UFC 257: Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor 2 Press Conference | ESPN MMA

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Watch the UFC 257 press conference featuring Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, Michael Chandler, Dan Hooker and UFC president Dana White ahead of Saturday’s PPV from Fight Island.

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100+ comentarios:

Lord Knows
Lord Knows:
This Mcgregor was great he should’ve left it at this
Meghnath S
Meghnath S:
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to stream the fight and send the link to Dana.
J M:
Massive respect between the fighters. This is the way it should be done. None of that trash talk, playground chatter. Good to see two grown men showing each other respect.
S T A R S Forest
S T A R S Forest:
Most respectful Press conference ever😂😂
Dana: “Who’s got the first question?”

John Morgan: “Do I look like a joke to you?”
Who else is here to see this conference after trash talk Mcgregor is back? Seeing Conor complimenting Dustin is hilarious! 😂😂
Dustin was not expecting Conor to come out this humble
Que Stonic
Que Stonic:
McGregor being respectful is weird 😂
Ernesto Roche
Ernesto Roche:
“I want my highlights to be like a movie”
Absolute animal. McGregor in 1
The Clinch Magazine
The Clinch Magazine:
Dustin is confused why is Conor praising him ? But probably Conor is impressed because Dustin is also an entrepreneur now. I think successful people recognise successful people.
Adeck UC
Adeck UC:
I loved the part where Conor and Dustin were talking about Dustin’s hot sauce! As someone who loves chicken wings I gotta try this stuff. 😂
Soccer Pro
Soccer Pro:
WOW Khabib really put respect into the opponents he fought 😂💪🏽
Charles Eggebrecht
Charles Eggebrecht:
The mutual respect they all have for each other is amazing!
K Fuj
K Fuj:
Chandler seems like a cool guy, coming in with respect.

Most importantly he put himself in Dana’s good books tonight alluding to Bellator being the #2. 😂
Love the atmosphere with these two dudes. I've always think Dustin should be one of the king of the ring. It's all good vibes man and I love the support for support.
Agent 47
Agent 47:
I actually kinda like this Connor,not loud but cocky in a good way.
Never seen McGregor like this before so humble towards Dustin going to be an amazing fight
Hashem Watchin
Hashem Watchin:
Khabib really changed the sport in UFC. Respect to all fighters. 👍🏻
Gotta love and respect the sportsmanship between the two
Freddie Pooley
Freddie Pooley:
Anyone else come back to this video after seeing the round 3 conference? The contrast in Connor is crazy! lol
You Too
You Too:
Khabib started it all!
Being humble is now the scariest thing in the UFC.
Mirza Baig
Mirza Baig:
wth happened between this fight and the last one. MacGregor was actually a gentleman here.
1:11 I love how Conor reaches for the handshake and Dana's like, "Nah, my ninja, tuck that."
These guys are just🙏. Huge respect.
Frank Mclundy
Frank Mclundy:
“Who’s got the first question”

Stupid question Dana
@28:01 the most realest version of Conor. You said it and did it, congrats Conor.
Chris Steinke
Chris Steinke:
This is the Conor i wantes to see, respectful and humble.
This is a scary Conor
R.J's Tao
R.J's Tao:
Great conference, a lot of mutal respect between those 4 contenders.
lil Kam
lil Kam:
Conor staying patient and invested into the question while that guy was stuttering is amazing. great guy
Novdeep Singh 002'D'
Novdeep Singh 002'D':
Connor looks like history teacher
The Clinch Magazine
The Clinch Magazine:
37:07 That was unexpected. McGregor actually went to Chandler to shake hands.
Hawaiian Punch
Hawaiian Punch:
“Four dads fighting Saturday” is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard in MMA.
Ruaridh Oneil
Ruaridh Oneil:
Awesome to see conor very respectful and motivated and all the respect on this card , what a night it will be 👍💯
Michael Grasso III
Michael Grasso III:
38:33 "you know what it is" gave me goose bumps 😂
Obama’s Last Name
Obama’s Last Name:
McGregor and Dustin got a good vibe goin together, I feel like it’s been months of waiting for this fight I’m so excited to watch it
I'm so glad Conor loves to keep fighting cause he makes the UFC so exciting! The UFC won't be the same if he retires
Adrian M. Hinojosa
Adrian M. Hinojosa:
Conor got emotional hearing his own words, it´s great to see this humble Conor. But my heart says Dustin.
Dee Smith
Dee Smith:
Not a conor fan but man. Seing conor with this relaxed and nice and humble attitude makes me smile and think at the same time that he is so serious of coming back to fight and get that khabib rematch. We'll see about it what happens after.
Jack Turner
Jack Turner:
100% scariest McGregor ever. When a man is humble and respectful in any walk of life, it simply shows they don’t feel the need to prove anything, the toughest man doesn’t feel the need to prove how tough they are, because they know how tough they are.
Zubair Khan
Zubair Khan:
Man I love Dustin, I really wish him well
A L:
I think the positive purpose of khabib on conor's life is to make him humble.
Moose Bear
Moose Bear:
Many pick Connor cause they still reference a fight that was so many years ago between the two. Well Dustin is alot different now and I'm putting my heart into the diamond. I respect both fighters and what they achieved and I can't wait to see who comes out as the new lightweight King.
Mohammed Rabiudeen
Mohammed Rabiudeen:
This is not trash talking sport, this is respectful sport. Im gonna change the game- Khabib 🦅
Dan Hooker is a Legend as real as it gets💪🏼
Dan Williamson
Dan Williamson:
"Everybody gets punched in the face until they have a plan" - Tony Ferguson
Bray Allen
Bray Allen:
I came back here to see the difference in Conor in this press conference and their last. But what sticks out to me.. I forgot Dana talked about streamers. I've been watching UFC sense 2015. Never paid for one fight. 😉😂
The Clinch Magazine
The Clinch Magazine:
A lot of emotions are hiding under respects.
Leo morris
Leo morris:
it’s nice to see the two men are like friends now you know like back in 14 Conor was cocky he was hungry now he’s more relaxed but let the best man win and it’s a great way to start a year
Speakin Fakks
Speakin Fakks:
Mcgregor carrying himself in a more intimidating way than ever.
Nathan the fox gamer
Nathan the fox gamer:
Micheal Chandler is so well spoken.
I really hope hes successful in the UFC against KingPins now.
Redman 790
Redman 790:
Am I rooting for Conor or Dustin? The answer is: Yes.
Speakin Fakks
Speakin Fakks:
“I got broomsticks thicker than that boy” SHOUTOUT HOOKER man, overlooked.💯
Dopamine in my Brain
Dopamine in my Brain:
I guess, I believed what Conor’s said being a dad would change your prospective. Whenever he been questioned abt his rivalry with Khabib, he responded with the spontaneous answers.

New version of Conor?
Marty Schwartz Here
Marty Schwartz Here:
I like this Conor McGregor.
Wow Khabib really turned MMA into 'respect sport' 😂 at least in his division
Big Iron
Big Iron:
Conor looks like the Headmaster and Dustin like the student that got called in
France, Cook, Math, ML
France, Cook, Math, ML:
In all honesty, I feel Conor learnt a thing or two from Khabib - the show of respect for your opponent and being humble (apparently).
Avimac007 *
Avimac007 *:
This was a feel good press conference..I liked it 👍
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan:
I support Khabib but glad to see conor growing in respect he did humble him
serginator blasco
serginator blasco:
what a nice press conference to see these great fighters interact with reporters/fans for the upcoming event this saturday ... hooker looks calm and ready and chandler is just an impressive man for the lightweight division he looks anxious and very fit cnt wait to see him compete in the ufc ... dustin is a legend to me already just look at his record he has fought the toughest fighters around ... and conor looks ready and excited hes lean and mean and the energy he brings is jus awesome ...
Zach H
Zach H:
23:10 Conor's call out to khabib was actually awesome

And he basically retracts it minutes later
Some might say that Dustin seems nervy but he always looks like this, he had a nervy personality.
john kamakom
john kamakom:
Conor has changed much in character. He is more matured now in the way he response to questions.
Bryan Huggett
Bryan Huggett:
Connor's so big now he doesn't even have to hype the fight he can just sit there and be humble and respectful but realistically he's already setting mind traps for the other opponent it's funny now it's like it's such a big fight that the other person is already feeling the pressure just stepping in the cage to fight Conor McGregor because his name is so big before he used to have to talk it all up and get inside the fighter's head now he can be humble and still be inside the fighter's head it's pretty crazy.
Wisely S
Wisely S:
Connor said he is in the best form he has ever been. And he has been beaten within 2 rounds. 🤷🏽‍♂️
"Money and Belts comes and goes, you know what stays forever ? Highlights"
this was fooking Brilliant Conor
-Black Tabs-
-Black Tabs-:
Love the respect! Dustin looks like the pressures getting to him a bit tho
Gökay Yatman
Gökay Yatman:
Good job Khabib... you learn mc gregor a lot of respect!! 29-0 The Legend
Turnt up
Turnt up:
Seeing the respect from conor for Porier vs the respect for Aldo 🙏🏼
Jesse O' Donovan
Jesse O' Donovan:
Poirier looked like he was sent to the principals office
syed qadri
syed qadri:
I’m not used to Conor being so humble and nice
The nicest and most respectful press conference? Crazy how so many tried copying Conor in trashing talking and failed, now he is respectful and reflective, but will still outselling these others.
Khabib fought McGregor for a reason ...to humble him and to improve his grappling he looks sharper
Noah Jones
Noah Jones:
33:20 wow a presser where someone other than Conor had the best quote
Khvostov 7g-0x
Khvostov 7g-0x:
19:44 A press conference and a full fight all in one video talk of a good deal
Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo Diaz:
I like this professionalism frm the 2 guys 👍 can’t wait for the fight!!
i like connor. he's changed alot. i loved new attitude shown by connor. i wanted to see connor's fight again & again. i knew that connor can go far with this attitude & will gain alot of support from the fans
_ howyoudoin_
_ howyoudoin_:
I'm gonna go for Connor for this one
Alulod, D.A.
Alulod, D.A.:
Man! The way Conor grew as a whole and became more calm and respectful. Much respect for this man.
Epuu Egoo
Epuu Egoo:
After Khabib Smash Him, Now Conor Look Likes A Little Humble..
I Am Related To Conor McGregor And Proud Of It
Khabib really did make him humble...
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2:
Its good to see McGregor in good spirits, hope he gets back to the top
28:32 man you can tell he wanted to cry because he made it respect
Black Papillon
Black Papillon:
Wow, watching these two being so polite and respectful to each other is really something)
Connor being respectful I like it and Dustin taking a backseat is crazy to see
I miss Conor throwing chairs and water bottles..
E Judd
E Judd:
Conor and Dustin are what mma is supposed to be giving back to the up and coming fighters.
Mr CreepyMelon
Mr CreepyMelon:
Khabib really did what he said “I’m gonna make him humble”. I like the humble Conor
Kriष्ना 4 real
Kriष्ना 4 real:
13:01 we'll get em' 🔥🔥🤙🏼
Typical Conor McGregor right there 💯
Michael Huynh
Michael Huynh:
Who here after trilogy press conference LMAO
Swan Rohnson
Swan Rohnson:
After this first week of all these interviews. DAN HOOKER is my new favourite fighter
A Casual Data Scientist
A Casual Data Scientist:
this makes Khabib seem even greater, he definately humbled conor
C Martin
C Martin:
McGregor is a monster at 155. This is gonna be good.
big Chungus
big Chungus:
6:25 huge respect to connor👏
/Digga 7
/Digga 7:
What a beautiful press this was
T Rhoades
T Rhoades:
I've missed these types of press conferences, izzy might be the next big star but he don't come close to doing pressers like this, let's enjoy conor while we can once he leaves that's it
Conor NEVER been the same after Khabib bro I swear to god 😂💀💀