US House of Representatives debate Donald Trump impeachment – watch live

Members of the US House of Representatives are expected to debate the impeachment of Donald Trump for inciting the mob that carried out a deadly rampage at the US Capitol 

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89 comentarios:

Michelle Stevens
Michelle Stevens:
Anyone else watching this and thinking how unreal it seems ?
They don’t like him, he didn’t jump into the swamp
House full of reptiles .
FreeSpirit21 LadyCat
FreeSpirit21 LadyCat:
It takes 1 day to impeach Trump, and 8 MONTHS to give people $ 600 stimulus money
christoph Alex
christoph Alex:
Hena Begum
Hena Begum:
Great cast 🎭
reco DeondMari
reco DeondMari:
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
david grant collins
david grant collins:
House of special needs and mental health.
Purser Cleland
Purser Cleland:
I’ve never seen spite, vengeance and hatred like it in all my life. Dreadful situation.
kcmb isfs
kcmb isfs:
why do you even need to pray?!
Maximilian Green
Maximilian Green:
I've seen 17 year olds speak better than this
Well done the House Representatives !
Well i guess we all will be silenced one day
Van Phong
Van Phong:
Sol's Diecast Odyssey
Sol's Diecast Odyssey:
Prize Plumb! 🤪
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager:
We are 8 comments now

Edit: 9 with mine
Oh, Hey Bih!
Oh, Hey Bih!:
3:31:05 to Nancy’s right? I can’t recall his name. Help? Thx!!
"Will you pray with me? " How's about nooooo
Rachel Lumbini
Rachel Lumbini:
Michelle Stevens
Michelle Stevens:
Donna Little
Donna Little:
America wants to vote to impeach YOU!
Laura Pearson
Laura Pearson:
What a bunch of treacherous criminals
Maria moments
Maria moments:
Inhale exhale then repeat 😂😘
Lanny Valenzuela
Lanny Valenzuela:
Why are there only 7 comments😂
Sarah Peters
Sarah Peters:
Using Prayers for agendas??? Wow
Jesse Tlaung
Jesse Tlaung:
Now everyone,let's all grab the popcorn and watch the fall of the so called "Superpower" and then let's the embrace the the new superpower China🇨🇳🇨🇳
Martian law house dismissed?
Simon Lewis
Simon Lewis:
debate ha there had it all planned from the start.
Ardelean Alex-Bogdan
Ardelean Alex-Bogdan:
So basically they can impeach 100 times in the house... they have started this just wait of republicans to take control of the house
Jen Hem
Jen Hem:
Looking for Marc Damelio
faith shield
faith shield:
It worthless. They're all going down
Lisa Hardy
Lisa Hardy:
Id rather listen to her drunken slurred speech without a mask.
val Boolin
val Boolin:
Hello, guardian
Mr X
Mr X:
Gonna impeach him with days to go are you?
Scott Keen
Scott Keen:
Well, at least they recited the Pledge of Alliance correctly.
Janiyah Francesca
Janiyah Francesca:
2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️
Michelle Stevens
Michelle Stevens:
🤷‍♂️💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 Love is the answer!!
Scott Keen
Scott Keen:
That was a debate?
Magic Anthem
Magic Anthem:
Imcominto Amerika
Imcominto Amerika:
I find it strange that the democrats have not produced one lawyer to explain to us where DT incited people in his speech!
They could all have a little longer if they didn't repeat this 'recognised for routine.
What's the outcome of this voting? What's the next step?
Sarah Peters
Sarah Peters:
Wow still waiting our government paid dollars..
dano AndreClau
dano AndreClau:
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Suzanna Marland
Suzanna Marland:
These masks are becoming like fetish items! 😎🥰🌍
Michelle Stevens
Michelle Stevens:
Why only 6 comments?
English Jona
English Jona:
Jail for Treason
pg pg
pg pg:
end of america
Pour faire calmer la tension, faut juste réécoutez la chanson de Joe Dassin « l’Amérique » ( live officiel )
John Gilmour
John Gilmour:
Religion and governmentt dont work
Ashley-D Mack
Ashley-D Mack:
Theres something wrong with that women
Talka T
Talka T:
Вяленькое шоу людей от которых ничего не зависит
Rythian Meltdown
Rythian Meltdown:
Scary to watch the corrupt goverment literally rewriting history right before our eyes. And the media is in on it
eu GO
eu GO:
love trump
Peter v
Peter v:
Massed masks? Are you kidding me? ONLY in America.
Disho Kaur
Disho Kaur:
Waited for this day you lost trump big time 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ehri Chan
Ehri Chan:
Does that means Mike Pence is gonna be president for a few days? o. o
Sander Van Hove
Sander Van Hove:
There is a thing called Trias Politica and it says clearly that religious, judicial and political matters must be separated at all times, so keep your way of imposing your personal religious themes also out of this chamber!!!
Jtedls Sterling
Jtedls Sterling:
Trump made pelosi and co go bonkers, love it
Obie W Farina L
Obie W Farina L:
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Mint Lemon
Mint Lemon:
Arrests have begun! Stand strong Patriots 💪🇺🇲🇺🇸🙏
lapin taquin
lapin taquin:
yes!!ET??ben??rien!!!du vent vengeur qui rend ridicule la mise en place du nouveau president!!et qui fait de la pub inutile a trumppette qui n en demandait pas tant!!!ben oui face a l attaque son parti fait bloc!!!! pauvre JOE il demarre mal son investiture!!on se croirait dans une bataille entre petits vieux teigneux!!!avec la hatpie de service!!pauvre pays que voila!!
Naif Alharbe
Naif Alharbe:
نحن في المملكة العربية السعودية عباره عن رهائن بحجة كرونا كل الدول الأخرى تستطيع القدوم الي السعودية والسعوديين لايستطيعون السفر للخارج بحجة كورونا حتى تاريخ 31/03/2021 جايبينلنا دخان مغشوش وقامو بتدمير صدورنا لن اصبر عليهم اقسم بالله لاصطدم فيهم وزي ماتجي تجي الله ينكبهم
Smith Smith
Smith Smith:
What a sham. Pelosi and House Seargent at Arms let this happen by not allowing national guard presence, when it was requested and applied for two days BEFORE the day by Capitol police chief. And HSAA didn’t lose his job. See how corrupt Nancy and Democrats are?
D. Trump's son must answer to justice now for his incitement to insurgency, slaughter and threat to the lives of our parliamentarians, causing death and damage to Capitol Hill
Scott Mmm
Scott Mmm:
Stop wasting my tax dollars on another impeachment scam.
Peter Kwon
Peter Kwon:
Protect your self and your family
Allennium Falcon
Allennium Falcon:
Disgusting reptiles.
James D
James D:
Well maybe thay should be impeached too for all thay have said and done, far worse than trump ever has, the uk are still holding hope for you guys
Amen and Awomen..
brian baker
brian baker:
I am so tired of winning.
Hey Trump, next stop is jail!
Norfolk Drone guy
Norfolk Drone guy:
Trump will always be the best President in history
M L:
The House of Rep. is only representing hatred toward the best USA President. She receives a paycheck while President Trump is working free. President Trump has done more in 4 years of government than all presidents combined. Jealousy and hatred fills her heart and will boomerang on her. Wait and see.
Modern Utopia
Modern Utopia:
Lol whats with all the thirst baits in chat?
Michelle Stevens
Michelle Stevens:
Seeing these powerful people wearing masks is so very upsetting.
Eng Ussama
Eng Ussama:
(Trump) fought and is fighting hard for America.
Now Nancy and her group are making Trump STRONGER
The source of Trump's strength is people's love
Pray for him and his family
Lawrence K
Lawrence K:
Citizens if you want to hear the real news go to NEWSMAX also OAN news
charles sterling
charles sterling:
Great Job Trump, the more the swamp people hate you the better you know your doing your job .
Edward Grabczewski
Edward Grabczewski:
As a UK citizen I was impressed by the debate held here. Each person could speak without jeering or distractions (like in our Parliament) and the method of counting was very straighforward to see on the screen (in our Parliament everybody walks over to two seperate chambers depending on how they are voting. Numbers are counted and then they return to their seats).
Peter Kwon
Peter Kwon:
Don't worry about . You politics always say true is only for you not for us .we the people
Taty Mqx
Taty Mqx:
Polski shouldn't have been elected again. She should be in jail. This is a bull and we all know it. San Francisco is a shot hole.
we love nancy peosi and jump made funny in the world
Dorota Chmielewska
Dorota Chmielewska:
Trump for president !!!!!
Papa John's UK
Papa John's UK:
At least Trump can say that he had more people at his inauguration than Biden
Homer Slated
Homer Slated:
So apparently, not a single republican feels the slightest shame at Trump's juvenile and criminal behaviour.
king kong
king kong:
Trump is dead