UFC 257: Conor McGregor Octagon Interview

Former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor shares his thoughts with Jon Anik after being defeated by Dustin Poirier in the UFC 257 main event.

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100+ comentarios:

Both guys kept it extremely classy before and afterwards.
alex wendal
alex wendal:
Comments are crazy, saying he’s lost motivation or comparing him to Ronda Rousey. He came in great shape, lost to the better man on the night and answered for it to the media. Losing to a guy as good as Dustin doesn’t mean your career is finished by a long shot
Fahad malik
Fahad malik:
Please don't celebrate a man's defeat give him the respect he deserves for what he has done for martial arts thank You Conor
Honestly felt bad for Mcgregor seeing him like that, he looked very vulnerable tonight. Hope this isn’t the last of him.
Slip Noodles
Slip Noodles:
"Peace has cost you your strength, Victory has defeated you."
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar:
Every time these two have fought the bald one has lost
Rais Arapi
Rais Arapi:
Jimmy Mak
Jimmy Mak:
"It's hard to get out of bed and train if you're wearing silk pyjamas"
To be honest, people have been way too conditioned with the whole "win" or "lose" thing. From a young age we're made to believe a loss is a complete failure, undeserving of the same respect. It's silly. Only one gets their hand raised at the end of a bout, but they're both world class fighters competing at the highest level. It's never a loss if you went in there and gave it all you had. One guy just comes out on top on the night. The other could win on a different night. All competitors have my respect.
Michael Queen
Michael Queen:
It’s even a hard pill for us to swallow for seeing him lose the way he did but nobody will ever forget how great he was and everything he has done for the sport
Gelato 33
Gelato 33:
Now it’s the perfect time to do Ferguson vs conor.
He never loses either he wins or learns 🔥🔥🔥
Dub DonZ
Dub DonZ:
Conor is always humble in victory or defeat. You have to respect that!
Jakob Terrana
Jakob Terrana:
That single tear when he starts talking, this was hard for him
Eedeat Likkle
Eedeat Likkle:
It’s hard to get up at 5am for roadwork if you’re sleeping in silky sheets. Big props to McGregor for coming back to MMA, hope he gets a few wins before leaving for good.
The quote “My leg was a balloon” came into existence
We need him to be cocky again
A very humble Connor, from the very start. He will return.
"It's hard to get silk out of 5am beds when your alarm clock is fucked"
el golon
el golon:
This was definitely one of the worst night of Dana's life he pretty much thought dustin was a sacrificial goat but the goat kicked the calf
Don Johnson
Don Johnson:
The calf kick game was genius, cheers to Dustin and his coaching staff 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man
Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man:
Win or lose I’m happy that he’s still a huge part of the game. He’s always exciting.
Content Music
Content Music:
Whoever is reading this right now… we will probably never meet but I wish you all the best in your life! Some things could be very problematic due to the current situation, but keep fighting for your goals and dreams! You can do anything you want! Have a nice day!❤️
Not even an English translator knew what he said at one point XD
I didn’t want Conor to lose for one sole reason: Jake Paul making another callout video.
wahyu tejo
wahyu tejo:
Past: R.I.P Khabib vs Tony
Present: R.I.P Khabib vs Conor 2
What did yoy say ?
What did yoy say ?:
"It's hard to wake up when you're sleeping on canvas"
C. McGregor ©
Avel Anorve
Avel Anorve:
*Tbh If It Wasn’t For Conor McGregor Or Brock Lesnar I Would’ve NEVER Knew Or Otherwise Cared About The UFC*
Afonso Reis
Afonso Reis:
Love the fact that you call Conor fans casuals and then proceed to suport a guy that never lost in his career
Isaac Kakoo
Isaac Kakoo:
Love Connors attitude. Still a champion and congrats to Diamond for a great victory.

Nobody should feel like a loser. It’s incredibly brave to fight at this level. God bless everyone.
Good man i love how he always does his post fight and interviews after
JustAnAmericanKid 7272
JustAnAmericanKid 7272:
Khabib : “Be honest with yourself Dana”
''The wolf on top of the Yacht is not as hungry as wolves still climbing the Yacht, but when he is hungry, the American Pancakes is there'' - Conor Mcgregor 2021
Mohsin Hatim
Mohsin Hatim:
This is a lesson to always check the leg kicks...
Neil O Connor
Neil O Connor:
Conor is a living legend can’t wait for him to get back in the octagon
Phone Dude
Phone Dude:
it dont matter if he lost this man have put in so much work hes a legend.
lil Monk
lil Monk:
If you go back and watch Sean O'Malleys first fight you will see him take his first l because of a leg kick. Same thing happened to conor. He was doing good just didn't deal with the leg kicks early on.
Qaiser Baig
Qaiser Baig:
he had to two chances when he grabbed the leg, he should've gone from seq. dustin looked scared in that first round. I wanted king to win, its like those small decision you make to win/loose.
Ocean Drop
Ocean Drop:
Hey it was a fun ride while it lasted, everything comes to an end though.
He's just going to come back and batter the whole roster. Good wake up call for him, not as great as he thinks.
Aayan Escobar
Aayan Escobar:
Let's be honest Dustin put something in that hot sauce 🤣🤣🤣
Declan Colgan
Declan Colgan:
He will be back, everyone over-looking him as a competitor. Conor McGregor will be back and better than ever !!! 🇮🇪👑
Sat WestSide
Sat WestSide:
He's a millionaire guys come on, not even close when he fought dustin first time
Caleb Jacob
Caleb Jacob:
"Friendship ended with Conor. Dustin is my new best friend." - Dana White
De Nacht Conducteur
De Nacht Conducteur:
"I'll take mi licks" mcgregor 2021
This dude got me interested in MMA 7 years ago with Aldo fight I’ll always be a loyal Mcgregor fan
I'm to sad for him a king lost his charm not the throne u have a lion soul keep it up. Big buddy
Mekas Art
Mekas Art:
Thanks for everything McGregor.. for the new era in UFC. You legend. 🙏🙏
Dustin really destroyed Conor's calf. Great gameplan executed well.
Stendaal Cartography
Stendaal Cartography:
Something about Conor's striking style changed ever since he went and boxed Mayweather. I prefer the pre-Mayweather fight style for Conor.
cyrus sadlier
cyrus sadlier:
Connor just didn't look like his heart was in it to be honest I miss the old Connor lol
mike smith
mike smith:
when conor talks like this he gets the public behind him, fair play to you conor
Victal Faithful
Victal Faithful:
dustin has only been improving over time, conors gotta get back in and get rid of that ring rust.
"Everybody, thank you for ordering the PPV and this is still my boy"
- Dana White
Conor: mark my words, that Louisiana sauce turned my wives arse into a fooking balloon.
Kader Lazragi
Kader Lazragi:
Conner respects his opponents Conor remains a mixed-fighting legend, no matter what
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool:
I wish they had subtitles for Conor LOL
JoKu 2311
JoKu 2311:
Dana White‘s head has just created a new tone of red
Hate him or love him, he’s humble in victory and defeat.
Davie Jay
Davie Jay:
His accent is getting stronger
Buakaow told me he need some Banana Tree !!
Robert greene
Robert greene:
I've never saw mcgregor so humble in my life lol
Conor McGregor: None of my pain and woes can show through. 💪
Aaaa aaa
Aaaa aaa:
Dust em off Dustin Is The New Name✨🔥👊
James Lacey
James Lacey:
Conor's leg after the fight ....... "I'm fooked"🤣
Sexy Cartoon “Vedo” Dancing
Sexy Cartoon “Vedo” Dancing:
It's time to pack your things and enjoy in your big money that you took from this sport!
Hridyansh Verma
Hridyansh Verma:
Conor"you know what I mean"McGregor😂
Sports Fan_91
Sports Fan_91:
Cheered for Ribas, Hooker & McGregor. A big 0-3 tonight! All in devastating action, too. God damn.
Darius B
Darius B:
Conor “He looks frail to me” Mcgregor
ßäh -_- πäjî
ßäh -_- πäjî:
Damn❗Conor lost oh wow this is powerful✊🔥💯
I wasn't surprised at all at Dustin's win, my bookie was though. Thanks for the free money buddy.
steph curry
steph curry:
dustin had to have hit him with that uno reverse card pre fight for this to turn out this way. even the haircuts like jesus.
That was *_Khabib's Aftereffect_*
This is like a title match,amazing match.
Jon interviewed him like he wanted Conor to retire lol
Dustin after losing the first round: “CALL AN AMBULANCE CALL AN AMBULANCE but not for me”
Conor "my calf was a balloon" McGregor
Zack Kcaz
Zack Kcaz:
Dana realising he has to watch Jake Paul fight McGregor instead of khabib.
Looking forward to seeing him return!
Conor needs to Fight Kevin Lee now to prove him self Legit.
Jamie Kwok
Jamie Kwok:
Feel he was controlling the fight till the leg kicks started taking a toll, unfortunate for Connor but Dustin was the better fighter
Dwayne AbsolutelyDribblin
Dwayne AbsolutelyDribblin:
Sybil smashed mr O’Riley easily
People expected o malley to go and dominate Vera, what happened? He got kicked in the leg and finished with ease. This is why I love this sport, expect the unexpected
Dikshit Upreti
Dikshit Upreti:
Every time both of them fought bald one lost 😂
Nana Arnar
Nana Arnar:
No more excuse win by grapling :)
Alex __226
Alex __226:
Conor thought he'd walk in & KO Poirer. Wasn't expecting the takedown. Wasn't even attempting to block the kicks. Disappointing because his endurance actually looked improved.
Khabib definitely made him humble 🤣🤣🤣 I love that man.
Philgrim Magastino
Philgrim Magastino:
Conor looks like an animated character. Perfect physique!
Midnight Commander
Midnight Commander:
I love the new McGregor.
McGregor vs Poirier 3 just might be EPIC if Conor manages to get his groove back, especially now that he knows how much improvement Dustin has made over the last 6 years. Both fighters are still VERY talented and extremely dangerous, but tremendous respect for Poirier for becoming the first to KO ole Mystic Mac.
sakir bey
sakir bey:
once upon a time one of the greatest fighter said:
"do you think whiskey is gonna help you"
Kyle W
Kyle W:
Great performance from Dustin. McGregor will dust himself off and come back for a win. Hopefully they run it back again.
Steve Austin
Steve Austin:
"Hiding behind that fake respect" - Khabib Nurmagomedov
Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr
Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr:
Might as well be a Jon Jones fan from now on the UFC will not allow him to lose
Pantheon Rockstar
Pantheon Rockstar:
That damn 🎈leg got him again
Jr. March 99
Jr. March 99:
Oh amazing ufc fight but I missed live
Get In The Flask
Get In The Flask:
The look on Anik’s face in the thumbnail says it all.
Will Slate
Will Slate:
Love Conor and Love Dustin! One amazing thing is that Conor is putting himself on the chopping block when he doesn’t need to and helping everyone he fights become millionaires. That’s mad OG respect!
DoFishHaveFingers ?
DoFishHaveFingers ?:
Oh shit, finished again, tell all the old men to avoid the bars🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣