Twitter shares surge after Elon Musk takes 9.2% stake in company

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100+ comentarios:

Joe Wright
Joe Wright:
It would be great to see Musk pressure Twitter’s board to fire Agrawal.
Racheal hubert
Racheal hubert:
My question is how do people really make huge profit by just investing in the stock market within a short period of time ?
T.J. McCarty
T.J. McCarty:
I love seeing the terrified looks on the CNBC news anchors's faces over the possibility that Twitter may stop censoring conservatives soon lol
Edwin Ng
Edwin Ng:
He didn’t mention that he would start something on his own. People assumed
Samanthwalter Archie
Samanthwalter Archie:
I watch several YouTube videos on how to trade in the stock market but haven't made any headstart because they are either talking some gibberish or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands
Gurtius Maximus
Gurtius Maximus:
The market is reacting to free speech being the most important issue.

says all you need to know
Chrizzie 78
Chrizzie 78:
Journalist 1: "What is Trump's new social media platform called?"
Journalist 2: "Who knows lol!"

"Journalism", exactly proving every single of Trump's words on them.
Harry Chu
Harry Chu:
The TechnoKing of Tesla is the most prolific business person of our age.

I am putting every dollar I can get my hands on into Tesla stocks, at these low prices they are practically giving the shares away.
suresh nishtala
suresh nishtala:
Elon is gonna gradually increase his stake and in mean time he shal be taking a board position as Non executive director and would influence twitter board to work for better things....ELON IS AN EMOTION.
M H:
This is a great thing and will hopefully lead towards less "I support your freedom of speech... as long as I approve of what you're saying"
Adventure Baby Boomer
Adventure Baby Boomer:
Elon Musk is amazing.......... hopefully he will steer things is the right direction for accomplishment and success...!
Rita Vincent
Rita Vincent:
Just because a stock is going up doesn’t mean it’s a good investment. just because a stock is going down doesn’t mean it’s a bad investment. there's more to a stock

than just it's stock price. An entire company more. focus on the company, not just the stock price....
The Moon
The Moon:
This is to be interesting to watch what happens next
Andrew pretending that he doesn't know the name of Trump's social media company.
benjamín saravia
benjamín saravia:
25% already before the market opens 😶
Harry Wild
Harry Wild:
I became a Twitter member today because of Elon!😄
Greg Dubela
Greg Dubela:
He is about to learn everything
Nyran Stanton
Nyran Stanton:
thats great. Love Elon.
Don Duckman
Don Duckman:
Well this will be good for shareholders who actually support free speech. He will win over their hearts for sure.
Keep in mind Elon started Pay Pal so I can see him pulling this off.
Alexis Amaya
Alexis Amaya:
he could wait to pair it with blockchains or memecoins in a liquidity pool in the future because he has the money and education to wait
What is “very free speech” Andrew? I guess you prefer Russian or Chinese type censorship 🙄
Ruby Seg
Ruby Seg:
Yes!!!! Go for it Musk! We need the true News! Let the the people speak up the true vs bias and fake News! Social media suppose to give the true News to the people to know what’s going on out there not just what they want to said or suppress the true.
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones:
Great 👍 I am glad to see Mr. Elon Musk join Twitter stock shares!
Twitter is the better place than Facebook thanks to CEO Jack Dorsey both great men in tuned together ❤
One time CNBC was talking about how it was justified the little guy lost massive amounts of money. Many little guys can make up for a lot of money. A company went bankrupt and the judge presiding over the case committed a crime. It was illegal what the judge had done. Against securities law. CNBC had a regular lawyer justifying how it was correct, it was perfectly lawful how they lost their money, and nothing can be done, but that regular lawyer was quoting securities law and he could not have been any more wrong. It's against the law in the first place for a regular lawyer to quote securities law. But who can call out the judge? And the SEC should have told CNBC they need to stop having a regular lawyer's quoting securities law, that's illegal. The little guys have the right to sue, and win, but how do you sue when you illegally lost your money? Sinful!
Lurd Nath
Lurd Nath:
The economic hardship, recession, unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures. I'm taking a trip into investing because I lost so much during this pandemic. Multi creation of wealth is the best strategy to ensure financial sustainability
Carrington Ndhlovu
Carrington Ndhlovu:
Hahahahahaahahahahahhaa, no more censorship!!
Feels like I time traveled back to 2020.
Iok Chang
Iok Chang:
This is just the start. Imagine if Twitter becomes profitable. This can easily become 100B market cap.
Zach Garba
Zach Garba:
rob winter
rob winter:
EM net worth 267.3 billion - - maybe he will just buy it - then sell it like ebay - "brilliant"
might benefit tesla even more!
Morteza Habibpoor
Morteza Habibpoor:
At least we can ask him why he failed. He will at least answer that. I hope.
I am a Registered Investment Advisor, for a long time, and I have been saying for a long time you don't tear up laws, and they needed to adhere to new ones a long time ago. I can really get into it but the SEC is the big "C". Another time. Understand these markets are "publicly listed shares, NOT private. But our capitalistic ways are trading stock as if there private listings. A controlling power should have been 1% or more and the PUBLIC needs to know this before it happens. Warren Buffett does the same thing over and over, it should be illegal. There is a law called "Chinese walls", that's about insider information. When Musk promoted Bitcoin it went up substantially. Well over 10%, a lot. Then people were complaining because soon after he denounced it and it went down substantially. What Musk and the people who lost big assets don't understand is that's illegal, they have the right to sue Musk and the first question the judge needs to ask is are you "Registered". Of course he's not, right there an then he loses the case and must pay everyone for their loses. "PUBLICALLY LISTED SECURITIES" need to have full exposure before major purchases are made, and or any kind of advise. That's not happening, and Musk lies to enrich himself. I can read the laws and tell you exactly how. But since the SEC is "C' everyone is getting away with these sinful enrichments. There are a lot of other laws not being followed, and I would be here forever explaining. The big granddaddies have rigged these markets, and I would estimate less than 500 people in this entire country can explain how it's happening.
Prosper Williams
Prosper Williams:
Dan Ives is number 1!! We’re lucky to have him in our era!!
cynical chimp
cynical chimp:
Hahaha hahaha! Elon the mad lad! I know one thing, if Twitter doesn't change for the better Elon will be more than happy to watch it burn to the ground!!!
gary K
gary K:
If a 9.2% stake is enough to cause the stock to "surge" it is also enough to cause the stock to "crash". I think there may be some Twitter policy changes coming. 🤣
Dave Bentley
Dave Bentley:
The CNBC Peacock is really a vulture.
Dylan Stott
Dylan Stott:
*When Elon goes without Babylon Bee for a week
Todd Holmes
Todd Holmes:
You can tell just from the body language that he's hating to tell this story because he/they know now FREE SPEECH will be heard as it should, you hear the female voice saying "who knows" when asking the name of Trump's channel! LET'S GO ELON MUSK !!
The moderately annoyed Canadian
The moderately annoyed Canadian:
He’s gonna try and work from within the enemy’s base.
Love my daddy Elon<3 Long live FREE SPEECH!
Andro dibox
Andro dibox:
Twitter has super voting shares tho
Largest shareholder, and he’s “passive” the misinformation from CNBC has been ridiculous today
Rajat Agarwal
Rajat Agarwal:
It should have dived....but people are people
KK Mukherjee
KK Mukherjee:
Finally a true capitalist would run the show. You can't image how much I am happy. Always hated the leftists/socialists whether they're online or offline.
Eugene Pollock
Eugene Pollock:
'Very Free Speech"??? CNBC has veered left over the last several years and its evident in phrases like this. Andrew's bias is that free speech is not protected speech if it doesn't conform with the channel's business interests
John M.
John M.:
They all just mad they missed the 30% gain.
A. Eshetu
A. Eshetu:
💪🏾💪🏾 I can finally have all 5 of my suspended accts back! Lets go Elon!!!
Matthew M Canada BC
Matthew M Canada BC:
I thought he had 92% lol
So Elon Musk takes his pocket change and buys twitter. 😂 nice.

Waiting for snowflakes to start whining…
Butch Thurman
Butch Thurman:
Let the gap get filled.
Jay Singh
Jay Singh:
He just wants unbiased algorithms so he can support freedom of speech.
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira:
Elon Musk is the hero of freedom!
J.R. Taylor
J.R. Taylor:
Kick ass Elon!
Jada Hernandez
Jada Hernandez:
❤️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/Elizeid de mejor
1 (elecciones ) 9.9/10 2 ( culturales ) 9.7/10
Son unos de los mejores conciertos
, no-puede-ir-pero-de-tan-solo verlos
desde pantalla,, se que estuvo
Sorprendente .
Robert Kim
Robert Kim:
Best news today. Freedom of speech!!
Dat Meme
Dat Meme:
Yeah, the stock "surged" at 6am EST an hour before the retail trader could buy anything and over 3 hrs before the market day session opened. Market is so rigged.
Pump and dump, then start his own from the profit.
Unusual options never lie! Thanks Najarian bros for that May 44-strike TWTR calls!!
Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel:
He's a genius
All he has to do is pull his shares after a while and Twitter will fall. Also it's going to be really bad if they start to suppress his comments like they do Republicans lol
OC Vegas Property
OC Vegas Property:
Truth social, “who knows”. That was a professional comment.
Next level robot + (?) New coming soon
Harly Slamm
Harly Slamm:
FFS he has taken 10% share so he cannot be banned from tweeting
Dang he's going to bring Trump back to twitter ? 🍿🍿
Double R
Double R:
Yes!! Listen to the dummy in the background "Who knows" bahahaha Get em Elon!
If you can't beat it
Dont buy it now, better let it come down for a week if your even thinking of it. It is way over valued guys. The founder is even out.
Frank Wiersma
Frank Wiersma:
And that makes twitter worth more?
Pankaj Ochi Ahuja
Pankaj Ochi Ahuja:
Now he can pump and dump all day :D
Papa musk!
A.S. De'Ville
A.S. De'Ville :
Parking money to last the coming recession
Well this will be good for shareholders who actually support free speech. He will win over their hearts for sure.
christian crawford
christian crawford:
Everyone is gonna flock to twitter… im not gonna invest this week. Ill just gain any profits this week for week 2 iv got my 5 stocks ill adjust if needed but not in twitter…
Now he got a true immunity from banned.
Elon 🐐🐐🐐
LMAO bravo. #freespeech
Buy it ALL Elon.
Oh man this show is getting interesting
ant Nam
ant Nam:
Drove the stock down, then bought it cheap.
Never say Never
Never say Never:
Joe should get a interview with Elon! Elon likes Joe.
Gene K
Gene K:
Buy ZIM all week. Semper Fi
Oh God! NBC is nervous as hell.
Lynda Korner
Lynda Korner:
This guy manipulates markets all the time.
And then he sells at the high crashing the price.
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Elon is a genius fool.
Squeeky Clean
Squeeky Clean:
No more leftists media! Hahahas
TinaHeather Cantrell
TinaHeather Cantrell:
Yeah I am saying take the kids and never give them back , in any case of domestic violence , especially if the woman initiated the violence. Those babies go to boarding school and never see family again . Women are not crazy , we know we are about to get the bricks beat off of us .
Jay Dogs
Jay Dogs:
now twitter will use Dogecoin for tipping
Aqua Velva
Aqua Velva:
Hope this leads to FREE SPEECH, the Silicon curtain needs lifted.
Mordy Mitrani
Mordy Mitrani:
I am sure Andrew didn't know Trumps Social media SPACS name
Donel Patterson
Donel Patterson:
* XOS.. Up 40 % month. Large EV Trucks. Top EV Gainer in March. New Financial Report / News Release March 28 th. 2 Assembly Plants. 3 New Sales / Service Partnership including adding GEORGIA distribution.
Lazy Way
Lazy Way:
Musk should buy a stake in CNBC and get rid of Cramer
Richard Brown
Richard Brown:
These people are MSNBC they all sound so depressed listen to their tone of voice
probably passion of the cancel
You guys are screwed!
Andre Kingston
Andre Kingston:
Elon is different
Abraham Cortes
Abraham Cortes:
ELM If you really want a social media app make one call this name Cheez drop
Babylon Bee set to begin fact checking the truth at Twitter.