Uruguay vs Colombia Highlights ⚽ penalty shootout ⚽Copa America quarter final 2021 ⚽

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#Uruguay_Vs_Colombia #Uruguay_2021 #luis_suárez_Vs_Colombia
#Uruguay_Vs_Colombia #Uruguay_2021 #luis_suárez_Vs_Colombia

#Uruguay_Vs_Colombia #Uruguay_2021 #luis_suárez_Vs_Colombia #copa_america #colombia_uruguaya #colombia_uruguaya_highlights #penalty_shootout #fifa_football #copa_america_2021 #copa_america_quater_finale

Uruguay vs Colombia Highlights || penalty shootout || Copa America quarter final 2021 ||
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Uruguay were knocked out of the Copa America 2021 by Colombia after a 0-0 scoreline after regulation time forced the game into a penalty shootout. After the likes the Luiz Suarez, Edinson Cavani, Luis Muriel and Duvan Zapata couldn't give their sides a goal, the match went into sudden death. Colombia emerged victorious from the game after Matias Vina missed the last penalty of the shootout and Colombia into the semi-finals.

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Rashid Ngure
Rashid Ngure:
When it comes in terms of Colombia national team then my heart gets hoter
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz:
Let’s go Colombia 🇨🇴🔥
Nilesh Hiray
Nilesh Hiray:
4:28 the reason why Messi asked Mina to 'dance now'
He like ya