Unbeaten Run Continues With Toffees Point | Everton 1 Leicester City 1 | 2020/21

A strike by Youri Tielemans earned the Foxes a well-deserved 1-1 draw with Everton at Goodison Park.

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Ridma Irsyam
Ridma Irsyam:
Question: How many players did youri's shoot across to find the goal net?

Youri: YES
Bellajuel K.
Bellajuel K.:
3 points : the best, 1 point : better // we can proceed toward. and hope vardy come back to the ground
Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo:
We need Vardy's on fire. 🦊🔥
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen:
great game by Lei ,deserved a win today
Justin Lee
Justin Lee:
It is a shame...But it's a good start without Vardy.
.... WE WERE ALL OVER EVERTON LIKE A BAD RASH ... we deserved all 3 points. Well played lads.
โซดา ซ่าส์
โซดา ซ่าส์:
It's a great play We love Leicester City.
From fc. Thailand.
Mido Pertin
Mido Pertin:
Maddison is on fire❤️🔥
Carlos Mauricio Rico otalora
Carlos Mauricio Rico otalora:
We deserved the 3 points, but come con FOXES🦊💙💙
Mara Arzachel S
Mara Arzachel S:
Tough game, but glad with the results. Come on you Foxes🦊
Helí HG
Helí HG:
FOXES 🦊🙌❤️
next play barnes up front with albrighton and under on the side. ayoze is ineffective
For anyone looking for the song: Sigala, James Arthur - Lasting Lover.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith:
Well in Lads Unlucky not to have clinched all three but we move🙌
Alessandro Rinaldi
Alessandro Rinaldi:
From Bolivia Maddison is incredible
Rahadi Dwitama
Rahadi Dwitama:
Love the backsound, just like Chelsea's highlight videos.
Night Cross Ch
Night Cross Ch:
We need Vardy!!!!!
Hernowo Indra
Hernowo Indra:
I'm Indonesian, and i always support leicester. Foxes never quit
Martez Daw
Martez Daw:
These lads once one the prem, ya know? I reckon this might be there 2nd season mate
VM Jr.
VM Jr.:
From Barueri, Brazil, to support Leicester.
122 Pratham Thorve
122 Pratham Thorve:
Well played Leicester 🤙🏻💯
Emerson Diass
Emerson Diass:
Vamos Leicester pra cima deles 🦊🇧🇷🦊
Lynnie Heal
Lynnie Heal:
#YouriTielemans brilliant very talented for the best team in UK #LeicesterCityFootball
วิทยา ทัศจันดา
วิทยา ทัศจันดา:
ประภาส ขามรัตน์
ประภาส ขามรัตน์:
เกือบตายมีมไม่มีป๋าวาร์ดี เป็นเป้าให้ ยิงนกตกปลาไปไหน 55555
Siddhant Nalgundwar
Siddhant Nalgundwar:
Unlucky, We really deserved 3 points
Mongkhon Onkham
Mongkhon Onkham:
Technon Zodaracer
Technon Zodaracer:
เชียร์ เลสเตอร์ ครับ เมื่อไหร่ โควิดจะหายหมดไปสักที
Robert Burke
Robert Burke:
I love a bit of football and some hard-to-hear commentary as background to a couple of minutes of annoying music.
Ardi Nahian
Ardi Nahian:
Hamzah plz come to Bangladesh.Bangladesh football team need you .
Faisal Yunara
Faisal Yunara:
I just felt something less without vardy🐐
mahmoud alsayed
mahmoud alsayed:
barnes or maddison in fpl???
Serenity Dxx
Serenity Dxx:
Love Lcfc
Sang Pejalan
Sang Pejalan:
Maddison terlalu banyak membuang peluang
david tomlinson
david tomlinson:
It's the heavy touch, rebound, just a basic skill , soften the contact of the ball n clear it , so they scored, wasn't closed down quick enough after .Utd drop 3 we should've got 3 , chance goes begging -I HATE MAN UTD .c mon Leicester, anyway well done lads 🙂👍
Amri Ide
Amri Ide:
James Maddison did not score a goal, in the next match he was still a target of 3 points, in order to keep competing in the top flight of the premier league.
จีระพันธ์ ตีระแพทย์
จีระพันธ์ ตีระแพทย์:
Leicester have many good player
I must say u guys got a chance to win the league tbh from a city fan hope u guys win the league😁
No Vardy No Party
Frisky Maulida
Frisky Maulida:
We need a young striker as a future replacement for Vardy. I'm sorry but Iheanacho isn't one
Chitransh Khurana
Chitransh Khurana:
Leicester should be the champion
Yogi Munte
Yogi Munte:
Thank you Jordan Pickford
Nadzar Official
Nadzar Official:
No vardy, no problem 😉
paul holland
paul holland:
Unlucky Leicester!
Phy Sa
Phy Sa:
Second half 😊 I have seen you all do the best🥰🥰
Asombro Viral
Asombro Viral:
*1:10** El Everton de Viña :v*
Alessio Trovato
Alessio Trovato:
I Am Roma fan but I like Leicester, Vardy miss so much, so do you need Dzeko?
Wise Snake
Wise Snake:
These Everton games are real slogs.
DEWNX .20:
James ❤️❤️
Muhammad Abdul Hakim
Muhammad Abdul Hakim:
Nice the Foxes😍😍😍
Tenzing Dhonden
Tenzing Dhonden:
Pickford is so unpredictable
Diamond Dogs
Diamond Dogs:
Nice song, good idea
Gracia Propertindo
Gracia Propertindo:
MU lose wkwk, 2021 : leicester 1st end of season !
Vishav Kishore
Vishav Kishore:
Wahidin Irhas
Wahidin Irhas:
Nice game
FO_ x
FO_ x:
amnong xaychuevang
amnong xaychuevang:
We almost win
Pipe Blue
Pipe Blue:
Goooo foxeeeesssss
Holy sh_t.... The ELEVEN Everton players behind the ball in the box in Tielemans equalizer... Such an overrated team! The foxes deserved the 3 points but we move on anyways... On to the next one
Leonardo Vinícius Souza Pereira
Leonardo Vinícius Souza Pereira:
, Foxes: in search of a legal film for Leicester City Foxes never quit 🦊💙🇬🇧🦊🏆🏆
farhan sdhl
farhan sdhl:
Ho Yin Chung
Ho Yin Chung:
James Rodriguez is absolutely unparalleled!
Gumilar Indra Febriansyah
Gumilar Indra Febriansyah:
Lasting Lover.. good backsong
Please loose the music, it´s very distracting.
please remove the song
Imam Fawaid
Imam Fawaid:
Song tittle?
Serdar Nurmuhammedov
Serdar Nurmuhammedov:
No Vardy No Pardy
mahmoud Elebba
mahmoud Elebba:
The music is very bad
Danny chong
Danny chong:
Then how Tan Sri should answer the media. WTF? Credit were all taken by paramedic after praised by the people and even promised would subdue the next outbreak but now blame the people for being useless after daily patients breached 4k per day.

Inshort, no one should ever justify Malaysian paramedic were better than those in Indonesia or Italy, based on new patient perday. Cos paramedic between nation have nothing different unless their equipment inview of technologies.
If not, you mean paramedic in Malaysia very hardworking, work very fast or very efficient when containing outbreak, compared to those in India, US and Brazil or nation that daily patient could breach 150k..

Cos malaysian were indeed lucky during 1st lockdown or how their highway jammed for two days, caused by hometown movement which cannot be seen in other nation.
Sure Tan Sri unaware of such event could somehow paralysed the pandemic yet should remember, how WHO and Health Ministry stand out with their prediction on when the disease would peak from mid April till end of June but ended up with 5 patients in August.
Inshort, paramedic should not taken credit without any understanding..

The question, do Tan Sri dare or not, allow malaysian went back hometown during Chinese New Year?
You dont want to see, how the disease paralysed. If yes, mean you need to trust the people since general knowledge about hometown movement would flare outbreak were just a theory. A theory that only happen before in Malaysia during 1st lockdown but somehow showing adverse result.

Cos urban and rural area have huge diferences inview of density or why disease spread easier in urban area since people living in big city were like sardine packed. And if the people allowed to move back to hometown during festival, mean they would aware why family need to go separate way, if among them someone were sick, for the mean of survival since medical centre only concentrated in urban area.
That is the significant factor or how the disease paralysed when density of hotspot were reduced tremendously by hometown movement and indirectly causes the disease jammed, like how fire died off by itself since nothing else exist nearby so they could keep burning. Cos whoever left behind were those that already infected or how someone figured out, why Malaysia COVID19 behave so passive during 1st lockdown, compared to other countries..
Paramedic? Their efficiency in handling outbreak till causes pandemic in Malaysia behave passive, only exist in Tan Sri mindset, not those that use their sense to live their life. Get it?
(Google "Danny Woo Vk" in Bing for Granny Method that could cure COV19 without going to hospital)

Song is shit... stop playing songs