United's Carabao Cup Season So Far | Manchester United v Manchester City | League Cup

Ahead of the Reds' Carabao Cup semi-final clash against Manchester City, we look back on our previous three wins in the competition so far!

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100+ comentarios:

We've kept clean sheets in all matches, hopefully we continue till we get to the finals
AcademicBerry 41
AcademicBerry 41:
Let's win this cup with 0 goals conceded
Edit: man city had other ideas 😥
Kartik Bhardwaj
Kartik Bhardwaj:
We deserve this trophy. And premier League title too🔥🔥
Go Reds GGMU
gopalnath tiwari
gopalnath tiwari:
We trust in our team that they will beat man City
Kavish Abeygunawardena
Kavish Abeygunawardena:
Is no one gonna talk about Henderson’s saves? 🔥
Ismail Saifuddin
Ismail Saifuddin:
Let's go FINAL🔥
3 years without a trophy is too much, we need to go all in tonight!
D. Arunovic
D. Arunovic:
Anytime I get so gassed about a game we end up loosing or don’t get a result. I hope this changes tonight 🤞
Hi I'm a man city fan just passing through to wish everyone a fair match. This is going to be a great match and I'm glad to see the 2 manchester teams in excellent form. Hopefully we will be battling for the prem soon 😏
Edmund Graham
Edmund Graham:
We've scored some absolutely beautiful goals in the competition this season
S A Y E D   S A B Z W A R I 👌
S A Y E D S A B Z W A R I 👌:
Another win over pep like last year
united fans
united fans:
The most solid team so far since Fergie's retirement. Bruno is everything for us. Come on United!
Cédric Philogène
Cédric Philogène:
there's something in the air... I feel it.. something special.. hard work pays.. this is the dawn of manu NEXT legends..
Faktea Twin's Dad
Faktea Twin's Dad:
This is going to be a very crucial match. I think we really need to focus on our defends area. Lets keep go march'in on....
Karol Bilewicz
Karol Bilewicz:
Amen MUFC! Hope you beat City Tonight we trust in you!! ⚽️🏆
Snehal kumar
Snehal kumar:
The Reds ❤️ look unstoppable this season🔥🔥
Aldhi Perwira
Aldhi Perwira:
Start deano and we go to final🔥
Kevin roy azhar
Kevin roy azhar:
The 22
The 22:
Let’s continue our fine form to glory... c’mmon guys... WEAREUNITD.
Ankit Ghosh
Ankit Ghosh:
Let's break our semis jinx . GGMU
Reece Goatley
Reece Goatley:
Lets go Reds!❤️
Child of God
Child of God:
Always have to keep faith in man utd
Abdullah Gaming
Abdullah Gaming:
Glory Glory Man united let’s go to final 💪😎
We're the famous man united and we're goin to Wembley. Wembeleyyyyy wembeleyyyyy we're the famous man united and we're going to Wembley
Chinmay Behare
Chinmay Behare:
Come on! We got this lads!
Neighel Joseph
Neighel Joseph:
The last time I watched this, United got eliminated by city😭 hopes the same thing doesn't happen this time around.
Gotta love reading all these confident united fan comments after the game. Aged well😂
Omaka Nathaniel O.
Omaka Nathaniel O.:
Goodluck, Manchester United.
We're with you guys even as you win Manchester City tonight. GGMU to the finals..
Clean sheet again tonight. 2-0 to United. 👏🏽
Bishan Rai
Bishan Rai:
Best of luck to all united players hope they will win against city 👍
Muhammad Irshad
Muhammad Irshad:
Was waiting for this
bai jobiz
bai jobiz:
May we continue our cleaan sheet gggmu💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥
CoolPlayer 123
CoolPlayer 123:
I hope we win today and beat Tottenham in the final that I hope we go to. Come on lads you got this.
Let's win this with 0 goals conceded.
Daniel Katz
Daniel Katz:
The trip to victory
Ibrahim N
Ibrahim N:
This team deserves a trophy
Gustavo Bentancort
Gustavo Bentancort:
Cavani will be the last legend Manchester United !! Yeahh
Paweł Pałczyński
Paweł Pałczyński:
Can't wait... today 😈🔥
abcdabcd efgefg
abcdabcd efgefg:
Degea will make a hattrick this game. 🔥🔥🔥
JSM 26
JSM 26:
Tough match tonight
Ty Ty
Ty Ty:
This is going to be an interesting game 🤔 I’m a city fan so obv I want them to win but just lately football has been very weird indeed up to now and as for the premier league either of us need to win that so Liverpool don’t have it
point break
point break:
Cmon United, let's beat our neighbours, GGMU!
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer:
Orea Sunchez
Orea Sunchez:
Negrito 🤙🤙🏾
Nana p
Nana p:
Christian Ozorio
Christian Ozorio:
Fernandes and Rashford will put us in the final today 🔥🔥
Arjun Saha
Arjun Saha:
United win tonight derby game👍🔥
Piyush Joshi
Piyush Joshi:
wow great job Hendo not conceding even once.
Ian Deeley
Ian Deeley:
Come On United!⚽️⚽️⚽️
Surely we can with it this year again
Title winners and cup winners?❤🤞
I kindly request the Utd management to telecast carabao cup live in youtube channel itself,i am from India and today I am missing the derby
Mr. Darkside
Mr. Darkside:
aaaannnndddd it's over. Cuz we've bottled yet another semifinal.
Bajang Channel
Bajang Channel:
Cavani ❤
Lalrinawmi Rinawmi
Lalrinawmi Rinawmi:
united is the best team..
Fred Galaxy
Fred Galaxy:
OGS needs to be loyal to Henderson , he deserves to keep his place in the goalie ahead of DDG
Arohan Playz
Arohan Playz:
Let's go lads hope for a trophy
Unitrio Z
Unitrio Z:
Well i believed tht we could beat city
AlexanderGota IbiZa
AlexanderGota IbiZa:
you have to go for the Mexican Hirving Lozano we need him in Manchester he is a great player
Let's bet Manchester City and Tottenham in Carabao Cup.GGMU!
United is red bull lat's go to the final
Bayu Candra
Bayu Candra:
Romero and his wife laughing watch de gea not playing in semifinal
Jamal Hassan
Jamal Hassan:
Will miss Cavani 😢
Show them that Manchester is RED♥️
Edit: City showed everyone that Manchester is BLUE 🔵
Toxic City
Toxic City:
open 'Blur - Song 2' in another tab, you're welcome
Dương Tuệ
Dương Tuệ:
MU fighting, must win and go to the final
Azeez M
Azeez M:
Anyone else forget we played Brighton?😂
An Nguyễn Văn
An Nguyễn Văn:
Fan Manchester United 💓❤️
Win , Lose or Tie United Till i Die🔴🔴🔴
Didier Kooren
Didier Kooren:
Cmon United!!!!
9E06David Abraham
9E06David Abraham:
Petition for more playing time for van de beek ?!
Shaati Wayne
Shaati Wayne:
Please to night lineup
Matic,pogba,bruno,varder beak
Rashford ,martial
Joshua Gerald
Joshua Gerald:
ayoo bisa final 🔴🔴🔴
WA Me:
🔴 4 vs⛽️0
Come On Reds Make Us Proud
Hideki Tojo
Hideki Tojo:
Hope ole playing Henderson, no De Gea in semi again 😂😂
merdie abedi
merdie abedi:
We trust you United please do this for us
Sidharth biju
Sidharth biju:
Classics Rohan 5555 Top 6 Clubs 5 Limbu FC Football
Classics Rohan 5555 Top 6 Clubs 5 Limbu FC Football:
Hopefully Manchester United can keep a clean sheet against Manchester City which won’t happen if City wins this today I would not be surprised problem is Manchester United CBS still come on need to get the win today
Subbir Ahmmad
Subbir Ahmmad:
See you in final Mourinho!
Tom Malcolm
Tom Malcolm:
Well no more of these highlights! Another poor team selection from Ole cost us again
Aaron Curtis
Aaron Curtis:
Bailly should have started...smh
Fajar Sinteniki
Fajar Sinteniki:
muhammad syauqy termydzy
muhammad syauqy termydzy:
Come on United🔴
Hussam Azzabi
Hussam Azzabi:
please send Daniel James on a loan to Italy, h'ell come back in a year or 2 almost perfect
Hooligan Gaming
Hooligan Gaming:
So poor record in knockout round
The Break Fast Cup
The Break Fast Cup:
So far and so long.. T.T wish the best of luck out there Martial
Kidus Abebe
Kidus Abebe:
A late penalty should do the trick we got this
saiman Kforay
saiman Kforay:
Please United we need to win ti go to final and get revenge on Tottenham
Gaston Antao
Gaston Antao:
It’s a guaranteed win for united no strikers and no Walker who’s gonna pocket rashford 😂
Vanlal Veni
Vanlal Veni:
Please forgive me Happy... GGMU
Sunrit Roy Karmakar
Sunrit Roy Karmakar:
no penalty goal tomorrow please
Trí Nghĩaa
Trí Nghĩaa:
Man UTD 0-2 Man City
Imagine Haaland in this team WOW
Saahil Nagar
Saahil Nagar:
Come on United, we haven't conceded any goals in the competition, let's try win the tournament without conceding any goals. GGMU 👹🔴❤️♥️👹🔥⚽🔥
Sheldon York
Sheldon York:
I hope we play well today
Man utd can beat city today lets go united!
Miroslav Salamon
Miroslav Salamon:
Play Donny please ✌️
matic ticar
matic ticar:
When is amad diallo coming to man u.
Isn't he supposed to get here in january.