Virgil Van Dijk 2021/22 🔥 Best Defensive Skills & Tackles

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100+ comentarios:

Tshidiso Lengoabala
Tshidiso Lengoabala:
When Van Dijk does a sliding tackle, it's an emergency. The guy is good that it looks very simple to defend against the best players in the world.
He command his area very well and guiding his teammates where to be. The best CB itw !
Abel Permana
Abel Permana:
i've noticed how he isn't necessarily trying to get the ball off the attackers, he's just so good at timing his run and movements to prevent good looks and direct shots. only does sliding tackle as a last resort
Shaikh Tushar
Shaikh Tushar:
Best defender in the world at this moment 👌
Junior mpongo
Junior mpongo:
This man is absolutely the best out there! He came from a massive injury but look at him right now… am just missing words to qualify him🔥🔥🔥🔥 YNWA
Ds Teoh
Ds Teoh:
How grateful we are for having him in our team , the best CD in 21 century, an incomparable phenomenal player !!
Adam Elshafei
Adam Elshafei:
Crazy that these highlights are all in his comeback year post-injury
As liverpool lucky we has him right now...thanks alot VVD...😍😍😍
memo boy
memo boy:
Apart of all his superior attributes I think his reaction time is the most superior and that's why it looks so easy and effortless to do what he does.
This liverpool squad is absolutely phenomenal
Eshiet Charles
Eshiet Charles:
He's just too good
Throughout all my years of watching football I've never seen a defender that positions like VVD. It is truly beautiful to watch how incredibly easy he makes it look.
Joni Muka
Joni Muka:
His greatest attribute is the fact that he reads the game/opponent sooo well and doesn't commit, unless it absolutely necessary.
Van Dijk is a master fraud. He somehow has become Liverpool's most important player and the best defender in the world without making tackles. He blocks, he can nick a ball off you...but he doesn't tackle. It's very strange how he's so good without making proper tackles.
I feel like the best attribute of VVD is his timing. A lot of the dispossessing of players when he's upright seems as if they're just dribbling the ball to him but it's just pure timing.
Weirdunclebob V
Weirdunclebob V:
Imperious even on his off days.
Randy Wang
Randy Wang:
there must have been many people watching this, but the one who must watch this as lesson is Harry Maguire
Very good.Very good.Very good 😀
The best among defenders. Greetings from Kazakhstan!
He is the king of the anfield
HuNtEr status
HuNtEr status:
21-22 Balloo' n dor containdar 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Luis gustavo Pereira
Luis gustavo Pereira:
Pra mim um melhores ZAGUEIROS do Mundo
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy:
I’ve never seen a defender where players just shoot when they’re near him, like Martinez scored on of the best goals of the season for inter because he couldn’t get past van djik he literally said fuck it and volleyed it as hard as he could, attackers like saka who loves to beat a man just shoot because they know they’ve already lost what a player
Irasema Cairo
Irasema Cairo:
Virgil van Dijk slide tackling is amazing if I meet him someday I want him to teach me how to slide tackle like how he does I just like taco but not as good as he does
Mason’s life
Mason’s life:
This man is the best cub in the world and nobod can get past him
Adrina Barela
Adrina Barela:
The last game I ever watched was when he claimed a red card for slide tackling from behind.
Diego Do
Diego Do:
Tiene mucha comparación con el mítico Rafael Márquez, mexicano que conquistó Europa con Barcelona.
Tiempista, excelente en sus trazos largos, y busca el gol al primer poste.
Gran defensor, un día podría estar en el lugar de Puyol, ramos, Márquez.. etc
Patrik Šurina
Patrik Šurina:
Another very good video. Best CB in the world 💯👑💪
Phát  Nè 🇻🇳
Phát Nè 🇻🇳:
❤ Van Dijk
etgar han
etgar han:
van dijk i love you so much your the best defender in the world
Ach Ham
Ach Ham:
After I watched Harry Maguire's defending skills highlight I game here to compare...
makes it look so easy to do
Kimi Lee
Kimi Lee:
The most complete defender I ever seen.
Best CB in the world after Maguire… LMAO
Rafael Miranda
Rafael Miranda:
Sérgio Ramos apenas👌
Mohamed wafeeq jahabar Mohamed (Jurongville)
Mohamed wafeeq jahabar Mohamed (Jurongville):
vvd best defender ever
Mason’s life
Mason’s life:
He is the best
Laurent Parsooramen
Laurent Parsooramen:
When I saw salah try to jump for the header he just looked so short
James Franklin
James Franklin:
The best in the world
Eldris Martinez
Eldris Martinez:
no entiendo como pueden decir que van dijk a vajado el nivel esta ultima temporada
MK Gotze
MK Gotze:
Nada de otro mundo, Puyol para mi era mejor
Teirique Blake
Teirique Blake:
VVD let epl look too easy for him
monopool pinthong
monopool pinthong:
The Boss
Matthew du Sart
Matthew du Sart:
L'intenditore number 1
L'intenditore number 1:
Van Dijk is the best defender in the world, no question about it: there is no one who comes close to his level, not even Skriniar, Koulibaly or Ruben Dias.
Adam Elshafei
Adam Elshafei:
Coolest man on the pitch
Raf 7
Raf 7:
He has lost some of that aggression and doesn’t go in for the tackle. Maybe next season he’ll be even better, it’s understandable given that serious injury. Still one of the best defenders in the world if not the best.
The best
Maguire: my good disciple, make me proud
2 N
2 N:
Simply the best
Bram Schilders
Bram Schilders:
Ik ben levenslang Virgil van dijk fan
George Asante
George Asante:
Go van. dijk
Real Question: Van Dijk or Lewandowski?
Angel Leija
Angel Leija:
Es el mejor defensa del mundo
Ali eren Sünger
Ali eren Sünger:
Hastasıyız ❤️💯
M.L Reggie
M.L Reggie:
United fans are you watching? This is what you should get for 70 plus million!
Leonam Martins da silva
Leonam Martins da silva:
7.31 qual é o nome da música do fundo
Irasema Cairo
Irasema Cairo:
Virgil van Dijk is my favorite singer back in the world and my favorite player in the world and I play the same position for him and I play for heat FC and I hope you and I can never gives up on his dream I want him to get better and better every day van Dyck is the best Liverpool by Quinn
You should do a compare before his injury and after, because to me he doesnt seem close to the same player (but still hoping he can get back to his best) and dont know if its a fitness issue or if its because of the injury and its not the same anymore, or maybe both.
סיון אמור
סיון אמור:
NO THE BEST (maguire)
I watched Harry Maguire and watching this
Is like curing cancer.
Youssef Vee
Youssef Vee:
The best ofc
Ian Stephenson
Ian Stephenson:
He always looks bored on the pitch because everything is too easy for him
Malik Saboor
Malik Saboor:
When he runs toward u
반다이크 있는 리버풀 좋겠다.
I think you should have started with matip. He has out shadowed VVD this season tbh.
Valentin Gorbach
Valentin Gorbach:
Emin Aydın Gürgenç
Emin Aydın Gürgenç:
Best defender in the world
Can i use some of these clips for an edit ?
Juicy Pears
Juicy Pears:
Currently idk any defenders that is better than him, his captaincy is also great
Van dijk is the best defense player.
Gandalf M. Student
Gandalf M. Student:
Van Dijk - the ROLLS ROYCE of defenders
Nuurow Mayoow
Nuurow Mayoow:
How a great
Sezgin Göçer
Sezgin Göçer:
wall stopper van dijk
giulia brunetto
giulia brunetto:
Best defender in the world no debate
giulia brunetto
giulia brunetto:
Best defender in the world no debate
giovanni giorgio
giovanni giorgio:
how is that skill 1:24
Godfrey Karuhanga
Godfrey Karuhanga:
Please don't let lord Harry Maguire watch this video.
kim  maria 😍
kim maria 😍:
Viva liverpool
what game was the first clip?
clarence chua
clarence chua:
There are jokers comparing rudiger, dias and varane to VVD. A good defender seldom end on his backside like rudiger, can dias pass like vvd? Varane is fast but vvd is faster. Vdd only operate at 80‰ now after his injury.
Fernando Echaurregui
Fernando Echaurregui:
El hijo de Rafa Márquez
iMunes Miami
iMunes Miami:
What is the Music of Video? Please🙏🙏🙏
Lachlan Schuck
Lachlan Schuck:
Does anyone know the name of the first song
Francoise Faye
Francoise Faye:
Bon match
B Telli
B Telli:
Who was that at 6:55
Mourice Nesim
Mourice Nesim:
dog fun
dog fun:
Sameer Abdul khaliq
Sameer Abdul khaliq:
Maguire way better
hardened mind
hardened mind:
Harry Magurie disliked this
Rhn Clk
Rhn Clk:
Dont nice hahaha the best ramos
VED 11
VED 11:
Is a cery nice
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson:
He is better than harry magguire
Antonio Neto
Antonio Neto:
cabelo massa esse teu Pedro
Job 2 do
Job 2 do:
Im mu fans but for defensive virgin is the best in the world .
he is a bear
Karim Zuri
Karim Zuri:
Van Dijk komm bitte zur Dortmund weil ich hasse Liverpool und ich liebe van Dijk😪😪😪😪