Ventura County Sheriff gives statement after Naya Rivera's body has been found

Glee star Naya Rivera has been found dead five days after she leapt into a lake in front of her young son.

The remains were found after a frantic search for the actress, 33, who jumped in the water at California’s Lake Piru and didn't resurface, according to her little boy Josey, 4.

Ventura County officials apparently confirmed the body found was Rivera, reported the Los Angeles Times, after her devastated family were pictured holding hands beside the water.

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100+ comentarios:

“She mustered up enough energy to get her son but not herself on the boat” truly heartbreaking 💔 A wonderful mother. RIP Naya
wearing your life jacket will save your life..why she didn't wear hers is strange, since a lot of people have lost there life's in that lake..signs should be posted and warnings should be put on all boats to wear your life jackets even while swimming
Does this mean she saved her son but couldn't save herself? Man I hate this. Rest in peace Naya. This is devastating news.
Some of those reporter's questions are so crass, why does it matter if she was face up or down when she was found - someone's loved one has died, show some respect
Kahi K
Kahi K:
Tragic, she was beautiful and SO talented, only 33 years..still can't believe, RIP Naya
Quid Pro Quo
Quid Pro Quo:
Rest In Peace beautiful Naya. You will be greatly missed along with Cory who passed away on this very day
On Cory's anniversary of death. Rip Naya poor man josey is without his mummy x
Megan Mann
Megan Mann:
Definitely not the ending we wanted. Rest in peace, Naya. ❤️
alex ツ
alex ツ:
now we will never know what actually went down those last few minutes :(
Illona Rosa Cairns
Illona Rosa Cairns:
As a mother, I'd do anything to protect my children, even if that means putting my own life at risk to save them. Naya saved her son but unfortunately lost her life by doing so.
My heart is breaking. I send my love out to her son, family & anyone else who needs it. She died a hero 💕
Annie Nguyen
Annie Nguyen:
I can’t imagine her thoughts as she drifted away from her son :(
Omg she made sure he was ok before drowning , this is so heartbreaking ... I can’t fathom the tragedy of this story .
Edit - Naya boosted her son back onto the boat before she drowned . She saved him before things got ugly and unfortunately as we know the worst happened .
Adam Makeup
Adam Makeup:
this is heartbreaking. she was saving her son. this is so so sad. my heart goes out to all of her family and friends :(
Gio Art
Gio Art:
I feel sorry, pray for her and her little boy !
Ghalia Swiss
Ghalia Swiss:
RIP to a great mom, actress, singer and heart aches for her son and family
Victoria Love
Victoria Love:
Such a horrible tragedy!! 😔 My heart breaks for her family 💔 I hope they can find peace knowing that her body has been found and she can receive a proper burial. My sincere condolences and prayers 🙏🏾
Tia Fortis
Tia Fortis:
I am glad that they found a body.
char char
char char:
heart is heavy. can’t imagine what her sweet family’s going through. praying for them and her little boy. may she rest in peace, love, and light ❤️
God bless her heart and soul. She saved her son’s life and gave up her own. She was many things to many people: an actress, a singer, a daughter, a sister, an inspiration....but she was a MOTHER first! And this just solidifies how wonderful of a Mother she was! “She mustered up enough energy to get her son back onto the boat, but not enough to save herself.” 💔😓 Rest in Paradise you beautiful, selfless soul. Your son is alive today because of you Naya! Heaven couldn’t wait for this beautiful angel, and man, are they lucky to have her!
melrose / we love you naya
melrose / we love you naya:
i wish i had the right words but this happened so suddenly, i'm still in shock and i'm currently sobbing

as much of a tragedy as this is, it's such a relief that her family, friends, and fans now have closure, especially because people were rumouring her body will never be found

naya, i'm sure you're in a better place now, it's good to know that you're not suffering anymore. you brought so much light into people's lives and i'm so grateful for your existence

to her family and friends, i am so sorry for your losses, please remember that grief has no expiration date

rest in peace naya marie rivera, i love you so much, as do countless other people <3
Lottie Adams
Lottie Adams:
guys remember keep the comments respectful! if it’s not going to help the situation in any way it’s best you don’t say it!!!

remember her family can see all this and although not yet, josie, her son will grow up without a mother and will be able to see every thing that people have written about her, make sure he sees the good and not the bad!!! 🥺🤍🤍

we all loved naya and forever will rip angel!!! 😚🤧
Duniya Ali
Duniya Ali:
So sad she will always be in every ones heart R.I.P Naya she was kind lovely a mostly a great mother 😭

Miss u Naya❤❤
Emily Fields
Emily Fields:
So she saved her son? 😢😢😢😢😢
Jayla Ro
Jayla Ro:
Geezus.... absolutely heartbreaking. Poor child must be so confused 💔
Lesson learned: Don't swim with a very young child if you're the only adult in the boat, everyone in the boat should always wear life vests and don't travel using a boat if you're alone. Safety first is the number one priority. Condolence to her family, friends and fans.
Natalie Romero
Natalie Romero:
Obviously she wasn’t diving in and swimming underwater with her son with her.. so did her foot just get stuck? How did she get dragged underneath the water?
Rosie Young
Rosie Young:
I can’t believe it. Absolute tragedy. We will always love you sweet Naya. Rest in peace. 💔❤️
Natalie Romero
Natalie Romero:
I don’t understand so did her and her son swim for a little bit then she got stuck on a branch then started sinking? But was able to get her son in the boat was the water cold or something I don’t completely understand
Miss Reen
Miss Reen:
I just feel like when it's your time to die.. you'll know.. and she died the same way she lived surrounded by waters.. in March she posted a video of her in a bathtub under water saying, " gravity pulls me under but the urge to breath helps me stay afloat." She probably had signs but she didn't understand what they meant. If she was spiritual she could've prayed about it or maybe she did... I don't know but it's just not a coincidence. It was her time. So sad.
brenda goodwin
brenda goodwin:
Such a terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to her family and friends. My deepest condolences and prayers🙏
T Starr
T Starr:
That lil boy will probably never forget the sight of his mom sinking into that water😿
Please tell me it isn’t true, please.
I hope her family are comforted
Jordan Myers
Jordan Myers:
This is why you use the life vests provided. This tragedy could of been avoided. Such a sad outcome.
JC Desierto
JC Desierto:
Ohnooooooooo! My idol.... this is sooo heartbreaking T.T
Thank you Naya for all the times you gave inspiration to our life. Rest in Peace our angel. We wish all the goodness in your son's life.
Ryan Ciani
Ryan Ciani:
that girls parents have to be happy they finally found her after all this time. what a sad ending to the story. that son of hers wont even remember her one day cause hes so young.
Shealynn Dayton
Shealynn Dayton:
I cant even imagine how her son feels and the other family members. So sad thats three lives lost within the glee cast way to soon. I was re watching glee and now its just to heartbreaking.They also found corys body on this day. This is just horrible news we were all hoping for the best.
totally shway
totally shway:
Fly high you beautiful soul. I hope paradise treats you like the queen you are. Thank you for changing my life. RIP Naya Rivera
Nitte Sommer
Nitte Sommer:
My thoughts are with the family In particular, ❤️ her son , it's so tragic she's been ripped from here far too soon 🥺💔
People have been asking for years, and now with this unfortunate passing, I hope it finally gets through to the brass' heads. Ban swimming in the lake!
Celtic Highlander&AHook
Celtic Highlander&AHook:
12.22 it starts
God bless her soul. Love to her family.
Dont go in water without a life jacket. People dont realise how deep water can be very cold.
No Reason
No Reason:
Naya, Baby girl😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sheila Cloudcroft
Sheila Cloudcroft:
Very sad ending. RIP Naya. Thanks to all of those in Search & Rescue, Park Rangers, and the Sheriffs Dept. for your hard work & unrelenting effort to bring her body out of the water for burial.
kevin samuel
kevin samuel:
Rest In Peace Naya 🙏🏽❤️🥺🕊✨
Lady In Red
Lady In Red:
May she Rest In Peace ❤️❤️❤️
So her son was kinda drowning so she put him on the boat and she must have gotten entangled in like a branch or something and she drowned.
Katy Channing
Katy Channing:
My heart is breaking for her loved ones, I pray for them at this difficult time
Poor poor soul💔
10K subs without a video!! !
10K subs without a video!! !:
To whoever sees this

I hope you're having a great day and staying safe ❤️😊
JJM2411 !
JJM2411 !:
damn, a whole chunk of my childhood has been ripped out of my heart <3

I wish nothing but happiness for her and especially her son. She will be watching him grow in heaven :)

I miss her so much!

R.I.P Naya Rivera 12/1/1987 - 13/7/2020
Reast in peace Naya, you will be missed. 😭💔
Mitzy Dafne R.R
Mitzy Dafne R.R:
Que Naya descanse en paz, y pronta resignación y fuerza a su familia, que Dios la cuide y bendiga a su hijo!
Karin Ross
Karin Ross:
I am deeply saddened by this. My heart goes out to her family .
Evie J x
Evie J x:
Praying for her family, rip beautiful 💕
Monisha Nanda
Monisha Nanda:
A mother's love is like no other! Truly heartbreaking. RIP Naya.
Fadya Nassor
Fadya Nassor:
she wanted to spend her last moments with her son only,this breaks me into tears.SLEEP WELL NAYA
Olive Poola
Olive Poola:
Very sad to hear but I'm glad they were able to find her body. RIP Naya 💜 God Bless her little boy along with her family and friends, I pray they find peace.
Chianna banana
Chianna banana:
May she rest in peace 💖
Clarissa Kay
Clarissa Kay:
Thank you for giving me my best Glee memories Naya, you and Heather were always my fave. Rest peacefully<3
Poor girl such a shame beautiful girl as well and so talented RIP
Keeley Gunnell
Keeley Gunnell:
Eilidh Irvine
Eilidh Irvine:
The fact that she was found the day Cory died is even worse
Dylan N
Dylan N:
Too young to be taken...Sleep well Naya :(
C Silvers
C Silvers:
Monica Banda
Monica Banda:
May God comfort Nayas family and everybody who loved her during this trying moment 😭
Claire Evans
Claire Evans:
This is so sad I'm HEARTBROKEN R.I.P. Naya you will be missed 😭💔
Emilia Camargo
Emilia Camargo:
rest in peace beautiful Naya. you will always be missed. 🖤
Billy Gord
Billy Gord:
Heartbroken 💔
Zee zee 6
Zee zee 6:
This is so sad prayers go out to family especially her beautiful baby boy 🙏🏾🕊
Ayanda Myeza
Ayanda Myeza:
This is really heartbreaking💔💔😭😭
Sunday Soffos
Sunday Soffos:
Healing prayers being said for your Family RIP BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL Sweet 👼❤️💞🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
I can't believe this is young. Rest in peace Naya, wonderful mother, friend, human being in general 💗
K D:
Sister Sarah
Sister Sarah:
I’m heartbroken :( her poor son oh my 💔
Mich A
Mich A:
Daniella Jones
Daniella Jones:
R. I. P Naya! So sad! ❤️
fly high naya, the way you impacted so many lives, including mine, growing up will never be forgotten. praying for her family and loved ones, especially her son, sending strength their way
Lucy Healy
Lucy Healy:
Naya you will forever be missed 💔💔🙏
Harper Lee Holmes
Harper Lee Holmes:
Such heartbreaking news. Rest in peace Naya.
Well that’s suspicious af...
Ryan Yoshimura
Ryan Yoshimura:
Meanwhile, the guys in the back only care about getting a good photo.
EliLL hi
EliLL hi:
33 huh 🤔
Rip still
Hadi Sinclair
Hadi Sinclair:
Chianna banana
Chianna banana:
Broke my heart 😔😔😢
Cecil The sloth
Cecil The sloth:
When you waited 10 minutes and then realise you were late so you could have skipped ahead...
Destiny Baker
Destiny Baker:
Accident my ass!! Rest easy beautiful Naya! I pray & hope to god you & family have the peace & justice you deserve!! 🙏🏾❤️🕊
Thandi Xtina
Thandi Xtina:
Makena Dahir
Makena Dahir:
its so heartbreaking that her son is only 4. naya has been an insperation to many young girls playing a roll of a latina struggling with her sexuality. may she rest in piece
Paul Marecki
Paul Marecki:
When they first found the boat was the swim ladder up or down?
Sherell Brice
Sherell Brice:
Oh my god
Women of God
Women of God:
Wow 😳 🤭🥺I have hope she will be alive this a big tragedy for the family and fans ,
MyTea Died
MyTea Died:
Nelson Marvel 88
Nelson Marvel 88:
Rip Naya Amen 😢🙏🏻
This is so heartbreaking.
Peter and Dorothy Bowles
Peter and Dorothy Bowles:
I hope police look into it Ladder on the boat I lived on a boat for years It dont sound right
Victoria Carter
Victoria Carter:
So so sad! Naya was so talented! She will be missed. My heart and prayers go out to her family.💔
Mark Webb
Mark Webb:
💔 xxx
It’s Aaliyahs world
It’s Aaliyahs world:
My heart goes out to that little boy
Rest in peace Naya ❤️ 💐