VERIFY: Debunking the "Plandemic" viral video

The TEGNA Verify team found the viral 25-minute video is trying to push a narrative filled with falsehoods and a lack of evidence - leading reporter Jason Puckett to label it as disinformation.

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100+ comentarios:

"Youtube is banning it for spreading disinformation."
So youtube knows exactly whats correct about the virus? They should let us know!
Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc:
When every social media platform scrambles in panic to remove every trace of a video, you have to wonder who is really doing the lying...
Why do all these debunking videos have more dislikes than likes? Lmao!
Nice project mockingbird promoted by google.
Bl85 Laur
Bl85 Laur:
For the people that would like to make up their own minds: You can find videos that YouTube removes on Bitchute.
Andrew S
Andrew S:
Its easy to discern the truth when the acutual video in question is completely wiped off the internet
Clint Lovewinds
Clint Lovewinds:
Wow. This just proves they're trying to debunk and can't. I haven't watched it... but I'm definitely going to now.
Yakuza Ohtani
Yakuza Ohtani:
Noticed how the left “fact-check” bs that exposes them, yet they don’t fact-check themselves for their own lies.
Diane -di
Diane -di:
Nice try. We don't believe you and we've already shared "Plandemic" with our friends and family! What else you got?
Guillaume Audette
Guillaume Audette:
Debunked in 3 minutes by "REAL" studies !!?? So ok folks go hide and shake under your bed and wait for new instructions...orders.
The very fact that you cant watch plandemic is an alarm itself
NEWS died about 15 years ago and was replaced with media agenda.
John Justice
John Justice:
That’s why it has way more dislikes than likes
Fernando Ferreira
Fernando Ferreira:
“Conspiracy Theory” is a term made up by that CIA to steer people away from truth!
I, and I'm sure many others could equally make a video debunking everything in this 'VERIFY' video... as it's full of BS!
See!... all of us can play that game.
Jesus Freak
Jesus Freak:
"Conspiracy Theories" spread via 'Censorship'.
Evelyn Truman
Evelyn Truman:
Thank you for convincing me that the 'plandemic' is real.
Your Momma
Your Momma:
Why wouldn't both sides of the argument be left up beside one another for people to make their own decision? Don't need big-tech telling us what to believe
Salvador Tamayo
Salvador Tamayo:
🔴The Mafia is an organization of crime..

This guy: "Stop this! Al Capone said that was not true.. THEORY DEBUNKED
Hack Attack
Hack Attack:
How come when the main stream media reports misinformation, which is practically everyday, it's not taken down on social media platforms? But they were so quick to take this down. Im not saying you have to believe the Plandemic or not, just making a point.
Arthur McCann
Arthur McCann:
These opinions have been deemed suitable for your consumption by YouTube.
Grant Edmondson
Grant Edmondson:
You’re “debunking” her claims with military funded projects. Do you not see how that is not concrete proof? Scientist can be paid to day whatever the power structure needs them to say.
Luis Santillan
Luis Santillan:
You get more dislikes than likes that says it all! Go home ! !!! 😹
Farfars Favoriter -TriJ
Farfars Favoriter -TriJ:
"lets stop here this is false" im right ur wrong...
someone fact-check this joker... See US ARMY study on the “cytokine storm” ; soldiers rec’d flu vaccine, then got far worse reactions to seasonal disease.

“The AMA has warned that you could lose your medical license.” She did not say that “the AMA will revoke your license!”... Here is what Michigan Gov Whittmer told MI doctors regarding prescribing of hydroxychloroquine in The Detroit News:

“Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs literally threatened all doctors and pharmacists in the state who prescribe or dispense hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19.

The agency’s March 24 letter warns physicians and pharmacists of professional consequences for the prescribing of hydroxychloroquine (and chloroquine). Beyond the rational recommendation against hoarding as production of this medication needs to be ramped up, the letter deviates into open threats of “administrative action” against the licenses of doctors that prescribe hydroxychloroquine.”

Aurora Rain
Aurora Rain:
We all know its a PLANdemic stop trying to cover it up.
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez:
A 3 minute video that says something is false with out actually doing any study is disinformation in itself.
Jonathan Rollins
Jonathan Rollins:
We are all sheep out to be slaughtered. Main stream m media is huge part of the issue
Dave Perris
Dave Perris:
Funny how there’s an endless supply of ‘debunking’ videos about Plandemic, while YouTube blocks the actual film.
Any alarm bells ringing?
Johnny Jimenez
Johnny Jimenez:
Is this guy a doctor too?
No but put a blazer on him, he’ll be more believable
The REAL study by The Department of Defense lmao
Fauci and Patents, this was the important Question for me
Leandro Araújo
Leandro Araújo:
So... on YouTube, if you say:

"This is truth!" with no proof = Forbidden

but if you say:

"This is a lie!" with NO PROOF = Allowed

Don Camillo
Don Camillo:
If you have to censor, means you have to fear, means it must be true
Rene Brewster
Rene Brewster:
So. We are supposed to believe you? But not her.
Jason McKoy
Jason McKoy:
And this has nothing to do with race, religion, or sex!
Mr Mike
Mr Mike:
When you go through such extensive efforts to hide the film rather than allowing people to reach their own conclusions, it’s an immediate red flag. What is it that you have to hide??
Can you say “counter conspiracy!”
Your arguments are foolish, "according to this study" isnt enough to convince anyone. And you misquoted someone right after playing the clip. 😂 Nice try
Terri Bates
Terri Bates:
Nice try “young buck” who knows nothing. THE MESSAGE IS TRUE!
Joe N
Joe N:
just search for "Department of Defense Study"
Gnarly Old Goat Dude
Gnarly Old Goat Dude:
Looks like folks aren't buying what you're selling. Does it feel like a kick in the balls, putting so much effort into something, only to have it overwhelmingly disliked?
I want to make MY OWN Mind up please.. I want my misinformation. Seems funny how I've witnessed YouTube and all other big tech giants constantly silencing the truth tellers out there...

Wake up people.
the nobel price. The french doctor who discvered aids also think that the virus cannot be natural
Adam Cornish
Adam Cornish:
"Verify" has classified the entire video as disinformation by attempting to discredit 1% of the information it provided. Do a Google search for " US7776521B1 " as it was also provided by the video.
so this can be on here? The US government jumped on this quick....we the people!!!
Oscar Andrade
Oscar Andrade:
They also want gun control, watch YouTube video "innocents betrayed" the history of gun control
kimmie taylor
kimmie taylor:
It's ironic that a fake news channel trying to debunk truths!
Mattias Nordin
Mattias Nordin:
Should I be worried if there are more dislikes than likes?
Count DaMoney
Count DaMoney:
3:40 ... "... It's trying to push a narrative filled with falsehoods and a lack of evidence."
Which you have produced no evidence for, just quick-fire sentences to not let the viewer actually consider what you're saying.
I do not necessarily believe in any plandemic, however reactions like this tells me there's something there.
Science is all about getting theories out there, observation and evidence makes some theories stronger or weaker, successful people and societies advance by their choices.
Stop trying to prevent me from making my own choices.
abby oplinger
abby oplinger:
I will believe the doctors coming forward over a youtube junky who is being promoted by the people who don’t want the truth leaking! Smh. The doctors are being silenced every day with their videos being removed. Wake up!
Caramel Sweet
Caramel Sweet:
How come “debunking” videos can stay up but the actual video is taken down. The viral video is true and the censorship is real. The government isn’t for our best interest.
Eric John
Eric John:
Among the MANY fallacies and contradictions in Plandemic:
Either chloroquine works and it could save millions of lives but it's being kept from us from "Them"
Or, all the dead people from Italy were elderly and died from the flu vaccine which shows that COVID is all an evil plan designed to control humanity.
But you can't have it both ways.
Clayton, Cartozian
Clayton, Cartozian:
Wow, there is such an immense effort to "debunk" planedemic that I can't even find the original video! Lol
White Boy
White Boy:
Hard to believe your side of the story when you take down the other side of the debate.
Φρου Φρου
Φρου Φρου:
And who pops out of the woodworks? The chew
has ba rats 🥱
"Why do all these debunking videos have more dislikes than likes?" THEY DON'T, The second one I looked at has 89K Likes and 25K dislikes.
Alberto Casiano
Alberto Casiano:
I see how this works. I've been looking at all the comment sections in all the "debunking vids"...
ok so most comments are from people saying they are awake and see the damage control patterns in the censorship and the damage control debunk vids and the dislikes are above the likes... And the videos and articles are almost cut and pasted from one another...
I am so happy we have woke up finally.
But I see commenters claiming they lost someone. Or they claim that the video puts out misinformation or that it violates a rule.. almost scripted just like the articles and videos and the mass clogging of the internet and censorship... I see the "cut and paste" similarities in the debunking videos, articles, and comment section.. pay close attention. Cause they are working overtime and they think volume works and it usually does but they are making them all exactly the same and either completely wrong or just stating things just to steer people away from The anti vax BS. Yet they never speak of Fauci or Gates or any other valid points she makes.... They have articles telling people what to say and do if someone tries to share Plan demic movie and what sources to cite as well..... so I'm almost positive this happened with their minion news outlets and shill commenters to re steer the cows...
It's all damage control.
Rod Ion
Rod Ion:
This man bad. Hides stuff and shows stuff quickly, then moved on quickly, troll.
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory:
he looks like a younger and fatter bill gates
This seems odly propagandic. You know she speaks the truth
Sad another agent channel
What WOULD the fda/cdc/nih/etc. do if one of their employees became a whistleblower?
Leandros Kwstopoulos
Leandros Kwstopoulos:
I wouldn’t believe a politician looking mama’s boy even if he told me the biggest truth in the history of universe.
With great compassion I look at you, , ,,and I give blessing for the life you will live lost in your dream
Raphael Mota
Raphael Mota:
What a deplorable role YouTube (altogether the whole media) is playing. Dictatorship. Censorship. Taking the people for kids. Thats when you see How Cornered they are.
You just cant block out the Sun with your hands. its useless. The Truth reveals itself and the Sun Will expose you.
Bravo Six
Bravo Six:
The Rain Shimmers
The Rain Shimmers:
Interesting that videos like this fill the youtube search algorithm, as if after systematically deleting all reverent clips of Dr Judy Mikovits, someone at youtube pinned every single anti-Mikovitz video to the search results for her interview “Plandemic”

This one like most of the top results are actually very unpopular, some with a 5:1 dislike:like ratio... I have never seen the youtube algorithm work this way to provide the most unpopular videos to the top of the search results
J J:
One could argue this video takes her out of context; you get half a sentence before the big red "X" comes up. She wasn't wrong when she said hospitals are getting $13k for each patient, $39k for each patient on a ventilator. She wasn't wrong about the patent issues with discoveries made using tax dollars, allowing a non-scientist like Bill Gates with to do what he does, etc. I see nothing wrong with a video like this that attempts to "debunk," the issue is taking down the original video and only leaving this. Always be fearful of those doing the silencing; not those being silenced.
The $1500 have been deposited to your bank account. Thank you again for your cooperation - Big Pharma
Hysterical how this panics TPTB. Let the masses decide for themselves.
Leo Luna
Leo Luna:
Once again. A 3rd person who says the plandemic is bs and they have less likes than dislikes....that should tell you something.
winnie poo
winnie poo:
They're really going hard on debunking this video. They're not doing a great job at it.
When you tear out someone's tongue you dont prove youre point ,only prove you fear what they have to say ?
Mercy Chanter
Mercy Chanter:
Bradley Swanson
Bradley Swanson:
I want that 3 minutes back.
Lij MC
Lij MC:
Who is this Joker and whos paying him
Telmo R.
Telmo R.:
I wonder who paid this guy to make this video? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Maiztro Chepe
Maiztro Chepe:
Dislikes > Likes: Nice!
Turbo Jones
Turbo Jones:
Thank you for doing this. I know you're wrong, so this video is a great reason to ignore you.
Gábor Kiss
Gábor Kiss:
I really hope that all guns will be verified to work, that will be used for execution of such shills, when their time for lying is up. I am talking about you, '"verification team".
Francisco cantu
Francisco cantu:
How about letting me watch the video so I can make up my own mind ?
This reminds me the show containment
Survival of the Fittest
Survival of the Fittest:
Do you not feel gross, being this much of a shill?!
Jamie McConnell
Jamie McConnell:
This guys a plug😂
Bad Ape
Bad Ape:
Andile Meshack
Andile Meshack:
You just say this is misinformation without evidence...who do you think you are, a dictator?
Jake Knights
Jake Knights:
Wait! I thought they said it was 5G?
Nabeel Zafar
Nabeel Zafar:
its interesting that there is no view regarding this plandemic in the recommendation on the right
Was gonna say, video seemed a bit too anti vax for me to feel comfortable with it
Rubber Ring
Rubber Ring:
And we should believe you why? Because you think you're an authority?
TreK 000
TreK 000:
Debunking a video using more lies. Another paid troll.
Doe Joe
Doe Joe:
Big brother YouTube the censorship platform. YouTube is smarter than we are. They decide what we see.
Elite Petite
Elite Petite:
RIP Dr. Li...💐😢
Li Wenliang: Coronavirus whistleblower doctor
Xandy Boi
Xandy Boi:
So you delete the actual video but leave the ones that "debunk it". The Streisand Effect is strong with this one.
Jort Anquer
Jort Anquer:
Funny how you took different parts mix it with a live interview.. so what your saying is there was a study in 2017 when there was find no proof of that vaccins could increase other virus..but there is also no proof that it can!

There is no scientific proof being showed about any of the claims made in the film. debunked what?

And that from a youtubechannel of the BIGGEST Mediaconcern in the United States.

Follow me, KARE 11 = is an NBC-affiliated television station = owned by Comcast Corporation.

Do your own research people
For our kids.
Censorship- says it all- there are those who are seeking to suppress the truth., including you.
Michael Burkhard
Michael Burkhard:
Lol this guy acted like he debunked the video when he cited four points one of which was literally from an out of context video. And if you do even a little bit of research you can debunk his “debunkings.” These are truly scary times in this country.
where is the original video? i wanna watch and take my owm conclusions. thanks.
Vikas Miraje
Vikas Miraje:
I really want to know the biology behind using the mask activates the virus! 😂😂😂

I can't even imagine the level of stupidity if anyone fell for that.