WANDAVISION Episode 1 & 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | MCU Easter Eggs & Theories

WANDAVISION Episode 1 & 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Theories. We review, recap and explain the first two episodes of Wandavision on Disney Plus. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind the scenes leaks on the Marvel property.

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0:00 Intro
0:34 MCU Recap And Easter Eggs
1:24 Dream Theory
2:22 Vision’s Tie
2:43 Doctor Strange 2 Tie-In
2:56 Who Is Agnes?
4:27 Wandavision Episode 1 & Breakdown

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul and after over 500 days of no new Marvel content the MCU is back with Wandavision.

The Disney Plus series has a lot to unpack and throughout this video we're gonna be breaking down episodes 1 and 2, pointing out the easter eggs, giving our theories and explaining the ending. Up top we're gonna be dropping some big fan theories and then we'll continue with our more traditional breakdown but it's all gonna be time coded in the description below.

Now the last time we saw Vision he was giving a piece of his mind to Thanos and Wanda was moping around after the Avengers saved the universe. Cheer up love it's a funeral.

Now the series itself picks up with us having very little idea over what it is that's exactly going on and why the character are in this strange 1950s sitcom world.

Now in death Vision actually turned grey and this was very similar to his silver costume in the comics that became a big part of the character. Though we know from the trailers that that won't remain I love the black and white aesthetic here that sort of ties into that Easter Egg and who knows he may turn back to being grey at some point.

As for Wanda she has clearly created this pocket dimension and though we don't know exactly what's going on just yet there was a big clue in one of the tv spots that was recently released. Now I just wanna give a huge shoutouts to @kwistatz on twitter for sending me this through and the trailer ends like most do with a voice over announcing when it's coming out. However instead of saying streaming friday it sounds like he says dreaming friday and when you turn on closed captions you can see that this is indeed the case.


This mistake seems deliberate and to me it's hinting that Wanda is actually dreaming this entire reality and due to her powers it may have manifested. This could mean that the character is actually asleep at the centre of it all and the reality is building up around her.

The characters that we see could have been sucked into this and this is why they are unable to remember what's going on outside of their reality. The people that we see the pair interact with could be doctors or psychologists on the outside trying to help her with her grief and they've become trapped in the dimension unable to escape from it.

Visions Tie also could be hinting at people being enclosed in something and from what we see it has a rectangle with two dots inside of it. These two dots could represent both Wanda and Vision who are trapped inside this box that the former has dreamt up.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers:
Hey everyone, our Episode 3 breakdown is now available here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqrPQWOb4oU
I love how they executed the scene when Mr Hart was choking and his wife was saying ‘stop it’ like they way you say it if someone was being funny while also begging Wanda to help.
Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards:
Can we address the fact that the end credits for this show are 7 MINUTES LONG?!?
Declan Gallagher
Declan Gallagher:
I don’t understand the worry. This is the way the show is supposed to be. It’s not like we got two episodes of no hints to what’s happening. The show has a dark and creepy undertone and by the end it’s going to be epic.
Ebube Ezukanma
Ebube Ezukanma:
“A weird art project” but it has a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes meaning we should be in for a major surprise later in the season.
"... giving Thanos a piece of his mind."

*Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.*
Jim H
Jim H:
The "commercials" during the episodes keep talking about time. In the toaster commercial they said, "forget your past, this is your future." And in the watch commercial they said, " Strucker, he'll make time for you." Is this a coincidence? I think that Wanda is not only affecting reality, but time also. Could be wrong.
nicholas rajabzadeh
nicholas rajabzadeh:
Agnes really freaked out when Wanda said she could just be herself.
michael brown
michael brown:
I can’t believe there are sooooo many people giving negative reviews on this already. The show is a build-up mystery that leads to mutants entering the marvel cinematic universe and the timeline is going lead into Dr Strange 2 so for god sake give it a chance to come to a climax before ripping it apart. Did these negative commenters expect for marvel to give it all away in the first 30 minutes? Anyways thank you for the breakdown a lot of good information and theories in this video so I liked and subscribed!
The “No.” Wanda said to reverse time after seeing the beekeeper gave me chills. It’s similar to reading her say “No more mutants.” In the comics and immediately wiping most of the mutants out. It just shows Wanda definitely has a great amount of power and it will become more clear as the show progresses.
JaQ Hopkins
JaQ Hopkins:
I hope everyone stays patient.. it’s a build up and mystery. MCU can’t show all their cards yet 😉
Kevin B
Kevin B:
Minor correction: In the US, things don't "go West" when they turn bad. They "go South." In the US, heading westward is associated with pursuing opportunity.
you forgot to mention that the way they say "for the children" is basically them saying "hell hydra" i think is rellated
DJ Gamera
DJ Gamera:
Episode 2 riffs on "I Dream of Jeanie?"

More like "Bewitched".
chief waKiL
chief waKiL:
Isn’t confusion kind of the point? I’m loving the show. Slow cooks are good watches.
Siddharth Biswas
Siddharth Biswas:
"Stop it, Stop it" with that smile gave me chills 😳. Felt like a horror scene.
Agnes' anniversary being on June 2 is also a reference to the day the Salem Witch Trials started
Cris Martinez
Cris Martinez:
There was a a scene where Dottie says the “devils in the details” and then Aganes says “that’s not the only place he is.” Made me think Dottie is Mephisto
Isabel Dunning
Isabel Dunning:
I think this illusion is being made "for the children" whoever has Wanda trapped wants Wiccan and Speed.
Di Milton
Di Milton:
With people saying, “This needs more context!” It’s like, Have you not seen Legion?! That show’s first season was trippy but the second to last episode of the season was phenomenal! Syncing all the trippiness together.
Priyanshu Makwana
Priyanshu Makwana:
Does anyone notice Wanda says "My husband and his indestructible head" which is so ironic since Vision dies due to injury to his "HEAD" both the times😂
Ray Henderson
Ray Henderson:
Vision is just an illusion in a reality Wanda made we’re everyone is living a perfect life to her liking. Notice in the second episode visions stage name is “illusion”
Camilo Cuba
Camilo Cuba:
Here’s a wild theory: if Mephisto (aka the devil) is involved, than maybe each one of the nine episodes represents one of the nine circles of hell from Dante’s Inferno?
Bok Choy
Bok Choy:
So this is Wanda's reality, and she hates the commercials: Strucker and Stark.
Ben Watkin-Wynn
Ben Watkin-Wynn:
For me when Vision said something along the lines of “no you’ve forgotten” implying he’s forgotten because Wanda had and therefore he only exists as an extension.
The 3 Eyed Bear
The 3 Eyed Bear:
I like the creepy episode endings, lets us know something big is coming.
Jay Marshall
Jay Marshall:
The MCU, I think have earned us as the audience to be patient and see where this series will go. They will show what's really going on in due time. Plus doesn't everybody loves a mystery movie⁉️😁
i feel like it's a masterpiece that most people won't get .
Melissa Palmgren
Melissa Palmgren:
I wonder why the random red helicopter wasn’t addressed? I feel like that is significant.
The JediJoeWolf Show
The JediJoeWolf Show:
The "Bee Keeper" and the thudding noises makes me think she's in a facility of some sorts :s
Mother of Kittens
Mother of Kittens:
Wanda is subconsciously aware of what’s happening, she didn’t like that the bee keeper came into her reality. She stop for a second and simple said “no” and things reverted. So clearly she’s aware.
King Dassherr
King Dassherr:
Imagine Agness’ last name is “Hark”
Kirsten Kohr
Kirsten Kohr:
I was wondering if the “for the children” stuff had any connection to things that happened to her and her brother in her childhood..it was just a really odd thing for everyone to say in the same monotonous unison.
Raymond Garden
Raymond Garden:
Did anyone else catch the line when the Stücker watch gets shown that says “Strücker can make time for you”
This show feels so creepy without any evidence it is, the guy saying “Wanda, Wanda, who is doing this to you?” Really set off alarms, the fact about the hydra symbol on the watch, the beekeeper, and how weird everyone else is sometimes. At the end of the second episode it appears she controls whatever they’re living in, suggesting she has control over everything in it or at least partial control. This is definitely a weird show and it’s gonna be interesting to see how it turns out.
Lqmb _
Lqmb _:
I think it’s super cool how the Stark toaster beeps like a bomb just like the stark missile probably would’ve and how the Strücker watch is like how she was kept under his watch for years. I think we’ll end up getting a lot of context for what’s going on from these commercials going forward
I'd forgotten how funny Paul Bettany could be; he delivered some great comedic lines!
Anna Davis
Anna Davis:
I know the Russo brothers weren't directly involved with this, other than approving the concept at least, but if you've ever seen community, you won't be surprised that they love to spoof on things, and I was worried initially that it wouldn't be funny and we'd have to just get through bad comedy to see the MCU parts, but I genuinely laughed at a lot of the old style comedy and the Twilight Zone esque parts were definitely not lost on me either. Very excited to see more.
Sen Howler
Sen Howler:
I like the way he uses the captions to confirm the "dreaming friday" and simply ignores the "one division".
Ninjajack 64
Ninjajack 64:
Sword: (exists)
Wanda: it’s rewind time
“Giving Thanos a piece of his mind”. Cmon man 😂😂😂
This episode clearly riffs on Bewitched. Literally, the house layout in episode 2 is like Samantha and Darren’s home
Cloyd Ibones
Cloyd Ibones:
I vibe with the old sitcom aesthetic 😂
insecure intellectual
insecure intellectual:
Wanda really said “No❤️”
Joe Barbaro
Joe Barbaro:
Idk I find this great and interesting and I grew up watching reruns of “I love Lucy” so I first really bother me
Cupcake Snowbunny
Cupcake Snowbunny:
When she said 'No' in the second episode I seriously got chills... 😳
Chris Bishop
Chris Bishop:
It’s hard to be excited about the show so far to be honest. We just needed a bit more background info.
Sir Animator
Sir Animator:
"Its gone way to long" literally two episodes long
When I said I'm not giving Disney my 15 doll hairs...I meant that shit 🤣
Leonardo Menezes
Leonardo Menezes:
If this show was just a sitcom, I would love it anyway. Totally my cup of tea.
Saul Gonzalez
Saul Gonzalez:
I like when they turn the Stark toaster on, it sounds like Tony's repulsor
Versa Psycho
Versa Psycho:
“A piece of his mind” 🤣🤣🤣
Neil Joseph
Neil Joseph:
After watching the first two episodes I wasn't overly impressed, I get that the story needs to be established but if these 2 episodes were someone's introduction into the MCU I don't think they'd stick around to see it unfold. Glad to see I'm not alone and like most people I will just be patient and stick with it. Great video, keep them coming
The Talent show In episode 2, the poster said “For The Kids” but there was no kids there o_o
humanpotato 808
humanpotato 808:
I love how at 6:35 you just go “Yay depression”
The person at the end of episode 1 who was watching the data on the screen and taking notes was Darcy Lewis.
This show was definitely a departure from the usual formula and I fucking love it. I only wish it would've been released as a full season cause I'm dying to see what happens next!!
Peter Jarahian
Peter Jarahian:
The voice on the radio calling out for Wanda was definitely Randall Park's Jimmy Woo.
I keep hearing "wonder" when he says "Wanda" 😂
Absolutely loved the first two episodes! Just something fresh and new. And can’t wait to see what happens with the beekeeper etc. Feels a lot like a horror to me . . . 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jay G
Jay G:
“Vision gave him a piece of his mind” bruh I’m dead💀
It was impresive how the series begin, you wouldn't know it is from Marvel if it didn't say at the start of both episodes! Loved it so far and thanks 4 the earter eggs/explanations!
Maree Bee
Maree Bee:
Anyone know when the next episodes will come out?? Like I’m so exciteddddd
Ryan Haney
Ryan Haney:
I can't wait for the next episode. I'm really intrigued.
*When they kept saying “for the children” I was getting serious hot fuzz vibes. “The Greater Good”. Could this be a way of letting us know that the twist isn’t what we think it’s going to be?*
Dani M
Dani M:
At 1:11 I thought he was gonna say Wanda is clearly crazy 😭
Hudson Reynolds
Hudson Reynolds:
6:37 "Yayyy...depression" killed me
The “for the children” thing was odd. Maybe she wishes her children into existence, but they weren’t born through natural causes, they were kinda created and that disrupts Mephisto the wrong way and he wants the kids, but she can save them for a price, and SWORD is trying to save Wanda bc they don’t know what’s happening and it’s affecting people around them, but they have to be sneaky to infiltrate it without getting killed by her
Although it is a bit confusing, I was laughing like when I watch I love Lucy episodes. I’m enjoying it so far, let there be a little bit of mystery..
Willie Entrekin
Willie Entrekin:
I think the chant "For the children "was a spell being cast by someone....
I'm loving it so far I love i dream of jeannie and older shows its cool to see marvels spin on it can't wait for more! I so hope I win!!!!
Miguel Vazquez
Miguel Vazquez:
Imagine we see Pietro and Ultron since all this seems to be a nightmare/vision in her head.
Awe Dee.0
Awe Dee.0:
11:08 looks more like bewitched animated intro imo
2nd Round
2nd Round:
I like that even though you were slighted you’re trending on YouTube!
Brandon Ramos
Brandon Ramos:
Its Hive the “bee keeper coming out of sewer gives it away”
Chelsea is Here
Chelsea is Here:
Love the whole Nick at Nite feel with a touch of Twilight Zone 😍
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo:
The series is incredible so far! I love it so much!
Linette A
Linette A:
Loved your breakdown, however I think you missed identifying the opening for eps 2. It was a pure Bewitched riff, as Sam flys over the town on her broom stick
I love it. I only sleep 30-45 minutes a per day. It’s just like my dreams I can rewind and play it the way I want.
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter:
Ahhhh, see I thought the homage to Bewitched was more in the sound effects when Wanda uses w/ her magic; they're practically the same effects that play when Samantha uses HER magic in Bewitched.
Rebecca Sinnaeve
Rebecca Sinnaeve:
I liked the breakdown and you caught some of the things I did and other things I didn't. Looking forward to continuing watching your reviews/breakdowns for WandaVision :)
Muka Konkola
Muka Konkola:
Man!!!! Legion should connect with this eventually, just watched ep 1&2
Noah La Batte
Noah La Batte:
I love how the general consensus is mephisto, just finished watching both episodes and that was one of my main guesses
Christian Thompson
Christian Thompson:
I absolutely f-ing love it. I could see where people may get turned off, basically seeing it as derivative sitcom ripoffs, and nothing else. She created her own pocket dimension after traumatic experiences, often in tramatic experiences one can in some way revert back to childhood. She is basically going through what she knows, and often sitcoms are wholesome, or hold a wholesome message, so that can create a safe space, or what appears to be a safe space. Sadly a good time for one to take advantage of someone is when they are mentally unstable, so mephisto may be doing just that
In the second episode Agnes says to Wanda something like “she’s not the only devil around here” so that’s probably referring to Mefisto
Curtis Badger
Curtis Badger:
Hmmmm, I’m gonna stay patient here. DEFINITELY MORE TO COME. Thanks Pawwl.
I think that A.I.M. is holding Wanda captive in her reality (the hexagons and the beekeeper as well as the advertisement in the second episode for the HYDRA/ Strucker watch also suggest this) and S.W.O.R.D. is trying to get her out.

The logo on the beekeeper's suit could just be a disguise to avoid being recognised by S.W.O.R.D and Wanda has turned back time because she recognised the person in the suit as someone from Hydra.
Multifander The Channel
Multifander The Channel:
I desperately need answers. NEXT WEEK NEEDS TO COME FASTER!
Tricia Elder
Tricia Elder:
U should def get early access! This is my absolute favorite review channel!!
Angel Salvador
Angel Salvador:
This show is so weird yet so addicting . Marvel is about to blow our minds
chanel henderson
chanel henderson:
I'm loving it. I'm fully interested because I want to see where this is going
Jose Dume
Jose Dume:
Dude, I love you're breakdowns, did you notice the Infinity War came out on the 23rd and that's when Vision was decommissioned?
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance:
Hello, Humans.
"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."-Lou Holtz

The Kris
The Kris:
It’s a slow build up. Also some of it reminds me of the Outer Limits, especially with the beekeeper in the sewer.
Mr. Wilson!
Mr. Wilson!:
Did anyone catch Dottie saying, "the devil's in the details." and Agnes saying to Wanda, "that's not the only place he is."??
Jack Langboy
Jack Langboy:
I loved the episodes so much!!! The mystery and the tension was hidden in the episodes, but I know once we get to the back half of season 1 the show will become darker and I can’t wait for that!!!!
Kurtis Deakin
Kurtis Deakin:
I disagree. I love how mysterious and enigmatic it all is. I can't wait to have more revealed. Not everything has to immediately blow its full load
Christopher Armstrong
Christopher Armstrong:
I'm watching Legion right now. In season 2 there's honeycomb patterns in the D3 location? The series is in association with Marvel television. Clue maybe?
Dude I can't wait for the rest of the series
Daniel Caridade
Daniel Caridade:
I loved the concept... And the acting is perfect! Elizabeth Olsen is extraordinary!!