UNREALISTIC to expect Gareth Bale to be his old self for Tottenham - Alejandro Moreno | ESPN FC

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho suggested Gareth Bale will “probably” make his second debut for Spurs against West Ham, but will he be able to rediscover his form? ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop, Alejandro Moreno and Don Hutchison dive into Bale’s relationship with Mourinho and Harry Kane, his return to Tottenham after growing discontent at Real Madrid and what impact he will have in the Premier League.


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Jay Quisumbing
Jay Quisumbing:
It's unrealistic for espn fc to get thier predictions right.
Shreshth Kaushik
Shreshth Kaushik:
That's exactly what people said about James Rodriguez. It's really intellectually dishonest to judge someone playing in a team where he isn't wanted.
Paulie 7
Paulie 7:
Surprise surprise, I don’t see the point of asking clueless Ale Moreno any questions related to spurs, we know his answer. Also this Presenter doesn’t seem to like spurs very much does he 😂 perhaps he should make that more obvious! listen idiots of ESPN, no one expects Bale to be the same player as 5 years ago, if he’s 60% of that player it’s enough and we are going to do some damage!
Marcus Williams
Marcus Williams:
This is like LEBRON COMING BACK TO CLEVELAND and winning the championship. Not saying Tottenham gonna even come close but He’s a Good Addition.
Jack Clements
Jack Clements:
it's not about Bale being his old self. If he can score and assist around 10 then he makes us 10x better because Lucas numbers are terrible
robert kehne
robert kehne:
Simply stunning to see that no matter what Spurs do that ESPN will still be haters. This Tottenham team is very deep at every position now. The next 5 games will say it all. Daniel Levy has given Jose what he wanted now its the time to prove the doubters wrong.
Johnny English
Johnny English:
His players whom knew what Mourinho was all about would die for him. That’s not an empty statement. Go ask Drogba who couldn’t be consoled for 3 days after finding out Mourinho was leaving Chelsea. Or Sneijder who only decided to stay with Inter and not go to United because of Mourinho. Just because he hasn’t been winning Champions League’s left and right does not take away from the greatness of one Jose Mourinho. Respect Man Respect
David Montgomery
David Montgomery:
I'm glad the media is finally starting to give Mourinho his due once again. He clearly has always wanted the best for each of his players. The problem was too many mentally soft players that can't handle actual coaching leaking nonsense to the media that should be kept inside the locker room.
Artur DaSilva
Artur DaSilva:
Alejandro has no idea what a motivated and happy Gareth Bale is gonna do for Spurs. Hater through and through
If Michael Jordan went from Basketball to baseball to basketball then I think Bale can go from Football to golf to Footall. Once class always class. Also I think playing another sport gives you a perspective on the sport you are currently playing. I hadn't played football in a year but played tennis and suddenly I was able to ping the ball. (Was not able to before).
Shot Calla
Shot Calla:
I’m not comparing in anyway but honestly ale did you say that about Christiano did you say gang about hazard like shut up already
Son Kane and Bale will become the most feared trio in the world this season
Alejandro is just pissed that half a Bale is still double the footballer that he ever was.
70% of the former Bale with the experience he has now and how he sees the game could be just as lethal if you think about it. It's still better than 90% of the other attackers in the league.
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed:
Bale is still a good footballer if he has the right attitude he could do really well I mean the guy is still one of real Madrids greatest ever players
Not saying Ale Moreno is WRONG but he's been a Bale hater for as long as I can remember.
RG _Nald
RG _Nald:
Ahhh, ESPN man, I don’t know anymore 😂😂 Josè Mourinho could literally save the world alone and they’ll still hate on him
Sunil Aggarwal
Sunil Aggarwal:
More anti Spurs rethoric. If Man Utd signs Bale, the theme would be "exactly what Utd need, a world class player". But because it's Spurs, "oh he is no longer world class." No one expects him to be the same player he was when he left Spurs, least of all Bale. He even said it himself in interviews.
Alama Eyob-Austin
Alama Eyob-Austin:
Erik lamela isn’t going to start he is overrated and the opposite of gareth bale.
Tanmoy Mondal
Tanmoy Mondal:
Jose is always very supportive towards his players. Espn makes him villain
Gursahib Singh
Gursahib Singh:
So, according to last guy Spurs form is because bale and regulion joined them. He is talking away credit from jose, tgey just hate him its simple.
And I talked to spurs fan 9 out of 10 were so happy when jose joined and the way he improved their position with son, kane injured.
Abu Ceesay
Abu Ceesay:
If Gareth Bale can discover the form that he once was, he will form a very deadly frontline with Son and kane. I would say it will be the best front 3 in the EPL
Ali Babar
Ali Babar:
Haha Alle Moreno is funny with his analysis.
Everton are 👇... points clear of the league
I don't think any Spurs fan are expecting BALE to single handedly destroy the opponents.
Spurs are a good team now; so Bale can start changing is playing style so that it suits his body and he stays fits throughout the season.
No need for a 70 yards sprint, just 30 yards sprint is enough to cause a problem in opposition defense.
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma:
Players ruined by Zidane:
These guys love talking nonsense
Ben Matheson
Ben Matheson:
Expect a lot of long distance screamers
Phoenix-King 77
Phoenix-King 77:
I hope he bags a Hatty 🎩
jose's leather jacket
jose's leather jacket:
No one's expecting the old Gareth but if that old Gareth returns, spurs will be a madness
Time and time again I'm left puzzled as to why these BUFFOONS are football pundits 🤣💀
james handolias
james handolias:
Alejandro is gonna be proven wrong as per usual.....Form is temporary class is permanent
Zero Bullets
Zero Bullets:
I would love to see Bale proving that baldy pundit wrong
Harry 1561
Harry 1561:
I've got money on Spurs to win the league, not because of Bale coming back, but because of Mourinho and the effect he has on a good team.
Aaron T
Aaron T:
is bale even match fit?
Watch Gareth take the Premier League by storm. IMO he’s an amazing player, sadly Madrid didn’t appreciate what he’d done for them.
Yonus Chandra
Yonus Chandra:
Bale is potentially the best player in the premier league. Espn pundits can do one
alex 1976
alex 1976:
Bale wont start but i expect him to play in the second half
frank G
frank G:
For Bale the language was always a struggle. I can bet that he now speaking his own language, he will feel better and will be beneficial for the club.
Tymko C
Tymko C:
This might be the Spurs season. The last great triumph of Mourinho. The team looks strong except the centre back position. If not Kane might want to seek greener pastures next summer, big stars want to win big trophies before their careers end.
It is unrealistic to expect ESPN to be unbiased towards spurs
Glenn Fletcher
Glenn Fletcher:
He hasn’t played yet!!!?? Or do you know something that everyone else doesn’t???
I’m a Chelsea support but he doesn’t know what he’s on about bale is a beast 👌
Its fascinating to watch pundits get things wrong 🙂
A G Blues
A G Blues:
Chelsea fan but personally I think Bales gonna kill it. Shame we won’t get to hear the ovation he would receive subbing in his first home match.
Avocado Dip
Avocado Dip:
He’s lost passion he’ll never be the same again
S2L pubg eng
S2L pubg eng:
Thank you. I now know u saw my comment..speak more of spurs they have supporters too..
I think this guys are forgetting the amount of titles Bale has single-handedly given Real Madrid by his performances on finals. Talk about real pressure.
Ankit Negi
Ankit Negi:
We are living in the era where a guy who played football in MLS questioning Gareth bale footballing abilities who had won leagues, champions league etc. A injured Bale is way better than espn football pundits.
Geez Ale is annoying...
Michael Gray
Michael Gray:
No one at Spurs inc Bale himself has suggested that he'll be the same player as 5 years ago. This Alejandro guy just seems to continually troll Bale no matter what he does.
Neiko McCalla
Neiko McCalla:
Bale have a special talent .... He can be injured more often than he plays
Dasika Sairam
Dasika Sairam:
I wish that Pochettino was given Reguilon, Højberg, Doherty to his side.

Nonetheless, on paper, Tottenham could go places although they still need a centre-half.
Liban Ahmed
Liban Ahmed:
Well considering he was in the top 3 players in the world in 2013 I will take 70% of what he was.
Zesar Perez Garcia
Zesar Perez Garcia:
Yeah , He's even better 😂😂
Then he gets hurt again. Lol
Tobi Rama
Tobi Rama:
If ESPN says Bale will not be what he was, i have high hopes he will be now.
Mr V
Mr V:
Is shaka drunk he can't even talk 🤣
Pedro 86
Pedro 86:
Who are these guys? Lol
David Butler
David Butler:
The English guy at the end reminds you how dumb the other commentators are
Andre Budiman
Andre Budiman:
Bale gonna scores a LOT and assist a LOT
Sakib Chowdhury
Sakib Chowdhury:
who is alejandro moreno lol? a mls player of 1990s? lol
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
48th comment
first name last name
first name last name:
Bale on freekicks=goals
Liban Ahmed
Liban Ahmed:
Why did ESPN hired Venezuelan hustler to talk about European Football?
craig johnson
craig johnson:
Come on Bale prove these dudes wrong!
Dino Dino
Dino Dino:
Lets go West Ham i think they can get a 2-2
Sagar Gullayia
Sagar Gullayia:
To the bald pundit-The same bale scored two in champions league final in 2018. It's not bale's fault if zidane puts him on bench and not even give him minutes from the bench. Rodríguez was also in the same position and see what he has done with everton. Bale is gonna do the same with spurs. Real made a mistake by allowing bale and Rodríguez leave. Stop blaming bale it's all zidane and real's fault he may have been injured a lot times but they didn't play him when he was fit. When he played(also as a substitute) in champions league final 2018 he singlehandedly won real the match. James was not injured why didn't real play him last season or season's before he was on loan at bayern. Real just stockpiles and have not respected bale and james. HE IS THE LAST REAL MADRID GALATICO.
Anthony Speers
Anthony Speers:
He.might be a.but more reserved but in th e flip side he will be more professional
Why is Garenth not playing the past few matches?
No ones expecting the old 2013 bale
M The g
M The g:
15 score points would be good fo bale
Ayan Raza
Ayan Raza:
Clown fc back at it
vinny seurattan
vinny seurattan:
Like the way Don said it 100
Eric Sheikh
Eric Sheikh:
Ale’s wife must be real disappointed.
Leave Vale Tottenham.
Shamrock Phys
Shamrock Phys:
This guy shaka seems to a very bitter person...with agendas...who exactly is he...has he been a player or coach...or hes just some sour chump bought on by espn to mourn m mourn n mourn...
Sketchy one
Sketchy one:
Man ale has the most annoying voice and view point on everything how many times you hear him say "but guess what" every segment that hes ever in.
Cliff Ebong
Cliff Ebong:
Typical ESPN judgment against Jose
Nate Stum
Nate Stum:
Absolutely none of us Spurs fans think we are getting the 2013 version of Bale. He might have lost a touch of pace but he makes up for it with his passing and long range shooting. He will still bang in goals alongside Kane and Son. ESPNFC is completely clueless and biased when it comes to Spurs and Mourinho. No respect whatsoever
K. Deekay
K. Deekay:
ESPN UK will never have any thing good for Jose. anything Jose is toxic for espn these guys are born Jose haters, they have till January to start jumping on the train or still come up with other conspiracies. Pundits have the easiest job in the world they win every game in the studio ask Henry and Gary and even Roy they will tell you its easier to win in the studio than on the pitch.
Not a bale fan but I have a feeling Ale will eat his words
dont worry these so called pundits said same about james , players like james are extinct,they are donosaurs,they are luxury players,remember!bla bla bla
It's almost like people want Bale to play great just so that they can shove it in Real Madrid and Zidane's face "HAHA LOOK WHAT YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON."

It's unrealistic for an injury prone player to suddenly start balling just because he moved clubs. I'd rather wait until the end of the season and see how he performs, but I'm not predicting him to either start balling or flop.
Your right he will be better
I don't expect him to be making 80 yard runs past the world's best defenders but I do expect him to embarrass the likes of Maguire.
Neiko McCalla
Neiko McCalla:
No worries... If Bale plays he will be injured
S2L pubg eng
S2L pubg eng:
Gareth bale or eden hazard?
Son is the star of tottenham not harry penalty kane.
thilina jayasundera
thilina jayasundera:
I pray Bale and Spurs prove these loser pundits wrong. Such losers!!!
Marcus Williams
Marcus Williams:
Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle:
This Moreno guy is extremely irritating. Not fit to lace Bale’s boots but then, granted, everybody is entitled to an opinion.
fgddhhunb frybdz
fgddhhunb frybdz:
Bale fans and deluded spurs fans : with bale, kane, and song, tottenham now have a better front three than real madrid used tomhave wigh higuain, benzema, and cr7. Reality: tottenham have 3 goal lead which they give away as soon as bale comes on.
Park Jun
Park Jun:
Bale is overrated... he is old and slow now..
Dupe Tajudeen
Dupe Tajudeen:
If Liverpool can win the league then Garett bale can be himself again.
FM London
FM London:
I really can’t stand this Ale guy. When he speaks, he always seems to be criticising spurs. Can someone tell me What has he done in the game ?
Walker Morgan
Walker Morgan:
Stop this kind of talk. Bale will be fine. So annoying.
phuntsok namgyal
phuntsok namgyal:
Nean November
Nean November:
They just don't like bale they of all people should know if you not practicing or playing because your coach doesn't like you what do you do with your free time they human to and gareth bale loves playing golf there's nothing wrong with that what do they expect him to do eat like hazard all day secondly bale is better then anyone in that real madrid team and it hasnt been 5 years it's been 2 years in the last 2 years he hasn't played because of Zidane and the last game 2 years ago he was better then anyone in the real madrid team shows you that they know absolutely nothing .