Unbeaten Run Continues With Toffees Point | Everton 1 Leicester City 1 | 2020/21

A strike by Youri Tielemans earned the Foxes a well-deserved 1-1 draw with Everton at Goodison Park.

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Arzachel S
Arzachel S:
Tough game, but glad with the results. Come on you Foxes🦊
.... WE WERE ALL OVER EVERTON LIKE A BAD RASH ... we deserved all 3 points. Well played lads.
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen:
great game by Lei ,deserved a win today
Ridma Irsyam
Ridma Irsyam:
Question: How many players did youri's shoot across to find the goal net?

Youri: YES
Emerson Diass
Emerson Diass:
Vamos Leicester pra cima deles 🦊🇧🇷🦊
Mido Pertin
Mido Pertin:
Maddison is on fire❤️🔥
โซดา ซ่าส์
โซดา ซ่าส์:
It's a great play We love Leicester City.
From fc. Thailand.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith:
Well in Lads Unlucky not to have clinched all three but we move🙌
Pratham Thorve
Pratham Thorve:
Well played Leicester 🤙🏻💯
Justin Lee
Justin Lee:
It is a shame...But it's a good start without Vardy.
Bellajuel K.
Bellajuel K.:
3 points : the best, 1 point : better // we can proceed toward. and hope vardy come back to the ground
Carlos Mauricio Rico otalora
Carlos Mauricio Rico otalora:
We deserved the 3 points, but come con FOXES🦊💙💙
Faisal Yunara
Faisal Yunara:
I just felt something less without vardy🐐
VM Jr.
VM Jr.:
From Barueri, Brazil, to support Leicester.
Siddhant LCFC
Siddhant LCFC:
Unlucky, We really deserved 3 points
Nice the Foxes😍😍😍
Alessandro Rinaldi
Alessandro Rinaldi:
From Bolivia Maddison is incredible
كون كان
كون كان:
James Maddison did not score a goal, in the next match he was still a target of 3 points, in order to keep competing in the top flight of the premier league.
Hernowo Indra
Hernowo Indra:
I'm Indonesian, and i always support leicester. Foxes never quit
จีระพันธ์ ตีระแพทย์
จีระพันธ์ ตีระแพทย์:
Leicester have many good player
Helí HG
Helí HG:
FOXES 🦊🙌❤️
david tomlinson
david tomlinson:
It's the heavy touch, rebound, just a basic skill , soften the contact of the ball n clear it , so they scored, wasn't closed down quick enough after .Utd drop 3 we should've got 3 , chance goes begging -I HATE MAN UTD .c mon Leicester, anyway well done lads 🙂👍
Night Cross Ch
Night Cross Ch:
We need Vardy!!!!!
Alessio Trovato
Alessio Trovato:
I Am Roma fan but I like Leicester, Vardy miss so much, so do you need Dzeko?
next play barnes up front with albrighton and under on the side. ayoze is ineffective
Tenzing Dhonden
Tenzing Dhonden:
Pickford is so unpredictable
I must say u guys got a chance to win the league tbh from a city fan hope u guys win the league😁
Martez Daw
Martez Daw:
These lads once one the prem, ya know? I reckon this might be there 2nd season mate
Mas Risman
Mas Risman:
No vardy, no problem 😉
⚕ Chitransh Khurana (MBBS)
⚕ Chitransh Khurana (MBBS):
Leicester should be the champion
Rahadi Dwitama
Rahadi Dwitama:
Love the backsound, just like Chelsea's highlight videos.
Frisky Maulida
Frisky Maulida:
We need a young striker as a future replacement for Vardy. I'm sorry but Iheanacho isn't one
indo gamming
indo gamming:
Nice game
Wise Snake
Wise Snake:
These Everton games are real slogs.
Pipe Anticomunista
Pipe Anticomunista:
Goooo foxeeeesssss
Gumilar Indra Febriansyah
Gumilar Indra Febriansyah:
Lasting Lover.. good backsong
Robert Burke
Robert Burke:
I love a bit of football and some hard-to-hear commentary as background to a couple of minutes of annoying music.
DEWNX .20:
James ❤️❤️
No Vardy No Party
Leonardo Vinícius Souza Pereira
Leonardo Vinícius Souza Pereira:
, Foxes: in search of a legal film for Leicester City Foxes never quit 🦊💙🇬🇧🦊🏆🏆
Serenity Dxx
Serenity Dxx:
Love Lcfc
paul holland
paul holland:
Unlucky Leicester!
Holy sh_t.... The ELEVEN Everton players behind the ball in the box in Tielemans equalizer... Such an overrated team! The foxes deserved the 3 points but we move on anyways... On to the next one
mahmoud alsayed
mahmoud alsayed:
barnes or maddison in fpl???
FO_ x
FO_ x:
Ho Yin Chung
Ho Yin Chung:
James Rodriguez is absolutely unparalleled!
Asombro Viral
Asombro Viral:
*1:10** El Everton de Viña :v*
Serdar Nurmuhammedov
Serdar Nurmuhammedov:
No Vardy No Pardy
amnong xaychuevang
amnong xaychuevang:
We almost win
Technon Zodaracer
Technon Zodaracer:
เชียร์ เลสเตอร์ ครับ เมื่อไหร่ โควิดจะหายหมดไปสักที
Gracia Propertindo
Gracia Propertindo:
MU lose wkwk, 2021 : leicester 1st end of season !
Yogi Munte
Yogi Munte:
Thank you Jordan Pickford
farhan sdhl
farhan sdhl:
Vishav Kishore
Vishav Kishore:
Aziz Bulqini
Aziz Bulqini:
Maddison terlalu banyak membuang peluang
Please loose the music, it´s very distracting.
ประภาส ขามรัตน์
ประภาส ขามรัตน์:
เกือบตายมีมไม่มีป๋าวาร์ดี เป็นเป้าให้ ยิงนกตกปลาไปไหน 55555
Mongkhon Onkham
Mongkhon Onkham:
Ardi Nahian
Ardi Nahian:
Hamzah plz come to Bangladesh.Bangladesh football team need you .
For anyone looking for the song: Sigala, James Arthur - Lasting Lover.
วิทยา ทัศจันดา
วิทยา ทัศจันดา:
Diamond Dogs
Diamond Dogs:
Nice song, good idea
please remove the song
mahmoud Elebba
mahmoud Elebba:
The music is very bad
Imam Fawaid
Imam Fawaid:
Song tittle?