UEL Breakfast Show: Cult Heroes & Semi-Finals Preview | Presented By Kia

Welcome to the UEFA Europa League Breakfast Show, presented by Kia. Each matchday morning our host Jack Collins and a special guest will be building the excitement before the upcoming fixtures, taking a closer look at all the best moments and bringing you the untold stories that make this competition so special!

This week, Jack is joined once again by UEL fanatic and YouTube presenter James Allcott, to preview the Semi-Final first-leg matches, and discuss the famous cult heroes that have graced this competition over the years. We also have a very special appearance from Italian musician and huge Roma fan Valerio Mazzei, speaking to Josh Denzel about his passion for music, football, and of course Roma’s legendary cult heroes.

Future fan favourites, nostalgic icons, hometown heroes… this show has everything you need to get you ready for another huge round of UEL fixtures!

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Kia Worldwide YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCptyYDiGZ9hs1pH0AaoBTxA
Celebrations Choreography Episode 3: https://youtu.be/KAgvTDlbdT8

Jack Collins Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackjcollins
James Allcott Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamesallcott
James Allcott YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/GreatTouchForABigLad
Josh Denzel Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshdenzel
Valerio Mazzei Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/valerio.mazzei
Valerio Mazzei - Per davvero (Official Video): https://youtu.be/tO9KNkoZt04


Watch More: www.uefa.tv
Learn More: www.uefa.com

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31 comentarios:

Shav Perera
Shav Perera:
Here for James Allcott🙌🏾
Mark O'B
Mark O'B:
Allcott class as always 👏
Luke ball
Luke ball:
James is a good fit here, him and Jack flow really well
Callum Donley
Callum Donley:
This James guy is a brilliant fit for the show
Charley Bartelmay
Charley Bartelmay:
Everyone's saying their here for James but don't sleep on Jack guys. He makes shows better! Check him out on Ranks FC. Also would be awesome to have James on the pod just saying.
Morgan Bruce
Morgan Bruce:
Here for James Allcott. The man is amazing
Kieran Tailor
Kieran Tailor:
Another great feature from James Allcott, such a good presenter/co-host. In many ways he is my cult hero.
James is so effortlessly watchable, such a great feature!!
Zach J. James
Zach J. James:
Scintillating from Allcott! Absolutely top drawer!
Vo Garner
Vo Garner:
James is perfect for this show format. Straight pro.
Tyler Norton
Tyler Norton:
More allcott please! Get this man on tele. Deserves it.
Mark Williamson
Mark Williamson:
Here for James, What a lad.
Jacob Buswell
Jacob Buswell:
Here for James Allcott. Quality analysis.
I genuinely don't see how Arsenal win this semi when they're in such turmoil right now.
Ali El-Araby
Ali El-Araby:
YES Jim's back
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez:
Happy birthday, Jim!
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez:
Happy birthday, Jim!
Himanshu Singh
Himanshu Singh:
james is in da house!!!!!!
Francesca Paola Lombardo
Francesca Paola Lombardo:
Valerio e l inglese 😍
Il Triumvirato
Il Triumvirato:
Scusate ma Valerio Mazzei non era laziale? Ricordo un derby degli youtuber in cui giocava nella Lazio
Eduard Andritoiu
Eduard Andritoiu:
Here for Valerio Mazzei
Something is happening here.
Yoruma Türk Varmı Diye Geldim Yabancı Arıyom
Flavio Ricciardi
Flavio Ricciardi:
Vale stasera se bestemmia popo forte come direbbe il gren
Andrea Uberti
Andrea Uberti:
Bella vale
Victor Lima
Victor Lima:
Toti88 Yt
Toti88 Yt:
Ma che cazzo ci fa valerio qua
Umberto Adamo
Umberto Adamo:
che valerione
emir arslan
emir arslan:
Melih Kaan Serttaş
Melih Kaan Serttaş: