U.S. Gymnasts Say FBI Botched Nassar Investigation | The View

A group of gymnasts testified to Congress Wednesday to address the FBI’s handling of the sexual abuse case against team doctor Larry Nassar, saying the agency turned a “blind eye” — the co-hosts discuss.

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Alex De La Cruz
Alex De La Cruz:
I just want to point out really quickly, that the view is so viewable now 😁 I love the chemistry with ladies. I can’t believe Meghan is gone!
Bramanto Wijaya
Bramanto Wijaya:
it's heartbreaking, especially when she told the FBI response was only "is that all?"
Mama Mickey2
Mama Mickey2:
We have to do better at protecting our CHILDREN!!!
i know it all
i know it all:
Wow, seeing Simone shed tears for the abuse she and they endured was hard to watch, especially since she's been named the goat, it's crazy that she still had to endure this even while being the best
This conversation flowed so well. Very hard, difficult topic, but I appreciate all the perspectives from this panel.
i know it all
i know it all:
Sunny is spot on, it seems like a localized problem, but a systemic issue!
And to think, any adult could have stepped up and helped these girls. None of them did. This is why sexual assault victims rarely step forward. I applaud these young women for telling their truth. Side note: So glad MM has left.
Angelica melo
Angelica melo:
Yes. Joy is correct. I taught my children that everyone is human no matter the job title. A job title does not make anyone a saint anyone can do wrong.
Amber Banuelos
Amber Banuelos:
I want to hug Simone. She is so young to have been put through so much, and she’s still such an exceptional person. I know she’ll never see this, but I hope she knows how much love and support she has out in the world. Her strength is so inspiring, she’s just incredible in every way.
Spoiler alert.
Today's episode of The View was unequivocally and definitely the best episode that has been aired since they came to the studio. You had the five ladies that should be there on a regular basis first of all. Anna Navarro absolutely shows that true conservatives actually have good points to make unlike the previous person who shall remain nameless. Today's Show was absolutely outstanding so look at not just the opening segment but all of them!!!!!
M. Coleman
M. Coleman:
So proud of those young ladies! They are so very brave! 🙏🏽 Blessings to them-- may they be an example to *ALL OF US* to be as brave and to be more vigilant.
Faith Smith
Faith Smith:
My heart is so broken for these young girls. I have a 13 year old daughter…. And I have given her the Speach about not being afraid to speak up when something is making you uncomfortable …. I told her it’s wrong and we would stand by her and defend her AT ALL COST…. I’ve had this talk
In every way I could think of….
I try and keep an open and safe space for her to talk freely about ANYTHING…. You know ….ALL THE THINGS us parents try our best to do … but I can’t help but fear …. so have all of these girls parents….. AND STILL these creeps find a way to abuse our children AND try and SILENCE THEM…😭😭

I pray they find healing🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Great show today. Perfect panel. I’m so glad Ana thanked those brave young women for telling their story and reminded us there are always enablers.
I’m surprised she didn’t add in Gym Jordan
Mahmoud Bennett
Mahmoud Bennett:
It was refreshing to see that when Sunny cut Ana off, she powered her sentence through and the conversation continued to flow. Nothing personal. That is how adults interact and how the view should be.
Musa Mubarak
Musa Mubarak:
Those young ladies went through alot. I pray for their healing
Rsk L
Rsk L:
And these are Olympians. You can only imagine how child sexual abuse really happens in this country
Sterna Désirée
Sterna Désirée:
That’s why New York SVU is the longest running show.

It highlights those crimes and it also shows that you need to be an expert at handling the rape victim and be receptive to their testimony and show some understanding and compassion.

It breaks my heart!!
Yuliana Vazquez
Yuliana Vazquez:
They are beyond brave! Their strength goes way beyond the medals 🏅. Every survivor of sexual abuse will see this and get courage and share your voice, about the need to speak up about the abuse.
This was so hard to watch. As a survivor of childhood sa i cant imagine how i would have felt if i came to people for help and they didnt help me. I didnt speak about what happened to me at 12 until i was 28 years old. These gymnasts are INCREDIBLE and i cant imagine the pain and trauma they went through. The view covered this excellently. More people need to hear this story.
Jan V.
Jan V.:
Great round table discussion today...everybody having their say and making their point without being obnoxious.
priscilla wagner
priscilla wagner:
They need to call in former FBI. Officials and current agents why they dropped the ball.
Annie Finch: Poetry Witch
Annie Finch: Poetry Witch:
I LOVE This show. So many strong voices and everyone is also so considerate, caring, fully present for the others.
Ono Puni
Ono Puni:
It’s so nice to have intelligent well thought out conversation and debate again, much better group now, Blessings,
Karen Branson
Karen Branson:
How tragic but not at all shocking. It took way too long to bring him to justice but it did not address systemic problems in the FBI (Indiana) or the Olympic Committee. This is the story of too many children that may never be famous Olympians but are deserving of protection & justice.
369 Rising
369 Rising:
The recovery of the survivor depends on how the report is handled. It's understood that the perpetrator is sick in the head. Is leadership sick too? Shame on those who perpetuate the problem.
Gabriele Stitz
Gabriele Stitz:
I find it outrageous that the reputation and the medals were more important then the safety of these girls
Sharee Crumbey
Sharee Crumbey:
Dan Ozmatlan
Dan Ozmatlan:
This happens when there is money involved.. so goddam disgusting 🤮
Felicia Gardner
Felicia Gardner:
Why does Brett Kavanagh have to say I deny any wrong doing that just sends chills down my spine.
Matthew Holden
Matthew Holden:
It’s still a good old boys bureaucracy. But these women’s stories are hopefully going to make change. As a father of two daughters there is not enough suffering Nasser could go through that I would gladly perform myself and sleep soundly, wake up the next morning knowing I’ve done the right thing.
H Mefford
H Mefford:
*This was incredibly difficult to listen to and to discover that some FBI agents went so far as to dismiss the victim’s words!*

*Is that all?*

*IS THAT ALL???* 😖
Jeanette Schock
Jeanette Schock:
Love what Whoopi said. This story make me so sick for these beautiful athletes
Respect  Begets Respect
Respect Begets Respect:
Whether these and other girls and boys are rich or poor, known or unknown, the level of seriousness, approach and sense of urgency should be EQUAL. They've ALL failed these girls and others not mentioned.
Felicia Smith
Felicia Smith:
Just Sad!!! Untied States need to do better!!! Love this panel by the way !!!
r-t 92
r-t 92:
Anna starting by thanking them felt veeery right to me !
Zerena Ragbirsingh
Zerena Ragbirsingh:
I am so sorry to what happen to these young ladies.why were their call to the FBI to investigate their sexual abuse handle so recklessly. my god how long will we all as women be ignored and no one believe us when bad thing happen to us.we always have to be strong and fight to get some justice. it's a shame and a disgrace on all of them. who can we trust.
Coll 44
Coll 44:
THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS. How ever saying that children need to speak up means she knows nothing about this. All they did was speak up and the adults did nothing and covered up.
These well spoken intelligent brave young ladies . FBI needs to be revamped for allowing this to go on so long as well as charges against the Olympic organizations for not taking action.
Mimi 78
Mimi 78:
Making claims against a nobody is one thing, making accusations against Dr. Important, the guy who knows people, that's another thing entirely.
Anne Biggins
Anne Biggins:
The View is great to watch! There's alot current affairs to discuss.
The victims need to address the FBI not fulfilling their obligations. Sex trades, Epstein, etc. why are the FBI ignoring all of this?
8:27 In 2018 after Larry Nassar's sentencing, the United States Olympic Committee threatened to decertify USA Gymnastics unless the entire board resigned. USA Gymnastics complied and all 21 board members resigned on January 26. Therefore, those former board members cannot speak for USA Gymnastics.
I love the View so much more now that other lady is gone 🙌🏽
Angie Sunnie
Angie Sunnie:
Woopie the mother we all need. 💝
Jose Correa
Jose Correa:
So many strong voices and everyone is also so considerate, caring, fully present for the others.
CL Stevenson
CL Stevenson:
The horrendous treatment given to these young ladies makes me sick to my stomach. If this happens to superstar champions, what happens to normal girls?
Kelly W
Kelly W:
This happens all the time. Every minute, every hour, every day. These women, thankfully, have a platform to stand on because they're national athletes on a global level. Our country is based on movies and athletes. Most times, police don't care. Women and children are still shamed. Innocent until proven guilty has become something where officials are on the side of the perpetrator unless you can "prove it." Sickening.
M F:
I remember that commercial as a child in the 80's that said "if you feel unsafe...say NO, then GO and tell someone you trust." And, these young ladies as children did it and no adult listened. No different than what the Corey's (Haim & Feldman) went through and complained, and now people want to listen. If maybe someone listened at the beginning Corey Haim probably would still be alive today.
Stanley M
Stanley M:
Please make Anna the fifth host!
Tim Scollard
Tim Scollard:
There must be some accountability on these victims and those who came before them for their silence. While the FBI agents involved clearly effed this up there were many other avenues to use to stop Nassar and protect their future teammates.
Andy Tee Channel
Andy Tee Channel:
Thanks to you all for telling it like it is..especially Whoopi....I Agree with you.. Shame on Them...for being allowed to even on Olympic gymnastics meficsl/non-medical teams medical ....they will answer to the Creator too....disgusting ...🙄😒😏
They need justice. Everyone who knew and didn’t stop this from happening and continue to protect the criminals are themselves criminal.
the Gemi Jam
the Gemi Jam:
Unbelievable how this nasty act still happens to women who are on top of their correir, and those criminal living like its OK, maaan women need to live in another planet just to live peacefully and safely
katherine owian
katherine owian:
The hundreds of thousands of cases you will NEVER come to light. Families hide these cases because it would be "embarrassing." How many incest babies are born each year. OMGoodness how I love these women for openly talking about the crimes against children. And yes I too salute Simone Biles for going to the Tokyo Olympics when her soul was crying out over the atrocities she & the other gymnast endured at the hands of this 'doctor,' as the 'authorities' ignored their pleas. The very ones sworn to protect them.
Yes shame on the FBI again!
Lavelle Klobes
Lavelle Klobes:
Right on WHOOPIE ❣️
Why is it only this age group speaking out? He's been doing this forever and has over 200 victims. I wanna hear their voices too.
Lisa A Johnson
Lisa A Johnson:
There is an unwritten code among some dudes to look the other way when other dudes are getting sex, even if it’s under improper circumstances. This is a fact.
Lady Justice
Lady Justice:
When are they going to admit, the only citizens that get help are the rich, or a highly public figure(s) who has a large following.
Andrew Chun
Andrew Chun:
I am a survivor of sexual assault as a kid myself. I haven't ever told anyone except my husband. But it is something that lives with you and no matter how happy and how great your life is in the present, the trauma always exists. What those women did is amazing and any critics need to shut up. Due process? It's injustice. Sunny is spot on, it is a systemic problem. The fact that this has to become a politicized issue speaks VOLUMES about the naysayers.
Our system's institutions need to be defunded!
Thank you ladies for bringing up such an important topic; one thing I would like to add though is please speak one at a time so we can fully understand your perspective.
Iamsexy Andiknow
Iamsexy Andiknow:
" There is always enablers " Ana Navarro
Amy Kate
Amy Kate:
These things are going to keep happening on a systemic level until the enablers of sexual abusers start getting criminally charged and held responsible for their failures to protect children from sexual abuse when they’re informed about it. We know pedophiles aren’t going to stop on their own, and it’s not on victims of sexual abuse to stop their abusers. If we start seeing more enablers actually prosecuted and charged for criminal involvement, and adults actually start having to fear for their own criminal liability and consequences for not handling these situations appropriately, then things might actually start to change. Unless people feel like reporting sexual abuse is actually for their own self-preservation and self-interest, these systemic failures will continue to happen. It’s sad that this is the reality of things, but it’s 100% what needs to happen if there’s ever going to be change.
Gen Clement
Gen Clement:
Best panel ever!!
A lot of the men in jobs that deal with the crimes, are also guilty of similar things, and 99% of the time, it's men taking the info- and honestly, they just don't get it.
shari sayed
shari sayed:
The system fails especially when it involves very high ranking officials for very powerful organizations like the catholic church, Supreme Court, Hillsong Church and now the Olympics.
Majeshir Kaku
Majeshir Kaku:
Thank you for bringing this to light
Whoopi reminds me of that saying “a broken clock is right twice a day”…
marie b
marie b:
Thank you Whoopie! Unless you can do what they can do, hush! I would have said shut up unless you can do a back handspring, layout, double to the springboard with a double twist in the air and stick the landing. If you can do it and experience what they have, you can’t talk.
Steven Zajac
Steven Zajac:
"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children"
Well said Whoopi
Jason Ullerich
Jason Ullerich:
Lol 😂 I love Whoopi.
Scott Delacerda
Scott Delacerda:
Interesting how they are not blaming the whole fbi, just the agents who fell down on the job. Maybe they should apply that to alot of topics. Just saying 🤷‍♂️
Cheryl R Leigh
Cheryl R Leigh:
Please keep in mind that many of the enablers are women who become liasons to these sexual assault crimes.
Short satire
Short satire:
We need more women in influential positions. This is the patriarchy, pure and simple.
Viewholics Anonymous
Viewholics Anonymous:
Sorry, but there is so much more abuse going on as we speak, it's not fair these cases get 1000x more attention than others. Ana is right to mention the other people that suffer, I wish the media would replace 1 out of 10 Nassar news stories with one relating to ongoing harassment of underprivileged people like those incarcerated or refugees., all of those cases most people know little to nothing about.
AngelsLovely Braiders
AngelsLovely Braiders:
I admire Simone Biles strength in all she have accomplished in spite all she have endured💯❤️
Benji Charlie
Benji Charlie:
Wow I completely agree with the view on something
Maggie's World
Maggie's World:
Whoppi in Hollywood and that's all imma say. She used to be my favorite actress until I did my research.
Coll 44
Coll 44:
They need to be prosecuted
Esi N
Esi N:
Whoopi is right, people are involved so it'll never go away. All institutions are microcosms of society, which means that what happens in society will happen within institutions. We need to stop being shocked and put more measures in place to protect children. We also need to talk to kids about grooming, because many don't know what it is.
CB PaddingtonBear
CB PaddingtonBear:
Those women that spoke at this investigation are so brave, but please lets not forget the countless names of the other girls that are also survivors. They're all heroes.
Janice Dixon
Janice Dixon:
Calm down Joy. Love you, but calm down. Also let the others finish there sentences.
J B:
FBI and USAG need to be further investigated. All gymnastic gyms need regular standards that need to be checked. Send in a secret USAG rep to all gyms in America. There’s not just physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, all abuse at these gyms.
M McTest
M McTest:
The FBI failed, we don't.know who, why or if they have been held accountable, so basically nothing. Yet the one person who asked for accountability for the Affganistan debacle is in jail, day 6. All Americans please contact your Congressional representatives today and demand Lt Col Scheller be released and allowed to retire honorably. Hope and pray for everyone to see the light and do the right things for everyone not just themselves. My opinion
Just Jackie
Just Jackie:
Can you even imagine if Meghan was on the Show.....
She would have made it about Her.....
or she knows someone (a friend) sounding like Nicki Minaj 😂My cousin Brother Friend 🤣
Erin Havel
Erin Havel:
I love this group of women
Smith McSmith
Smith McSmith:
What kind of monster says, "is that all?" I feel like I could throw up.
Whoopi on the last bit 🤣😁🤣🤣
Janice Hotchkiss
Janice Hotchkiss:
These young women show more bravery & courage than most men.
4,500 complaints to FBI regarding Kavanaugh...sent back to WH counsel
Don McGahn. Let's not forget Gym Jordan.
F S:
We have to be sensible and logical to be able to see the real reality of life. There is no way on this planet and in any time period (whether now, before, or to come) when publicly wearing provocative clothing for any “reason” (sports, “heat”, etc…) will not cause harm in one way or another. It is unacceptable for women to wear clothing which shows their figures (however it may be) and expect men not to react. Each gender has a role to play in life, and it is because of this extreme changing of roles that constant problems keep arising such as the ‘Me too Movement’ and the likes. It is natural that women attract men and men feel attracted when they see women especially when these women wear revealing clothing. Yes, the men who behave in the way they do have no justification in the way they behave because they should control themselves, but the women who wear such provocative clothing are also to blame because they should not wear such clothing. It is not oppressive to cover yourself, and it is in the name of “freedom” that we cross so many lines thinking we are progressive when it is the same us who told those before us who didn’t use to cover themselves backward. We need to go back to what is natural and correct instead of continuing to loose our morals and ethics whilst and being opinionated using “sophisticated” words to defend our backwardness.
Where were the parents of these victims during these violations/crimes. We have to assume at least one of these victims told some close family member. Was this simply a case of deal with it, there is greater glory awaiting you as an olympian? Is this a case of the old casting couch. How deep does this rabbit hole really go.
Crystal Masters
Crystal Masters:
‘You can’t do it at all’👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
joel joss
joel joss:
Botched? That would suggest they put some effort into it. Nassar was protected.
Angela Alvarez
Angela Alvarez:
I love Sunny's face when she has a legal note. So cute.
We must do better at protecting our CHILDREN!
EVERYONE involved in the cover-up should be FIRED and charges of aiding and abetting a pedophile should be filed against them.
If anyone thinks Simone’s difficulty at this year’s Olympics had nothing to do with this insidious, ongoing abuse they would be absolutely wrong. That whole situation was one gigantic trigger. Then the public piles on like a bunch of orangutans. Humans can be such idiots. The upside for these girls is this experience is going to be unfolding for most of their lives. In the end they will be deeper and more self understanding than the next person who doesn’t have anything to push off from. Do the work, Girls. You’re going to be okay.
Bobbie Winchester
Bobbie Winchester:
Enjoy everyone speaking the truth.
Otis Youngblood
Otis Youngblood:
All it took was one to speak up and they all were quiet