UFC 253: Israel Adesanya Octagon Interview | Improves to 20-0

Israel "The Last Stylebender' Adesanya defended his UFC middleweight title with a second-round knockout of Paulo Costa to remain undefeated (20-0) in the UFC 253 main event on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.

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100+ comentarios:

Call him Paul because Izzy took his O.
em negrido
em negrido:
His voice when he said
"hE's So bORiNg" 😂
This man is writing history in the middleweight division... and we’re witnessing it.
Costa has never fought a style like stylebender he’s syle is a weapon of art.
aljon buenaflor
aljon buenaflor:
People hate his showmanship so much, but let’s face the facts here: he calls out ONLY the top challengers. He’s walking the walk like a true champ is supposed to do!
People also forget how fast Izzy got to 20-0. He did it in less time than Jones.
Jads SP
Jads SP:
“All Izzy does is run-“
Boy, I’ll say. He sure ran right through Costa.
Jaiden Nieves
Jaiden Nieves:
Someone should've told Paulo all that taunting was gonna Costa lot
What happened to the “Izzy is just a runner, costa gonna sleep him” people at?
Now people realize why Yoel didn’t move forward in his fight with Izzy. Paulo found out that the hard way.
That T-shirt Guy
That T-shirt Guy:
Costa puts his hands behind his back.

Izzy points and yells "Romero!"
I'm gonna kick Israel's ass myself
*Turns on Xbox
*Creates 7 foot middleweight character with maxed out stats
Difficulty: easy
“They’re all on steroids” - Nate Diaz
People always criticise and ask adesanya during the romero fight why aren't you more aggressive? The same reason jordan kept shooting jumpers when george karl asked why he didn't drive to the lane more, cause they're trying to win.
Izzy Bolt: "fastest man in the world!" 💨👟
Leo Regulus
Leo Regulus:
I am glad he mention Anderson Silva...people already forget just how good this guy was...the GOAT Anderson Silva, congrats Israel Adesanya!!!
Koollife Billionaire
Koollife Billionaire:
ADESANYA the greatest son of Oduduwa, Yoruba Heritage, Nigerians Boy...
The Mel Man
The Mel Man:
Always shows his team love and respect
Best clips
Best clips:
I didn't like him before
but you got to respect him he's a great fighter
Shahmeer Abbas Official
Shahmeer Abbas Official:
Skinny boy destroyed ricky martin, he should go back to singing now 😂
Tamim Almoulani
Tamim Almoulani:
The interviewer was going to catch an elbow. Lol
Unaided Tuna
Unaided Tuna:
adesanya’s celebration dance will always be legendary.
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Johnny D
Johnny D:
This guy is a beast. Actively looking for the best to fight. Thats crazy.
Ado Simuuba
Ado Simuuba:
Moment of silence to all costa fans who bet their rent🤫🤫🤫🤫
I won't lie i wasn't expecting adesanya to win the fight lol but damn he's too dangerous! 👏🎉
Trippie Nation
Trippie Nation:
I love how Bruce Buffer screams: A D E S A N Y A !!!

Just coming back for this
I was doubting him... I’ll never do it again.
Older PB Cooper
Older PB Cooper:
Israel has top class mic skills. WWE, explore this!
Alan Flores
Alan Flores:
He broke the UFC cover curse 😂
Izzy striking is absolute Master class, I got him over Silva
David Houma
David Houma:
I love how he says "WE are the BEST!" True Champ!!!
When work is fun, u can hardly ever have a bad day. So much to learn from this guy
Va Nylla
Va Nylla:
I was goin for Costa but Izzy has his game lol... He's the Jon Jones who didn't ef up!
"He's so boring blah blah blah"!!! Jajajajjaja me cague de la risa😂😂😂
Nininahazwe Yves-Irene
Nininahazwe Yves-Irene:
I have to admit: I thought Adesanya was gonna lose this one. Sorry Adesanya! You are the undisputed champion #IknowYoumad
He really humped him after the knockout 😂
Tim Rose
Tim Rose:
I honestly thought Costa was going to hurt Adesanya... Man was I wrong!!!
All respect Israel... You the MAN!!!
Asad Razzle
Asad Razzle:
When Israel said ' Romero!' when Costa started doin the same statue thing was hilarious 😂😂
Dude always had someone to fight next before leaving the arena!
Tyrone Woodbine
Tyrone Woodbine:
I wanna see the Costa interview about the dry hump Izzy did to him
El Mayor
El Mayor:
Jajajajaja😂😂😂😂 this Brazilian guy still with a little pain that Joel's just put on his buddy the last fight,...Adesanya just finish what Romero can't, exelente ..
Jeremiah Mitchell
Jeremiah Mitchell:
When buffer says his name its legendary
Costa's game plan for the fight: Stick out tongue, taunt, absorb shots, pretend your leg doesn't hurt, don't hit back.
“Sober Costa is still undefeated”
-Paulo “Mentally Undefeated” O Malley
Kefz 47
Kefz 47:
Can we just take a second and appreciate Bruce buffers announcement about Israel damn Gave me goosebumps
G Lo
G Lo:
My boy Lasagne aint playing man he a beast. 😆 lol
Kenneth Edwards
Kenneth Edwards:
Bruce always gets in the fighters faces whenever he says their names I love it so much
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda:
1:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maxwell Schaphorst
Maxwell Schaphorst:
0:42 I love how Jon Anik takes a back step after Izzy's spinning elbows, like I'm not running into one of those!!
Tyler Pascua
Tyler Pascua:
That back elbow to Anik was so much fun
Nillie Hardcore
Nillie Hardcore:
Build your legacy ,Izzy. Love ya!!!
Costa's mistake was not having enough muscles. Needs more for next time.
Vyacheslav Teimurazov
Vyacheslav Teimurazov:
You got one more fan.My puppy.
Congratulations brother.Well deserved.
Olly Elias
Olly Elias:
When I am done with him, He will really look like Ricky Martin ''Botched''

ALL he says, he do it, he calls most of his iconic moment and it come to pass.

Legendary, Prophetic and Soothsayer Icon, Israel Adesanya is one of a kind !!!
Meek Dav
Meek Dav:
Stylesbender is a weapon of destruction, he knockout anyone in his way
Village Prank TV
Village Prank TV:
Literally the 1% people who reading this comment😘😘 may your parents live long and always having smile on face 💕💕😍😍
Hell Puppy
Hell Puppy:
“He’s to skinny” “costa will rock him” “all he does is run” “he’s going to lose” “costa will chase him down” yeah they repeat it but Izzy repeats success over and over! Keep proving them wrong
Interviewer almost caught an elbow
Goutham Reddy
Goutham Reddy:
Actually Costa is fastest man alive he ran after decision
Michael Joyce
Michael Joyce:
Lesssssssgooooooo 🇳🇿🇳🇬AND STILL💯
Joel Castanon
Joel Castanon:
Adesanya is on another different level! One of a kind, hopefully he'll defend the title for a few more years!
Marshawn Fleming
Marshawn Fleming:
A moment of silence for Costa's undefeated record may it R.I.P 😂
Jeff hlayiseka Mabasa
Jeff hlayiseka Mabasa:
MMA( UFC) can kill U,
Costa change his way of fighting trying to fight smart fight against the smart fighter 👊 Romero was even more better than Costa,
Congratulations Israel
John Anik almost ate an elbow
okafor ezeugo
okafor ezeugo:
I remember when the Brazilian said he was born to be walking running and you see😭 What a f**k😂More blessing brother🙉
Hey man you can see that Izzy learned from the Romero fight how to better approach a power puncher. His attacks were way more violent with Costa because he understood what exactly needed to be done. And boy did he do it😊. #BestI’veEverSeen!!!
Did Paulo Costa’s team honestly think he wouldn’t get sparked if he just stood on the outside?
Jay Myers
Jay Myers:
People kill me with the “he’s cocky”
HE’S A FIGHTER! There’s a certain mentality you have to posses to even step into a damn ring, yet y’all obsess over this cocky shit.

Until someone beats him, or shuts him up, he has the right to and will continue to talk his shit.
Eddie Marinelarena
Eddie Marinelarena:
Give this man his respect 🙏🏻
Victor Okpuzor
Victor Okpuzor:
Congratulations to our own Israel Adesanya for retaining the Middleweight Championship
A Beautiful gift for our 60th Independence Celebration if you ask me ☺
Oliver Munro
Oliver Munro:
0:35 Even Anik was better at avoiding Izzy's strikes than Costa
Team Lingo
Team Lingo:
He’s literally doing Anderson Silva level shit rn. Just blessed to witness them both in one lifetime 💯
Absolute nobody
Absolute nobody:
'im fastest man' man u were suppose say dat after romero fight😭😂
Jaiden Nieves
Jaiden Nieves:
"Paulo Costa had a horseshoe up his ass. I pulled that sum bycth out, and beat him over the head with it!"
- Brock Adesanya
Colins Acedera
Colins Acedera:
Congrats 🇵🇭
Hmm, Why does Israel have gyno? That's interesting. I thought I was mistaken. but he definitely has gyno. Very noticeable at 3:05 on his right pec.
No Mas Media
No Mas Media:
I was rooting for costa I’m not gonna lie, but props to Izzy tonight. He’s the real deal folks👍
Naldo The goat
Naldo The goat:
Knocked this man out 5 times on ufc 4 🤣
C C:
I Absolutely love this Guy❤❤❤
Stutter Rampski
Stutter Rampski:
I guess precision overpowers muscle & strength any day in the ufc octagon congratulations to the champion💪🏼💯
imene cuisinista
imene cuisinista:
🥰♥️املأ قلبك بِحُبّ الخير لِغيرك فإذا لم تُرزَق مِثله رُزِقتَ أجره.
Izzy literally knocked out 2 dudes that Yoel couldn’t even beat in a span of 4 rounds. If anything, Izzys the most dangerous puncher in the division.
Izzy is my guy fam❤️
Hanamitchi Sakuragi
Hanamitchi Sakuragi:
This dude calling all the top fighter in ufc
Just 8 more wins and you'll match Khabib's current record. Get the 30-0 Izzy. Get it.

Then lets do the anime studio you once said you wanted to do.
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern:
I like the spinning back elbow. 😆
Ryan Kilgore
Ryan Kilgore:
Yikes I feel bad for all the people that jumped on the hate train for Izzy. Now they just have to keep being mad LMAO
Skankface 42
Skankface 42:
Michael J
Michael J:
Hyou can't knock him, he wants to fight the best there is in his weight class.
Izzy just made it look easy
It was awesome
Junior Santos
Junior Santos:
Quando se é bom em falar ,o qie resta é somente fazer,Parabéns Adesanya vc já previu esta Vitória desde a sua penúltima luta,Stylebender forever!
S3erious Bl9ck
S3erious Bl9ck:
Haters: He's cocky

Izzy: calls Jared Cannonier a beautiful man while calling him out
Lost Soul
Lost Soul:
Another one to add to “ when getting cocky goes wrong
Wah gwaan!!!!🔥🔥
black panther
black panther:
I'm waiting for the slowmotion of this fight
Neutral Bruh
Neutral Bruh:
Costa is in Israel's head, wait.. the fights over?
Hari Shankar
Hari Shankar:
What a Fighter.. 💯
What a Personality.💥
Nillie Hardcore
Nillie Hardcore:
Phenomenal, I knew you would get the Win. You are the man!. Congratulations on your win, and I'll be looking for more of your "so boring" skills,lol!😊