Virgil Van Dijk has TAKEN A STEP DOWN for Liverpool - Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's Steve Nicol, Gab Marcotti and Shaka Hislop react to Liverpool's dramatic 4-3 win vs. Marcelo Bielsa's Leeds United in the Premier League. Nicol doesn't hold back pointing out Virgil Van Dijk's play, and says Liverpool "need to go back to square one defensively." Marcotti admits that Leeds' goals were facilitated by Liverpool defensive errors, but says the entire defensive unit, not individual play is to blame.

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I'm shocked by this analysis , Not one of these experts has mentioned

That Leeds had 2 Central Defenders Playing today
that had never played with each other before

Robin Koch . has only been in the country 3 days .
3 days training with Leeds for this game . 3 Days
Our Second Central Defender and Captain was out injured .

So Leeds had to bring in an U23s guy .
These 2 Central Defenders have not played 1 minuet together

Calling Leeds Naive is incredibly Lazy .
Errors leading to goals this season:

Van Dijk: 1

Mustafi + Phil Jones + Maguire: 0
Kyle Muckian
Kyle Muckian:
Was it a bad liverpool performance or an excellent leeds united performance i feel like this show isn't giving the credit to leeds they outplayed liverpool in parts
Myco Lorgeat
Myco Lorgeat:
Ever since that Arsenal game it’s like him and David Luiz swapped bodies 😂😂
Viking Frog
Viking Frog:
Imaging blaming 1 man for every mistake defensively. Trent was WAYYYYY off all game defensively. It's the first game of the season ffs. 3 points and we go again, we didn't deserve 3 points mind. I felt for Leeds they deserved something
First game of the year and he is "no longer virgil" espnfc is a joke
MATIP has to play with VVD now. They have better chemistry
Jake The Snake
Jake The Snake:
VVD didn't even have to change his barber's schedule during the pandemic.
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais:
Why you talking about VVD when TAA was 1000000000000000 times worst than him.
Paul Gamble
Paul Gamble:
WOW!! 20 / 21 Season is 1 game in and Virgil.needs to sort himself out and we have a big fundamental problem 😅🤣😂
Nazmul Huda
Nazmul Huda:
Steve: “VVD is way better than Ramos”
Steve: “Van Dijk stepped down since winning the league!”
Well okay how do you say Ramos is not world class when he stepped up for his team for a decade! And call VVD is better than Ramos when he had only 1-2 seasons of the level Ramos played all these years?
Shinobi 91
Shinobi 91:
Liverpool haven't been the same defensively since the Atletico Madrid game at Anfield 🤷🏿... And if Trent doesn't assist in a game he can't offer anything really... He's not a solid defender.
Is this real ? Stevie nicol criticising anything to do with Liverpool ?
jason lopez
jason lopez:
Its mostly Gomez fault not VVD we need Matip back in starting line up
محمد خزر
محمد خزر:
When Varane made a mistake like this everyone SLATED him and forgot about his entire career.
Gomez + VVD : 3-0 vs Barca, 4-2 Atleti, 3-0 Watford, 4-0 Man City etc. (embarrassing losses)

VVD + Matip : Literally carried us to UCL glory.... ( BTW Matip was the only defender to get a clean sheet vs Bayern in Last 3 years of UCL)

Gomez OUT, Matip IN
Wheeljack Kablam
Wheeljack Kablam:
Ever since the restart, Liverpool pushed their line 10 yards up,
They need to get their pressing and communication right or drop 10 yards back
Great example to follow is Bayern Munich
Van Dijk: Salah is being unfairly treated by the media

The media: Okay, Is Van Dijk at his worst form ever?
Roland Burke
Roland Burke:
Defensive errors have been creeping in since we got bumped out of the champions league.
Lando Exclusive
Lando Exclusive:
This Is What Happens When You Don’t Bring In New Signings Complacencies Creeps In
Coop Killa
Coop Killa:
He played every minute last season in the Prem. and he's captaining Holland. Give me a break.
Steeve Cantave
Steeve Cantave:
This is funny given that Stevie's go-to comment whenever someone talks about a rival's defender is, "he's no Van Dijk." VVD isn't a god. He's a great defender, but he's been elevated to this mythical-like figure by everyone. I even heard a Liverpool fan say that he's the best player in the world, and he's playing at the type of level we saw Messi and CR7 play at 7-8 years ago. Liverpool's defense getting better had to do with a lot of things, including Klopp tweaking his tactics, playing three DMs, and signing Fabinho and Alisson.
At least stevie said that van dijk isnt like he was last year... you know
Matip n van dijk.. from now on
Magnus K Larsson
Magnus K Larsson:
I trust "The Dutch Windmill" to regain his... wind!!! :)
The only one who is holding Liverpool's defense is Allison, yes VVD rarely got dribble past but it's all because i never see him going 1 vs 1 with a striker, this guy only goes backward when they are attacking his team to avoid being dribble past and when someone like Matip does the dirty work and destabilize the striker then VVD comes to intercept the ball already lost by the striker
Lincoln Jacdonmi
Lincoln Jacdonmi:
Absolutely disgraceful defending from Harry Maguire for that goal. Centre backs shouldn't be playing that casual at the back! They shouldn't be making ANY mistakes EVER!
Gerard Parker
Gerard Parker:
Imagine still thinking VVD is greater than Vidic, Ferdinand or Terry. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Matty Hoban
Matty Hoban:
This analysis and comments section are hilarious 😂 Liverpool had many, what would be considered average or below par performances last year, but always came away with 3 points, that’s why they are so good and today was no different. We were by far the best team last season, but game by game, it was difficult and we never blew anyone away, just found the goals when they were needed most.
Sahabiya Mohamed
Sahabiya Mohamed:
VVD is a great player but Matip was the one that covered him most of the time! Gomez is a great but it is either Matip has to play or VVD needs to level up!
Mertens chewy
Mertens chewy:
He was not bad, Trent was awful defensively, everyone has ups and down.
Alcides Caceres
Alcides Caceres:
Stevie says Ramos isn’t work class 😂 Ramos got more tattoos of trophies he’s won in his right leg than VVD in his whole career
Chris Mascarenhas
Chris Mascarenhas:
Matip should be starting van dijk works well with him cos he steps into tackles and van dijk sweeps behind him and with attacking corners they need someone apart from van dijk who can score.
The Van Dijk propaganda born in 2019 with the demential ballon d’or debate is maybe coming to an end..
Somnath Nayak
Somnath Nayak:
Omg after this match I adore bielsa what a tactician . In today's match the only difference was Liverpool had more quality players than leeds . If leeds were having salah and mane they could easily beat Liverpool . I want man utd to sign bielsa and teach ole how to be a good tactician.
Alex Álvarez
Alex Álvarez:
VVD has been a bit inconsistent since the restart... but I personally think Joe Gomez is at fault for most of Liverpool’s issues
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Still laughing over the fact that Steve's reaction to getting Thiago Silva was "he's no VVD" such a clown pundit LMAO
Neymar’s Never ending tears
Neymar’s Never ending tears:
Jeez calm down everyone is not perfect all the time look at messi and Ronaldo there not perfect all the way time
Trini Godbless Youth
Trini Godbless Youth:
Finally Stevie starting to come off that high horse.And out that Bubble.
Normah Fadzil
Normah Fadzil:
Leeds going to be another sheffield wednesday this season😃
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser:
VVD is a great defender, but I think Liverpool’s defence looked the best when he was partnered with Joel Matip. Since Matip’s injury, Liverpool’s defence has looked a little questionable at times. I think Matip linked up with Fabinho, VVD and the two fullbacks so well. They always seemed to move together. Now...they don’t
Jevaunne Headley
Jevaunne Headley:
We need a RB that can defend TAA can’t defend
Tabs T
Tabs T:
Overrated defender. Sell him immediately.
Charles Lwanga Kasozi
Charles Lwanga Kasozi:
Just imagine if they had lost! Pathetic punditry
Kimbaly Crump
Kimbaly Crump:
Werner and captain america well run allover that backline 4-2
Ancient knight
Ancient knight:
the whole back line from internation break and they still in pre season form so i think we casting judgements too early,Henderson and arnold also didnt play a pre season game.
James Michaels
James Michaels:
You'll think we lost with this reaction
atletico Madrid never gives up in the Ucl
atletico Madrid never gives up in the Ucl:
The other defenders also have to step up... VVD can do all and nothing
Slimshady Ince
Slimshady Ince:
This is how you know steve actually has watched a game
All the other times when he talks about other teams he's just watching highlights
Veena Vyas
Veena Vyas:
I swear Shaka is still laughing on the floor
Caleb Bourbon
Caleb Bourbon:
Gab how’s your day

Gab: “you know, with all legal matters aside I think it’s a high possibility, I’m good how about yourself.”
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed:
Bielsas training sessions must be brutal 😅😅 I think this match proves that Liverpool need some additions to their team .
Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly:
I’m gonna judge him more after another few games yeah fair enough he hasn’t been good enough but I hope Klopp changes the attitude around
Abduction GENTS
Abduction GENTS:
Atleast give Leeds credit for their amazing performance
Steve Mathews
Steve Mathews:
👏👏👏 Great game Leeds United bravo
Virgil get back at his best soon
Talha Patel
Talha Patel:
This aged well 😂😂😂
David Aspinall
David Aspinall:
2:48 Gabs face is always priceless when anyone has the audacity to disagree with him.

How dare you disagree...?
Christian Helwig
Christian Helwig:
"These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along. Move along." Stop panicking.
still remember how Nicol lauded him the best at
Kapilan S
Kapilan S:
I’ll leave a stat here. Since 2018/19 no player in the Premier League has made more errors leading to goals than Van Dijk (3). Still the best centre back in the world but we need to be fair to all defenders.
Huitribe Wang
Huitribe Wang:
Need penalty to win. Too much holes in Lpl's defence.
Matthew Quinn
Matthew Quinn:
Oh come on boys give Leeds and Bielsa some credit here
When Steve Nicol admits a Liverpool player is doing poorly, it’s true
Caspia Degrelle
Caspia Degrelle:
We are signing David Luiz and Shkordan Mustafi to replace VVD and Gomez.
Ayan Mishra
Ayan Mishra:
Leeds had 6 shots 3 on target relax Stevie
Adetayo Adesola
Adetayo Adesola:
Steve isnt addressing the real issue. Didnt he say a few days ago that you dont change a winning team
Jack Woodward
Jack Woodward:
Stevie Nichols is clueless that man does my head in so much
Remember when Liverpool fans were calling him one of the best centre backs in the PL history up there with Vidic, Ferdinand, Terry 😂

It lasted 2 seasons lol
Liam Totty
Liam Totty:
It’s the first game of the season 😂 don’t make me laugh
Not MainManMané hth
Not MainManMané hth:
this is as reactionary as it gets man
Rafael Cruz
Rafael Cruz:
Steve Nichols: you need to concede that Sergio Ramos is the best defender in all top teams for the last 10 years. Everyone else just crumbles in a season or two.
ashvin subbaiah
ashvin subbaiah:
I would love to see Leeds play other teams this season fantastic gameplay.
The Shadow Riders
The Shadow Riders:
first from the last
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
Lmao Van Dijk made mistake Liverpool still won the game anyway, cmon guys he s till the best in the world, yes he made 1/2 errors lately, he s a human tho
Aabidh Jaufer
Aabidh Jaufer:
I'm glad they mentioned about Kalvin Philips, he was excellent today
Human Beings R Eternal Beings
Human Beings R Eternal Beings:
If VVD played in Man City wide defense
VVD would look like Otamendi 😂😂
Marco Bonechi
Marco Bonechi:
He’s probably off the drugs.
Isaiah Mogano
Isaiah Mogano:
despite mistake, Virgil is still one of the best defensive player I’ve ever can’t be perfect all the time even best players blunder sometimes
Suraj Bhure
Suraj Bhure:
Just one or two seasons doesn't make him great defender while other big 6 where except city are in rebuild. So not even near to likes of terry, Vidic, Ferdinand etc.
Jatan Sedani
Jatan Sedani:
Actually I could see some good signs for leeds and they will do well as they are able to get goals and they will not face many matches with as strong attacks as Liverpool in the opposition!
Steve Nicol
Steve Nicol:
It's the game of the season ffs!
Who hit Stevie in the head?
Vinod Naidu
Vinod Naidu:
‘Shambles’ is back..!! 🤣🤣
Adedapo Kalejaye
Adedapo Kalejaye:
First time I’ve seen Steven Nicol talk so passionately about a club😂
Bolu Olaitan
Bolu Olaitan:
That's what you get when one a player performs superbly in 1/2 seasons and you start hyping him as the best over veterans that have been doing it for over 5/10 years
0:14 Spot on and so has _Alisson._ In this match, only 2 players met expectations, so we were iffy at both ends against a very brave side, but one we should be beating more comfortably nonetheless. Winning on a poor day is a good sign but *only 2 players* on par performances is borderline criminal. These _Project Restart_ errors have to be cut out _posthaste!_ *_YN🔴WA_*
already starting to dip in form. lmao
Soundly South
Soundly South:
Here we go with the dramatics 🙄everybody calm down
Burns Tennis
Burns Tennis:
Hmmm... That's the most panicky analysis I have seen for some time. It's only the first match and a lot of people are rusty. Steve Nicol might get a heart attack if this happens again next weekend.
Sexissima G
Sexissima G:
Salah my King!
Wayne Chalkley
Wayne Chalkley:
1 game in and everyone is judging 😂
Dipthong thathongthongthong
Dipthong thathongthongthong:
zzzzzz Made a mistake in the first match of the season that ended up not being costly. Scored a goal. Had another one called back after Koch was barely touched by Jones and ran into his own player. My guess is every center back in the league is hoping they can "step down" to VVD's level.
Lord Katakuri
Lord Katakuri:
Leeds played really well , give them some credit. I am really impressed by Leeds' performance.
Gary Lucas
Gary Lucas:
Good God - one game in and panic stations after a win. Liverpool performed like that many times last year but always had enough to get a result and push on towards the title in emphatic fashion. That's what champions do ffs. Give it several more matches to see how the other teams also shape up before critiquing this harshly.

Leeds played well, were set up to chase every ball and were there today to try and prove a point after so many years away. I am sure they will do enough to stay safe.
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed:
I'm sorry. Didn't Virg score a goal today or am I on drugs?
Some Guy
Some Guy:
Steve "Shambles" Nicole
Gaijin Hakase
Gaijin Hakase:
So are we gonna start calling them Liverpen now?
philip kemp bell
philip kemp bell:
They will conceded goals every game, and lose 8-12 games this season.
Three Points
Three Points:
VVD has been relying on his reputation for a while now. He needs to get back to his best asap
Colby McDowell
Colby McDowell:
Never did I think I would see stevie somewhat dis Liverpool, there is nooooo way they win the prem this year playin like that