Two Louisville officers shot during protests over the Breonna Taylor decision

Police say two Louisville, Kentucky officers were shot and injured during protests over a lack of charges in Breonna Taylor's death. The grand jury did charge one of the officers, Brett Hankison, with three counts of wanton endangerment for firing shots that went into another home. Jericka Duncan reports.

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Looks like Coronavirus will go on vacation for another week....see yall in October
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse:
People are outraged because you guys spent the last four months LYING about the details of the incident.
Connor Brennan
Connor Brennan:
“There’s a lot of anger” yeah we blame you for creating it.
Eon Drache
Eon Drache:
This is a good thing, right CBS? Behind the camera you are actually cheering and celebrating, right?
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford:
“Largely peaceful” and “two officers shot” in the same sentence...
C J:
People don’t get shot in “peaceful” assembly.
“Trash cans were lit on fire during the protests”
You mean riots?
El General Del Aire
El General Del Aire:
'Largely peacefUl demonstration' me as that little dog with the fire bUrning in the backgroUnd meme.. this is fine 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jac C
Jac C:
Do you declare a state of an emergency in preparation for peaceful protests?
A & E
A & E:
This is the media’s fault!!! ☝️You did this! You twist things all around and never report truthful news! Shame on all of you! You should all be in jail!
Nancy Echelberger
Nancy Echelberger:
Protesters need to be informed that Ft. Knox, bring on the tanks!!!
XenoGears 51
XenoGears 51:
Dont' forget an officer that got hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat. Luckily he had a helmet on. If he didn't, I'm not sure if he would be alive today.
"Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account." Hebrews 4:13

Father in the Name of JESUS, America's fate is in Your hands. LORD YOU are GOD and KING and there is NO other above You. Father have MERCY, FORGIVE us as a NATION of REBELLION, CORRUPTION, DIVISIVENESS, IMMORALITY, WICKEDNESS and Every EVIL. Father CONVICT the HEARTS of HARSH, DIVISIVE, and WICKED Leaders in America. Father REMOVE from Office or Positions of Authority EVERY LEADER who WILL NOT BOW to YOUR WORD, YOUR WILL, YOUR PURPOSES and YOUR PLANS of GOOD, MERCY, and JUSTICE for ALL PEOPLE! (Micah 6:8) LORD please let SALVATION ✝ flow like LIVING WATERS throughout America. BLESSED BE YOUR NAME and ALL GLORY to YOU ALMIGHTY GOD...AMEN!💞✝
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
dwight paceing
dwight paceing:
Mike L
Mike L:
I am soooooo effin sick of hearing "mostly peaceful"
Crazy Chick Sheena
Crazy Chick Sheena:
It's crazy 😢 out there and the news is not helping 😈
Mr BOOM 303
Mr BOOM 303:
Yeah but I bet you that lawyer is nice and happy with the settlement that he's getting
Boy, these protesters look like rioters to me. Thank goodness I have the media to clarify the video of the fire bombs and gun fire is peaceful.
Captain Be-LoW
Captain Be-LoW:
They knew what they were doing they wanted riots!
Recovering ArmyVetDon
Recovering ArmyVetDon:
Clap 👏
Crawler Junkie
Crawler Junkie:
Police being shot and the media still calls it a protest! Liars!
Kenneth Ohara
Kenneth Ohara:
Treasure Quest - JD & Company Chronicles
Treasure Quest - JD & Company Chronicles:
Largely peaceful, but trash cans were set on fire....
Largely peaceful, but 2 officers were shot......
They try so hard.
Bobby Beta
Bobby Beta:
Dane Beam
Dane Beam:
Graveside Poet
Graveside Poet:
Where’s the Wolf Brigade when you need them?
"Mostly peaceful" aside from 2 police officers shot, hundreds of windows broken, fires lit and burning but "mostly peaceful".
J Sparker
J Sparker:
Some people like pretending to care, while the ones that actually care look into things further and realize bad things happen to people that associate and take part in criminal activities.
Charge rioters with sedition, give them 10yrs.
Matthew Furlani
Matthew Furlani:
Thorny Dig8
Thorny Dig8:
Thank you for contributing to Trump's re-election win.....
Kenny Michael Alanya
Kenny Michael Alanya:
If COVID is over by November 4th, can we all say this was a scam ?
Jackson Hester
Jackson Hester:
The blood of the officers is on your hands
Team Go
Team Go:
More looting going on the peaceful protest turned into two officers shot
Avery Fishing
Avery Fishing:
If an officer got shot through a door, wouldn’t you return fire?
How do you protest cops SHOOTING BACK AFTER BEING SHOT AT????????
faglepuss69 faglepuss69
faglepuss69 faglepuss69:
The news lady said who cares about the cops we out here !
Frank Bruner
Frank Bruner:
The media is responsible for these riots. Even in this video you continue to lie "largely peaceful" protests where two cops were shot.
Tre Anderson
Tre Anderson:
If so.eone bashes ur door in without an announcement I'm reaching for my weapon too
Robert Gantry
Robert Gantry:
It's high time for YT to pick up his rifle and start putting these "Protests" to rest. These riots could be OVER IN SECONDS ...if we'd just man up and deal with it the way it needs to be dealt with.
American Dreamer
American Dreamer:
Congratulations CBS! The unraveling of of our democracy is due to lies and half truths from the crooked media spinning their own narrative! You guys should be ashamed!
jones cuts
jones cuts:
You really think people really wanna be "peaceful" 😂
Technically the police are mostly peaceful as well. Now what?
Tish Ratcliff
Tish Ratcliff:
Hey, Mitch - this one’s on your turf. It’s time to send undercover DHA agents and armed active duty service personnel to Kentucky. Or is Kentucky not Blue enough to merit your, William Barr’s, and Donald Trump’s, hardline Law and Order platform? Put your money where your mouth is. But whatever you do, don’t listen to the anguish of the American people.
dat sloth
dat sloth:
Lmao "mostly peaceful protest"
Its a riot and they better be careful now that people know they have their guns out. We gotta protect our cities now. Good luck
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki:
An outbreak of peacefulness.
It's ok so long as no apartment walls were harmed
R Hood
R Hood:
Its time!!! If they dont want to listen! You take one of ours we take 2 of yours!! Back to 90s gang style
Mr Alston
Mr Alston:
Right wing groups shot those cops like they always do
420 Music champs
420 Music champs: #BronnaTaylor
Taco Tacos
Taco Tacos:
The left are on Mars already.
Talk about how they announced them selves and an independent witness verified and then she chose to stand behind the gunman who had his arms extended and fired at the cops..
AceyLaBoy 97
AceyLaBoy 97:
We never heard them knock and announce in the middle of the night, we were a little high tho but weed is being legalized, may have had a few drinks too, either way we don’t wanna be protested next so yeah they didn’t follow any laws!
Ahhh, poor babies. 'It is what it is...they knew what they signed up for"
Trump talking to a grieving mother of a fallen soldier.
I don't care, do you?
melania trump.
Hope Qualified immunity works on lead poisoning.
isaac Chang
isaac Chang:
"Peaceful" Protesters. This is all I hear.
afn29129 David
afn29129 David:
Dusk till dawn curfew with 10,000, or more, National Guard troops deployed!
Another largely peaceful protest.
Morenci Mom
Morenci Mom:
Miranda Lynn Tucker
Miranda Lynn Tucker:
Ti Dees
Ti Dees:
The media lied about this whole case... Even their neighbors said the cops continuously knocked and announced themselves as police before they breached the door and one officer was shot by the boyfriend.
Mossy horn Hunter
Mossy horn Hunter:
More peaceful protests
*Kentucky allows castle doctrine and no knock warrant🤔 think about that for a min*
jenna rotella
jenna rotella:
What their calling peaceful is beyond me
Jay Kline
Jay Kline:
Who can be shocked by this?
G D:
These media trying to feed the 🔥
Mega Tron
Mega Tron:
Put those policemen lifes endanger by showing their identity.
Danny Deres
Danny Deres:
I'm from the UK and news travelled fast about this. Is it law in the USA for police officers to wear bodycams on duty?
I got my popcorn ready
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy

You declare war on the people, they WILL fight back.
Amy Cakes
Amy Cakes:
Hens always come back to roost...oh Well!!!
Swanky Banker
Swanky Banker:
This irrationality from the media is because they know they are getting pushed out of power. Make sure you vote
T Boogz
T Boogz:
The "law enforcement officers bill of rights" needs to be rescinded. Demand it from your politicians.
Officers should be held liable for serving a no knock warrant at the incorrect address, but their own bill of rights and "brothers" protect them. I guess reading or doing research before executing people isn't a required. Dude had a right to self defense, but not from unannounced police?
If she were white it likely wouldn't have made it into mainstream media, but the "they want our guns, I have a right to defend myself" people would be all over it, while toting their guns in the street.
morgan brown
morgan brown:
Very fine people on both sides = largely peaceful protest
Chivo Gaming
Chivo Gaming:
Honestly I would of been surprised if they we're charged...and that's the sad part...R.I.P. BT

Sidenote: Hi Jericka....😙😙😙
Micho Rizzo
Micho Rizzo:
Prayed 4 Dallas and Compton it worked lol
C C:
I want to give a shout out to all the protestors. Your well intentioned but misguided fake movement has caused unnecessary destruction. Most of you have no idea why your are there. Your actions over the past 6 months have all but assured Trump a re-election. Great job. The disgusting liberal media and the Democratic Party have successfully kept you on their plantation.
Jay_J Jacobsen
Jay_J Jacobsen:
That is not okay...but then, Gail, why are you clapping your hands?
dabby dabby
dabby dabby:
Where's Snoop Dogg when you need him?
Democrats need to get their domestic terrorist under control.
Dobbys Boggart
Dobbys Boggart:
Take a minute aside to pray that God will protect good cops and innocent store owners, and will soften people's hearts and calm them down.
Tiffany Peppers
Tiffany Peppers:
1) found no drugs
2) dispatcher recording shows he didn’t know who was entering.
3) Sovereign Almighty God will punish them.
Brent Tippery
Brent Tippery:
Defund the media
Peaceful protest....2 cops have been shot.
hatos reyes
hatos reyes:
Cuando los policias matan a alguien piden calma y les dan pocos años de carcel pero cuando alguien dispara a los policías quieren carcel de por vida no es justo
No Way
No Way:
Now shooting police are actually protests? Network “ news” has no credibility
Алексей Ерёмин
Алексей Ерёмин:
Срочно санкции на США.
Thomas Apple
Thomas Apple:
Oh wow. Totally shocked.

*obvious sarcasm*
B Russell
B Russell:
"Anger" More Like Terrorism
DR 2013
DR 2013:
Why does everyone want to have their phones out to record the this amusing or something?
Tha Urban Thinker
Tha Urban Thinker:
Keep letting killer cops go free and cops who got nothing to do with that situation are going to pay the price all cause police departments refuse to point out and make sure corrupt cops be convicted
Turkey Grasslesnatch
Turkey Grasslesnatch:
Hilarious that the Louisville cops would rather let their own face injury and harm than arrest the murderer cops. Really shows how dirty they all are.
Her ex boyfriend said on transcript she would still be alive if he was there, because he doesn't shoot at the police!
Small Town Girl Big City Heart
Small Town Girl Big City Heart:
This is ridiculous... imagine literally fearing for your life every. Single. Day.
I don't care WHAT side you're on.... We can all agree.... Media is full of 💩