UFC 264: Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier Ceremonial Weigh-Ins

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Lukas Maier
Lukas Maier:
God the ufc hasnt been this intense in a while!
John Coelho
John Coelho:
Conor’s looking most like he did in the Diaz 2 Ceremonial Weigh Ins. Encouraging.
Cian O Connell
Cian O Connell:
That statement from Conor reminds me of the “you should of killed me when ye had the chance” speech against Diaz. Tomorrow night the king is back 🇮🇪
Matthew Danny
Matthew Danny:
The winner of Sean O Malley and Oddball gets to play the next Joker
michael o brien
michael o brien:
Mcgregor aggressive but cold. Dead eye focus. Can't wait for tomorrow. Has the feel of something special.
A Nic
A Nic:
Joe Rogan sounds like he's shouting into a fan. 🤣
Filip Bront
Filip Bront:
I got massive respect for Dustin,but I so want Connor to be back.
He looks like his old self,so let's see
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan:
Popular Opinion: Every single one of ya'll agrees that High-Spirited Conor made our day Better:
George Ansell
George Ansell:
Connor has me scared for my life there, Dustin is a dead man
I bet on Dustin and just found out that uncle Chael picked him. There goes my money.....
Elon Musk
Elon Musk:
Damn Bruce buffer really wanted that handshake with Conor
Leif Eriksson
Leif Eriksson:
conors birthday is in 2 days he has to win tomorrow
The Deb
The Deb:
"If you disrespect a man's kindness and take it as a weakness you must pay for it. And this man is gonna pay for it tomorrow night by his LIFE"
True respect to Conor
Freddy On Acid
Freddy On Acid:
I’m calling it: double knockout rd 2, conor and Poirier catch each other and both hit the deck.
Sounds pretty serious this time, That “mcgregor sleep” probably fuelled him even more. Dustin should’ve kept his mout shoot 😂
Only Stuntin
Only Stuntin:
Conor is gonna add another knockout to his highlight reel July 10th.
Ash Tiwari
Ash Tiwari:
Only conor can get away with not wearing venom gears😂😂🙌🙌🙌🙌.
Just here after Conor broke his leg and left in a stretcher
smiley ___
smiley ___:
Dam Conor on a other level it going be a crazy fight wouldn’t be surprised if Conor ko him first round
Isaiah Carroll
Isaiah Carroll:
Conor looks ready and so does Dustin! May the best man win!
ADRIAN Soto-Perez
ADRIAN Soto-Perez:
McGregor got conviction in his voice. Can’t wait
Mr Disrespecc
Mr Disrespecc:
This version of conor has hair. Dustin's done for
Drop Kick Murphy00
Drop Kick Murphy00:
Damn Greg Hardy definitely moving up in the area of tougher opponents. Fast climb. Boys been ultra dedicated. Win or lose I give the guy his respect. That's impressive. Guys a deadly athlete though already. Not to shabby
Stay Primal
Stay Primal:
7:36 Dana going from real funny to real serious real fast my dude. Conor decided to stop messing around suddenly hahah. Gangsta Dana.
Cian Whitlow
Cian Whitlow:
Steven wonderboy is such a class fighter
Hellboy Åhr
Hellboy Åhr:
Yo USDA is slacking letting bruce buffer walk out there like that. Jesus
Drew Whitfield
Drew Whitfield:
Wonderboy looked so happy to see Burns 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Im getting Goosbumps here !!!
Conor is scary 🔥
Juan Uribe
Juan Uribe:
I'm already at the edge of my seat for this card... Thank you UFC, thank you fighters!!! And the awesome crazy mama fans!!!
Conor is exaggerating again, I hate that. I rather see the humble one from the last time in Abu Dhabi. Nice how Dustin gives a shout out to a terminally ill kid and calls him the real fighter <3
Dillon Tisdale
Dillon Tisdale:
Sean gets a little too hype fighting cans
Primm Entertainment
Primm Entertainment:
What a fucking card this gonna be the biggest ppv maby ever it's loaded from top to bottom 💯💯💪💪
4:17 Rogan called him 'Dilbert' hahahahahahah
xxitactical _
xxitactical _:
Conor not wearing the new fight gear Dana was not happy lol
As Joe rogen said, "you won by knock out!" Conor gives that well f***, thanks joe... imma head out now.
The first song made me wanna fight the whole ufc roster simultaneously
Joe talking
Joe talking:
Conor mcgregor looks amazing at the weigh ins
Scoober Steve
Scoober Steve:
Strong Card to watch 👏🏼
A Voerman
A Voerman:
Look at Bruce when Conor starts talking, he enjoying every second of it
cody forezt
cody forezt:
Haha Poirier putting this dude to sleep again in the 4th or 5th. Watch
Joseph Sodoma
Joseph Sodoma:
The dude who is fighting O'malley looks like he swims with that shirt on
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan:
Popular Opinion: Every single one of ya'll agrees that Dustin's Thirsty Wife made our day Better:
Robert Tugman
Robert Tugman:
Bro Dustin look so timid and shy when speaking don’t tell me Conor already living rent free in that man head
John Ludwig
John Ludwig:
let me in here..I do tri's & bi's like 12 times a day. 💪🏻🇺🇲
Mac Baza
Mac Baza:
@7:30 Conor getting irritated at the 🍅 lol
Imagin he actually kills him
Did Dustin get his sleeve done recently or am I trippin
Carlos Arvizu
Carlos Arvizu:
Conor is looking really good 👍🏻
Sean vs Kris, the battle of the dyed haired lesbians
The Gent
The Gent:
It's near impossible to tough talk a guy that knocked you, spark, out just six months ago. That doesn't deter Conor. I guess God really does love a tryer.
Pp Mm
Pp Mm:
This is last one for Poirier and he knows it, regardless of result there wont be another shot.
slavi ivanov
slavi ivanov:
I like how calm Poirier was .
Just saying "let's go big boy"
Subhajit Singha Roy
Subhajit Singha Roy:
McGregor broke his ankle 😱
Hackett Brewer
Hackett Brewer:
Wonderboy is going to put a clinic on burns.
Harry Jakob
Harry Jakob:
Bro this bringin me og ufc hype like Alvarez Diaz and Aldo
I like how they have those old ass dudes there thinking they could actually stop them from killing each other lol
Dan Shark
Dan Shark:
Let’s go Conor! I thought he’s not mad enough for this fight but the last words were deep! 👊🏽
Suga Sean vs Ryan hall should've been the fight
Sugar’s looking like he’s gotten a few cavities
Matt Steelman
Matt Steelman:
I used to love that scream thing Conor does after the weigh ins, but after seeing Jake Paul do it, it just doesn't hit the same.
fuck man i thought conor was trying to act like his old self and has lost it, but after this it looks like the king is back and we will get to see some greatness.
Its Not Earthly
Its Not Earthly:
How come they lie about sugar seans MMA record i got a video on my Instagram of him losing 3 fights in MMA
Maroof Ali
Maroof Ali:
Where's Sean Shelby when you need him
Jdm Suspects
Jdm Suspects:
This reminds me so much of Ufc 202
George McIlroy
George McIlroy:
Joe killed it on the intros this fights going to be huge
Iman Mustagrudic
Iman Mustagrudic:
When i hear Joe Rogan announcing figthers i start choking ,wtf .
Dustin lost when he had no hair , Conor lost when he had no hair, Now let's see what happens now they both have hair. 🤣
Shepard Savior
Shepard Savior:
It’s official Dustins schedule for tomorrow night goes as follows: warm up< octagon< stretcher< casket
Bryan Gallacher
Bryan Gallacher:
Never seen Connor like that before. Something must have happened between the two. I fear for Dustin but hope mcgregor stays focused and doesn't rush into a fight where he can be knocked out
Юлиан Георгиев
Юлиан Георгиев:
Conor's still my boy
rock roy
rock roy:
The Notorious in the building 😈🔥‼
❤ From India 🇮🇳
Archvill Orquita
Archvill Orquita:
Spence and Wade chillin at the bacc!
Robert Downey
Robert Downey:
looks like Conor McGregor's leg could break
No excuses this time, this is the decider.
juvie gill
juvie gill:
I can't stand Mctapper! Let's go Dustin tap this clown out
Dana didn't want any funny business this time 😂
Snake Plisskin
Snake Plisskin:
I wanna know what Dana said to Conor. You know it was about not wearing the new crypto fight kit and promoting his own bar instead.
Robert Stachurski
Robert Stachurski:
Macregor I am with You 💪🔥🚀🚀✌
Stay Primal
Stay Primal:
4:33 Poor Wonderboy, getting ignored again.
Joseph Perkins
Joseph Perkins:
This fight is rigged. McGregor wins. Mark my words🖖
Wait Rogan said betting favorite? Who had those odds? I seen Connor-140 Dustin +120
The day of the fight, again, Dustin will be at least 5 lbs heavier and stronger than Conor.
I'm rooting for Conor for the first time in my life because I wanna that payday for Charles. He will do a good use of the money.
J. Wade
J. Wade:
He rattled Dustin with that talk..
Nick Cerulli
Nick Cerulli:
When trash talk goes right🙏🏼🙏🏼I hope let’s go Connor
wisnu febri
wisnu febri:
Go, go, go conor.. u're the king of comedyan
Rey S
Rey S:
They both look in pretty good shape and will hydrate even more. Hope Dustin wins though.
Joe " im here with Conor McGregor "Rogan
What Jersey is Conor wearing?
Adam Heald
Adam Heald:
Porier knocks this clown out in 2
al pap
al pap:
O'Malley should have waited a bit with the, I smoke weed stuff. First you get your wins and your money fight and then you start with that. Nate Diaz style. Nate fought and won MacGregor, won the first and got all he fame , became a millionaire and then he started his business. and now he doesn't give a fuck. Started his own business. God bless Connor McGregor.
Conor looks HUGE for a 55'er
You can see the cupping marks on Connor's lower back... He may have lower back pain!
sohilo Tep
sohilo Tep:
Lucky are those who gets to fight in Conor's card.
Tyson Finn
Tyson Finn:
Conor not wearing venum gear haha
Daniel Wong
Daniel Wong:
Really like Conor's energy here
Clay Cheese
Clay Cheese:
Did anyone see Conor beat Dustin yesterday?
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh:
Ohh that was fun...
Jeff Hicks
Jeff Hicks:
If Joe Rogan keeps taking HGH, his gut is going to look like a water barrel in another year.
Robert Knapp
Robert Knapp:
Diamond is getting the finish with the damn guilly it finally needs to happen
JB Kerby
JB Kerby:
This Time Dustin Got In Connor's Head so Let's See How Connor Deals With it in the Octagon