VERDICT WATCH: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial

LIVE COVERAGE: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial

Actor Johnny Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation in connection with Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed, in which she spoke out about being the victim of domestic violence. Heard’s article did not specifically name Depp as her alleged abuser, but according to Depp’s lawsuit, it relied “on the central premise that Ms. Heard was a domestic abuse victim and that Mr. Depp perpetrated domestic violence against her.” Amber Heard is counter-suing Depp for $100 million.

The defamation trial began Monday in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia, with jury selection completing on the same day. There is a possibility of celebrity witnesses testifying, including James Franco and Elon Musk. Tune in to the Law&Crime Network for daily coverage of this high-profile trial.

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Der HenRy
Der HenRy:
If Johnny loses this case with this much evidence, there will be no hope for any other victim of domestic violence etc
It’s almost like having a study guide while taking a test. All of the answers are there, but you still have to comb through the guide to confirm your answers. This is what’s taking so long for the jury to reach a verdict. They are being thorough/fair.
Rec. Bil
Rec. Bil:
We have a man who grew up under the eyes of the world, many movies, many girlfriends and who has always prived himself as much as he can. We have a woman we didn't know until he married her and more from the audio and attitudes in court. If they say that "the eyes are the window to the soul" We have a verdict. But it will be a shame after the humiliation of having a finger cut off by a bottle and a surprise in bed having to give that person 100 million. In fact, if we are to judge by "alcohol and drugs". Hollywood will be almost empty.
Angel Cake
Angel Cake:
She literally admitted on the stand “that’s why I wrote the op ed”. even ignoring all the other lies and shambles of a display she put on she admitted she wrote the op ed and it was about him. I honestly don’t know how on Earth they could possibly find in her favour.
Johnny Depp's reaction to the verdict:

"Six years ago, my life, the life of my children, the lives of those closest to me, and also, the lives of the people who for many, many years have supported and believed in me were forever changed.

All in the blink of an eye.

False, very serious and criminal allegations were levied at me via the media, which triggered an endless barrage of hateful content, although no charges were ever brought against me. It had already traveled around the world twice within a nanosecond and it had a seismic impact on my life and my career.

And six years later, the jury gave me my life back. I am truly humbled.

My decision to pursue this case, knowing very well the height of the legal hurdles that I would be facing and the inevitable, worldwide spectacle into my life, was only made after considerable thought.

From the very beginning, the goal of bringing this case was to reveal the truth, regardless of the outcome. Speaking the truth was something that I owed to my children and to all those who have remained steadfast in their support of me. I feel at peace knowing I have finally accomplished that.

I am, and have been, overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and the colossal support and kindness from around the world. I hope that my quest to have the truth be told will have helped others, men or women, who have found themselves in my situation, and that those supporting them never give up. I also hope that the position will now return to innocent until proven guilty, both within the courts and in the media.

I wish to acknowledge the noble work of the Judge, the jurors, the court staff and the Sheriffs who have sacrificed their own time to get to this point, and to my diligent and unwavering legal team who did an extraordinary job in helping me to share the truth.

The best is yet to come and a new chapter has finally begun.

Veritas numquam perit.

Truth never perishes."
Yes, we all know JD is innocent. But the jury still has to do their due diligence and go through all the evidence that was presented. The jury is NOT the public's opinion. It's not an easy task that will take a few hours to go through SIX WEEKS of evidence. I would question the jury's decision if they decided the case that quickly with so much evidence presented.
Anika Bitonto
Anika Bitonto:
Yes, it's important that Johnny has the public on his side. But it's just as important that he wins and gets his justice. Otherwise Amber Heard can continue to call him an abuser and publicly defame him.
Eveleen Gray
Eveleen Gray:
By this trial, both parties have shown who their true friends are. Does Amber have "life long" friends? What about Johnny? Friends for life says a lot about the person. Johnny has shown the world what a true friend he has been....Loyal, honest and kind. It would be 'draining' to consider having a friend like Amber.
Moon Light
Moon Light:
Whether she wins or loses, the best way to make a point is to let anything she's in moving forward (if anything) flop. Don't support it so then no one will ever hire her and will hire actresses actually worthy instead. And support Depp by renting and watching his old films and any new ones. That's how you make a point to Hollywood
Kiara Colon
Kiara Colon:
After all the clear evidence, witnesses and her shameless lies, making a verdict shouldn't take so long. Geesh.
・your non favorite person 👍・
・your non favorite person 👍・:
She literally admitted on the stand “that’s why I wrote the op ed”. even ignoring all the other lies and shambles of a display she put on she admitted she wrote the op ed and it was about him. I honestly don’t know how on Earth they could possibly find in her favour.
When I served as a juror on a different case, the judge gave us the guideline on how to decide guilty vs not guilty according to the case being presented. With so many testimonies and evidence presented, it is easy to get lost on what the true case is. During deliberation, we started with asking who voted guilty/not guilty. Then to those that are not majority, we asked them why.. then the discussion just flowed from there... this included reviewing videos and evidences presented during the trial. At one point, we called the stenographer to read back to us a testimony... the jurors, if they are smart will set aside the emotions and look at evidences and testimonies. With the AH vs JD trial, this is about defamation, everything else that was discussed in the court that is not related to defamation is almost negligible.
Mojtaba Hoseini
Mojtaba Hoseini:
If jury votes in favor of a person who stole money from charity, I'll be speechless
ela ela
ela ela:
We await for a verdict as much as Johnny does! For him to have his life back. Justice for Johnny!
For the love of God can we just get the verdict. 😔
Hana Reyes
Hana Reyes:
she's extremely uncooperative when answering cross examinations, and providing relevant evidence. i can't wrap my mind around the thought that the jury will give this to her just because she's a woman with a baby
bella z
bella z:
She is the reason, not her accusations that people think she's a liar. She did not behave believable! It was torture to listen to her!
Lady Virgo
Lady Virgo:
Freedom of Speech doesn't protect flat out liars and those who slander,, like Amber 😤 Shes a horrific person. May Justice ⚖️ Prevail for Johnny
Malibu Barbie
Malibu Barbie:
Thinking good thoughts and sending good vibes to Johnny Depp and his team...
Tammy C.
Tammy C.:
Johnny is a brave guy in my eyes. He's out there fighting for truth and justice. He's not the only guy in the world to deal with a vindictive spouse telling lies to hurt us. He is showing us that we don't have to be perfect in order to put our truth out there in public and he's believable.
Aсим З
Aсим З:
Let them take their time and may justice prevail.
Christine Tirpak
Christine Tirpak:
It's not easy to get a unanimous verdict - if even one person thinks that Amber is innocent, that holds up the entire verdict.
Eirik Rødberg
Eirik Rødberg:
Johnny won cause he got this trial out live to the whole world. That was 100% vital. More important than what the jury says. That’s a fact. 90% of people who follow this case are all in for Depp, so he has indeed recovered. A good win from the jury important as well, but he won by getting this trial open to see for everyone how cool he still is and how horrible a person that lying ex wife of his is. Public opinion everything and more than 90% are passionately on his side. That is a solid win.
Nichole Stroup
Nichole Stroup:
Oh my gosh! I want to know the verdict like everyone else. I keep checking. Justice for Johnny
Michelle Pernula
Michelle Pernula:
These jurors will have to account to the public and to men in any relationship. This woman is not an example of how women should treat men and "how to get revenge then blame it on PTSD from your mental illnesses" in order to distract from what they do.
Linda Que Leenda
Linda Que Leenda:
People are so impatient. I hope the jury got to enjoy their memorial weekend with people they love with a clear mind and heart.
Megs Smart Thinking
Megs Smart Thinking:
I don’t know why people are shock with how long it’s taking them?? Jurys have taken up to 5-6 weeks to deliver a verdict before. This is a waiting game I’m afraid!
Beanie Jay
Beanie Jay:
I pray for Johnny’s triumph
Hopefully the jury comes through! 🙏🏻
Raymond Young
Raymond Young:
How long does it take to make a decision about someone that blatantly lied and was repeatedly caught in the lies, I am 100% behind punishing the guilty but 200% in the conviction of those who make false claims for personal gain
I see so many people that expect a fast verdict like their life depends on it. Just let the jury do their job. What matters most is that they make the right decision and that justice will be served.
Yusif Me
Yusif Me:
From the fourth day of this trial , Johnny Depp got everything he wanted out of this trial, and indeed he won the court of public opinion. After that, it doesn't matter if he loses in court, and if he wins judicially, he wins on both sides.
LOZ 97
LOZ 97:
I guess admitting you’re pretty much liable of what you did in a court of law isn’t enough now?
She admitted it was about Depp and she insinuated that it was done in malice because she felt like something needed to be said to take him down.
Imagine voting for a woman who promised donation to sick and dying children, then bragged about it everywhere but kept all the money, having other people to donate for her. Some of those children still think she helped them, some are dead.
laura torres
laura torres:
After watching the whole trail I’m really happy that Johnny got his justice. On Johnny’s sides there were so many proofs from other people. On the contrary on Amber side nobody apart from her self and her sister. She is just a really bad person trying to manipulate the judges in her own way. I hope victims of domestic violence get their truth out like Johnny did. And get justice. Regardless if it’s a man or a woman. Today it’s Justice for Johnny!!
Christina Toebast
Christina Toebast:
LAW&CRIME THANK YOU SO MUCH you give us all in different countries a very clear view how this trial is handled in Virginia. Personally I watch from Dubai and you give such a good open information from all kind of different perspectives, that even waiting for the verdict is educational THANKS AGAIN L&C
Damon Driver
Damon Driver:
The fact the jury is taking so long has got me a tad bit worried that they're either completely incompetent fools or they're just dragging it out purposefully. I'm not sure they need all of this ridiculous amount of time to deliberate something so "in your face", that they literally all sit there and watched in the flesh...
Patricia Foster
Patricia Foster:
So…..let’s think like this. It takes a LONG time to list every one of Amber’s lies…….
Sarah Graves
Sarah Graves:
I wish this was a dv case because the verdict would of been decided long ago, it feels like that's what this is about after hearing all of the horrific tales he had to endure but when it comes to the outcome of this legal battle its only about defamation of character. I can see plenty of ways she did destroy his reputation but when trying to pinpoint it to one article only I'm not sure how this is going to play out..... He has won....Johnny Depp, a man was a victim of dv, and he came out the other side to tell the world and we do believe him❤️
Angel Evans
Angel Evans:
Regardless of the outcome Amber SHOULD be arrested for perjury. Even the judge had to remind her she was under oath.
I keep thinking that this is such an easy case and there is no way that Johnny can loose but then I remind myself that Casey Anthony is a free woman.
Melody Chest
Melody Chest:
Hope the jury realises that the 'preponderance of evidence' is all that they need. 'Proof beyond reasonable doubt' is not required for civil cases. The whole world has seen the 'preponderance of evidence' and have already rendered their verdict! They jury has suffered enough and should be strong to call this case for what it is .. soon we hope.
Really seemed like Amber may have provoked Johnny and then recorded him a the right time. With all her inconsistencies, it isn't a far-fetch. Why isn't Amber's drinking and drug use (and behavior during those times) examined more thoroughly?
Mami lizt
Mami lizt:
That Law Professor saying he was so verbally abusive to her 😒 is insane!! , what about all the insults , swearing words she said to him aswell? She was the one verbally abusive If someone is insulting constantly of course you are going to say something back .
A Jay
A Jay:
Her facial expressions is a dead giveaway when she is lying she blink’s a lot she is mad and putting on the drama for the jury. Wow she goes from one extreme to the other.
I would not want to be a juror in this case. Imagine everyone is on board and there's just one a-hole or two that simply refuses to see logic and keeps repeating incorrect justification for whyyou're wrong and they're right. Amber's lawyers definitely picked some Ambers to sit in that jury.
You told the world Johnny. We believe you and hope you can have peace now.
andi_* 1150
andi_* 1150:
When she claimed she gave the fotos and other records to her attorneys, and "that is not my job!", I mean who knows if that was the truth!?
How could her attorneys react after such a claim?
If she says the truth, and they also say its true that they got all the records, they look bad!
If she liad about that, and they say "That is not true, we didn't get that stuff from her!" - she looks even worse and they would confirm that their client is in fact a liar and they would certainly loose the trial!

She really through them under the bus!
Susen Join now
Susen Join now:
It’s almost like having a study guide while taking a test. All of the answers are there, but you still have to comb through the guide to confirm your answers. This is what’s taking so long for the jury to reach a verdict. They are being thorough/fair.
Libby Smith
Libby Smith:
Guys remember that the judge had said something about not making a quick answer? That's why it's taking so long and they have to see if there's enough evidence to support each claim on either side. There's also the jury instruction they have to follow too. I know it sucks but we will just have to wait. Wouldn't want to let them make a hasty decision in Amber's favor now would we?
M Sky N
M Sky N:
If JD loses this case, it will be on a technicality. I hate our justice system.
In Rainbows
In Rainbows:
Also, I had never heard about Adam Waldman before this trial... And I have signed all the petitions against her early on... It was when I first heard the recordings and read the communications between Johnny and Heard's mum... And after that, when I saw her testimony and her demeanour in the UK trial, I just had no more doubts... No Waldman needed...
Tricia Scott
Tricia Scott:
Keep in mind we saw media evidence the jurors didn't. Praying for Johnny's win!
I hope today we finally have the verdict. I don't think it's that difficult to see who's the victim ans who's the culprit. After waiting so long yesterday it seems to be an infinite decision
Michael Harrington
Michael Harrington:
I can't believe it's taking the jury this long. By time the trial was over I already knew exactly who should win this. Amber Heard proved she was an abusive, controlling, spiteful, compulsive liar! She's had this planned since before johnny ever married her.
I just want him to finally be able to live like he used too again without being shamed in an industry he spent so much time in.
The male studio anchor is clearly biased. He regularly attempts to “both sides” the relationship, characterizing it as mutually abusive. He also labels Isaac Baruch at 7:59:28 as “Depp’s friend who lived rent free” but never uses the same label when referring to Amber’s friends and sister who also lived rent free.
Bailey Jasmine
Bailey Jasmine:
Im literally on my break from college for 2 weeks while watching this trial. If the verdict comes out that johnny loses. I will be thinking about how messed up the outcome was in school. If she loses I will be so happy.
Grey Cardinal
Grey Cardinal:
why is everyone so impatient? this isn't a reality TV show like so many seem to think, this is serious business and it SHOULD take a long time. if they reached a verdict in 15 mins, it would be pretty funny and satisfying because its obvious amber is lying, however it would also be worrying. you gotta remember how long this trial has gone on for, how much there is to look at, and how many questions the jury has to decide on and not only that, how much in damages to award if johnny wins
Austin Coker
Austin Coker:
Don’t we all love and support Johnny with all our might? We all shall manifest for Johnny today that he gets the justice he deserves as the kind and compelling man he is. We will take stand for that guy anytime and any day and we all want him to be happy again and move on!!
L L:
The longer it takes the more worried for Johnny I get. They’re clearly in there debating about something.
I think the jury instructions are gonna make it very hard with the 'if you believe 'just one' incident happened. Johnny will still win regardless of the outcome and has proved above and beyond what kind of abusive narcissist Amber is. I feel for her daughter when one day she realises what kind of person her mother is.
It’s almost like having a study guide while taking a test. All of the answers are there, but you still have to comb through the guide to confirm your answers. This is what’s taking so long for the jury to reach a verdict. They are being thorough/fair.
Idk what’s happening with the jury..this is shocking and makes me question everything about this trial.
Deborah Palmer
Deborah Palmer:
They have to look at everything and be absolutely positive before they come back, that takes time
Christine Riley
Christine Riley:
I've seen many posts here conveying understandable impatience. Please consider that the jury is being thorough and deliberate in their decision. There are a lot of jury instructions to go through, not to mention discussions about the evidence. Ask yourself: if I were a litigant would I want a snap decision or a thorough and deliberate one?
Trinity Rose
Trinity Rose:
Why is it taking so long? It should be no brainer that she's lying🙈 If he loses, my faith in humanity is once again lost as well
Dwightk Ferguson
Dwightk Ferguson:
I'm just trying to figure out why they were not able to bring all of the evidence to the jury and how come the judge allowed so much of the evidence to be closed off that's what I really want to know
Jay Milan
Jay Milan:
Amber already got caught in a lie so if you lie about one thing you’ll lie about everything! It was a performance cry’s without tears! 😡
When i served on a jury trial we all were in agreement the plaintiffs were opportunistic and fraudulent. However there were like 2 people that thought they should get some compensation. We took longer agreeing to what that should be. The y were suing for 76k and were awarded perhaps thats what's holding up the verdict🤔
I never studied law and even I won’t take this long to make a verdict lmaaao it’s the easiest decision ever! 😂
Joe The Lion
Joe The Lion:
The only reason Heard made that statement about Kate Moss was to lay a self defence foundation for physically attacking Mr Depp numerous times. It back fired spectacularly.
I love Dr. Tracy. She's saying everything we're all thinking!
Question: Do you find that justice has been served today?
Answer: Yes :)
Well, yeah, that's exactly the point! JD signed that divorce agreement where it said," neither party made any accusation for financial gain", the question now is did AH really did not do that for financial gain??? I doubt she did after hearing all the witnesses, audios, text SMS, videos, and all. They cannot use this Divorce agreement against JD for sure because he wasn't the one who filed and threw accusations toward so and so. Clearly, all she did was a LIE!
Teri Turnbull
Teri Turnbull:
Saw you at the UK concert Johnny to a standing ovation. No matter the verdict you spoke the truth and you have your life back. We love you Johnny ♥️
Rose W.
Rose W.:
It is a very different “Amber” from the other statement that she gave in the other court. She is showing emotions because she knows that her lies were exposed here. She has reason to want to move on…but she is not convincing anyone anymore!!
Mohamed Al-Qadasi
Mohamed Al-Qadasi:
I expect the verdict. There is no clear evidence that she defamed him, and there is no clear evidence that he offended her
Geltalefa Siviri
Geltalefa Siviri:
The amount of recording, pics, messages these two made of each other it's as if they were anticipating going to court one day!
Miriam Sh
Miriam Sh:
Pase lo que pase Jonny tu ya has ganado. Estamos todos contigo ❤️🙏
Scorpio Sun.
Scorpio Sun.:
My nose was broken, I had to go to the Dr, to have a cast put in my nose, and my eyes was blue under my eyes for a long time ‼️And yes I was in a DV marriage, that is why I can't stand amber's lies And if you get assaulted by a bottle you also have to go to a Dr. What a sick vindictive woman ‼️
Мистер Огонёчек
Мистер Огонёчек:
Gill Powell
Gill Powell:
Whatever the outcome we all know Johnny should win. She's poisonous. She destroys everything she goes near x
I wonder if the jury chooses Amber to win, they will look at social media and everyone's response and feel like they made the wrong choice and regret it.
Terri In Circles
Terri In Circles:
No we still have to wait?! 🤦‍♀️ I really thought this would be an open and shut case.Justice for Johnny Depp
Alexandria Winter
Alexandria Winter:
Apparently they had alot of jury instructions to get through first. They have 38 pages of jury instructions to completely apply correctly. Plus they are not law professionals. Give them a little time.
Tereza Vinopalova
Tereza Vinopalova:
If she wins with her lies, Johnny's fans will make sure she never plays in any movie again. Ever. Not even in a commercial.
S Floating
S Floating:
Can any law expert answer my question please ? It seems to me that Amber has one point in her favour, which is the fact that in her article on the Washington Post she never actually mentioned Johnny. Today, he is accusing her now of intentionnally ruining his career, but I'm not really sure she can be declared guilty of that, right?
So, for the jury, the debate about her toxic behaviour is just "noise".

I am not a law expert and I am looking for the opinion of an expert.
Have a nice day everyone.
Even if they already know the verdict, in such an important matter they cannot give it too early so as not to be defined as being set up from the beginning. It would be bad too long too, because it would tell that they were hesitating. The verdict should be tomorrow (Wednesday) or Thursday at most. Not too early, not too late
To be fair it was a lot of paperwork and rules, I’d be taking my time too especially with zero legal knowledge. If AH wins though I reckon the hate towards her will only intensify...let’s be patient and stay positive for Johnny 🏴‍☠️
Melanie Cochrane
Melanie Cochrane:
What are you law and crime people thinking? It’s creepy? It’s haunting? Because she was so awful to him he doesn’t want to see her again? Those are words of someone that has been so badly hurt. I know the feeling well. It’s very hard to look at that someone and survivors will all say the same. In fact being in the same city is sometimes too close, or the same room. And then saying he’s not very likeable? Wow. Just wow. I may switch my channel
Verdict needs common sense and discernment by watching the person or the witnesses. Their behaviours and mannerisms while giving statements can be told if they are lying or not. In this case, people know who lied and I hope the juries were All Observant during testimonies.

Justice for Johnny Depp🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dr. Israel Vargas
Dr. Israel Vargas:
Gracias por traernos este juicio, Dios los bendiga! Saludos desde BOLIVIA!🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴
Fatima A
Fatima A:
It’s taking a long time because this isn’t a domestic violence case, it’s a defamation case. And after they prove she defamed him, they have to prove she did it with MALICE intent. She’s claiming to be an innocent part of the me too movement, and even if it seems obvious that she’s evil, there needs to be clear evidence she wanted to ruin his career this whole time. Maybe she just wanted to benefit hers. Don’t get me wrong I’m on Johnny’s side but I just wanted to explain why it could and would take long
Jewel Clarize Villanueva
Jewel Clarize Villanueva:
Someone in the jury must have been paid for the deliberation to take this long.
Kay D
Kay D:
Praying for JUSTICE for Johnny Depp! 🙏😇🕊️💗
Deborah deborah
Deborah deborah:
Thank you Jury! Johnny received justice! I am tearing up!
diamond mansion
diamond mansion:
if johnny lose i am going to be so upset because you can tell this gal is the abuser for crying out loud this man lost a finger what more do they need smh
The motion Ben Chew had which got rejected contained 2 things.

1st was: striking some of the things stated in the verdict form from Amber's legal team.

2nd one was a minor change in their own verdict form. Heres the direct quote from the change they wanted to make:

"Verdict Form that reads “The statement was false” should be
modified consistent with the language adopted by the Court in the finding instructions, to read as

follows: “The statement about Mr. Depp was false?”

This was the motion from Ben Chew the judge rejected. If anyone want to read exactly which things Ben wanted to strike from Amber's verdict i can send you the link for the full motion.
Lee Levin-Friend
Lee Levin-Friend:
Heard has lied so many times…it must be dizzying to the jurors…