VfL Bochum vs. FC Bayern Munich 1-2 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal 2019/20 | 2nd Round

Enjoy the highlights of VfL Bochum vs. FC Bayern Munich from the 2nd Round of the DFB-Pokal 2019/20.

Goals: 1-0 Davies (36’ OG), 1-1 Gnabry (83’), 1-2 Müller (89’)

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German Football
German Football:
Watch all Highlights of the DFB Cup: https://go.dfb.de/dfb_cup_playlist
R Mo
R Mo:
Nuer giving everyone a damn heart attack playing mid field 🙄
Posh Raptortye
Posh Raptortye:
This is why we can't give up Muller he will fight every time till the last moment for the shirt!
M fzn al-hafidz
M fzn al-hafidz:
Glad to see Muller scored again
Late Night In Paris
Late Night In Paris:
Muller. Love the man👏👏👏
Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell:
I had higher expectations for Kovac, but lately his tactics have seemed very sloppy, as we have been barely winning/not losing our last few matches. I hope he figures out the sweet spot and gets our team rolling as it should again
dong jun moon
dong jun moon:
Müller is best. We always wanna Müller
Lord Pilgrim Engineering
Lord Pilgrim Engineering:
I love Bayern's Long ball play 😊😊😊
Willian Manoel
Willian Manoel:
Obrigado Bayern 😍😍😍
Robson Everaldo
Robson Everaldo:
Uma vergonha a arbitragem para favorecer o Bayern
John Legend
John Legend:
BRAVO Bayern München!
David Cai
David Cai:
Kimmich's defense is a disaster.
Hamze Muhumed
Hamze Muhumed:
Gnarby 🔥
John Legend
John Legend:
FORZA Bochum!
Ose Irabor
Ose Irabor:
Muller's goal ensured I win my bet yesterday.
Natsu Kiiroi
Natsu Kiiroi:
Bochum doesn't look like bottom team from Bundesliga 2 while Bayern doesn't look like the league leader from Bundesliga 1 They're same level LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ayush prod
Ayush prod:
This is a team that we respect remember this name BAYERN [email protected]
بنت الموب MOB مولودية بجاية
بنت الموب MOB مولودية بجاية:
Bochum 1848 😍💕
l chan
l chan:
Neuer 💪
Shea Culshaw
Shea Culshaw:
Bella - kochap is such a talent
Naimur Sharon
Naimur Sharon:
Hey man, if we want to see the goals we can see it from apps. There were sime amazing chances created by the players which we want to see. Make these highlights 10minuts long. 3minutes long highlights are useless. Make it like you made that Frankfurt vs Bayern pokal final. 😡😡😡
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie:
Good game
Apostol Zoica
Apostol Zoica:
Bayern the winner of the champions league 2020
John Gillis
John Gillis:
Lewa got frustrated up to the point he pushed back and playmade the attack from middle.
B Foh Bishal
B Foh Bishal:
Did you notice 2:38? 😂😂😂😂😂🤣 lol
Bilal Ya
Bilal Ya:
super bayern!
Abderahim Sedfi
Abderahim Sedfi:
Bayer Munich meilleur équipe du monde
Aiie on voit vraiment que sans Lucas Hernandez en défense c'est compliquer
Jesse and 9.000 others
Jesse and 9.000 others:
These matches just show that Kovac doesnt want to play offensive. Just learn from Pep at City and maybe we will finally win a Champions League again...
This was a humiliating affair and no Bayern fan should take any pleasure from the grisly spectacle.
2:47 The devil
sepri s
sepri s:
not a good performance from bayern but they are through afterall. sholuld play better next round
Mick USA
Mick USA:
Lewandowski is the best player in the world.
Fuat Kara
Fuat Kara:
Omg fixing match 😮
Olenga Kévin Shonda
Olenga Kévin Shonda:
Muller 😂
ronald lima
ronald lima:
Coutinho que deu a assistência??
BVB 09
BVB 09:
bochum u had one job defende for 7 mins jesus christ
Abdulloh Ahmad Badawi
Abdulloh Ahmad Badawi:
Bayern Struggling while leipzig having fun scoring
So undeserved.. AS always
Mohd Jaber
Mohd Jaber:
Yes ❤️❤️
Good to see that talents like Davies get playtime, got his goal
KNS _16
KNS _16:
Galip Selvi
Galip Selvi:
Bayern playing with 1. Team is a joke
mask way
mask way:
muller a like inzhagi
Ruben van Vugt
Ruben van Vugt:
Дмитрий Давидчук
Дмитрий Давидчук:
Kovac in!!!
I am alt right
I am alt right:
Neuer is going to regret playing defensive midfield one of these days........
F U2
F U2:
Funny number 37 was sent off ...
Into a bunker under the field...😅😅😅😅
maybe one of Hitler's secret escape tunnels ...🤣🤣🤣
karya kayu jepara Karya kayu jepara
karya kayu jepara Karya kayu jepara:
Bayern munchen
James Ebola
James Ebola:
Someone has to tell young Bayern defender not to play defense facing his own goal. If he does and the ball gets to him, it is going into the goal, no matter what part of his body he uses to hit it.
Marcos Vinícius
Marcos Vinícius:
Quero Pocchetino
Pepijn Janssen
Pepijn Janssen:
Osei tu-tu🤣
Женя Лопушко
Женя Лопушко:
Не понимаю немецкий
Trike Phalon
Trike Phalon:
Till 83 minute 95% of german football fans were happy
Luis Walter Alvarado Alania
Luis Walter Alvarado Alania:
Athala Parlambang
Athala Parlambang:
Holstein Kiel
Ran Jons
Ran Jons:
sanket khatiwada
sanket khatiwada:
Foolish coach of bay
Demz 33
Demz 33:
Fathir Haqiem
Fathir Haqiem: