Vaccine Setback for AstraZeneca

Sep.08 -- AstraZeneca has paused research on its experimental coronavirus vaccine after a person who is participating in a clinical trial became ill. Bloomberg’s Riley Griffin reports on “Bloomberg Markets: China Open.”

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AstraZeneca may NOT be able to help.
Heaven Lee
Heaven Lee:
Ok SO, they have no cure and yet they want to inject it in you? No THANK YOU!!!
Proto Rhinocerator
Proto Rhinocerator:
Nobody wants to be the first to take the vaccine.
People on the Left don't trust Trump.
People on the Right don't trust Fauci.
Nobody on the Left or Right trusts Bill Gates.
Marty Abreu
Marty Abreu:
Why don’t you get her a couple tin cans and a string, might sound better.
I appreciate they chose to pause.
someone turned into a ZOMBIE!
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever:
Oh look I can see Saturn 🪐 outside my house.

My Reaction in 2020: Nice
obsolete professor
obsolete professor:
What ever happened to "My body, my choice"?
Zombie apocalypse in 3,2,1...?
lngo G
lngo G:
Just theater to make us think they care aboute side effects.
Jared Gase
Jared Gase:
Patient Zero
BJ Stewart
BJ Stewart:
2/3 of participants had some reaction, the moderate sounded like the milder illness frinds have had with '19.
Got sick with an unexplained illness....the fact they won't tell us means it's significant.

I'll have a tall glass of nope for a rushed vaccine.
First Last
First Last:
I guess the test subjects weren't uptaking the lizard DNA into their genome.
Felipe Martinez
Felipe Martinez:
Reminds me of I Am Legend...
Take your vaccine and....well you know the rest...
I'm just waiting for the vaccine that the "My Pillow Guy" approves of... that's the one to get... LOL...
when you RUSH a medication esp a vaccine for a deadly virus is VERY DANGEROUS!!!! i would never take a medication that is very new to the market.... wait a couple of years then dangerous side effects will come out like ZANTAC as an example////
Wandering Wolf
Wandering Wolf:
Hi guys I'm the patient that had the severe adverse reaction. It's nothing to worry about. If you'd like I can meat you to discuss what happened. I'd like to have you for dinner and a chat. - WW
Just took my flu shot today. Will report back if I die. So far I haven't died.
Ivan Kylo Khan
Ivan Kylo Khan:
My Fathers Brothers-in-law said” the patient had a siezure attack
Markets are going to love this tomorrow
Joshua Mccaulley
Joshua Mccaulley:
What did they think were going to happen
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander:
Noble Savage
Noble Savage:
Uh-oh, sell sell sell.
Cunty McCunt
Cunty McCunt:
That girl sounded like an automatic response machine. Like a robot, doing a monologue
Marie Jones
Marie Jones:
GOOD!!! set it all the way back to NOT GOING TO HAPPEN
Canyon Racer
Canyon Racer:
Have the media always been idiots!.....I’ve only been watching actively for 35 years😂
Zoe Life
Zoe Life:
at least turn us into adorable zombies...
Russell T
Russell T:
Wait for Vaxart! The new solution for oral vaccine!!
1:14 She says hm, hmm and then speaking with scientists. Does she even know what she is talking about? What scientists? You learn this in like 6th grade journalism
Group home here i come
Cyrus The Antivirus
Cyrus The Antivirus:
better not be like what happened in Racoon City !
Chives the Butler
Chives the Butler:
Genetic recombination
E Z:
Exact reason why no one wants to test a vaccine
I'm cool
I'm cool:
And the zombies are among us.
Hughes Enterprises
Hughes Enterprises:
Whoa so someone who was in a vaccine trial to see if they would get sick got sick. Shocking.
Amy Davis
Amy Davis:
No way in HELL I'm going to trust ANY covid/corona vaccine that is released before November. NO WAY!!!! I'm not even sure I'll trust any that come out before next year.
Link Journey
Link Journey:
Reporter: So could you tell us anything about what happened to delay a hault???

Riley: Well sure. So apparently according to the scientist the patient cane down with this illness. Apparently the patient became pale and started to lose flesh. Had a huge hunger for other people’s flesh, and was saying “Uhhhhhhh” as it slowly walked toward one of the scientist. But all in all the researchers remain convinced that this was just routine.
Boh Moon
Boh Moon:
Bill Gates is pissed off! Oxford they just stole $750,000,000 from!
Mz. YumYum14
Mz. YumYum14:
Do not take the VACCINE!!!
Daniela Rodríguez
Daniela Rodríguez:
Billy Gil Music
Billy Gil Music:
I'd rather wait for the real deal than get a rushed vaccine before the elections and die 😂
Theo Haas
Theo Haas:
DR SCAMDEMIC vaccine of death
Hope they got paid more than $1000 for the trials.
Stop rushing to develop a vaccine! If it takes more time to evaluate the health risks, take more time. The worst thing that could happen is millions of people getting sick from an unsafe vaccine.
Jackets On Fire
Jackets On Fire:
You guys remember the beginning of I Am Legend?
Isn't that the point of trials
Dr Jim Louro
Dr Jim Louro:
The patient fell ill but with the chip in their body Bill Gates knew exactly where they were🕵🏻
John Crowe
John Crowe:
There is No integrity with This Approach.. None! Kinda Like Washington DC.
D. R. Cole
D. R. Cole:
Management made fortunes in stock pump....Now they can afford to slow things down so the long term reputation of this BIG PHARMA juggernaut is not they can make even more money later!
run teldat
run teldat:
You heard her say ‘the participants are healthy and may have NEVER NEEDED the immunization they signed up for’.
Linda Langewisch
Linda Langewisch:
What's an unexplained illness? Who or what is making them not explain it, is that one of the symptoms, not being able to explain or tell someone your symptoms? LMAO 😂
Heather Loves Deuteronomy
Heather Loves Deuteronomy:
I wish I knew how to do stock options right now...
Mel Schwartz
Mel Schwartz:
I just knew it would happen to the guinea pig volunteered to take test.. Since Coronavirus is something unusual, we must take time to make the vaccine will work ok first. And the riots made things worse !!!! Think hard that health comes first rather breaking the social distancing..
I ran into this in the Pademic video game - you gotta make progress on the vaccine before it mutates - thats the trick
Don Dez
Don Dez:
Oh boy!
John Kennedy
John Kennedy:
There is no vaccine never
Garth Algar
Garth Algar:
MSNBC really need ad revenue?
Randolph Page
Randolph Page:
Yeah, that's how we beat Polio
Zoe Life
Zoe Life:
Soon folks will be fighting for it!
R P:
To God be the Glory! (Notthatsomeone gotsick). I prayed for the dark spirits to be bound by the power of the blood and Mighty name of Jesus! Glory to God in the highest!!!
obsolete professor
obsolete professor:
Gates said we might not see side effects for 2 years.
so now what we gotta get the medical tattoo because its better
It would be quite easy for them disclose the illness.
T Myers
T Myers:
Almost a delight in the reporting here. Left leaning Bloomberg want to delay any and all vaccines. Good chance it isn't a problem but the left hopes it is.
They don’t even have accurate tests. But sure, go ahead and dispense a vaccine that’s being rushed to market for something the majority will recover from. I’ve never had a flu shot. Guess what? I think I’ve had the flu twice in my 51 years. What a cluster***k...
I thought they were interviewing a doctor but it was just another reporter, I guess everyone is an expert
Bravo 4
Bravo 4:
Yeah we really need to rush this vaccine for a virus with a 98-99% survival rate AMONG REPORTED CASES. That's not extrapolating for asymptomatic carriers, even on a conservative scale.

[99.5%]??? Who really knows?

What we do know is the virus isn't near a deadly as it's marketed to be.

Wake up! Go back to work! Educate your children! Take your masks off!

Enough is enough.
Omni Pulsar
Omni Pulsar:
uh oh the human experiment backfired
Angel Lee
Angel Lee:
Did he start eating brains? I've seen this movie.
Talking life
Talking life:
Why do some people think there will ever be a vaccine? AIDS, SARS, MERS all from the same family of viruses and none have a vaccine.
Yong Yew Kuan Andy
Yong Yew Kuan Andy:
Are u sure it is not fake news to drive down stock price in order for special interest group to buy when low than afterwards reverse back decision and say everything in back on track? Wall Street is becoming swampier and swampier .. 🙄😂
You cannot push a vaccine with money, either it works or not. Some other vaccines from other countries are still in the race.
Connie Wolf
Connie Wolf:
Which company is making the vaccine that trump claims credit for?
That script she read sounded very much like a movie
Well, whatever we do, we can't depend on our immune systems, even though the immune system has cleared the virus from probably 200 million people with mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Instead, kovid panic warriors want us to go back to lockdown until next summer, even though lockdowns haven't worked in any country.

Meanwhile in Sweden, children are studying for their future. America, however, has no future.
Trump was counting on them to deliver the vaccine before the election....welll
Char Covelesky
Char Covelesky:
I wouldn't touch any of these novel, rushed, rna/dna vaccines if you paid me! Once you let the genie out of the bottle anything can happen, scares me FAR more than the virus. Not eager to risk seeing "I Am Legend" become science fact instead of science fiction!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
population control
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson:
I bet all the deepstates vacinnes will not become available ever.
Everything Aquariums
Everything Aquariums:
Just research who is manufacturing and partnering with Bill Gates. Thats who will get the Job.
148.g fORliFE!
148.g fORliFE!:
They will require for approval of a vaccine." FDA gold standard" tens of millions vaccines from a black box clinical trial end points. Why can't we just throw this virus into the sea like opium. I hope and pray the next flu doesn't peel off our skin. Im going to peel lemon and orange skin for my skin...and maybe combine the fruit and lemon with a pitcher of water.
Silmitasertib .
Cheo Rosario
Cheo Rosario:
Why don’t we join the rest of the world and come up together with a vaccine that will help all of us? Not to profiteer but to help humanity. Experts say that for now on we are going to see more deadly viruses. People, either we work together or die together.
pearl lee
pearl lee:
They may "assure you it is safe" but can't prove it is safe. they have 0 liability. They are trying a first time experimental dna altering vax on YOU.

I heard this 'virus' is an RNA Retro virus. I watched an interview with Kamala Harris say that she would take or consider taking if the public was 'assured and a scientist approved of the vaccine" she never answered direct yes or no that she would take the vaccine...with this state of current events as related to the or a vaccine...assuring the public tantamounts to a snake-oil sales pitch when the public needs to have their IQ respected and the real scientific data written not for a ghost writer who is employed or contracted with a large or mega pharmeceutical company
That Basickidhector
That Basickidhector:
Well... zombies 2021?
It might be time to consider the possibility that the race for a vaccine is just an investment scam.

In fact, the entire virus panic is starting to look like just another opportunity for big business to rob Americans.
Matt Montcalm
Matt Montcalm:
Say what you will but Astrazeneca made a tough call. They did the right thing by haulting further testing and being transparent about their findings. If we had any idea how much $$$ is behind finding a vaccine, we should be proud of them for admitting there was an issue. They will likely lose any opportunity to be part of the pack going forward.
Much respect!
Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts:
@0:19 B. please. Very few people have hope in a D#$M vaccine, and most states are already getting back to normal. Only people driving the fear of COVAIDS is corrupt media, politicians, and bureaucrats. Why would we take a vaccine that only offers 50% efficacy when 99.999+ have immune systems that handle COVID 1984 just fine?
Andy Mullarx
Andy Mullarx:
Maybe Trump touted the AstraZeneca. That alone would get it targeted by msm. I'll wait and see what the unintended illness is. Correlation is not indicative of causation in and of itself so it will be interesting to see if anyone else in the group has the same reaction if indeed it is a reaction to the vaccine.
Andrew C
Andrew C:
We do know what that illness was. It was neurological damage causing an inflammation of the spinal cord.
Rodrigo Gonzalez
Rodrigo Gonzalez:
My bet... stock market manipulation... Bloomberg is covering it. Even their title seems concise and hoping to get you to drop the stock. My advice... Buy! Buy! Buy! When a MAJOR INVESTOR who OWNS their OWN NEWS station puts this out... they're trying to devalue so they can buy low. Chances are, Astrovenica will get the Government Contract to supply the vaccine to the Military...
Just Sayin".
Good on Oxford University & AstraZeneca for putting people first & keeping up the standards that we expect from American vaccine manufacturers. I would not trust a rushed vaccine.
Saevo Pectore
Saevo Pectore:
Nope. No f-ing way. Normalcy will come when we all stop playing along
Vangus Khan
Vangus Khan:
Riley be reading the script like a high school english presentation
Sugar Brown
Sugar Brown:
So when Russia and US push for a vaccine without all the testing.... you will see millions more die thanks to irresponsible leaders who want to look like saviors.