UFC 257: Conor McGregor Octagon Interview

Former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor shares his thoughts with Jon Anik after being defeated by Dustin Poirier in the UFC 257 main event.

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100+ comentarios:

alex wendal
alex wendal:
Comments are crazy, saying he’s lost motivation or comparing him to Ronda Rousey. He came in great shape, lost to the better man on the night and answered for it to the media. Losing to a guy as good as Dustin doesn’t mean your career is finished by a long shot
Fahad malik
Fahad malik:
Please don't celebrate a man's defeat give him the respect he deserves for what he has done for martial arts thank You Conor
Honestly felt bad for Mcgregor seeing him like that, he looked very vulnerable tonight. Hope this isn’t the last of him.
"Peace has cost you your strength, Victory has defeated you."
Both guys kept it extremely classy before and afterwards.
To be honest, people have been way too conditioned with the whole "win" or "lose" thing. From a young age we're made to believe a loss is a complete failure, undeserving of the same respect. It's silly. Only one gets their hand raised at the end of a bout, but they're both world class fighters competing at the highest level. It's never a loss if you went in there and gave it all you had. One guy just comes out on top on the night. The other could win on a different night. All competitors have my respect.
Michael Queen
Michael Queen:
It’s even a hard pill for us to swallow for seeing him lose the way he did but nobody will ever forget how great he was and everything he has done for the sport
The fighters absolutely carried themselves like professionals in all aspects of this card. In winning and defeat to pre fight interviews and post fight interviews hats off to them.
Simora K
Simora K:
Love Connors attitude. Still a champion and congrats to Diamond for a great victory.

Nobody should feel like a loser. It’s incredibly brave to fight at this level. God bless everyone.
Rais Arapi
Rais Arapi:
Slava Sharov
Slava Sharov:
Конор Макгрегор легенда UFC! Россия с Тобой!)
Eedeat Likkle
Eedeat Likkle:
It’s hard to get up at 5am for roadwork if you’re sleeping in silky sheets. Big props to McGregor for coming back to MMA, hope he gets a few wins before leaving for good.
Mekas Art
Mekas Art:
Thanks for everything McGregor.. for the new era in UFC. You legend. 🙏🙏
ahmed ali
ahmed ali:
All respect to Conor. This is unforgiving game but he always puts his neck on the line to achieve greatness. This time he fell a little bit short. Hope to see him soon. Congrats to Dustin
Don Johnson
Don Johnson:
The calf kick game was genius, cheers to Dustin and his coaching staff 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Daniel Bowe Deserteagle
Daniel Bowe Deserteagle:
Great frame of mind for you Connor to be in after the fight after your loss I still respect you you'll one of the greatest fighters of all time it will never be the same without you
Robby Robinson
Robby Robinson:
No doubt calf kick got him. But always remember it was shots to the head that stopped him. Kicks might slow your movement, but it does not hurt your ability to take shots to the head. He could not handle Porier's hands
Dustin really destroyed Conor's calf. Great gameplan executed well.
Neil O Connor
Neil O Connor:
Conor is a living legend can’t wait for him to get back in the octagon
He never loses either he wins or learns 🔥🔥🔥
Mark M
Mark M:
I'm not here to take part. I'm here to fall over.
- McGregor's leg
Win or lose I’m happy that he’s still a huge part of the game. He’s always exciting.
el golon
el golon:
This was definitely one of the worst night of Dana's life he pretty much thought dustin was a sacrificial goat but the goat kicked the calf
Desert spectre
Desert spectre:
Good show of Class not a huge fan but definitely in my list of favorites now. We need this kind of Sportsmanship in the Business. Hats off to both fighters!
Will Slate
Will Slate:
Love Conor and Love Dustin! One amazing thing is that Conor is putting himself on the chopping block when he doesn’t need to and helping everyone he fights become millionaires. That’s mad OG respect!
lil Monk
lil Monk:
If you go back and watch Sean O'Malleys first fight you will see him take his first l because of a leg kick. Same thing happened to conor. He was doing good just didn't deal with the leg kicks early on.
I don't wanna see anyone clowning McGregor. He was respectful before and after the fight. I was rooting for Dustin the whole time and I am happy to see him win but people are being disrespectful to these Warriors.
McGregor vs Poirier 3 just might be EPIC if Conor manages to get his groove back, especially now that he knows how much improvement Dustin has made over the last 6 years. Both fighters are still VERY talented and extremely dangerous, but tremendous respect for Poirier for becoming the first to KO ole Mystic Mac.
Declan Colgan
Declan Colgan:
He will be back, everyone over-looking him as a competitor. Conor McGregor will be back and better than ever !!! 🇮🇪👑
Heart breaking. All props to the diamond, great performance.
Dub DonZ
Dub DonZ:
Conor is always humble in victory or defeat. You have to respect that!
Caleb Jacob
Caleb Jacob:
"Friendship ended with Conor. Dustin is my new best friend." - Dana White
Who is here after the Trilogy? Well, that changed fast.
Dustin did very well but you have to be a casual if you say that conors time is over and he has to retire. The first round was perfect from mcgregor, he had a good chance knocking dustin out if he would have checked the kicks earlier.
People are talking about the eddie alvarez fight and that this mcgregor was the best mcgregor ever, but do you guys forget that this mcgregor lost to nate diaz a couple of months before that alvarez fight? My point is that a loss means nothing for mcgregor. He lost to diaz and still became double champ in the same year
Chris Steinke
Chris Steinke:
I mean although it finished in the 2nd round i thought it was a really good fight from both of them.
Dustin got him down,
Conor got back up and turned him around,
Good position reversal from both of them,
Good exachanges off the cage,
Conor got Dustin hurt a couple time,
Dustin kicks were amazing.
Dustin because of a better gameplan got the win.

Thats alot of action for 7 minutes.
They will go again and i cant wait.
A very humble Connor, from the very start. He will return.
The Conor era will forever be one of the greatest times in MMA history. I hope even his haters can acknowledge that in the years to come, because it is well and truly over. Thanks for the memories.
Vi _XXiV
Vi _XXiV:
Well said! You really don't get away by being inactive in this business. Dana, give him opportunities, this man clearly wanted it ever since his Cerrone fight.
Big Cheese TV
Big Cheese TV:
A lot of fighters need to take note. That's how you take a loss, like a gent. Well done Connor.
Flip Vidz
Flip Vidz:
it dont matter if he lost this man have put in so much work hes a legend.
That single tear when he starts talking, this was hard for him
Ari Kallakis
Ari Kallakis:
I feel so bad for Conor. What a man
Jack Flowers
Jack Flowers:
Let's speak facts guys... In this sport you cannot always win. Khabib retired at the right time, because someday someone would have whooped his ass. It's inevitable. So, I salute the winner and the loser of this match.. They gave us great emotions. Keep up the good work Conor
People who are celebrating this man's downfall and defeat are gonna eat their words when he comes back better. Kicking a man when he's down smh can't believe the hate. Every man who makes this walk deserves respect because how many of us would say we would
I'm glad he points out his inactivity.

You can't fight once every two years & expect to fight the top 3 you just can't.

Those guys are top 3 for a reason
*There in the gym day n night*
*This isn't a game*

If Conner gets his drive back, we'll see I guess.
He seems well humbled now.

I just hope he gets his form back, because he looked terrible this fight.

*Ring Rust is real*

Not the Connor we saw a few years back.
Real sportsmanship from both of these warriors.
Syed Moosa Gilani
Syed Moosa Gilani:
Connor fought well but I believe Dustin was just not the same fighter as he was in their first fight. The thing that really impressed me this time, is Connor's great attitude. Both of them are classy and tough dudes. They've shown great respect to each other which is a good trend starting to develop in the UFC. After all, fighters are humans too and have their weak points and they do it for a living. We should always be humble. That's a lesson to learn
Love fr. Pakistan for both fighters and all UFC fans!
Brocco Franzese
Brocco Franzese:
Good man i love how he always does his post fight and interviews after
Forgive UsLord
Forgive UsLord:
Love Conor. Awesome combat warrior.
Sports Fan_91
Sports Fan_91:
I was surprised so little people thought Poirer could hurt McGregor early. Conor hasn't fought someone with Dustin's power & he leaves himself open to being hit.
Respect to Conor he wasn’t bad Dustin played it right
Rikudou Ray
Rikudou Ray:
Hope to see him fight again soon. We will not have another mcgregor again. Dustin, give this guy a shot. He deserves to be a chamo
James Knight
James Knight:
I like this down to earth Mcgreggor a lot more personally. I hope he doesn’t retire on this performance. He was sluggish and slow, which will be hard to get back. You see it with racing drivers after an accident and they’re out for a while. I hope he gets back to some of his best though. It’s a good sport with him in it.
Roger J. Perez Abreu
Roger J. Perez Abreu:
Humble..love this guy forever...100% bouncing back...
Fares •
Fares •:
Khabib humbled him and Dustin Finished him
Bye Conor
Hopefully you have a Good Career in wwe
Rob Stevens
Rob Stevens:
Mcgregor took that loss like a champ...must've really hurt to lose like that.He's been beat before but never like that.I hope he comes back stronger and has more fights to prove that he was just ring rusty...I must say though he didn't look like the same guy in there.
mike smith
mike smith:
when conor talks like this he gets the public behind him, fair play to you conor
Honestly I thought Dustin was losing and Conor seemed very confident but I guess sometimes things go the other way in that type of sport, love the new Conor btw I like him more humbled down.
i love conor, but he must know when its time to say goodbye. i hope he goes not the same way like so many other fighting legends. thanks for all the years mister conor mcgregor !
Conor McGregor: None of my pain and woes can show through. 💪
Big respect to Conor.
kyle ollis
kyle ollis:
Respect to conor for showing respect before and after. Thats what this game is all about
Doesnt matter king always king #conor😍
This is always gonna be the case with this division, top ranked guys like Conor, Dustin, Tony, Justin etc can win and lose against each other all day but the guy sat at the top of the division Khabib will remain unchallenged, he's just levels above all of them.
Harvey Smith 🇷🇺
Harvey Smith 🇷🇺:
Dustin gameplan was executed perfectly. Hope to see Mcgregor fight again soon, took the loss well this time.
nice to see Conor change. its nice seeing fighters having such good respect for each other.. respect.
The quote “My leg was a balloon” came into existence
Bo B. Chillin
Bo B. Chillin:
I could only hope my son would grow to be like this. I'm sure his family is very proud of him and his children are very lucky to have this once in a generation influence on the world for a father. RESPECT TO YOU CONOR💯
Mensud Devic
Mensud Devic:
He said he is here to create highlights...well this knock out should be played over and over...
They actually performed at the highest level of MMA huge respect for both.
This is what MMA is all about.
This is a lesson to always check the leg kicks...
''The wolf on top of the Yacht is not as hungry as wolves still climbing the Yacht, but when he is hungry, the American Pancakes is there'' - Conor Mcgregor 2021
Taylor Welch
Taylor Welch:
Just let Connor keep a long career. No matter how well he started. He’s a fighter and he wants to keep going so let him.
I think the Floyd fight and the subsiquent year long binge was the absolute worst thing for Conor's career, despite making his filthy rich. His MMA striking skills regressed signifigantly. His distance management and timing a signifigantly worse. He did nothing but throw 1-2s all night and do those shoulder strikes, which weren't worth the amount of gas it takes to explode up from the clinch.
This dude got me interested in MMA 7 years ago with Aldo fight I’ll always be a loyal Mcgregor fan
Jydo Jo
Jydo Jo:
People saying he’s a class act here - this is normal behaviour for almost everyone lol he’s just not a tool like usual.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith:
Wow the contrast between here and 2 days ago…. 😧😳
Stendaal Cartography
Stendaal Cartography:
Something about Conor's striking style changed ever since he went and boxed Mayweather. I prefer the pre-Mayweather fight style for Conor.
King Of Everything
King Of Everything:
Big props to ma man! If you ain't a fan still, you never truly were. Legend of the sport always. Will be back!
Dylan Vuille
Dylan Vuille:
I feel had for Conor because he looked great and was dominating the fight and landing good shots. Stayed in the pocket too long and got rocked and its over.
Amir Quraishi
Amir Quraishi:
I think after Chandler's ko he came out to prove a point nd underestimated Dustin's game, didn't use his kicks properly nd here we are..
Kudos to Dustin for executing his game plan💎
Big respect for conors honesty
The Fat Turtle
The Fat Turtle:
Respect to Conor, didn't make excuses he just needs to be more active if he wants to stay at the top. He wasted a lot of his athletic prime, but he also made enough money to be legit rich, so he's not hurting if he stops now.
Alex __226
Alex __226:
Conor thought he'd walk in & KO Poirer. Wasn't expecting the takedown. Wasn't even attempting to block the kicks. Disappointing because his endurance actually looked improved.
Royce Kenneth Minor De Vera
Royce Kenneth Minor De Vera:
Ironically,Dustin did what Conor did in his second fight with Nate
Conor took a Boxing based approach in this fight and Dustin took advantage of it. In my opinion the perfect style that Conor used is the style when he fought Alvarez, not too flashy and not so one dimensionsal ! In this fight Conor is so one dimensional because he came in this fight like a boxer with a boxing stance like stance, wide and heavy in the front foot and Dustin saw that and adjusted
J G:
Looks as though Conor was too focussed on managing his energy in round 1.
If he had done his standard sprint style in round 1 he might have had more success.
Fighters cannot be stuck between styles because this is what happens.
Watching these 2 men fight,makes you understand the superior fighting class Khabib is at.
Umer Zaffar
Umer Zaffar:
Win or loss. Conor is champion material. A true gladiator.
Great job Dustin! I really didn't expect him to wrap it up in 2 rounds!
All respect for Conor for being classy before the fight and humble after losing!
The game will never be same without Conor around :-)
Khabib definitely made him humble 🤣🤣🤣 I love that man.
Conor McGregor is a true inspiration to us all!
I kinda start liking him cause he was humble before and after the fight..
But damn.. Dustin 💎💎💎
He really is the diamond..
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar:
Hey I know you guys don't like McGregor but his confidence changed my life in 2016 you probably hate him but to be honest I'm gonna miss him
Patrick Ryce
Patrick Ryce:
Mcgregors style relies on youth, relies on athleticism, reaction time etc. Its the type of style that doesnt age well, like Roy Jones Jr in boxing, he started to age and went downhill dramatically. Conor was overreaching and wasn't counter punching.
Looking forward to seeing him return!
Edson Domingos
Edson Domingos:
A man is not defined by the defeats. But how many time they come back from it. I can’t wait to see you back champ 💪🏿
For all the People making memes of conor...... (Without him u would not have known abt this sport itself)... 👑❤
This is why I'm not impressed by many unbeaten fighters loss brings humility. Humility adds depth.
Sports Fan_91
Sports Fan_91:
Cheered for Ribas, Hooker & McGregor. A big 0-3 tonight! All in devastating action, too. God damn.
Emmanuel Urbina Aguilar
Emmanuel Urbina Aguilar:
Great attitude from both fighters .
Dana's heart was broken thinking this would set up Conor to fight again and again . Now he has to figure out how to market Dustin instead of makin money off Conor
Shang Hunter
Shang Hunter:
Not a connor fan but nice to see he finally has class and respect for others.