UFC 257: Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor 2 Press Conference | ESPN MMA

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Watch the UFC 257 press conference featuring Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, Michael Chandler, Dan Hooker and UFC president Dana White ahead of Saturday’s PPV from Fight Island.

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100+ comentarios:

Meghnath S
Meghnath S:
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to stream the fight and send the link to Dana.
Aditya Jishnu
Aditya Jishnu:
Co main event: Conor vs Poirier
Main event: Dana vs Streamers
Frank Mclundy
Frank Mclundy:
“Who’s got the first question”

Stupid question Dana
Jesse O' Donovan
Jesse O' Donovan:
Poirier looked like he was sent to the principals office
VamFam Aquatics
VamFam Aquatics:
Why did I think when Dana was talking about illegal streamers and said "we got one" and pointed I thought he was going to have one dragged into the room and brought on stage to be humiliated. @7:25
Bootsie Bootsie
Bootsie Bootsie:
Agent 47
Agent 47:
I actually kinda like this Connor,not loud but cocky in a good way.
Dana: “Who’s got the first question?”

John Morgan: “Do I look like a joke to you?”
A lot of emotions are hiding under respects.
Dustin is confused why is Conor praising him ? But probably Conor is impressed because Dustin is also an entrepreneur now. I think successful people recognise successful people.
Jaime Teixeira
Jaime Teixeira:
All streamers right now. Challenge accepted Dana.
Cameron White
Cameron White:
Humble McGregor is a scary man
Matt DeMouy
Matt DeMouy:
Gotta give Conor credit for giving him a shoutout for the hot sauce
Nolan Harrington
Nolan Harrington:
Dana acting like he will actually catch streamers 😂
Speakin Fakks
Speakin Fakks:
“I got broomsticks thicker than that boy” SHOUTOUT HOOKER man, overlooked.💯
Space OR Bust
Space OR Bust:
Most respectful Press conference ever😂😂
andy 445
andy 445:
Connor looks like history teacher
Speakin Fakks
Speakin Fakks:
Mcgregor carrying himself in a more intimidating way than ever.
Abstract Dimensions
Abstract Dimensions:
Streamers - “ I can’t let you get close”
Dustin was not expecting Conor to come out this humble
G Dando
G Dando:
I liked Conor when he wasn't respectful lol
I'd rather conor throwing insults at me then praising me.
Marty Schwartz Here
Marty Schwartz Here:
I like this Conor McGregor.
One makaveli
One makaveli:
Dana’s talking about illegal streaming well I leave in Africa come get me 😂😂😂
Dana, bigger players than you could ever imagine becoming have failed against piracy. instead of wasting resources to impossible wars, just worry about treating and paying fighters fair. you'll profit more from that.
Big Iron
Big Iron:
Conor looks like the Headmaster and Dustin like the student that got called in
Chelsie Nguyen
Chelsie Nguyen:
“Who got the first question?”

What kinda sick joke is this?
Que Stonic
Que Stonic:
McGregor being respectful is weird 😂
Some might say that Dustin seems nervy but he always looks like this, he had a nervy personality.
Bryan Huggett
Bryan Huggett:
Connor's so big now he doesn't even have to hype the fight he can just sit there and be humble and respectful but realistically he's already setting mind traps for the other opponent it's funny now it's like it's such a big fight that the other person is already feeling the pressure just stepping in the cage to fight Conor McGregor because his name is so big before he used to have to talk it all up and get inside the fighter's head now he can be humble and still be inside the fighter's head it's pretty crazy.
K Fuj
K Fuj:
Chandler seems like a cool guy, coming in with respect.

Most importantly he put himself in Dana’s good books tonight alluding to Bellator being the #2. 😂
I miss Conor throwing chairs and water bottles..
Tony the type of guy to wake up his girlfriend when he is going to sleep
r s
r s:
Evryone know when conor is respect full he is on his best
Zubair Khan
Zubair Khan:
McGregor playing mind games by beigg nice
Am I rooting for Conor or Dustin? The answer is: Yes.
Dana "We'll see how this thing plays out" White
Ernesto Roche
Ernesto Roche:
“I want my highlights to be like a movie”
Absolute animal. McGregor in 1
Dan Williamson
Dan Williamson:
"Everybody gets punched in the face until they have a plan" - Tony Ferguson
Dylan Carr
Dylan Carr:
That one guy in the crowd getting hyped by the fact Dana thinks he has streaming on lockdown hahaha
Chris Gonzalez
Chris Gonzalez:
Conor: people say Your so rich! Your richer then Dana what are you doing here... 😂😂💀
J RJ96
J RJ96:
Never seen McGregor like this before so humble towards Dustin going to be an amazing fight
Chris Steinke
Chris Steinke:
This is the Conor i wantes to see, respectful and humble.
This is a scary Conor
These guys are just🙏. Huge respect.
Adeck UC
Adeck UC:
I loved the part where Conor and Dustin were talking about Dustin’s hot sauce! As someone who loves chicken wings I gotta try this stuff. 😂
28:49 sounds a bit emotional on the voice there
Cj Hillson
Cj Hillson:
Conor looked like he was going to choke up when that quote was being read
Hashem Watchin
Hashem Watchin:
Khabib really changed the sport in UFC. Respect to all fighters. 👍🏻
Soccer Pro
Soccer Pro:
WOW Khabib really put respect into the opponents he fought 😂💪🏽
Dana: we got one!
Tousends of other streams:
Ladies and gentlemen....WE got em!!
Mark It Up
Mark It Up:
12:51 everyone trying to get Khabib to fight one more time. so much pressure!
Who’s go the first question? Instead, Dana needs to start these by asking “Who has the first 20 questions”
37:07 That was unexpected. McGregor actually went to Chandler to shake hands.
Victor Alcantara
Victor Alcantara:
“I’m richer than Dana up here” Mystic Mac 2021 bwahahahaha
Jason Moran
Jason Moran:
I've missed these types of press conferences, izzy might be the next big star but he don't come close to doing pressers like this, let's enjoy conor while we can once he leaves that's it
Adrian M. Hinojosa
Adrian M. Hinojosa:
Conor got emotional hearing his own words, it´s great to see this humble Conor. But my heart says Dustin.
A L:
I think the positive purpose of khabib on conor's life is to make him humble.
Trigger Bear
Trigger Bear:
Conor "what is motivating you?" Mcgregor and Dustin "how have you gotten better?" Poirier lol
I see Dana is back on the picograms
Khabib he promise he will make corner humble, and I can see the humble, Corner eyes
Dustin looked like he did not wanna be there
Bradley Edwin
Bradley Edwin:
Conor got that “Walter White” vibe goin’ on. He about to break bad...
Ray Greeko
Ray Greeko:
"Dana you think Charlie olives cant make the weight? I got broom sticks thicker than that boy" 💀
matiás cirino
matiás cirino:
connors new stratagy is to be very nice at the presser
but furocious when the cage closes
Terra Firma
Terra Firma:
Dana looked so pissed during this. That Russian streamer living rent free bruh, 100%
Mohammad Rayan Bin Elias
Mohammad Rayan Bin Elias:
Conor "The Nice Guy" Mcgregor is scary
afiq mohd
afiq mohd:
i got the feeling its poirier win..
Swan Rohnson
Swan Rohnson:
After this first week of all these interviews. DAN HOOKER is my new favourite fighter
Humble McGregor really looking better then ever 😳😳😳
I'm so glad Conor loves to keep fighting cause he makes the UFC so exciting! The UFC won't be the same if he retires
Zubair Khan
Zubair Khan:
Man I love Dustin, I really wish him well
jaja nooraldin
jaja nooraldin:
"(I want to) Make him humble, a little bit teach him, and not only smash but change his face. I want to change his face. Of course, with face I can change his mind, too." Khabib Nurmagomedov.
Connors back must hurt from carrying that whole press conference
Hawaiian Punch
Hawaiian Punch:
“Four dads fighting Saturday” is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard in MMA.
Avimac007 *
Avimac007 *:
This was a feel good press conference..I liked it 👍
Matt DeMouy
Matt DeMouy:
The way Conor handles the loss to khabib is a stark difference to how Dustin handles his loss to Conor
When I Saw he was wearing Glasses I knew he was gonna Loose🤣
Michael Grasso III
Michael Grasso III:
38:33 "you know what it is" gave me goose bumps 😂
Trey Beck
Trey Beck:
Conor said “you know what it is now” 👀
Mr F
Mr F:
This is the "Product Promotion" fight 😂😂
Connor Wellman
Connor Wellman:
Dana white to the streamers. “ WE GOT ONE!!!!!” Congrats Dana how about the 500 k other streaming revenues ? Lmao Dana is a greedy chump
Khabib fought McGregor for a reason ...to humble him and to improve his grappling he looks sharper
Adam O'Brien
Adam O'Brien:
“I got broomsticks thicker than that boy” 😂😂😂
Epuu Egoo
Epuu Egoo:
After Khabib Smash Him, Now Conor Look Likes A Little Humble..
Myth Rohan
Myth Rohan:
i love how humble they are <3
Christian Priscilla
Christian Priscilla:
28:10 manifestation thru imagination and determination
Jay T
Jay T:
Always go with the non-couliflower-ear fighter, know what I'm sayin?!
Kriष्ना 4 real
Kriष्ना 4 real:
13:01 we'll get em' 🔥🔥🤙🏼
Typical Conor McGregor right there 💯
Fabrizzio Fernandez
Fabrizzio Fernandez:
Anybody else see a mature Mcgregor ?
-Black Tabs-
-Black Tabs-:
Love the respect! Dustin looks like the pressures getting to him a bit tho
Brycen King
Brycen King:
Dana vs streamers: Streamers you know what to do LMAO 😘
Boxroom Podcast
Boxroom Podcast:
4 of the coolest dads on the planet
Matthew Maguire
Matthew Maguire:
Can't wait to stream this rematch!!
big Chungus
big Chungus:
6:25 huge respect to connor👏
Lil Tony XXX
Lil Tony XXX:
I’m excited 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sean McDonnell
Sean McDonnell:
almost positive the stream he’s referring too has a drug in its title 😜
Victor Alcantara
Victor Alcantara:
@28:01 the most realest version of Conor. You said it and did it, congrats Conor.
J's Channel
J's Channel:
I wonder how many guys are going to comment , “I miss the old Conor!”😂😂😂
Khabib really did make him humble...