Tyler Herro Drops Career-High 37 PTS, Breaks Dwyane Wade's Miami Heat Playoff Record

Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro has always been a "Walking Bucket." But in Game 4, he took that mantra to historic levels as he dropped a career-high 37 PTS in Game 4 to lead the Heat to a 3-1 series lead.

If this performance wasn't already legendary enough, Herro broke Dwyane Wade's franchise playoff record for most points in a single game.

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Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report:
Most points in a playoff game for players 20 years old or younger:

Magic Johnson (42)

Tyler Herro (37)

Derrick Rose (36)

Brandon Jennings (34)
Christopher Mikrowelle
Christopher Mikrowelle:
If Stephen Curry returns strong from his injury, he can become the next Tyler Herro.
He’s built differently. Unreal confidence at the beginning of his career.
He went off, Ja Morant is right with his tweet about this performance, this rookie class is something special...A career defining game early and shows what he’s gonna be about going forward
Pranav Bharadwaj
Pranav Bharadwaj:
This guy's confidence is unreal
Colin tan
Colin tan:
Shaq will say we seen this before.

Wade would give a 9/10 for his performance tonight .
larry 2funn
larry 2funn:
He made it look so easy this man was even laughing lmao
Prod by Rajae Jones
Prod by Rajae Jones:
And people said jimmy made a mistake signing with the heat 🤣
Noushauga _
Noushauga _:
Oh yeah Celtics fans, Herro's only 20 yrs old
Them boyband lookin' dudes bouta take over the NBA real soon... Luka, Murray, Tatum, & this dude.
Danang Dwiatma
Danang Dwiatma:
This is how you build a championship team. Herro and Adebayo are both mid first round picks but Spo gives them trust to succeed. Miami will win it all this year.
Damn him and Duncan Robinson breaking records we should call them the next splash bro’s like damn the going off🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tylon Powell
Tylon Powell:
Tyler hero just received his invite to the cookout
Mohammed Ali Khan
Mohammed Ali Khan:
Tyler Herro is a future finals "MVP".
(in two weeks from now).
Liv Morgan P4P GOAT
Liv Morgan P4P GOAT:
That's impressive against 5 but John Cena defeated 29 other men by himself in the royal rumble on his way to being a 16x champion
Christopher Mikrowelle
Christopher Mikrowelle:
The real Hero of tonight was Herro. If he keeps playing like a Hero, Herro will win them a championship.
dre d
dre d:
Imagine thinking before the season a coin flip to draft Tyler Herro could decide who goes to the NBA Finals.
Thouxanband Swavy
Thouxanband Swavy:
Herro is the future of the Miami Heat 💯
Truth B. Told
Truth B. Told:
He arrived to the locker room and got a nice Herro's welcome 🤣😂
Melvin Montallana
Melvin Montallana:
Tyler “Hood Tendency” Herro in the house 🔥
Lesley Harrys
Lesley Harrys:
That three pointer from the top looks like a glitch in the Matrix. It’s exactly the same every single time.
Val Verzano
Val Verzano:
Looking forward for this guy to break most points in a quarter set by Klay.
froilan anthony
froilan anthony:
tyler herro vs jamal murray in nba finals , new young superstars like doncic, trae, booker, taytum
1 thing that stands out for this rookie: CONFIDENCE
Vent Deux
Vent Deux:
3:02 Faked Tatum right into The Offseason
Thomas Thulievre
Thomas Thulievre:
The level in those play off is pretty insane
Mohammad Cali
Mohammad Cali:
I thought this Tyler Herro was going to turn into another Austin Rivers. Greatest highschool career, but struggled in the NBA. I believe the Miami Heat culture, Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra helped him avoid being another highschool hype.
Must_Tang Boss
Must_Tang Boss:
So much for the all defensive first team when a 20 yo keeps pulling on you all night without a second thought 😂
Scottie Pipppen
Scottie Pipppen:
Imagine he still gets taller lol, he a problem !
Did he go to college? Seems like I just seen him in highschool on Ball Is Life like a year ago. 🤔
D.F. Möller
D.F. Möller:
Theres is one highlight that is shown twice . Dude was ballin! Miami Heat seem to have great chemistry. Like a real team.
Imagine his Last name as herro lol
Been following since his Junior year at Kentucky.
Patrick Hoey
Patrick Hoey:
Miami is a great organization for a player like Herro. So glad to see the Heat giving Brad Steven’s and the Celtics the business.
Loven Almanzor
Loven Almanzor:
kendall starts fishing again.
Dr. deng gerous
Dr. deng gerous:
give that guy a shoe deal!
Shaq:"I'm not impress, I've seen that b4"😅
Deng dong
Deng dong:
He reminds me of
the great Reggie Miller
The hands up after shot
Hi Rainy
Hi Rainy:
Perfect steal from the heat to pick up Tyler
J. Fox
J. Fox:
Kemba been getting exposed all series..
Fit Potato
Fit Potato:
He defeated the Celtics by himself.
Marcus smart probably on suicide watch
tomi's quarter
tomi's quarter:
_ apart from ball handling, he reminds me of Stephen Curry's game 🏀🔥🔥🔥🏀 😉👌
Mike Smith
Mike Smith:
The teams that passed on Herro!.. 😂
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan:
Herro and Robinson: dominates and splashes

Splash Brothers: "We are gonna pretend we didn't saw that
I've never seen Tylor dribbling that much and trying so many iso plays, I think that he got the authorisation from his coach to do this
Aqua Baller
Aqua Baller:
This kid. Is. A. Future goat.. He is amazing.. Versatile. Player he play like a veterans
Benjamin Gines
Benjamin Gines:
In his third year in the nba, he must have blossomed into a full-pledge superstar!
Gabriel Schmidt
Gabriel Schmidt:
Heat take the finals in 6.
Dootikon DooFu
Dootikon DooFu:
Damn man, his jumper smooth af. Shit beautiful
Edgar Apilan
Edgar Apilan:
Lil' Laxeddy's Gaming Channel
Lil' Laxeddy's Gaming Channel:
He broke a record!
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich:
2:18 that's what she said
Jeanette Taneca
Jeanette Taneca:
He’s so chill wtf
Blake X
Blake X:
Kentucky players are finally on good teams and now taking over the NBA
Glenn Draper
Glenn Draper:
His incredible rookie!
Ronel Christopher Sunggay
Ronel Christopher Sunggay:
He's my herro
Joseph Velasco
Joseph Velasco:
Now I understand why Wisconsin hated him so much. Now perhaps they are a comforted by the fact their boy is in the penultimate basketball tournament and shining.
Hi Rainy
Hi Rainy:
Best rook in class
We need to be aware of all those 13th draft picks !
Sorcerer Supreme
Sorcerer Supreme:
Absolute STUD!!!
usually after a dynasty, it takes 3 to 4 years to see another good crop of teams. but here, wow, I cant seem to decide where to bandwagon: denver, utah, heat and boston. though its for me, its a toss up between denver and heat. i like denver's jokic and heat's herro. utah got mitchell too. i dont like boston personally but there team is up there. these teams makes the nba something to watch in the next succeeding years. NICE
Alex Fernandes
Alex Fernandes:
Description about breaking Wade’s record is most definitely wrong
also remember not only did he score 37 points in 36 minutes... HE ONLY HAD 1 TURNOVER!!! SHOT 50% from 3, and i forgot his exact fg % but was over 63%
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan:
Herro: dominates and splashes

Splash Brothers: "Im gonna pretend I didn't saw that"
Jimmy Buckets
Jimmy Buckets:
heat doesn't need to tank to get great players. Thanks to the FO and coaches for bringing us great rookies
Thanos is Right
Thanos is Right:
Miami. home court advantage in the finals
rounin roy
rounin roy:
Herro, Doncic, Morant... NBAs future are in good hands
angelito capiral
angelito capiral:
Let's go HEAT🏆!!!!
terence w
terence w:
A steal for the Heat with the 13th pick.
apip wiranata
apip wiranata:
Mentality Confident n Efficiency
Eric Wang
Eric Wang:
super star! Herro!!
nadz nadare
nadz nadare:
Damn! Look at tyler herro man so inspirational... 😎😎😎
LMVP Truth in Facts
LMVP Truth in Facts:
took the again pretty serious
He's only 20
Rıfkı Demir Erdem
Rıfkı Demir Erdem:
That was Tyrone Herro
Anthony P
Anthony P:
The second half Herro single handedly killed the Celtics. That’s Championship DNA.
The Speedster
The Speedster:
Scientific Data
Scientific Data:
Sounds like a hero, good name
Mathias Daniel
Mathias Daniel:
I see curry in herro
Hatay Chau
Hatay Chau:
Tyler Herro Yes Triple Double
I love 💕 it
Fernando Mendoza Remo
Fernando Mendoza Remo:
The rightful ROY
Rikesh Patel
Rikesh Patel:
dude has better pacing than westbrook and its only his first year
Bill Buyers
Bill Buyers:
Been following Herro since High School and became a Heat fan because of him. Now I can tell people that without them asking me who he is.
Super early!
Daniel Poirier
Daniel Poirier:
1:30 sweet hesi crossover
That's why he is in my 2kteam 😎
Joseph Mendoza
Joseph Mendoza:
N R:
Bank shot nasty on em...
If any team holds the 13th pick, just draft a SG and you're set
He gets more points then my 2k player
Jeff The Ripper
Jeff The Ripper:
The Next Klay Thompson?
Jar Phipps
Jar Phipps:
Where my 2000 babies at? 2000 babies we up💪🏾⏭
heats scout kno how to pick him , other franchise need to take notes
Glexore Harrison
Glexore Harrison:
Daniel Mateo Fitness
Daniel Mateo Fitness:
Katya bustin down tn 😭
neru demelo
neru demelo:
Herro on 5!
10k Subs Without Any Videos
10k Subs Without Any Videos:
Jesus, a rookie that isn't even top 3 rookie of the year... this draft class on a different level man
Lucky Valera
Lucky Valera:
Tottie Taito
Tottie Taito:
@3:13 Mahcus Smaht got done on by a rookie!? LOL Rooting for Herro!!!