US polls: Kamala Harris' uncle on her Indian roots, views on Kashmir, CAA

Kamala Harris' uncle spoke to Hindustan Times' Rezaul Laskar about his niece's selection as the Vice Presidential candidate by US President-hopeful Joe Biden. A day earlier, Biden, the Democratic candidate taking on incumbent President Donald Trump in the polls in November, announced that Harris, an American of Indian and Jamaican descent, would be his 'running mate'. Gopalan Balachandran said that he sent his niece a congratulatory message saying her mother Shyamala would be proud of her. He also spoke about her ideology, political views and individual strengths. Balachandran spoke on Kamala's Indian roots, saying that she drew inspiration from her mother. He added that one of her strong suits is standing her ground and being able to convince her opponents to join her side. Kamala likes India but that doesn't mean that she'll give a 'free pass' to everything that the country does, he said. Harris hasn't shied away from expressing her opinion on India's domestic issues like the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Act, and the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. The United States of America will vote on November 3 in the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic and widespread anti-discrimination protests.

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Parth Pandey
Parth Pandey:
Don't matter into internal matters of India. She is American citizen not Indian citizen
Subhayan Dhar
Subhayan Dhar:
Don't peddle into India's internal matter
Ritesh singh
Ritesh singh:
We just want to live with peace we don't need any favour but don't interfere in our internal matters.
We don't care whether she has indian roots or any other roots🙏🙏
She has a right to her own views. But we don't find that she will help Indian US partnership.
No one asking her to give a free pass to India, people understand things and politics. There are many common ground between two democracy so people asking her to work in common interest. People don't give vote by only seeing Indian or black ethnicity they give vote who thinks and works for their feelings,
Juggy Dmascus
Juggy Dmascus:
Kamala Harris

The women we don't want to be called as Indian.
sergey briane
sergey briane:
She will deteriorate US and even US - India ties.
She will always going to favor Communists as funded by them.
B C:
She is a clone of barkha Dutt. Identical leftist communist views
Moovendan Anbazagan
Moovendan Anbazagan:
Kamal Harris is a real threat for India if she wins the election.
deshbhakt jai sanatan
deshbhakt jai sanatan:
We don't care who is she. If she interfere she will be kicked😆
She is an American at heart and nothing in her is Indian
Vani The Voice
Vani The Voice:
Kamala.. your ethics and values taught by your Indian family should help you to keep this world in better place. Your honesty to your work will show the difference.
Akhand bharat zindabad
Uncle how could you say that by and large, her statement was right. On broader implications and the policy behind the CAA. You know people like you were always anti Hindu and anti Indian. There is no wonder in what Kamala said about CAA and Kashmir. For India kamala is a opportunist US politician
T Gosselin
T Gosselin:
She was rated the most Liberal Senator in 2019. Her policies go against everything that the Indian culture believes in.
Sab Sark
Sab Sark:
She is a LLJ candidate a plant or a back door entry and so her uncle has nothing to feel arrogant about.She is thoroughly undeserving and a split personality. She is a pseudo and does not believe in walking her talk.She has done nothing for India or Indians for the several years she spent in public life..Just like the uncle of hers she cares two hoots for India and is rabid anti Hindu.She is a conversion brigade specialist. And Mr uncle if push comes to shove we Indians do not need her or you.Go where ever you want.Tuĺsi is a much much better choice but the Left liberal Jehadi cabal won't let Tuĺsi in
Chinese money seems to be behind all this muck
Arsh Kapoor
Arsh Kapoor:
I wish it was Tulsi Gabbard instead on Kamla Harris
Dot Com
Dot Com:
Sooo much love for KAMLA HARRIS... WISH TO C HER VP....
A J:
Seems like Hindustan times have received huge 💰 from KAmala Devi since every other day there’s one video to promote Devi ji
Nitish Debnath
Nitish Debnath:
She is anti Indian what I see,
😭😭😭😭Whoever reads this comment 😭😭😭😭may his or her parents live 1000 years😭😭😭😭😭
riya Virat
riya Virat:
She is anti India in spirit doesn’t matter what her nationality is
Doog Boy
Doog Boy:
Yash Yadav
Yash Yadav:
Beti haath se nikal gayi....
Terrance Thomas
Terrance Thomas:
The dems must be held to a standard of Social Justice and Human Rights.
Hyuuga Kro
Hyuuga Kro:
"why should color pay a role" rightly said but the party she is part of constantly brings color in everything
Subhayan Dhar
Subhayan Dhar:
She is anti Indian....
Jerome Hartzog
Jerome Hartzog:
I'll have to sit this one out.
Vikas kumar
Vikas kumar:
I'm 2nd
20th cmnet
rajib chakroborthy
rajib chakroborthy:
Bhar me jao
Here’s the thing we don’t really care whether US or any other country supports Our Parliamentary decisions those days are far gone ,we will do what we want in our country according to our constitution whether anyone likes or dislikes it,so mind your own business
Student Forever
Student Forever:
chilly wilily
chilly wilily:
Anish Dubey 10C 2
Anish Dubey 10C 2:
I am first
Sumit Deshmukh
Sumit Deshmukh:
Proud of you, Kamala Harris for doing the right thing! World needs more people like you
Abdul Moiz
Abdul Moiz:
Who is here after the 2020 Election Result ? What an inspiration !! Shout out to those 🙌🙌🙌
Shubham Rana
Shubham Rana:
Phir ek bar trump sarkar wale uncle kaha gaye!!!
Ray Indra
Ray Indra:
She belongs to the Usa, Strenghten friendship with countries like Russia, Japan and others. Democrats `are pro China
Purna Choudhury
Purna Choudhury:
Who is she to give certificate to India america ka talue chatne wala hain ye log.
Ranjit Ravindran
Ranjit Ravindran:
Pattaril pottanilla
Russ Carr
Russ Carr:
Did any pay her attention as a young girl 👧🏾?
Your brother
Your brother:
May she loose
Bcoz of these anti-indian attitude she was denied the meeting by our external minister S Jaishankar...
Abhishek Vaishnav
Abhishek Vaishnav:
Whatever I have heard of her , she's gonna ruin our ties with us , and definitely she's going to win as they are Casing on from black rights thing
new reach
new reach:
Tambram caste visa system to flourish.
b b
b b:
Why are you interviewing her Uncle? Why the hell are you giving him so much importance?
Vinny T
Vinny T:
Kamala and Joe should take a clear stance on China and their bullying in tibet, uighurs, buddhist. In next 10 years, China will take over world - if USA and allies don't stand up and hold China communist party accountable. It will be a disaster for all free countries. Joe and Kamala so far are silent on this.
Positive Learner
Positive Learner:
Thanks Kamala Harris.
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rollick plays
rollick plays:
I dont get it why this uncle is talking about free pass.
Slept her way to the top
mayank vashishth
mayank vashishth:
Lol like we care what she things. This isn't middle east dear where you can get what you want. Easy dear. Focus on winning elections in the US. And just fr your sake American Indian support abrogation of 370. 😂
I have the nagging feeling that a white American will do more for India US relations than an American having a stray root in India, with a matching skin colour.
UDominic baite
UDominic baite:
Tulsi Gabbard deserve not kamala.
We indian don't consider kamala as an indian
Ashish Raj
Ashish Raj:
Kallu Harris
lauffing buddha
lauffing buddha:
She isn't Indian First, Second, her appointment is bad news for India, both Kamala and Joe have said horrible things about India ... Joe Beijing Biden is a Chinese setup.
Tothe Way
Tothe Way:
Do you or any hypocrite intellectual think the most strongest government in central ever in India's history, will entertain anything in regard to the National sovereignty or compromise on it. A big laugh for you all.
Mothers roots ??
Ha ha ha ??
Maya Harris unwed mother at 17.
All 3 of the women - Gopalan, Kamala and Maya decided to raise the child born out of wedlock.
Madhuri Kumari
Madhuri Kumari:
Kamla Harris anti indian😠😠😠
Brahmin ancestors of Kamala will be embarrassed
India does not want westerners stamp!
A M:
I thought she said she was black? Lmao 🤣
Gokul padmanabhan
Gokul padmanabhan:
what happened to Rss backed Tulsi gabbard?
Your brother
Your brother:
She can't win
Suvra Das
Suvra Das:
Kashmir kisi president ka baap ka nahi ha...ya india ka haa tha and rahaga...POK ko khali karna bolo pakistan ko
Siddharth Kutty
Siddharth Kutty:
We have dealt with US hostility before and we are more than capable of dealing with it today. I'm sure the US president whoever, will side reason over re-election. Whatever the case, Bharat is not the same India the world once knew! More than the arsenal there are a billion people today who stand more aligned with the national interest than ever before, in that lies our strength!
Big Red 42
Big Red 42:
Yea buddy she’s a good one!! Ol Uncle man should beg Kamala to come back to India!! She’d do such a fine job!! Hate so bad to lose her here in the US!! She should take her squad buddies too they hate the US also. You can’t even understand the uncle! Have to read what he says!! Then my piece of junk iphone acknowledges kamala, as a misspelled word!! 😳 She’s running for vp!! Or should I say president!! WTH!! No fear though.... not receiving my vote!!
Nonoto Chisho
Nonoto Chisho:
Trump 2020.
Rithvik Reddy
Rithvik Reddy:
He should be ashamed to say that she won't give a free hand to india because her family are Indians but no one asked her to give free hand to india because no one want her to give free hand instead whole America needs India support and her family should be thrown out of india and she should be taught a good lesson from indian Americans and should be thrown back to Jamaica where people don't even have food to eat she will beg there
Parth Pandey
Parth Pandey:
So she wants to appease OK. Second Obama
Ashish Jalota
Ashish Jalota:
She's against India & Indian Govt
Stop fooling the World
robindranath robindranath
robindranath robindranath:
Who cares what she has to say or think or pass about India.
India and Hindus know how to care for their Mighty Nation .
It's Indians business and not any one else's........
Brus Lee
Brus Lee:
Who cares.
You know what that Vice presidential Indian original Kamla Harris said, she criticized India for atrocities in Kashmir and she said that we are keeping watch on India's actions in Kashmir. I think Indian community should not vote for Biden and this funny Kamla Harris.
Niccolo Machiavelli
Niccolo Machiavelli:
Wow. This guy makes so much sense for his age.
Bee like Bob
Bee like Bob:
Don't worry about Biden won't win....
Anabh Technosoft
Anabh Technosoft:
India is sovereign country who is she hell to interfere in India's internal matter...and dictate india what to do or what to not do...

Jai hind
jayakrishnan j
jayakrishnan j:
On virtually every subject, Kamala is directly against India's interest and sides with jihadis. Don't fall for the colour of skin. It means nothing.
kishan chovatiya
kishan chovatiya:
She criticized india for 370 decison , campaign for back lives matter but No sympathy for Indians and later for Indian-America's votes the suddenly become very indian 😂
md khan
md khan:
Whatever ...but she is a hard core naxal & rice bag missionary converted person so her anti indian stand is vey obvious like any other naxals
This man is pathetic.
Where's his Mexican wife ??
Where is niece Maya Harris boyfriend who got her pregnant at 16 ??
Where is his grand niece Meena Harris partner ?, Sorry the Nigerian partner is living with Meena Harris and their 2 daughter's. Hopefully they will think of marriage some time If if Meena Harris doesn't kick him out.
Sister Shyamala filed for divorce when her husband Mr Harris got a better job and wanted to move out if Berkeley what a Family.
David Bailey
David Bailey:
One prays that Kamala Harris is aware of one of Gandhi's most important acts, and will compel American ETHICS to come to grips with reality. Life will suffer environmental destruction if the uncontrolled pursuit of extreme wealth is NOT toot de suite halted!!
Devashish Sonowal
Devashish Sonowal:
She is anti India....
Nisha Chambiyal
Nisha Chambiyal:
India has her own intrests. Individuals dont matter
Aditya Sinha
Aditya Sinha:
She is anti india
Alok Sen
Alok Sen:
Only if this uncle knew how much of a hypocrite and corrupt she is
rumel tangilur
rumel tangilur:
Trump best friend PM Modi unhappy
Because next election Komola Harris
S D S:
She is a supporter of Pakistan in Kashmir issues
Sae Eng
Sae Eng:
Kamala Harris Uncle .........mind your word. Who asked her favor. Please tell her to mind her own business and not to mend in internal matters. What she got to do with CAA ....Who she is to India. Your use of word free pass say that you are grown in age but too immature this is what happen if person with nothing gets a something out of blue.
First Second
First Second:
Pls dont vote kamala harris she is supporting Pakistan
sahara sugule
sahara sugule:
It's very obvious why a lot of India feel threatened to their culture by accepting kamala because she's strong and stood to her ground. It's very threatened because she may encourage to a lot of young educators India females finally to open their eyes and have the voice to stop abuse and violence has been ongoing forever and stand up for themselves.
Ankur Jyoti Dutta
Ankur Jyoti Dutta:
It is better to stay atmanirbhar in everything # USA, China, Russia can't trust fully all see there own benifit
Rajendren Natraj
Rajendren Natraj:
70s leftist.worst people.ரொம்ப பேசுறார்
Rohit singh
Rohit singh:
Don't project her as Indian.... She is anti India
Mohit Nagar
Mohit Nagar:
She will support only Pakistan and china
Abhinav Priyadarshi
Abhinav Priyadarshi:
We don't care, but we don't let anyone undermine our terms. We don't care if you have Indian genes or not, but if you speak against us, we will take you down.
Yash Yadav
Yash Yadav:
She is not Indian... comments made by her can be only made by an anti indian...
John I
John I:
IAM an INDIAN,&I don't care whether Kamala Harris is Indian origin,to me She is just another random Left Liberantu & Democrats is like the Indian Congress of USA.We all need America to be even stronger to keep China out,Jai Hind
Ayush Chaturvedi
Ayush Chaturvedi: 1 gives india a pass....the very dems who destroyed iraq are giving passes right