Vingegaard WAITS After Tadej Pogacar Descent Crash | Tour de France 2022 Stage 18

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The Rush Effect
The Rush Effect:
I won't take anything away for Vingegaard or even Pogacar.......but WVA has had the most impressive performance in any tour I have ever seen. He has done everything that a single cyclist can do to help his team. He is unbelievable!
Vingegaard being a real gentleman before going in for kill. And what about van Aart, complete beastmode.
Enemy Crab
Enemy Crab:
I like Vingegaard and Pogacar so much as cyclists and personalities in very different ways, and it's been an absolute delight watching them battle it out at the top of the GC.
Brian Berry
Brian Berry:
The behaviour and performances by Pogacar, Vingegaard and WVA have been exactly what cycling needs right now. Its been a good year for cycling overall but good sportsmanship and great performances make such an impact.
THFC Comps
THFC Comps:
Vingegaard is such a deserving winner. This is the tour that just keeps on giving. What a race. How can you not love this sport?
Bruno Maia
Bruno Maia:
Finally 😂 I refuse going to bed without your review.. ( and I saw the complete race). cheers and keep them coming
Rob McIlroy
Rob McIlroy:
Great analysis throughout the tour as always. WvA is something else, we need more versatile riders like him.
Jamie Aniston
Jamie Aniston:
Hermosa elección 18KISSX.UNO
de los mejores conciertos❤
22:22 Senada: "Hermoso"
22:22 Megan: "Hotter"
22:22 Hopi: "Sweeter"
22:22 Yoongi: "Butter"
22:22 Amor: "Momentos"
22:22 Alfiora: "Preety"
22:22 Alana: "Awesome"
22:22 Joonie: "Cooler"
22:22 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no
puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla,se que estuvo sorprendente zifn🖤 15:55 Son unos
de los mejores conciertos
Wolff Silverclaw
Wolff Silverclaw:
The most impressive thing in today's stage, was Wout actually be in a position where he could potentially win the polkadot jersey as well. The last and so far only cyclist who managed to win both the green and polkadot jetsey in the same Tour was Eddy Merckx. And not just that, he dropped Pogacar after being on the attack all day.
I have gained so much respect for Pog this tour, he has fought and fought.
Moris Mihovilovic
Moris Mihovilovic:
I was really cheering for Tadej to take the Tour again, and was beginning to get desperate after the lack of attacks on the end of Stage 17. But after todays amazing show of sportsmanship and sheer dominance by Jonas, I finally took the time to listen to some of his interviews and hear his side of this Tour. I can only say congrats to the gentleman that is currently sitting in yellow. Let this be a rivalry that lasts for a long time, they both deserve it!
Thor R.
Thor R.:
Watching the rivalry and sportsmanship between Jonas and Tadej is enough to make everyone excited about cycling again and as a Dane it's of course historic and a matter of national pride to witness Jonas coming out on top this year. However, what Wout has shown in this tour honestly leaves me in a state of awe at least as great as that of Jonas' stage victory and exceedingly likely overall win. That green jersey is truly fitting for a guy stronger than Hulk. I have a feeling he will obliterate everyone on Saturday in the TT too.
mmm BASS!
mmm BASS!:
Awesome stage - a bit of drama, attacks, battles everywhere and even sportsmanship, and a fitting result. Officially have a man-crush on Wout van Aert, so close to winning the green and polka-dot jerseys at the same time! Insane. Vingegaard just too good, comfortably the best climber in the world, hats-off to Pogacar for giving it a shot.
Red Scouse
Red Scouse:
In my 60's been following and loving the tour for as long as I can remember today was super special and I am in awe of Wout Van Aert what an athlete. Love watching your reports thank you
jm e
jm e:
Can we appreciate how versatile wout is. Top class in cyclo cross, top class in sprint and climbing. I mean last year a win on the double mont ventoux and this year almost a polka dot and green jersey at once
Marek Ihnat
Marek Ihnat:
Vingegaard knew he is so strong, that he can affort to wait. Those two are real gentlemen of the sport and hopefully we will be able to see more of their fights in the future.
Marek Wiaszyk
Marek Wiaszyk:
WaA best performance ever. He run whole race by himself.
From depart reel pacing so hard no one could follow, scoring 20 points in sprint, getting close to stage win and polkadot jersey by killing everyone in brake, to dropping Pog himself. Imma just speechless
I guess tomorrow he'll go for sprint win and TT win stage after
van Aert is the real new Merckx, not so much in terms of results, but in terms of the type of rider he is. If he'd been around in the 70s/80s, he would have won everything several times over.
news buster
news buster:
That handshake sealed his Tour victory. It was the right decision, and more than just a nice gesture. Vingegaard had several wobbles himself so he knew neutralizing Pogacar on the decent was in his own best interest.
Lanterne the real Tour MVP with these daily highlights. Chapeau!
Pogacar is truly gifted. He turned a gentle fishmonger into a bloody butcher!
Samuel Hodges
Samuel Hodges:
I’d say today was the best climbing performance of Wout Van Aert’s career. What he did today was astounding. If it was possible for him to lose 3-5kg more, he’d be a guaranteed TDF contender I think
Reymar M.
Reymar M.:
Vingegaard and Pogacar made this year tour exciting. I love the competition between this two.
Kevin Pike
Kevin Pike:
Class act from Vingegaard !
In a world that seems largely devoid of civility as of late, it's beyond encouraging to see that cycling is, at least sometimes, still a gentleman's sport.
Mario Lafon
Mario Lafon:
Glad to see that sportmanship is well and alive, Vingegaard, I tip my hat off
Derek Kuhl
Derek Kuhl:
I have been impressed with the quality of the racing. But even more so, I have been impressed with the character of these riders. TP and all of JV have been such class acts. Chapeau to all and thanks.
Philipp Straube
Philipp Straube:
Great sportsmanship from Vingegaart. Wouldn't have thought that such a behavior would occur in this day in age. Kudos to Jonas. This was a heart worming scene to me. He now has a fan more.
Steffan Dalager
Steffan Dalager:
Sportsmanship and fairplay, Jonas Vingegaard is a true champion
WVA has been incredible this tour. Quite sure he’ll on and win the Prix de la Competatiité. Boy, oh boy, has he been a blessing to this race. JV and TP battling and just watching each other all the Tour long has been awesome. But WVA has been THE man. Next to Magnus Cort of course (but then COVID happened)… But I’m biased as all heck. What a tour it has been. The scenes in Denmark. The battle between the two favourites. Cort just casually sitting in the breakaway for 6 days straight then claim a win. Then WVA doing his thing, just tanking through everything though it’s not “his terrain”. Breakaway stage wins, photoshoot finishes on sprints… and (again, biased) 4 Danish stage wins. What a tour it has been.
Vingegaard waiting for his crashed competitor was simply amazing
- I wish all mankind would act in such a manner!
Now, in my late sixties, I have been enraptured by this sport since the age of fourteen; but I have never before witnessed a Tour such as this: Anarchic: Beautiful: Cruel: Compulsive: Savage. I have a sense that, in this Tour, the human dimension has, as it were, caught up and superseded the technological dimension. The sport is on the move, it is changing. Thank the Lord that we now have LR and Benji to keep us on the straight and narrow, and to provide access to an arena of advanced perspective. Beautiful, cruel, compulsive: What a ride!
That Vingegaard bobble reminded me so much of Kruijswijk’s collapse at the Giro a bunch of years back. This has really been an incredible Tour- the dominance of Pog, JV, and WVA have been awesome to see, but so unfortunate for the breakaway artists
What a stage! It had everything (except for a demonstration). Service car/moto crashes, Wout absolutely killing himself, crazy decents, cross team helps with bidons and showers, and *that* wait. Oh, and Vingegards close call. That could've been really really nasty.

Most of all I was afraid for Geraint. He's not crashed YET, so I'm perpetually on the edge of my seat whenever the road tilts downhill
What Jonas did was simply beautiful
What a great tour this has been.
And wow, that pedal strike at 3:52 - I've done that once and it scared the hell out of me!!!
Wout van Aert`s perfomance was completely beast mode today..crazy
Pieter Aben
Pieter Aben:
Loved todays race and the sportsmanship from both contenders. Highlight of this Tour
Ben Serpell
Ben Serpell:
That is an absolutely INCREDIBLE stage by Wout!
Ronald Zagorski
Ronald Zagorski:
This is amazing sportsmanship and chivalry. Impressed with the Tour this year has been a feast!
Michael Holmgaard
Michael Holmgaard:
It was epic watching Wout van Aart & Jonas Vingegaard leading the race in green and yellow jerseys respectively!
Rikk Show
Rikk Show:
Sepp Kuss coming of age too. Hope the team will let him take a leadership role in some hilly one week races. Great winner potential there. Dropping almost every other climber, except the two...
Ebbe B
Ebbe B:
love watching this rivalry, cant wait to see Vingegaard win in Paris
This Tour is crazy, and your coverage is incredible!
I gotta mention one thing for the dejected followers of the relegation battle like myself: Movistar is in BIG trouble now with Mas abysmal performance in the last days and not even a stage win to show for anything.
Darius Mix
Darius Mix:
Wout has to be most combative rider of the tour!! There is no other rider even close, this guy is just incredible - every day and in every terrain 💯💯
Staggering sportsmanship and grace from Vingegaard. Almost made me tear up - the world needs more of that. How awesome was WVA??!! Exciting few days ahead.
Rasmus Frederiksen
Rasmus Frederiksen:
Wout was an absolute champ today, a massive performance today. He almost lead for 4 hours today, and made the difference on the last clim. Fucking amazing stage
So much can be learned from watching the sequence at 4:10 carefully. Straight-line braking, a high entry, and aiming for the two-thirds apex are so crucial to navigating these crazy downhill runs. Tadej is fortunate that this was only a minor injury incident. And so much class and sportsmanship from Jonas - just an amazing friendship between these two competitors.
Humble Servant
Humble Servant:
Vinegaard totally deserves to win it. He's just too good.
Agnostic Panda
Agnostic Panda:
Sad Geschke couldn't hold on to the kom jersey. Somehow he's in the form of his life at 36, which is insane.
सुब्बा दाइ
सुब्बा दाइ:
Jumbo Visma's team work has worked wonders. My heart was pounding when Vingegard almost crashed and when Pogi crashed.
Jay C
Jay C:
Great tour overall from GC to the breakaway wins!!! One thing that was disappointing was the lack of effort for attacks for placings of 4th-10th 🤔 also Some teams had a pointless tour didn’t they…… 0 effort to win 🙄
Norman Hooper
Norman Hooper:
Jonas rode like a winner of the Tour, and won many more admirers as he waited for Pogacar. Jumbo Visma...what a Team!!! Tactics tactics tactics, and of course, Team' Jumbo's depth - wins the Yellow/ Green and King of the mountain for Jumbo Visma. Still three stages to go. Jonas, Sepp and Wout today...were worldclass (of course).
Well done both riders, an absolute pleasure to watch the battle the entire tour and chapeau to Jonas for waiting. Contador would've been off like a shot . . . .
Luka Okorn
Luka Okorn:
Wout Van Aert is a monster this TdF
Thanks LR for all the work you put in getting these together
What a TdF and what a brilliant stage from Jumbo Vista.
Van Aert and Kuss.. what a stage you created to Jonas.
Congrats to Jonas with being the best in TdF2022.
So great to finally see somebody being able to ask the champ Pogacar up for a dance..
Philip Bryde
Philip Bryde:
Best stage of the tour de france i've ever seen! GO VINGEGAARD
Matt Hillard
Matt Hillard:
This is the best tour I've ever seen. Without laporte teej and Nathan grinding themselves to a halt day after day wva would never been given the green light to do what he has done. The tactics tjv used in this tdf will change cycling forever. So many times the edition have I heard what are tjv thinking sending two riders up the road...they should be protecting jonas but every time it has worked for them. Satellite attacking at its best. In races to come the breaks are going to be it's own peleton. We'll end up with peleton 1 and 2.
Ethan Lampe
Ethan Lampe:
The thing people forgot about jumbo losing team members is that wout counts for like 3 riders at least
Forget this, the real news is WVA is potentially the closest rider to Eddy we are ever going to see. He’s definitely got gc potential be very interesting to see if he stays in a team as super domestic or not.
Actually beautiful having the Green, Yellow and White Jersey in their own group 4.5km away from the final mountain stage finish.
Clayton Forde
Clayton Forde:
You (and Benji) may be the only ones putting together better TDF performances than Jumbo Visma. Excellent pods and highlights every single day
Janie Grigor
Janie Grigor:
Incredible athletes and sportsmanship, loved Tadej's interview praising Jonas and being so humble
Jean-Marcel Goger
Jean-Marcel Goger:
What admirable sign of spovtivity & friendfip weeten the rival riders during this very mountainous stage! 💙💟❤!
Mike Wood
Mike Wood:
Great coverage as always. Lovely to see some real sportsmanship.
Once again, a brilliant summary. Thank you!
Needless to say the racing was amazing.
Luka Okorn
Luka Okorn:
The best TDF in a while
Vingegaard doing his cool down on a TT bike. That man is so focused!
Roman Roman
Roman Roman:
To jest sport !!! W najlepszym wykonaniu !!! Respect ❤👍
MO Outdoors and Reviews!
MO Outdoors and Reviews!:
love the analysis, great videos, some of the best tour de france content on youtube
Aldandur P.
Aldandur P.:
I think that is the first time I saw green Jersey pull the GC up a HC mountain, they are normally 10 or more minutes behind
mmm BASS!
mmm BASS!:
I wish they would do 1 day classics all year so i could watch WvA every week
Daniel Draugsvoll
Daniel Draugsvoll:
Amazing riding from both Van Aert and Vingegaard today but I can't help but feel sorry for Geschke lol. Dude would have kept his dotted jersey if not for the Pogacar/Vingegaard rivalry
Indonesia America
Indonesia America:
Vingegaard is rationally and instinctively economical and rides for fast efficiency - not wasting any so called "matches". And even though many were prepared to think that Roglic was an equal threat from wannabe superteam JV - it is Vingegaard that based his entire 49 week period between the end of TDF last year and the start this year of trying to beat Pogacar - and it is Team UAE that encouraged Pogacar to pursue dreams of winning races from the start of the season until the end.

And Pogacar to this stage still does not understand that he doesn't have any good advisors. He should have been able to recover better but instead he raced again and again and attacked again and again without even thinking about recovering his pedal smoothness in between jumps. He's still reacting like someone that is triggered and unprepared to watch Vingegaard pull ahead. But in the end the GC will at worst look like it did in 1998 when Pantani outpaced Ullrich. Ullrich never learned how to recover his "smoothness" while under pressure. Pogacar didn't even suffer like Ullrich. He just didn't focus on training for the situation he found himself in. He didn't prepare physically or mentally for this situation. Just doing a few Conconi/Moser 20 minute over-under fixed gear hill intervals would have conditioned him to think about what happens when you attack too much and how to recover. Last year it came instinctively and this year the course was different and he raced harder in the interim. He went by instinct and didn't recover his "matches" the way that he had expected to.

I like Sarroni but he is no Guimard.
Stan Shen
Stan Shen:
Yellow jersey and white jersey chasing the green jersey on a HC climb, and the yellow jersey and the green jersey are from the same team, wow
Pogacar getting dropped during a HC climb by a green jersey, just wow.
Something I've never seen before
Michael Deutsch
Michael Deutsch:
I really wanted to hear your thoughts on Quintana (briefly) holding on to the moto-bike. Was it noted by the race director? Do you think it should have been? While very short, and relatively non-impactful, it did look pretty egregious.
Adil Chakir
Adil Chakir:
This is one of the most entertaining Tour de France I've ever seen. Great attitude and sportsmanship from both leaders Vingegaard and Pogacar.
Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush:
This Tour is just wow
Radim Tichý
Radim Tichý:
I can't get my head around Wout van Aert's performance. I just can't. I can see how dedicated climber can be great in TTs too, but someone who is basically a sprinter dropping Pogačar is just incredible. All respect for Jonas Vingegaard but WvA seems to top his last year TdF which is just bonkers
reffoelcnu alouncelal
reffoelcnu alouncelal:
So rare today to see this level of respect between sportsman ,
Réginald Hilaire
Réginald Hilaire:
Smart from Vingegaard. He almost crashed during the descent don’t know how he stayed on the bike. Pogačar had no choice to push to the limit and he paid the price. Nothing but respect for Pogačar, he gave his all until the end.
Bibart Vivian
Bibart Vivian:
The gaps on GC, I've never seen that wide time gaps, its crazy. 20 minutes to tenth, wow
penguin Doe
penguin Doe:
Legend is born. The riders, the races, the competition, and the sport. TdF this year is beautiful.
Seattle JCB
Seattle JCB:
I have never seen a sportsmanship like this before ! Wow Congratulations Sir👏👏
Mark S
Mark S:
That was a class gesture the gentleman’s rules of road racing.
God Guidance and Gardens
God Guidance and Gardens:
Love the recap Lanterne Rouge. Thanks and looking forward to the best of the rest.
Owen Grey
Owen Grey:
Ive really appreciated both Vingegaard and Pogacar in how they credit the hard work of their teams when asked about their wins.
Wan Mohd Asraf Mahyuddin
Wan Mohd Asraf Mahyuddin:
Wout Van Aert!!! Out of this world performance.. he’s a beast!!
Thanks for this coverage and commentary mate, really enjoy every morning.
Willie Boon
Willie Boon:
I become Vingegaard the moment he waited for Pogi. Great TDF champion.
My god, what a stage!!! This'll go down in history!
Jannick Franck
Jannick Franck:
As for Pogascar talking to the car, it was about him not having any water left. He dropped the bottle on the top and was getting desperate to get a bottle from the car.
Will Hawkins
Will Hawkins:
Fun to watch. I wonder if this tour comes down to the handling skill/mistake between Pogi and Vingo. Vingo could have just as easily fell but saved himself
Scott Jones
Scott Jones:
ts been good to watch the show of power and respect between these 2 riders so far. But make no mistake, this temporary cease-fire was a safety-first decision. Jonas nearly came off. Then Tadje did come off. They both realised that there was much potential for a race-ending, if not season-ending crash if they competed to get away from each other. It was the right decision and a good one to watch. Well done guys!
sjaak roggeveen
sjaak roggeveen:
I always thought one team can never win the yellow And the green Jersey. But with Wout things are different. What a rider..
Crepe Ranch
Crepe Ranch:
TBH i didn't know a whole lot about Vingegaard before this TDF as i really only tune in once a year for it and not so much the other races, he's shown not only to be an intense competitor but a gentleman as well.
Pogacar said to the car ( after the crash) he want just the stage, GC win is over.

His DS said '' calm down, calm down, don't panic, may be Vingegaard will drop on Hautacam, the tour is not over ''

Pogacar replied again '' i just want the stage, i can't win this tour ''

Kevin Duran
Kevin Duran:
Vingegaard when he was asked on Danish about Pogacar's crash. It would not be fair to attack him at that moment, I don't want to be that guy.
All the teams started this tdf with 8 riders, except for Jumbo Visma who started with 10! Because Wout van Aert counts for 3!!
Andreas Schmid
Andreas Schmid:
One of the best TdF races in recent history. Feel sorry for Geschke though. Going over his limit on so many occasions. WvA is just thermonuclear