Version 1.0 Gameplay Trailer|Genshin Impact

·Free exploration in an open world
·Strategic combat based on elemental interactions
·A shared adventure with a colorful cast of companions

"Windborne Outlander, as you set off on your journey once again, you must remember that the journey itself has meaning."

#GenshinImpact #miHoYo

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this'll be nostalgic someday
esther st. aude
esther st. aude:
Coming back after four months is so weird. The game's grown so much in so little time...
Ethan Cotton
Ethan Cotton:
To anyone thinking that these are just preview graphics, you are wrong. The game looks like this, it is amazing.
Great job MiHoYo!
Zhong Xina
Zhong Xina:
can't believe its almost a year and now
we are going to inazuma
our journey will be long and long fellow travelers

Rip for potato phone users
“You must remember that the journey itself has meaning”
1 day later: everyone is at endgame with a full team of 5* characters in the best gear possible.
“Wait, what journey?”
Venti's "Time for takeoff" in this version sounds so violent in comparison to the one in the game it made me shiver with goosebumps
Kevin Dela Cruz
Kevin Dela Cruz:
1:09 You are very missed, Barbara's energetic voice.
Moby Huge
Moby Huge:
Everyone literally speed running towards the end game while I'm here having a blast doing nothing but exploring every bit of the 20% map size I've unlocked
Carl Abujen
Carl Abujen:
"The adventure has meaning"

Don't rush quests, and enjoy the experience
aya mazaya
aya mazaya:
I really love how it's Jean's "I swear by my sword" immediately continued with Keqing's "with sword comes shadow!" Idk just hits different 😭
Muhammad Hidayat
Muhammad Hidayat:
This game is really immersive. I almost forget the main mission cuz exploring the world in the game is so much interesting and fun, a lot of thing can pop up out of nowhere.
1:15 They changed the delivery of Venti's ult line. It sounds more powerful, but I like the current one more since it sounds cuter.
Every one:spamming archon quests
Me: enjoying all side quest and exploration
Came back after first anniversary. I gotta say in this one year I had lots of fun with genshin and sometimes it was boring but hey let's be honest it was still the part of our journey. I hope genshin steps up this year and becomes even more amazing than it already is~ keep it up mihoyo, keep doing your best.
Fancy (Padoru) Penguin
Fancy (Padoru) Penguin:
The nostalgic feeling hits like a bus in steroids, I still remember the days I would just spent hours and hours exploring the whole map finding and taking a screenshot of the beautiful sceneries and not doing any quest whatsoever.
Remember guys: Paimon is just emergency food 😇
Don’t worry I’m just a regular guy
Don’t worry I’m just a regular guy:
Honestly I was just curious about this game and I had no idea what it was about aside from being an RPG from the trailers I keep on seeing during ads.

I’m so glad me and my friends downloaded it. Now we’ve been playing for hours. One of the best if not the best F2P game I’ve ever played and I honestly would’ve payed for this game since it’s so good
_ D1N4148
_ D1N4148:
no meta talks or anything, just plain enjoyment of the content

i certainly miss those times
Holger Bienek
Holger Bienek:
1:02 "Prinzessin der Verurteilung"
germans: *recovering from critical hit on pronunciation*
“Venti? The bard that sits around doong nothing all day?”
“He was once such a gentle child…now so full of rage and suffering…” I died lol
I started to play genshin this week, i dont know why i didn't play it before, it's so beautiful and amazing, what a epic game.
inazuma is out omg I can't- never thought I would feel nostalgia from stormteror quest 😭
Akshy .S
Akshy .S:
Wow, can’t believe we’re already at 2.0
I wonder how great 3.0 will be
Nathan Widjaja
Nathan Widjaja:
Barbara and Venti are literally just screaming their ult
Damn it's been almost a year since this was released. Now we're in 2.1
this feels nostalgic, when paimon actually had a brain in the first quests...
I already feel nostalgic. Can't wait to come back to this in a couple years and see how much more the game has grown.
Arturo Romero
Arturo Romero:
when i saw the ads i thought it was going to be another Raid game but this is actually probably the best free to play game i have played to this date
Felix Raycher
Felix Raycher:
Here I am, day one player, one year after.
Thank you for making such a breathtaking game, Mihoyo.
Jake Yeoh
Jake Yeoh:
This will still be my favourite OST from the game and the fact it was performed by the concert made me so happi
I was waiting for the day this genshin impact become like an official sword art online anime where you can dive into this virtual world. animation is so sick.
Iris Giles
Iris Giles:
This game is beautiful, truly a masterpiece. Considering the quality, it's a miricle it actually works on mobile
Annita Eleanor
Annita Eleanor:
Watching this after the 1 year anniversary video that dropped 3 days ago 🥺🤧😭 I'm so glad I stumbled upon this game & predownload just in time, it's overall a wonderful experience
Basement Dweller
Basement Dweller:
This game is actually very fun. I highly recommend playing it.
o h
o h:
Notice how genshin didnt sugarcoat and just showed what really was in the game? I love genshin ads
Started yesterday, really surprised! this game is a GEM!!! I just really hope that they will keep update and keep the game fresh.
This game is so detailed!!! I downloaded a month ago and their I thought I was being tricked again but no! For once a game trailer that actually sticks to the plot of the game😊 You know they did something right ✅
G ~
G ~:
Anyone else watching this video after seeing the version 2.0 trailer?
This is already nostalgic now bro, so imagine how this feeling will be when we finish the story of the game...
Heartless Lucas
Heartless Lucas:
This game is incredible to say the least. I've been playing with a few of my friends every single day since release and we are all completely in love with the game and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this absolute GEM of a free game. Everyone should at least give it a try.
S. Ellen
S. Ellen:
Ngl when I started the game I was expecting it to be a lot like Honkai Impact, I was definitely surprised but super amazed with the quality of the graphics as always with Mihoyo. They never disappoint. 👏😌
This game is so fun it makes me cry sometimes at how good it is it might sound cheesy but yes it’s a great game 100000000000/10 I love it so much
Lucas Rafa
Lucas Rafa:
Gostei muito do jogo, tem uma trilha sonora muito boa, da pra fazer muita coisa e da pra jogar no Pc e no celular. Jogo perfeito
Nex Cipher
Nex Cipher:
Geez I love how the music ramps up during Jean's elemental Burst followed by Keqing's... damn, goosebumps
Honestly, this game actually shows that you can put a lot of effort into a mobile game and I'm really happy with that

Too bad my phone will spontaneously combust the moment it tried to play it
Beltran Ramírez Alexis
Beltran Ramírez Alexis:
El juego está súper bien optimizado, y creo que será mi juego favorito en móviles UwU
0:56. Andrius saying that line is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.
Matthew Rodriguez
Matthew Rodriguez:
I played it since it came out and it's really fun and the graphics are stunning and the pre register bonuses are good highly recommend to play.
Só presisa de uma otimização aí fica perfeito 😎👌
Master Dementer
Master Dementer:
Been playing for 2 days now, one of the best MMO's on Mobile and considering its cross platform, it's just incredible. I thought Black Desert Mobile was the best so far until now, but this can change it. It is fully Open World unlike the BDM which is like in parts of places.
ImZhiro Zagiry
ImZhiro Zagiry:
Así es como realmente se hace un verdadero super entretenido juegaso!!! Super recomendado!!
Wow! This feels so nostalgic now
whoa...the nostalgia hits hard
sono _
sono _:
Man this really is nostalgic, I think this trailer was what pushed me to play genshin lol. I have slight chills.
Flávio Antônio
Flávio Antônio:
Cadê p público do Brasil, jogando o Genshin, o game está realmente maravilhoso!!! 👋🏻👋🏻
Ian Ira
Ian Ira:
I always love how light and nostalgic this is.
Mexican Frog
Mexican Frog:
Aight i just wanna put some tips here for some players might add some more 1.use elemental attacks like water and electrical stuff i think fire and electrical do some damage 2. Your always gonna need more cuz the higher you go the more you gotta pay i learned this the hard way 3. Mark some stuff like maybe theres a area that you want to see but its too far away or your low level the mark it to come back i think theres some youtube videos about some places to search for i dunno 4. Always have a healer i dont know if this is obvious i mean most of my tips are kinda obvious but a healer is crucial to the party because in some fights i think when u enter a domain i dunno you cant heal with food so a healer is good for the team5. Use your resin your life will get so much easier if u use resin and u never want it capped 6. Just found this out like a minute ago but use a site called interactive genshin impact map i think thats what it called it tells you where all the important areas are and where to find some resources
This game is just super! Best game! I recommend everyone to play this wonderful game, beautiful graphics, interesting plot and gameplay, convenient controls, and much more. It's a pity that this game is not supported on my device, as the "play market" tells me, so I had to download it through the browser. Freezes a bit, but worth it!
Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd
Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd:
Hard to believe it's been a year since it first came out.
So ambitious and so much potential!
ah, the good old days.
Danilo Alves
Danilo Alves:
Que jogo lindo!
Kaichou Kirishima
Kaichou Kirishima:
this game is amazing....even at lowest settings it still looks good imo....

that gives Honkai a run for its money
Paimon - *Exist*

Adventurer - "All I see is food for the coming winter."
It's already so nostalgic

Edit: We are in 2.0
Michelle ;;
Michelle ;;:
this feels so nostalgic omg
Carlos Animax
Carlos Animax:
For this moment, I really fun with this game. <3

I hope it continues like this
Welington xd
Welington xd:
Jogo sensacional vocês estão de parabéns.
Probably the only f2p game I might willingly spend money on lootboxes. Cause the quality, sound, gameplay and replayability of this game is just incredible. I know they'll make their profits eventually on monetization, but to think this game is even free is just criminal. Props to the team and studio!
Ken Ivan Soligam
Ken Ivan Soligam:
1:15 Venti's old voice in his Ult
Mihoyo should launch a console version of Honkai Impact too. The game is amazing!
Revo Vamp
Revo Vamp:
Excelente juego :-) felicidades por crearlo
Wonder Sloth
Wonder Sloth:
Me: oh this game looks cool and high graphics
My phone: my time has come
I heart about this game before, but I didn't even know that he had premiere in last month and when I download, started playing it and watching some guides, I was shocked how this game got me and I'm enjoying playing it so much now.
Joel Scheen
Joel Scheen:
A DLC with the Honkai Impact Cast would be amazing.
I would pay for it
fog machine
fog machine:
Why does every genshin trailer give me chills omg.
Pablito SnTx
Pablito SnTx:
I played botw,and i have to say that is a great game,but there is not reason to hate this game,yes,the art looks similar,but is a game with a lot of personality,and has very beatiful designs of city's.
High Low
High Low:
On a 10-hour streak and still not getting tired. I love this game.
We didn’t ask for this but we absolutely appreciate this 1000%

This trailer is amazing
Musashi Okami
Musashi Okami:
First day and I can't stop playing! Thanks for a great game!
Это прекрасно. Спасибо за игру.
Clumsy Thumbz
Clumsy Thumbz:
Game looks great. This is good candidate for clay figure creation. Any suggestion for which character to do best?
Farhan Husain
Farhan Husain:
this "let's dance" already nostalgic 🙂
Devoid Buckler
Devoid Buckler:
Tip for everyone when the server open play it 30 hours a day xD
Maria Jibran
Maria Jibran:
This will be nostalgic one day and I'm not ready for it!
Once I get to the end-game, while waiting for new updates I'd happily create a new account to relive some great moments in the Archon Quests.
Every character's personality and design is just so enjoyable!.. Though I'd have to do some grinding again, but it gives me something to do ^^
Game looks absolutely stunning, I'll give you that.
D-land Arrese
D-land Arrese:
This game is so amazing, fun and interesting
Mumbles is fat
Mumbles is fat:
Look at how far we've come lads, but our journey isn't over yet.

There will be pain and suffering
There will be joy and happiness

But there is one thing much that is certain, the journey has merely begun.
Ron Adrian
Ron Adrian:
Came here after 2.0 trailer. Goddamn its been a while
The graphics and the world remind me of BOTW. It's worth it to try! ^^
We will remember this game for many years
pelon de breiser
pelon de breiser:
en simples palabras el juego es una maldita maravilla y estaria mas que dispuesto a apoyar economicamente al juego ( aunque sea de escasos recursos)
Вы всё сделали очень классно сделайте оптимизацию для снапов семисотой линейки
EMl Il
EMl Il:
I can believe that its only been 2months since this game is released I've been grinding everyday and still at ar43
INFinite Gam3rD
INFinite Gam3rD:
We just got the 2.1 trailer... the game has gone so far in just a year... I can't imagine what it'll look like after the 10 years of planning they have
Yeah, this is definitely worth a shot. I would recommend not overlooking this game!
I'm loving the game so far! My little concern is that I want to be able to change the key mapping for both keyboard and mause and controller. Pc version, of course.
Rodrigo Demartini
Rodrigo Demartini:
Amazing game! the PT-BR translation is amazing! Obrigado!