to get high, whatever they got was an unknown quantity/quality...they both died chasing a buzz.
Because the drugs are illegal, there is no way to get them tested, so people partake of things when they don't know what it really is.
Lots of people died during Prohibition due to toxic mixtures being made up to mimic real booze.
Same thing is happening today; folks die because the law says it is illegal to test illicit drugs for purity.
Funny how drug laws, designed to save lives, are killing people.
Penalty-free drugs testing would save many lives every year and cost much less than the services of a Medical Examiner or morgue technician.
Just sayin'...God Bless and keep you, Amen.
Marsha Robeson
Marsha Robeson:
Wow. So horrible and sad!
Isaac Frazier
Isaac Frazier:
The fact they're both dead at the same time tells me it was a murder suicide
Hal 9000
Hal 9000:
Kenneth Hart
Kenneth Hart:
Let's admit ,they both died of a drug overdose