Video shows Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha on the night three protestors were shot

A 17-year-old self-styled militia member has been charged in the shooting deaths of two people and the wounding of a third during protests in Kenosha after a police shooting.

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jebus kast
jebus kast:
i love how he was trying to run from the situation and they started chasin attack him like they really didnt expect him to protect him self
"Someone call the police!" ❓
Fresh Tokes
Fresh Tokes:
Poor guy didn't realize the skateboards stats got nerfed and got himself killed
Babe the pig
Babe the pig:
The whole mob was going to beat him...he defended himself
Nathan Wind
Nathan Wind:
Rittenhouse converted two "mostly peaceful protesters" into "mostly resting in peace protesters."
Thowedwitit Ent
Thowedwitit Ent:
They bleeped out the part where the guy yelled "Get his gun"!
John Wayne
John Wayne:
They thought he was not capable of shooting in order to kill, that was their mistake.
SonOfA Biscuit
SonOfA Biscuit:
"Let's attack a guy with a rifle strapped to his chest, whats the worst that could happen?"
Aditya Narayan
Aditya Narayan:
The more I watch this video, the more I think the boy was in the right.
Frank Verton
Frank Verton:
The knucklehead that was holding the pistol in his right hand, I believe he's going to have to start practicing with his left hand.
Water Sheep
Water Sheep:
So a person who slowly raises a gun towards someones head execution style is a protestor?
He was running a simple SCAV run in tarkov to fend off rats, luckily he made it to the extraction zone. GG EZ recked.
Carjack Malone
Carjack Malone:
Nobody deserved to die but they certainly forfeited their right to live.
Sergio Beltran
Sergio Beltran:
20 minutes earlier he was giving medical aid to some of the protesters. He didn't go there to kill. The media is truly evil!
Brennan W
Brennan W:
Pretty dumb to attack someone armed without a weapon. Got what they deserved.
Isreal Chagolla
Isreal Chagolla:
Dude in the black hoodie was guna beat him with a bat . Until Dude started letting shots go. He said ight ima head out lol
Clearly self defense.
Vlone Vlone
Vlone Vlone:
When will America realize these sport team politics are all being control by 1 group to divide the country
k t
k t:
I experienced a home invasion once where I had to use my firearm and act in self-defense. I would say Kyle acted in self-defense, he did try deescalate the situation by walking away and he was forced to because he feared for his life.
He turned himself in to the police. This shows a lot
L R:
He did the right things attempt to get away and then when he was really pinned down in danger then pop off the shots
Ibrahim Tarawally
Ibrahim Tarawally:
I'm black & I'm 17 as well and I would've done the same...mind you there's a mob of protesters chasing him and attacking him from all angles...if he hadn't done something he would've been beaten up brutally or even killed. Yall go (surprised Pikachu face) that the kid opened fire at y'all for attacking him and reaching for his weapon????.
*Don't try to play the victim*

When the cops came... you hear him say "dude right here just shot someone" but you don't hear him say we was attacking him.🤦🏾‍♂️
Michael Needles
Michael Needles:
He's clearly protecting his self
ALL THREE attacked him first. ALL THREE were violent convicted criminals. Rosembaum did 13 years in prison for raping a minor.
Levi McElravy
Levi McElravy:
Clear cut case of self-defense.
Josh Lambert
Josh Lambert:
Love how the "peaceful" protesters call out for help, and yell at the police they want to defund that Kyle shot protesters. People say Kyle is a white supremacists because he was "running towards" people wanting to shoot them yet in a video he stated that he had his rifle because he was going into a danger zone to protect businesses, and in another video before this happened he was seen taking out a dumpster fire with a fire extinguisher, and the "peaceful" protesters were going to flip it on police cruisers, and they got mad and in retaliation they started destroying the gas station, was Kyle in the wrong for this?? I think not.
Michael Delcambre
Michael Delcambre:
Funny how everybody screaming to get him until he starts busting some caps. Clowns
Transcend Movement
Transcend Movement:
BFRM Talks
BFRM Talks:
Notice how the guy with his hands up isn't shot at.
Douglas Hawkins
Douglas Hawkins:
At 31 seconds, when Rittenhouse was retreating down the street, you hear at least 8 more shots. Who, what, where did they come from?
Jason Rockwell
Jason Rockwell:
This was all because Kyle put out a dumpster fire with a fire extinguisher. That's the part they won't tell you.
The hypocrisy of these “protesters” is nonpareil.
I find it interesting how they covered all the parts of people yelling shit like “get his ass”
Rmc jake
Rmc jake:
Honestly call it self defense. Everyone was coming after him. If I had a group of people coming after me with one visibly showing a gun I'm shooting them too.
idk who i am honest
idk who i am honest:
He had the right to protect himself, no doubt, i mean he was boutta get killed by these doods it was a kill or be killed situation.
lets straight up the facts: these are not Protesters, these are rascals
Robert Kuhns
Robert Kuhns:
If thats how the rioter"peaceful protesters" react to one young man with a gun fighting back how are they gonna handle 10,000 armed men with guns.
It is in self defense, we all know that, no one is going to manipulate us
Rosanna Flores
Rosanna Flores:
2020 is like playing Resident Evil in the hardest difficulty
salman adan
salman adan:
The man was defending him self from those left backed by Liberals , he did the right thing I hope he get realise
Caleb Seeber
Caleb Seeber:
Self Defense, justified 1,000%. Cry all you want this is reality when you attack an armed guy trying to run away. If you think otherwise go drink a bottle of bleach and go back to Twitter.
He was obviously defending his own life.
God Bless Hip Hop
God Bless Hip Hop:
I just saw a video of this kid punching a young girl in the head multiple times. SMH Thumbs up if you think a woman or girl should NEVER be hit by a male..
ChArLiE BeAtZ:
I'm Black and I support the kid!!👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
atheia kid
atheia kid:
What a country. Looks like a dystopia.
Holy Moly's Donut Shop!
Holy Moly's Donut Shop!:
They told him to go home. He turned himself in to Antioch pd
Oh my god why did this look like a apocalypse game trailer?
Will M
Will M:
What is this title? They're not protestors if they're trying to bash your brains.
Thawra 95
Thawra 95:
Only 17, this young man is a warrior. If you snowflakes in America won't have him, please send him to Somalia, we will adopt him. I personally would have emptied the clip.
Atl Chopperz
Atl Chopperz:
Technically all I saw was someone defending himself
Brandon Kruse
Brandon Kruse:
“MEDIC!” That part cracks me tf up every time 😂
"NEED A MEDIC!" *Kyle turns around with his first aid kit*
Don Awesome
Don Awesome:
Lesson learned. Don't chase someone who's holding a firearm.
vinny vega
vinny vega:
Sportz Ninja News
Sportz Ninja News:
Kyle rittenhouse is a hero
BloodRedMoose Isn’t short
BloodRedMoose Isn’t short:
The third guy shot was about to shoot kyle in the head
Heidi H
Heidi H:
It's like the walking dead but with running
K H:
dude was running up on him with a bat, and slowly backed away as the rounds started popping off 😂
idiot larpers crying for help when shit gets real
This is exactly why protesting at night is a bad idea
Can't stop watching Kyle's beautiful work! Hope to buy him a drink someday.
420 Nigward
420 Nigward:
“Hey he just shot them” 🤣this boi
Oh and btw purely self defence
Hemaraj YN Gowda.
Hemaraj YN Gowda.:
Police let him go even after he tells that he shot someone. 😂🤣
Jimmy Freeman
Jimmy Freeman:
all I see is a man defending himself against criminals who want to "get his ass". SELF DEFENSE
Mark Brown
Mark Brown:
Maybe now the terrorists will think twice before they attack an armed guy .
On the bright side he took out a child rapist and serial woman beater
Gerald Perry
Gerald Perry:
It looks like he was defending himself. You should not run after someone with a weapon.
Creek Nation
Creek Nation:
Nik Clark, president and CEO of Wisconsin Carry, a gun rights advocacy group, who instructs classes for those obtaining concealed carry permits, thinks Rittenhouse followed the principles of such courses.

"We teach to retreat when possible," Clark said. "He's fleeing, but the threat follows him." He thought Rittenhouse showed restraint in not immediately shooting one of the people he later shot in the elbow after the man first halted his approach to Rittenhouse and then lunged at him.
Edgar Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez:
100% self defense they should be arresting his attackers !!!!!!!!!!
ry bear
ry bear:
s sandus
s sandus:
He had 27 more rounds and decided that the threat was over. Mass shooter would have lit everyone up
That guy killed the minimum amount of "protesters" that he needed to in order to survive.
Heroic level of calm.
Matthew Crone fishing and fish keeping
Matthew Crone fishing and fish keeping:
Funny how BLM people are begging from help from police
Will I am
Will I am:
Did you see that dude getting chased down by anarchists and ONLY make it out alive because he exercised his second amendment right?
Rodrigo Pulgar
Rodrigo Pulgar:
Heroe, Greetings from Chile, South America....
vinny vega
vinny vega:
John Doe
John Doe:
Oh now they start running. The way I see it, it was 100% self defense. Let that man go!
Sara Robnett
Sara Robnett:
He makes my heart happy.
Mikey Turnpaugh
Mikey Turnpaugh:
I love how alot of people are calling rioters protesters, when they clearly don't care about this country.and yet those same people are calling whistleblowers terrorist.people have no idea what this country stands for anymore.
Ry O
Ry O:
Interesting, YouTube is taking down other videos on this showing the full breakdown. They don’t want you to know the truth.
Well I mean if you’re going to assault a guy that has a gun and is willing to shoot, it’s just your own fault isn’t it?
Alexander Andreev
Alexander Andreev:
"Protestors"?🤦🏻‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ hypocrisy. That dude has done everything right.
Dude with a gun is retreating and they chase him down why? Sad way for it to end. How is the media not reporting that he was chased. CNN can pound sand
so many people ran at him until he turned around with his gun. the first guy to get to him, AS SOON as he turned. the guy backed up, put up his hands and bolted. the other guys went in to attack him
What kind of jackass brings a skateboard to a gun fight.
Gerardo Encinas
Gerardo Encinas:
0:18 the kid actually defended really well
cobra superagente
cobra superagente:
Legitimate defense without a doubt
The top is laughing at all of us killing eachother
Kirk Claybrook
Kirk Claybrook:
Hingle McCringleberry
Hingle McCringleberry:
Kyle forgot to deploy his UAV after his 3-kill streak
Briana Scott
Briana Scott:
Anybody noticing Kyle kicking his leg forward when he stumbled to the ground 18 seconds in? Defense mechanism. The world knows that if he would of been beaten to death with that skateboard, the world would mourn the loss of that 17 yr old who was "sadly beaten to death by a leftist skater" or something like that
Erick Guimaraes
Erick Guimaraes:
O Kyle foi heróico!
Reyes R Tellez
Reyes R Tellez:
He acted in self-defense and if he's convicted, there will be an even bigger problem than what's gone down these last few months.
Francisco Alejandre
Francisco Alejandre:
Comments are being disabled for most outlets covering this, and they only show this clip without context.
MrMom Father independent entrepreneur eCommerce own online store
MrMom Father independent entrepreneur eCommerce own online store:
"the crazy night rioters with no common sense"! why is an old ass skateboarder thinks his board will stop a Bullet. sorry for the guy .your a grown Man! you got to be responsible for your own action! take care of your family first! not walk all night long on the street looking for trouble. I am from Cali I used to skateboard too when I was 13 to16 same style clothes baggie pants and long tee shirt hoodie nice vans always carrying my full of spray paint in my backpack and my favorite baseball cap! I grew up and wise up lol!and I am a Latino man I do love my country America. But Why are democrats are just watching this on there iPhone or tv. they do nothing again! this is a Democrat mayors job to protect the people and city. I will vote for Trump 2020 for Nov.
Joseph Kinser
Joseph Kinser:
nicely done young man. you will have more friends than anyone realizes
I wish I could say: Kyle could have been my son....
I think He was realy Well trained He handelt that better then so many cops would have had crazy how you can blame someone that is only defending himself from a big Mob.
Alberto Guillén
Alberto Guillén:
Good job Kyle 👏🏻! We need more Kyles
Glen Whatley
Glen Whatley:
They were trying to capture him when he started threatening them with the gun.
Mr Shinybald
Mr Shinybald:
I love it... the defund the police people screaming for the police's help