UEFA Europa League draw: NIGHTMARE ties for Manchester United and Arsenal | ESPN FC

The UEFA Europa League draw for the round of 32 was not friendly to two of the Premier League's representatives, with Manchester United drawing Real Sociedad and Arsenal set to face Benfica. Can Ole Gunnar Solskjaer navigate his side past David Silva and La Liga's surprise leaders? Is Mikel Arteta capable of leading his side to the Europa League title, let alone past a Portuguese giant? ESPN FC's Julien Laurens, Ian Darke and Don Hutchison examine the daunting tasks facing both sides come February.

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100+ comentarios:

GuanJun 1
GuanJun 1:
Arsenal could draw my local pub team and it would be a nightmare draw for them.
Csanad Ignat
Csanad Ignat:
Fun fact : the leaders of all top 5 leagues in Europe are playing in this competition. Leverkusen, Tottenham, Sociedad, Lille and Milan. Could be the most competitive Europa League in years.
Abu Ceesay
Abu Ceesay:
I always love it when small Spanish teams face big English teams.
paco ramon
paco ramon:
I hope Pogba stays at United, Real Sociedad needs him to win.
Jean Ferguson
Jean Ferguson:
NIGHTMARE ties??? So they were hoping to get the easier teams, even in the Europa league??? 🤷‍♂️
Ali Njie
Ali Njie:
Arsenal used to call Man U banter FC look at them now
I think it's more nightmare for Real Sociedad because they can never know which Manchester United will turn up, as for Arsenal we know they're against the ropes
Ole has a date with fate. As much as I love him. Neither he or his team are up to the task in hand. Arteta is toast as well. Great English clubs in a state of disarray 🌵
Ruben Machado
Ruben Machado:
If Arsenal shows up in this form to the games against Benfica they're getting battered. Benfica spent alot of money this year and has one of the best coaches in Europe at the moment. Watch out for Darwin Nunez and Waldschmidt!
Myco Lorgeat
Myco Lorgeat:
Look how far both of these teams has fallen especially Manchester United since they’re the bigger club
Michael Dorego
Michael Dorego:
It's been a while since Benfica took the scalp of an English team. This is their best chance to do so. I remember the year they eliminated Man Utd and Liverpool. They had an amazing team.
iam stevenson
iam stevenson:
I dont know what the issue is, even if you draw two English teams against each other only one can win the tournament. In the end the only Scottish team will win. GO Rangers!
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais:
The english teams are still the favourites in those draws. We all know Arsenal will play the kids, which are much better than their main prem team. As for United, a bit tricky but they will get the job done. Socieade will focus more on the league and they have 6 draws in a row......
This is a classic
One saving grace that Arsenal has is Arteta at least has some experience of success in knockout comps (FA cup). Now idk how much of that was Arteta driven, but he at least has the hope of tapping into that. For United, outside of one miracle game against PSG (w/out Neymar and w/ Tuchel getting everything wrong), Ole’s been pretty suspect in knockout Comps. It’s not unwinnable for United ofc, as sometimes the better squad can overcome managerial mediocrity, but it’s looking real top 4 or bust for United atp
Siddhant Thapa
Siddhant Thapa:
Man utd are such a gud team.... Their position in epl isnt that bad even after such horrendous start... Played well in ucl... Faltered in the last and now they r out... They have gud potential which is not utilized to the fullest.. They can win the Europa league hopefully don't crumble in pressure
I love Man U draw to the toughest team in Europa. Reality check of Ole and Team....
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia:
I honestly think that everyone from England is going through to the round of 16.
Every team is a tough draw for Manchester United
Even our shadows could beat us.
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson:
As a man united fan I want the best every round.
Zain Casey
Zain Casey:
United will ever win the Europa League or crash out in the round of 32. One or the other lmao.
john honai
john honai:
Maguire is most sincere player in defence.He defended two goal bound shots against man city
You know its messy when ole drops penandez and rashorf in the first half ofthe game
Dick Dingwiza
Dick Dingwiza:
They are calling it a nightmare matchup now - let’s wait for the narrative one the tie is over....
Nevin ABR
Nevin ABR:
Oryazabal will tear that defence down to shreads
Afonso Pina
Afonso Pina:
Benfica's defence have been really bad, so Arsenal has a chance. I think there is 60% chance for Benfica and 40% for Arsenal to qualify. It's not that bad.
As for Real Sociedad vs Manchester United, I think Real Sociedad will win at home like 2-1, but Man United will end up qualifying thanks to a good performance in the 2nd leg.
LOLOL is Dan trolling asking that question to Don about Arteta's job being safe if he wins the Europa League!? 😂😂
I still think it must be not too difficult. Both are a shadow of what was known before of them. Still Mikel will be relieved.
Mandar Desai
Mandar Desai:
Depends on Which United Turns up, If the One Against Leipzig Turns up then Any Team We Face Will be a Nightmare.
Starting from Southampton, arsenal need to make their come back.
Abdul Gafur Abdul
Abdul Gafur Abdul:
Every team Benfica!!👏👏👏
Ishaan Murarka
Ishaan Murarka:
The time when playing Real Sociedad is a nightmare for Man utd 😂😂
Times have really changed 🤷‍♂️
Tn Trinh
Tn Trinh:
Out of all the young recent talent that came out of Utd was Januzaj!. Even better then Greenwood & Rashford. His downfall was due to him being so good the first season that when he didn't play well the next season, ppl started saying to soft & fluke, the defenders have figured him out now. Januzaj first season would outshine a team with Rvp, Giggs, Rooney. He did what Rashford is kinda doing now for ManUtd.
Alex Whitham
Alex Whitham:
As a united fan I couldn’t care less how far we go
We all know United and Arsenal are going to lose😂😂😂
Nightmare for United?? Haha 4-0 it is😂
Ian Darke draws his own moustache.
Edward Kelly
Edward Kelly:
Both Benfica and Arsenal are struggling in their domestic leagues
Pierre-Henri Landriau
Pierre-Henri Landriau:
This is good for arsenal, get a couple of weak teams and they might hope, better to go out early and focus on avoiding relegation in the PL.
Gonçalo Almeida
Gonçalo Almeida:
Vamos Benfica 🦅
Any draw is going to be tough in this round. Every team is decent. United could've done worst.2 nil at home then go score a goal in Spain (probably a penalty). Easy..
DonniDon Champion
DonniDon Champion:
I was first to watch! Love ESPN and I love Julian!
Ole will mastermind a great 2 legged win over Real Sociedad and then limp out in the Semi-Finals.
Frank Edward
Frank Edward:
MU have a challenge but should use some of the bench players
"Nightmare" tie.. haha I can tell you as a United fan of 32 years. I could not give two shits if we won this tie 8-0 over two legs or lost it.
To be slightly more positive about it, I'd rather see United play teams with at least a bit of quality to them like this as opposed to some team in far europe I've never seen. This is arguably a dream tie for us, not a nightmare one. Over-dramatic as usual from the media.
vikram dharma
vikram dharma:
Man utd will win against Real Sociedad. Both the matches will be competitive, but eventually United will find a way to win both of them.
If they stayed in CL. Would have drawn Juve, Bayern, Dortmund or Real. Now that WOULD have been a nightmare draw. Espn loses context AS PER USUAL.
Gejamugam Latsoomanam
Gejamugam Latsoomanam:
Real sociedad

YouTube captions in thumbnail: real social dad
I believe it's Sociedad running scared now that they'll be facing manchester united
Sulaiman Alomran
Sulaiman Alomran:
I want man U to pass to eventually see Joses spurs and GET WIPED
milaboss r
milaboss r:
They r making fun of these English club. Hahahha. 🙏 So funny. How these 2 team downgrade themself
ZixZax Zol
ZixZax Zol:
Arteta will knowledge that his consecutive win means nothing with bigger team like Benfica

His level is not in top league
Shrivatsan K Chari
Shrivatsan K Chari:
What's with the sensationalizing? tough draw but a nightmare?
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson:
United had their chance to avoided R. Sociedad...stay in UCL.
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
No nightmare for United,getting knocked out will be welcomed. It will only force us to do better in the league or look for another manager.
Rachel Sydnee
Rachel Sydnee:
Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Isaac Paul
Isaac Paul:
Play the youngsters or our second team, else get out of this and focus on the league
Simoko James Phiri
Simoko James Phiri:
There's quite a bit of highballing Sociedad going on here. Yes, they're top of La Liga, but have a look at all their results against teams that are of similar or higher reputation:
0-0 draw Vs Madrid
1-0 loss Vs Valencia
1-0 loss Vs Napoli
1-1 draw Vs Villarreal
1-1 draw Vs Napoli

These results don't at all suggest that Sociedad can pull off what these chaps are suggesting. United will come through this tie, could even breeze it if everyone's firing on full cylinders.
Solo So
Solo So:
Every draw is a nightmare to United because they have a nightmare manager. He does not know how to win important game for United. He just survives his own must win game to avoid being sacked. Thevway it goes, he may last longer than Fergie. It toom Liverpool 30 years to win the title so he can say he needs 30 years as well. Fergie only spent 25 years with United.
Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama:
We still have amad dialo to add to the squad in January we will see with all the buyious prediction
Scott Paulson
Scott Paulson:
If we think that arsenal and uniteds draws are a nightmare... We are right where we should be(maybe we shouldn't be in Europe at all)
Ziyech Hakim
Ziyech Hakim:
Man United have every reason to panic. Sociedad was the one who often beat Guardiola Barcelona in their prime, especially when they played at Anoeta.
G Shahi
G Shahi:
Bad draw for Man U being in this trophy will effect them getting into top four may even need to win it to enter champions league
Do you guys realized that people are lowkey trolling man utd right now!!!! The fact that Socieded is tough for Man Utd!!! That's a big big troll.... In the past Man Utd were big but now they are compared with teams at the level of socieded, everton..... It's a lowkey troll
Shaquille Fraser
Shaquille Fraser:
If ole gets the players he wants in his team they can go out and win titles
Objective Objective
Objective Objective:
Very Sad talking about 2 has been clubs who where great and competitive in their day 😢 Im afraid this will take at least 10 years to put right right for both clubs especially their strikers who are pensioners really. Nevertheless merry Christmas to all United & Arsenal fans ( except for the Retard TY whatever fella ) and good look for the future Chaps & Chapetts , dont you just love football . 🙋‍♂️ Bye Bye.
Howar Jk
Howar Jk:
Ole concern is who is the ref of their match
Last season Man utd play with all they could so that they can qualify for champion's league, only for them to play and relagate to europa
lurlisic SI
lurlisic SI:
Tottenham relishes another chance to trash ManU
Prajwal P
Prajwal P:
Vertonghen v arsenal and david silva v man united
paco ramon
paco ramon:
Real Sociedad hasn't won La Liga since 1982.
Vinnie Mac
Vinnie Mac:
Sociedad will be running their hands facing the donkey at the back.
Murphy moe
Murphy moe:
Ole is doing on purpose with this l.up again already 1 down and could have been clearly more Wake up OLE OR YOU WANT OUT?
Tiana Mattie
Tiana Mattie:
Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Rubin Devasia
Rubin Devasia:
i feel the United fans wont care about Europa anymore the focus should be more on domestic leagues.
Benedict Wong
Benedict Wong:
Why are the media trying to help Arsenal or protect the manager? LET THEM FAIL, NO MATTER WHAT ANALYSIS U GAVE, THE CLUB IS DESTINED TO GO INTO CHAMPIONSHIP
Dilyan Al-Kasem
Dilyan Al-Kasem:
Easy work for Man Utd
Daru P
Daru P:
Lingard is not being played enough.
Waynz Fadi
Waynz Fadi:
Man United will comfortable beat real sociedad both legs
Since when what is this rubbish? They never have anything nice to say about Manchester United. Clearly they have an agenda with the club. Man United can beat Real Sociedad home and away no problem.
Vumi Ngono
Vumi Ngono:
Nightmare? are these people mad? Dream draw. Get the heck out of there ASAP and focus on a good prem finish
gochi kaur
gochi kaur:
Real sociedad will triumph over zebra United
Eyouel Tsegaye
Eyouel Tsegaye:
If they play bad in the first half sociedad are gonna capitalize on that and kill the game
Ozil has not played one game this year. How is he a story? Don? Donny?
Kathir Sivagananam
Kathir Sivagananam:
Yeo I guess united will beat real but arsenal won’t beat benfica fs
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma:
Ian Darke’s commentary in Fulham v Liv was so pathetic. Could not hide his bias !
Morgane Escort
Morgane Escort:
The hanging stepson contrastingly lock because brake neurobiologically owe to a graceful fang. limping, scattered ramie
Mishen Sirriram
Mishen Sirriram:
How is it a difficult draw when their budgets are 10 times Bigger 😂😂😂
Spurs got Marine, Stoke, a by, and Wolfsburg. Arsenal get Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle and Benfica. My God.
Kudz Pakaipa
Kudz Pakaipa:
Not really nightmares. Theyll both win
Katana Lugo
Katana Lugo:
Solksjaer turn Utd into a Europa league team and I'm not going to be watching that rubbish...
Javoun Trail
Javoun Trail:
All of these pundits want United to lose It would be great for United to win and move on such a bunch of pricks🤦🏾‍♂️ get in there United.💪
Footy Talk
Footy Talk:
Final in 🇵🇱
shepherd ndhlovu
shepherd ndhlovu:
How the might have fallen, the mighty Manchester United with all their financial power scared of lowly Real Sociedad 😂😂😂😂imagine if it was Real Madrid my God they'd be panic galore
La Dona
La Dona:
Am a chelsea fan but out of arteta solkjar r lampard y choose arteta as the best coach in the long run we will see the truth
Benedict Wong
Benedict Wong:
If playing a weak La Liga or German team is a nightmare for big English clubs, it means the big teams have fallen in status dramatically
John Dickinson
John Dickinson:
Utd win on penalties
Bruno The Magician
Bruno The Magician:
Manu have a better chance of ucl focusing on the league
PWE Recordings & Entertainment
PWE Recordings & Entertainment:
Sorry what’s with that London backdrop? 😂😂
Rumel Ali
Rumel Ali:
Nightmare draw. .they beat them 4.0...you muppets. .