VERDICT WATCH DAY 3: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial

LIVE COVERAGE: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial & Verdict Watch

Actor Johnny Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation in connection with Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed, in which she spoke out about being the victim of domestic violence. Heard’s article did not specifically name Depp as her alleged abuser, but according to Depp’s lawsuit, it relied “on the central premise that Ms. Heard was a domestic abuse victim and that Mr. Depp perpetrated domestic violence against her.” Amber Heard is counter-suing Depp for $100 million.

The defamation trial began Monday in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia, with jury selection completing on the same day. There is a possibility of celebrity witnesses testifying, including James Franco and Elon Musk. Tune in to the Law&Crime Network for daily coverage of this high-profile trial.

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I have so many people in my life that did not get justice against their abusers. I am so happy that at least this 1 woman has been held responsible, and that sometimes, justice does prevail.
Spirit Seeker Squad
Spirit Seeker Squad:
6:46:45 Judge enters
Jury enters
Verdict handed to Judge
6:48:12 verdict verified
Verdict read
6:56:53 Jury poll
6:58:55 court is adjourned
7:03:05 Dan Abrams weighs in (attorney, founder & owner of L&C Channel)
7:13:36 Statement from Johnny Depp
7:16:10 Statement from Amber Heard
7:24:00 Depp team attorneys exit & give Statement, no questions
8:00:00 interview with Kathleen Zellner, Depp v. Heard case consultant,
*Just a side note: I've been trying to do time stamp comments on every day of this trial, unless someone had gotten it done before me. I appreciate all the amazing comments from everyone thanking me. It's no problem at all! I enjoy helping when and where I can!
I do have a channel where I cover facts of true crime cases and I also do paranormal stuff! The two are kept completely separate!
Please feel free to check out any of the 300+ videos I've made in the last year and a half.
Thank you so very much!!! 💞🤗💞
Мистер Огонёчек
Мистер Огонёчек:
I’m a little disappointed that he didn’t get at least $49mil. That they even gave her $2 is crazy.
Amber will always play the victim, and sadly I think she's learned nothing by Mr Depp winning this shocking case. But we all now see just how evil people can be when they have it in for someone. Thank God Johnny Depp survived this attack.
عندما يأتي المساء
عندما يأتي المساء:
You should never try to destroy someone's reputation with a lie when your reputation can be destroyed with the truth
Elle Emme
Elle Emme:
The fact the Johnny is not in the court because his ultimate goal is to simply tell the truth. His like, 'I'm done, up to the jury now." I'm so amazed. Team Johnny forever!!!
Natto Jelly
Natto Jelly:
Anyone else who is going to miss watching this amazing legal team do it’s job? Congratulations to team Depp, justice was served. Am I the only one who nearly cried when JD won?
fei fei
fei fei:
Makes you wonder how many lives the UK judge/court system has ruined, given that this verdict is opposite to the verdict in UK, with consistent evidence to support it. Had it not been for Johnny's financial resources, he would not have had the opportunity to win back his reputation/life.
Jane Giesbrecht
Jane Giesbrecht:
The female attorney, Camille Vasquez representing Johnny Depp was superb. Totally on top of the game. I applaud her.
She not only lost but the whole world heard how the jury ruled her behavior as malicious. They thought she plotted to ruin him. I know the men are attracted to her, but after this I think she'll have trouble hooking big game like Depp and Musk. And imo her acting career is done. The words out, shes toxic.
Rosalinda Roper
Rosalinda Roper:
6:29:09 Jury is back
6:48:20 Verdict starts
7:23:35 Depp's legal team
7:30:17 Heard's statement through publicist.
7:50:20 Heard leaving court building
7:51:02 Depp's statement
Amber's unaffected expression as they're reading out the jury's findings is what I find the most damning. That is not the face I would make if an abuser was being left unpunished and I was being made out to be abusive & malicious if it wasn't true.
She not only defamed him, she tried to frame him. Shame on her.
Nabiha Macéno
Nabiha Macéno:
Props to Dior for keeping in touch with Depp! They didn’t let anybody influence their decisions
iron threads3
iron threads3:
The way she marches out at the end. Everything in this trial she got wrong, what a complete trainwreck.
I'm loving the little hug-scrum of Depp's legal team. What an amazing team, they're like a family.
David Lewis
David Lewis:
I would like to thank the Law and Crime Network for live streaming the whole trial and I am over the moon that Johnny won and it just shows that there is Justice for those wrongly publicly shamed. I would like to say that thanks to this trial and johnnys win Ambers acting career is over
Meow Maru
Meow Maru:
During the verdict, for the first time, I see what REAL sadness, disappointment and anger looks like on Amber's face. I am convinced that she was really really emotional at that moment. If she acted like this during the trial, she probably could have won. Fact is, not only she is a liar and she is a really bad actress too.
Soihem Kamei
Soihem Kamei:
It would be a tragedy for the world especially for the women if the verdict is against Johnny Depp. Justice is served. Camille, an inspiration for my future daughter.
One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos
Circus Bezerkus
Circus Bezerkus:
He told the world, and we HEARD him. So happy for Johnny.
Mega Pint
Mega Pint:
I am full of joy and relief for Johnny. What stress he has carried with him all these years. Many friends and colleagues turned their back on him no doubt. Times like this you find out who your true friends are. He has gained millions of new friends around the world through this trial. We will support you in all the ways we can going forward Johnny .. buying your movies and Sauvage! You've done so much more for victims of dv than you can guess. I for one don't feel so alone knowing your childhood is twinned with mine and I'm not the only one haunted by those words and acts. The most soul destroying things said and done to you were also said and done to me. It haunts like a specter in your mind that you do your best to exorcise every day. I wish you all the happiness, peace and megapints in the world :) Much love <3
Dani Leah
Dani Leah:
I am covered in goosebumps. I have a lump in my throat for Johnny. I have never met him and I cannot believe how connected I feel to him emotionally at this moment. Well done to the jurors and Johnnys lawyers for proving Amber is a liar… I would say more but I may get reported🤭❤️
Povilas Micevicius
Povilas Micevicius:
Congrats Johnny and his phenomenal legal team! This victory goes way beyond the case! Today I’m raising a MEGA pint for you guys!🍷
Roses are Reddd
Roses are Reddd:
Congratulations Johnny 🥳 and everyone who's been watching and hoping for this outcome! I honestly wasn't sure but they have restored faith in me ❤ thank you so much to the Jury!
Glad to see you got your life back Johnny, I had tears of joy when I heard the verdict, keep away from the crazies mate, good luck =)
That’s the most real emotion we have seen from her over the last six weeks. You can clearly see when she realized her manipulation has ended.
So very happy for this victory, you don't have to know someone personally to empathise with their situation. I've watched this trial play out in its entirety from day 1 and hoped and prayed that the jury saw what most of the world saw.
Johnny Depp has been vindicated, but the only thing Amber Heard has achieved is a step back for the real victims of domestic violence.
Having a mega pint of red wine tonight, in Sydney, Australia, in Johnny's honour!
Hollynn Ragland
Hollynn Ragland:
Verdict is at 6:48:20
Just Arkon
Just Arkon:
Congrats Johnny and his phenomenal legal team! This victory goes way beyond the case! Today I’m raising a MEGA pint for you guys!
Jane Giesbrecht
Jane Giesbrecht:
Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge Penney Azcarate was a pleasure to observe as she ruled over every tiny aspect of this trial. To me, she represented dignity and intelligence in every moment she ruled over this trial. Her recollection over the events was remarkable.
Mish B
Mish B:
Thank you Law & Crime Network for streaming this and breaking everything down!👍🏽👍🏽
Richard Bexborn
Richard Bexborn:
I want to thank you guys on the Law&Crime Network for doing an excellent job on this case. Much love to you guys!!
Mindy S
Mindy S:
Justice prevailed for Johnny today. It was never about the money for Johnny, he just wanted the truth out. Thank god the jury saw the truth. I hope Johnny begins a new chapter in his life and has a great future. Johnny Depp definitely deserves it. 💜💜
I have no words to describe how happy I am for Johnny! Justice was truly obtained today, and I absolutely wish the best for the team that helped make this happen! Love to you all 🤍🤍
Online Bills
Online Bills:
It took six years for Karma to come back to her, from the date she files that false restraining order. Truly Incredible
"Go ahead tell the world Johnny! Tell the world Johnny Depp, I Johnny Depp a man, too am a victim of domestic violence. See who believes you." Well Miss Heard, he stood up for himself and did tell the world and we ALL believed him, most importantly the Jury believed him. The icing on the cake would be to make Johnny Depp the Ambassador for domestic violence and remove Amber Heard. We never doubted you for a minute Johnny. Love from Canada. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦❤👏🙏🎉
thanks for being the only mainstream media outlet that wasnt biased in their coverage AND noted the clear lies and inconsistencies in her evidence and testimony/depositions
K Y:
Lawyers on both sides broke down and cried from all the effort needed to handle Amber Heard, on different occasions. She pushed people to their limit, even lawyers!!! This is huge. Justice for Johnny.
This was a nightmare for you, Jonny, I'm proud of you for going through with this trial even tho it was uncomfortable and embarrassing for you and their families. Now I hope you have learned from your mistakes, I don't want to see you in court again. From now on live to the fullest potential and forgive yourself and those who have wronged you also and move forward with your amazing life, because is a second chance Jonny use it wisely and be happy....🥰🥰
D A:
After watching every minute of this court case, I will never again think an audiobook is too long.
Matthew McAleer
Matthew McAleer:
Great win for JD!! Hope he gets everything back that he lost. I’m just upset at how you can still lie as Amber did and not be afraid of perjury. I guess civil cases you can do this. This is a bad example for the public. This needs to be addressed!
Mike Dean
Mike Dean:
After the verdict in the UK, this was really Amber's case to lose. Her only job was to convince the jury she wasn't lying, and it was excruciatingly obvious to anyone who saw her on the stand that she was.
The worst indictment for her is how bad she is (or was) at her job.
Congrats Johnny and his phenomenal legal team! This victory goes way beyond the case! Today I’m raising a MEGA pint for you guys!
Tina Ahriouil
Tina Ahriouil:
I just feel so sorry for her baby girl. Growing up with her as a mother .... just thinking makes me so sick 😭
Neerav D
Neerav D:
6:46:45 Judge enters
Jury enters
Verdict handed to Judge
6:48:12 verdict verified
Verdict read
6:56:53 Jury poll
6:58:55 court is adjourned
7:03:05 Dan Abrams weighs in (attorney, founder & owner of L&C Channel)
7:13:36 Statement from Johnny Depp
7:16:10 Statement from Amber Heard
7:24:00 Depp team attorneys exit & give Statement, no questions
8:00:00 interview with Kathleen Zellner, Depp v. Heard case consultant,
6:57:20 The moment THAT MADE HISTORY TODAY.
''"Tell the world, Johnny, tell them, 'Johnny Depp, I, a man, I'm a victim too of domestic violence'. And see how many people believe or side with you." He told the world Amber, and the world believed him. His team was like a family and it was just so beautiful to watch their teamwork especially Camille Vasquez and Ben Chew who put all their heart into helping Johnny and almost cried both of them while finishing the closing statements . Today we mark the day where Johnny Depp, the man himself, gets to live his life peacefully while being loved and trusted by the whole world JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED 🤍
scot shanley
scot shanley:
Having went through a similar situation with my ex wife and Having won my trial I can honestly sympathize and I could not be happier for Johnny depp.
Now he can move forward with his life with this chapter finally closed and behind him.

Best wishes to him and I'm looking forward to seeing him back on the big screen where he belongs.
As for Disney and the pirates of the Caribbean franchise moving on without Johnny deep........
They can get bent !!!
No Johnny deep,
No Disney.
No Johnny depp,
No pirates of the Caribbean.
Get woke go broke !!!
I am so happy for Johnny. Congratulations Johnny Depp and his amazing team. Camille, you did an amazing job, I felt your anger and frustration at this injustice for Johnny. Thank you, Judge and Jury. Justice and Truth prevailed. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
NIXON etc:
And there you go, that tapeworm is done... Everyone to think what they want, and in my opinion, absolutely the right verdict.... I'm just sorry that no one emphasizes how much a person like this, with his playing the victim card of a male bully, harms women who are really victims of any kind of violence.... Amber Heard wanted to use the awful fates of a bunch of women for her motives, her earnings, her revenge, whatever... To me, she used it to spit on the real victims... Let Depp be found not guilty, I believe in this case he was victim!
Lauren Pharaoh
Lauren Pharaoh:
The heart palpitations! Phew! It's incredible to have witnessed this. Thank you Law and Crime! It's been a blast.
I am beyond happy for Johnny. Justice was served today and hopefully this shows those around the world struggling with similar issues to always continue to fight for the truth no matter what 🤍
Fengzhen Lee
Fengzhen Lee:
Thank you for all the people worked on this, thank you Law&Crime!
G- man
G- man:
I appreciate the jury's sacrifice and their time spent. I salute you.
Congratulations on winning the case
Johnny is the best choice in ancient times. Choosing a partner of modesty is a difficult matter, but it appears from characters who do not sympathize with human beings, natural in their love, such as a lot of lies, a nerve over everything, a loud voice that does not care about eating and drinking and cleaning you, a lot of betrayal and a little lie, giving like love and attention. Reassure you what you did, choose a right person, beware of those around you, always be careful
Tara J. Fitzgerald
Tara J. Fitzgerald:
I love Johnny Depp and have so much respect an admiration for his quest of the truth! Let this be a lesson to all abusers and sociopaths!
Great job jury!
Great job Depp’s attorneys!
Great job Johnny and friends!
Nita Chikita
Nita Chikita:
Great great coverage and ongoing 24/7 work Law and Crime team!!!👏🏼 Kudos!
Christine Nichols
Christine Nichols:
I'm ecstatic for JD and looking forward to whatever creative endeavors he chooses from here forward! Well done TeamJohnny! 🏁🏴‍☠Thanks for the coverage, Law&Crime.
xmryomz مريم
xmryomz مريم:
After all these years, Johnny told the truth, he told the jury, the judge, and the whole world, and guess what , justice has been done ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
I'm so happy Johnny's truth prevailed! Justice for him is served! Him and his team worked so hard for this and they deserved this win😭 Thank you Jury! Congrats Johnny Depp!
Christie Smith
Christie Smith:
Justice for Johnny. I am so sorry for what he went through. I have always been a big fan. Men can be victims of domestic violence. I hope that this will change the way we look at this situation and that society will finally take men seriously so they don't suffer in silence anymore. I hope he will move on with his life and can be happy now.
Pilar Ortega
Pilar Ortega:
Justice has been made. Thank you for exposing the truth, Mr Depp. Bless you
Mindy Loveall
Mindy Loveall:
I am so so sad that Johnny was not present to hear the verdict.
Made it feel really anti-climatic!
But soo happy with the verdict!
Nada Pw
Nada Pw:
This is an amazing day. Watching this trial for weeks the whole world listened to Johnny and believed him. But seeing the verdict come from the jury is something else. I am so happy!
Bleach Kuchiki
Bleach Kuchiki:
Does anyone else feel sad too that the trial has come to an end? I've watched it very closely and invested so much time in it and now kinda feel sad that it's over. However, I'm so happy for Johnny! Justice has been served finally! Truth Prevails!
🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨
🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨:
I have so many people in my life that did not get justice against their abusers. I am so happy that at least this 1 woman has been held responsible, and that sometimes, justice does prevail.
She doesn't look sad or hurt. Perhaps she just can't realize why her tricks fail. Justice has been served at the end of the day. She has to live with that...
Ngati Warrior
Ngati Warrior:
After all the evidence throughout the trial and seeing Amber's still in denial even after the unanimous verdict, I just pray one day she gets the serious help she needs for her mental health.
Looking at Johnny's life, I feel it is so important to teach our kids how to be respectful of others, and also at the same time how not to take anyone's bullcrap lying down! Amber could go up to this extent because she was very confident that Johnny will not have guts to stand up to her!
She defamed herself . Karma caught up with her ! Maybe a little accountability or transparency would have gotten her somewhere .. but the self centered , psychotic , narcissist in her wouldn’t let her do it . Justice prevailed today !
Kimberly Fuller
Kimberly Fuller:
He deserves justice ! Men are also in abusive relationship as well! Some women does this to men and I’m glad the world see how she perceive to be toward him! Things need to change in this world!
KHJ Goose Channel
KHJ Goose Channel:
YOU CAN'T KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN! Justice was served today. A mega pint for you, Johnny!! Cheers!! Team Johnny forever!
As a Norwegian, I’m ashamed of Norway’s state owned news channel; NRK, which decided to announce how «crushed» Heard felt by the verdict, as the headline.
It’s disgusting to see how some mainstream media, like here in Norway, have covered this case in favor of Heard from the beginning.

I’m glad Depp got justice here! And shame on all media outlets who still try to smear his name!
jillian paris
jillian paris:
Can JD take out some kind of injunction to stop her making these claims? Surely, it's been tried and he's found NOT to be a wife beater so how can she keep telling this story and discrediting him?
Danie S.
Danie S.:
I think the reason why Johnny didn't come back for the verdict is because whether he wins or not, what's important to him is he's able to show the world the truth.
Erin Joy
Erin Joy:
Thank God. Justice was served today, and what a great day it is! So happy for Johnny!!
just read the news missed out on this live. congrats johnny! well deserved win!! the world is cheering for you and finally got your life back! raising a MEGAPINT later! justice was SERVED!! greetings from finland
What a beautiful team you can see and feel the bond they have like a family 💖 Congratulations to Johnny and his team of amazing wonderful lawyers so happy!!! Lots of love ❤️ sending your way 🥹☺️
Diana Madero
Diana Madero:
Congratulations to the lawyers, they were excelente, and Johnny the whole world wish you the best, love ❤️ and peace
When JD do not attend the final verdict all the spotlight goes to his legal team which 100% where it deserves to be. JD already reach his goal by bringing the truth so after they win all hats go to the lawyers afterwards.
Amanda Pickford
Amanda Pickford:
Seeing all of Johnny's law team hug each other at the end was so touching.

Kudos to them and the Amber's team as they did not have an easy job lol
He received his reputation, love, and most importantly - Justice. This has to be one of the most life changing event in Johnny depp's life.
Kim rici
Kim rici:
What is Amber on about when she said she lost her freedom of speech? She had the freedom of speaking out at the trial, nobody gagged her, the jury and the majority of the public just didn't believe her, end of!
Cynthia Barcenas
Cynthia Barcenas:
After a long long battle finally it’s over, i love you so much, I believed in you since always, I know it wasn’t easy the weight on your back all the those years, the truth always wins and you deserve the results of today, I admire you Johnny congrats 💗
Smidge 🤓
Smidge 🤓:
“The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams
Kara N
Kara N:
The only thing that made this less than perfect is the fact that Jhonny wasn't in the courtroom... But (as a Brit) knowing he is in the UK doing shows and having heard his love of British vernacular and humour I can only imagine how his audience is going to respond to him at gigs (and the celebration he and Paul Bettany have planned 🤣🤣🤣)

No Ms heard what “sets women back” is when certain women lie about such serious allegations! THAT is what sets TRUE victims back!

As per patterned behaviour try to spin this into something that it isn’t…

This was not about ALL women, this was about one woman, YOU. and the web of lies YOU spun... We still believe all victims! We just don't believe YOU are the victim you claimed to be. We DO believe the victim in this situation YOU just could not imagine anyone would believe it wasn’t you. (As you said in the sound bite video).

It stings we know, but remember you made it clear YOU want this to be done so you could move on with your life... YOU wanted JD to leave you alone. Practice what you preach Ms Heard. Move on.

(Except you probably won’t… Que the appeals and the countdown to the bankruptcy filling). Upside at least she now has a “valid” reason she can’t Donate the 7 mil 😂🤣😂 did the guy in the car really say “maybe she can raise money or get donations to help her raise the money….” 🤣😂🤣😂 let’s hope the people she asks don’t use the words pledge and donate synonymously as she does 🐸🐸 she might be waiting a while. If JD really wants to hand a unbothered boss move HE would donate the awarded amount to the children a hospital.
6-7 years of agonizing torture of being framed for something you didn't do and the one responsible was actually the one who claimed being the victim ! Thank God Depp finally got Justice !
Rumbo Utopía
Rumbo Utopía:
Congrats Johnny! ❤️ Verdict is at 6:48:20
maitreyee das
maitreyee das:
Faith in judiciary restored. Faith in the power of truth restored. This is nothing sort of a personal win. We all love you Johnny. With love from India.
Pairaihi Norman
Pairaihi Norman:
Well done to Johnny Depp, his team, and justice overall that - at least in this case - got it absolutely right! As to the 'Me Too' movement, it is maybe an opportunity to reset national and global thinking as it relates to domestic violence - certainly the absolute that women should "always" be believed. The DV issue is far more important than one woman's "belief" and I'm really glad that this came through. Hopefully, Johnny and his family can move forward in the love and light that shone so bright throughout this trial. And yes - Amber Heard has a lot of soul searching to do now that should start with her seeking the professional health help she is in real need of.

Like many others, I will be watching closely for the response(s) of Walt Disney and those others who condemned Johnny Depp on the heresay of AH that are now known to be false. Wasn't necessarily a Johnny Depp fan before the trial, but maybe I am now due in no small part to watching and hearing this person's humanity, strength and courage throughout these weeks that can't have been easy. Ka mihi nui kia koe Matua Johnny Depp, from a newby fan fortunate to live in GodzOwn (Aotearoa) x
M Gomez
M Gomez:
What worries me is that any thing can happen to J Depp if the verdict is negative to Amber Heard. People that are malicious can take extreme drastic measures for revenge . I feel this on my bones 🦴 and I want to be wrong . Keep safe J Depp
I am so happy with this verdict!! The truth was clear the entire time! Truth will always prevail!!!
Joan Comella
Joan Comella:
Johnny told all of his stories from the beginning and that he did, so there was no reason for him to stay to the end, it was up to the listeners, the jurors. Well done, Johnny. The very best Captain Sparrow…..
Lorena Charlotte
Lorena Charlotte:
Fair trial and very interesting too. Good to hear Johnny Depp won his battle. He can get on with his life back now. I’m sorry for Ambar and the sorrow she’s experiencing now. Hope she can make a good use of her experience and learnt from it for the best.
Joann T
Joann T:
6:57:38 I kept trying to figure out what Camille mouthed to the attorneys behind her. I finally figured it out. She said, “We got her.” 😇 FINALLY!
To all the people who feels sorry for Amber. Don’t. She dug her own grave and justice was thankfully served.
just so sorry Johnny Depp had to go through all of this thing just to prove it. Justice was served today!
D Watak
D Watak:
Now that the court is done, let's not attack AH's attorneys. They did good despite trying to win the case.
hot but unstable
hot but unstable:
could have outright sobbed. Woke up with this, johnny Depp!! Ben chew!! Camille vasquez and all the other associates and witnesses who testified, thank you. Thank you.
Emma Kate Loo
Emma Kate Loo:
This is like good vs the evil. Thank goodness the jury made the right decision. I think Johnny should get more than the 10 million.