UFC 264 Ceremonial Face-Off Highlights: McGregor and Poirier staredown!

Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier face-off for the final time ahead of their trilogy fight at UFC 264 on Saturday.

Watch UFC 264: Poirier v McGregor 3 on July 10 on BT Sport Box Office.

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JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON
JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON:
All I've done for the past 2 days is watch ufc content on multiple YouTube channels even if it's the same video
That's the Conor effect
Love or hate him but the UFC is better when McGregor is fighting.
The Philosophy Nook
The Philosophy Nook:
Both fighters look to be in great shape!
Why joe Rogan sound like he talking into a fan tho
Rodney Ives Collen
Rodney Ives Collen:
Conor better back all his talk up in the fight and dispatch Dustin quickly in the first round because that's his best or better yet probably only chance of winning the fight. If Conor fails to do so and the fight lasts longer, Dustin's much more durable than Conor and has much better cardio, and is very likely going to outlast Conor in a five-round fight, and quite possibly finish Conor again just like in their last fight. This trilogy fight between Conor and Dustin will determine who's tougher and who's better. Conor needs to win this trilogy fight to re-establish himself as a top lightweight contender and to possibly get another chance to fight for the lightweight gold again; otherwise, he's done being a real force to be reckoned with in the lightweight division. But of course, Dana White's going to let Conor stick around and keep the gate since he generates a huge number of money and PPVs.
Ty Spiller
Ty Spiller:
Joe Rogan sounds like he's talking underwater?
Spectrum User
Spectrum User:
So if McGregor doesn't kill this guy, then he has failed.
He said it with his own mouth.
Nick Ward
Nick Ward:
Win or loose....I hope Conor (and Dustin) are around for a few more years. Both superb athletes.
Giddi Bawz
Giddi Bawz:
As long as Conor creates public interest the outcome of the fight is irrelevant. He brings attention to the whole organization not just himself. I hate the persona he potrays but he's definitely good for business.
"Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt."
Stay Primal
Stay Primal:
1:46 Lol Dana going from real funny to real serious real fast my dude. Conor suddenly gets docile. Gangsta Dana
Minarchist 412
Minarchist 412:
😂 looks like Sean has got his Grandma's wig on.
Brendon D
Brendon D:
him just crumbling that gucci shirt after he took it off tilted me l0l
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen:
Conor got destroyed again. RIP, mate
Reece Rowland
Reece Rowland:
I wasn't going buy the fight and I know Connor is a clown and is putting on an act but I'm falling for it haha
Rodney Ives Collen
Rodney Ives Collen:
Wonderboy's most likely going to outstrike and outland Burns in straight up stand-up fight if Wonderboy can manage to keep Burns at bay, unless Burns closes the distance fast and takes Thompson to the ground to outgrapple and to possibly finish Thompson on the ground.
nick nax
nick nax:
As a neutral fan I used to back Conor because I saw him as an inspirational person but now I’d be happy for Dustin to get another win. Unfortunately for Conor all his insecurities have been exposed. I hope he can back his talk.
The GOAT Mark Draper
The GOAT Mark Draper:
The whole McGregor thing seems hollow these days. His 2015 aura has long gone. Dustin all business not the slightest bit intimidated.
Kai Carling
Kai Carling:
Well they certainly know how to build the hype
Ross Redman
Ross Redman:
Man Mcgregor sounds like he’s just there for a pay day. I don’t think he even thinks he can win
Adam beanie smith
Adam beanie smith:
The bet 365 un skippable advert is by far the most annoying advert on YouTube.
Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed:
Dustin gonna take Conor to the shadow realm.
Will be disappointed if Dustin doesn’t walk out to diamonds are forever
Amaan 7861
Amaan 7861:
*Whose here after Conor broke his leg*
Thomas Minarchick Jr.
Thomas Minarchick Jr.:
Conor’s fans booing is so disrespectful. Hopefully they’ll leave once Conor retires to do more boxing stuff.
Alchemistic Academician
Alchemistic Academician:
Conor with serious Hasbullah energy. Relax mate...
Eamonn Glover
Eamonn Glover:
McGregor is a tool.
Nick Ward
Nick Ward:
I've got a funny feeling sugars going to find himself in a Battle !
Damn Beaches
Damn Beaches:
I can’t listen to Joe when he talks loud. Sounds like he’s gargling mouthwash at the dentist
R 666.
R 666.:
Conor what a joke.
Dee Ray
Dee Ray:
It's impossible to not like Wonderboy
This is interesting
Hamid Hassou
Hamid Hassou:
Mcgregor is going to win becaus the UFC wants it !
Lade 212
Lade 212:
Com on Conor get a win. Also need Argentina to win copa
Marty 2.0
Marty 2.0:
I know the main event is the big talking point here but this card looks pretty decent, looking forward to seeing all the fights.
Yoga D
Yoga D:
People switched up quickly just because this man lost, then came back hyped him up when he gets the win. That is what it called a lil fwel RAT!!!
Vanguard MMA
Vanguard MMA:
*anyone know the name of the weigh-in song?*
Sam Selle
Sam Selle:
And I mean it this time🤣😂😂
Chad TV
Chad TV:
Conor’s taking the dub. Literally used zero kicks last fight. Idiots don’t understand that a front leg side kick has more range than a calf kick.
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez:
Conor will win mark my words
David Canez
David Canez:
I bet Joe Rogan can beat mc tapout
jimmy raxa Eagle
jimmy raxa Eagle:
Conor is better entertainer then a fighter
Poirier going 🏥🏨
Pedro Nzagi
Pedro Nzagi:
Ortodox stance
Hey, isn’t that Dr Xavier?
what a clown
Kerry Ann
Kerry Ann:
Team Poirier all the way baby 💪☺👊
Arsenal 14
Arsenal 14:
Conor always walk like the hulk lol
Ulrik Ingebrigtsen
Ulrik Ingebrigtsen:
But I thought bt sport with the endless snowflake promoting of hope utd didn’t like hurty words or abuse but here they are showing exactly that 😂😂😂😂😂 the hypocrisy is strong with bt
Muhammad Amin
Muhammad Amin:
Jolie’s Wife vs Mcgregor Sleep
Ross Redman
Ross Redman:
How did that B miss Weight by 4 pounds? WTF.
Andy Azad Khan
Andy Azad Khan:
Dana white: where done where done
Tomorrow night... He repeats khabib's words😂😂
Jack McLean
Jack McLean:
what are the busies on mcgregor's back?
The boy conner is back!!!!!
Sumit Kumar Saini
Sumit Kumar Saini:
He's Back
Preacher DroneCo
Preacher DroneCo:
Only thing dead tonight is Conors career. Good luck again, Dustin.
John McClane
John McClane:
Who are all the people on the stage filming with their smartphones?
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast:
If mcgregor loses he might as well retire! 😩
• Nived •
• Nived •:
can anyone pls say what are the names of the 4 chicks at the backstage plss😂😂😂🙏🙏
Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver:
Ngl they both look like they didn't cut properly. Dustin looks slightly more lean of the two.
Eamon Downey
Eamon Downey:
OK so if Dustin dies in the cage does that class as premeditated murder? 🤔
Hom Basnet
Hom Basnet:
The Girl on the right of Connor is love😋😋😘
GO Irish Tiger the king is back
Dt's girl
Dt's girl:
Conor Ko incoming 🔥
good time
Mlody Mlody
Mlody Mlody:
O'mally is fake hype. I like Portuguese guy faceoff better!
F. U. and S.T.F.U
F. U. and S.T.F.U:
mcmuppet 😆 🤣 😂 😹
Abhinav Ajay
Abhinav Ajay:
Brittney Palmer looks ridiculous with that fake nose.
Lewis Allen
Lewis Allen:
First come on
Zain Nadeem
Zain Nadeem:
Raheem Edwards
Raheem Edwards:
Av it