WandaVision | Official Trailer | Disney+

Welcome to WandaVision. Coming soon to Disney+. Marvel Studios' captivating new series "WandaVision" stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, and marks the first series from Marvel Studios streaming exclusively on Disney+. The series is a blend of classic television and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which Wanda Maximoff and Vision—two super-powered beings living idealized suburban lives—begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems.

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100+ comentarios:

Dat Boy
Dat Boy:
As someone who's read the comics and watched the movies, my theory is that Wanda here will start reality-warping like she did in the comics and create her own reality where Vision is alive they're married, and they eventually have two kids called Wiccan and Speed. However, because of Wanda's growing power, her reality will start having effects on the main reality which will gain the attention of SWORD. From there, I think Wanda will somehow get in touch with a witch named Agatha Harkness (the lady Vision saw in the car) who will try and help Wanda control her power but maybe fail. Sometime around the end, Wanda realizing that all of this is merely a fragment of her imagination will have an extreme mental breakdown and do a reverse of House of M, giving birth to Mutants. Finally, Wanda with her mind not in the right place will have her body siezed control by a villain called Nightmare who'll use he as a vessel which will lead into Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness which'll focus on Strange trying to get Wanda back and defeat Nightmare before he can conquer all the multiverses and plunge them all into their deepest fears
Alex G
Alex G:
This show came. This show delivered. I have no idea how Marvel's going to top themselves after this!
Can’t believe the series makes so much sense after a trailer like this.
the concept of adapting different stages of grief into the progression of american sitcom eras itself was genius. Adding on the mystery elements that keeps people intrigued while slowly unravel the answers and heartbreaking truths was a brilliant touch. It is a really self contained, grounded show with 10/10 execution. I really appreciate how the writers remained true to the core of the story they’re telling to the very end. It could’ve easily turned into a “there’s a demon force from hell behind everything or it lost control and ripped open the multiverse!!” kind of ending like many fans expected. however they kept it grounded hence it would not become just a piece of a larger puzzle but a standalone masterpiece of itself. It’ll ultimately be remembered as a story about a traumatised woman that holds an insane amount of superpowers going through grief. They embraced Television to their heart and had the marvel-esque easter eggs that gives fans a rewarding experience along with the dedication and attention to details that only marvel could pull off. I really couldn’t praise this show enough. I wasn’t even invested in anything marvel prior to this show and now i look forward to wanda’s journey in the future. this will definitely go down as one of the most iconic and unique projects marvel has ever produced as well as tv series overall.
This trailer is kinda nostalgic now.
David Bornstein
David Bornstein:
This was such an unexpected masterpiece. Sad it’s over but what a ride it was
Anvi Sharma
Anvi Sharma:
Wanda is telepathic, and Vision has Vision

Together they are.....Television
I absolutely loved it, this was such an unexpected masterpiece. I'm kinda sad it's over, but I can't wait to see Wanda in Doctor Strange 2!!
This is by far the most detailed, intricate series they have ever done. Well done Marvel. No one could pull it off like they did.
Hugo Perez
Hugo Perez:
I just heard that WandaVision won Three Emmys ( Production Design, Costumes, and Music). Congrats to everyone who worked on this show, it deserves its outstanding recognition for being great!
Full Fat Videos
Full Fat Videos:
"Am i dead?"

"No... Why would you think that?"

"Because you are."

Chilling. I can't wait.
In my opinion, Robert Downey Jr. and Elizabeth Olsen gave the best performances in the MCU.
Chase McNellis
Chase McNellis:
Came back to comment that this truly was one of the greatest things Marvel has given us. The show was astounding and I loved every second of it. I hope it goes down in history as one of the most unique and creative shows ever.
Such a great series. Thank you Disney, and Marvel! It's certainly been quite a ride!
Paule Anonuevo
Paule Anonuevo:
Coming here after the hype from Multiverse of Madness trailer 2. From being ignored side character, Wanda has become one of the most interesting and exciting character to see. Feels nostalgic now - I wish I can watch this for the first time again. "What's grief if not love perservering" is so profound that that single line made me rethink about how I feel for my friends or families I lost in my lifetime.
Mesiiah E
Mesiiah E:
I think this is loosely based on House of M.

For anyone who isn’t into comics, House of M was an event where Scarlet Witch had a mental breakdown, and the long and short of it is that she used Professor X’s telepathic abilities to invade everyone’s mind and find out what life they wanted to live, and then used her own reality warping abilities to give everyone, including herself, the life they wanted.

The atmosphere just seems very utopia-ish. By “WandaVision”, I don’t think it’s meant to be “Wanda and Vision”. I think it’s “Wanda’s Vision” of what she wanted, her reality to be brought to life.
It was a good rollercoaster of a show. The creativity and plot twists tho 😭
kim kimondo
kim kimondo:
Just finished Moon Knight, and Wandavision is Still the best Marvel tv show.
WOW I never understood that trailer and I thought I would never like this show BUT MAN DID I LOVE WANDAVISION. It was meant to be too confusing to be understood in a trailer but when you watch all episodes it's 👌👌👌 Thank you so much for this amazing show and stunning finale.
Pivi Sankar
Pivi Sankar:
I’m just rewatching this even after watching the finale becuase i love WandaVision so much
Rafel Rodrigo
Rafel Rodrigo:
Its be Three months since WandaVision ended and I'm here trying to bring back the hype, cuz I miss it so much....
María José Montilla
María José Montilla:
Everyone is talking about this show which is awesome, but can we focus on Elizabeth Olsen acting skills for a second? She did such an amazing job❤️
Nasaba Bora
Nasaba Bora:
The best show of 2021 according to me, I really loved how it paid homage to sitcoms and yet still balanced MCU's unique storytelling. The audience went wild when they saw Wanda in (spoiler) 2nd post credit scene. I think Marvel is waiting to see Dr Strange In The Multiverse's reception and will reveal a solo feature starring Elizabeth Olsen.
Sebastian Caceres
Sebastian Caceres:
Esto es una obra maestra, el trailer solo me dio hype sin revelar contenido, lo Amé ♥️🙈
Phoenix 11
Phoenix 11:
This is weirder than Doctor Strange, but I’m excited
Onyx God
Onyx God:
What a show and what a ride it truly has been. When this trailer first came I was so skeptical, I never clicked with Wanda or Vision before, after watching the first episode I honestly didn't see where it was going and honestly didn't want to watch anymore. After the third episode I was so hooked, there is some elements to this show that feels like a dark thriller/horror yet it comes back around with a little dry humour here and there eventually pushing you back into the lines of MCU. This show has been the first show in ages that is been so easy to get lost in. I feel like this show was a memory I never had, wish I could forget it and rewatch. Amazing acting, the mimicking of sitcoms from throughout the ages was also a brilliant touch
Kevin Kayemba
Kevin Kayemba:
i loved this show it’s so nostalgic for me because of the theme and the fact that i knew very little about marvel when i was watching the first episode but then by the end i cried at the last. the music for the trailer was great to
Charis F
Charis F:
Finished it last night. Cried big tears. Really really well done. Concept, execution, **chef's kiss**
Ever since it was over, I watch the whole thing again. I love WandaVision, one of my favorite Disney Plus series from MCU and I hope they win the Emmys this year
Michael J.R.
Michael J.R.:
Well this is definitely a twist in Marvel’s vision
the entire show blew all my expectations away when it first started I didn’t think I’d love the show as much as I do the show made the Scarlet Witch one of my favourite characters in the MCU Elizabeth Olsen really made the character She’s a great actress like everyone else in the show and I can’t wait to see what happens with white Vision and most importantly The Scarlet Witch overall I think the show was perfect and Really made Wanda a relatable character and I hope the other Marvel shows will be just as good as WandaVision
CaTa MorCru
CaTa MorCru:
I will miss this show a lot, it was a magnificent experience. Such a good start for the fase 4 of the MCU.
Anna Bnanna
Anna Bnanna:
Even without a masterful storyline, you had me at generational tropes! This was such a beautiful and poetic project. I wish it never had to end 😭💜. Truly one of Marvel’s finest gems.
Braveheart Bob
Braveheart Bob:
by far the best Marvel tv series to date
had everything, superheroes, mystery, cameos, humor, and loads of twists
I didn't expect this, but it's not unwelcome. This looks like it could be one of Marvel's most unique TV series!
Iron mat
Iron mat:
It's almost been 1 year since the trailer was released, and I still love it!
José Antonio Silva
José Antonio Silva:
A melhor série da Marvel Studios, até hoje
Peashooter 908
Peashooter 908:
I’m definitely going to miss this show probably my favorite thing to come out of the mcu I really liked the sitcom bits and I liked the story and how it took its time with the story instead of explaining what was going on in like one episode
Myra Kelley
Myra Kelley:
6 months since this trailer drop and 1 month since the finale. THIS SHOW WAS A MASTERPIECE. It was everting I was not expecting and I loved every second about it.

Everybody else was phenomenal as well
The Vibe Zone
The Vibe Zone:
Falcon and the winter soldier was fun but WandaVision was such a unique and well done character study on Wanda's traumas. 10/10
Mateo Kupstys Chica
Mateo Kupstys Chica:
I have to admit, this was amazing. really amazing. VERY well made! the mix of television-styles, comedy-scenes stories and the dissonant parts that shows how everything collapses slowly are a great analogical representation of a person going through grief. The acting was superb! A really piece of art I must say.
Eli Jah
Eli Jah:
A show like this is once in a lifetime❣️
J C:
This entire show was beautifully done 🙏🏻
everyone: is vision dead?

marvel: yes... but no
amrita pawar
amrita pawar:
It's one of the best marvel series ever made loki is nothing infront of it
Andreas Österberg
Andreas Österberg:
After watching this it is my favourite series of all time. I want more of Wanda and Vision!
ShisuiGamer 9
ShisuiGamer 9:
I loved it from start to finish. Wanda’s and Vision romance, the people of Westbury,and the Agatha twist was surprising. Episode 5 was probably my favorite if I had to pick Overall 8/10
Lukman Ansari
Lukman Ansari:
Seen the whole 9 episodes of WandaVision i m impressed as the show is just phenomenal👌👌👍

Elizabeth,Paul bettany & ofcourse the other actors as well nailed it🤟
This is by far marvel’s most multi-layered, sophisticated character study they have ever done.
Merlot Gewurtztraminer
Merlot Gewurtztraminer:
It was a very emotionally spectacular show!
If not the best, one of the best that I have ever watched in my entire life. I never expected that a witch and a synthezoid would make me cry like tons.

Thank you Elizabeth and Paul for putting your 101% love of the craft that made me personally obsessively hooked into your world in Westview. Agatha you simply spiced it up. Even the Westview residents really really really gave their shots.

To all the writers and the team behind Wandavision who worked hard......thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. You just gave us a “marvel”ous show that is timely. And even if you made me bawl my eyes out, I am still thankful for letting me realize that life is beautiful indeed.

Marvel, you just set the bar even higghhheeeerrr!!

Salamat po! ❤️🙏🏽
Lenusniq _
Lenusniq _:
This was so so so good. One of the best things I have watched in years.
Ice Box Dude
Ice Box Dude:
I actually loved this show. It's confusing at first but it's really good. I can't wait for Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Loki. So hyped!
I miss this show already! It was just amazing and I wish we could get another season but I don't think that would happen!
Fish with Limbs
Fish with Limbs:
In a way, this is very sad, it shows how broken wanda is.
This series is spectacular. Scarlet witch has to be the powerful entity in mcu universe. Did she really bring vision from multiverse? We will know in Dr strange in madness
Bruno Felcar Engel
Bruno Felcar Engel:
This show is probably one of my favorite marvel projects
We may know everything now, but this trailer still gives me chills
Caeleigh Reger
Caeleigh Reger:
This gives me chills after finishing the show. It truly doesn’t show what was in store for us.
Everyone: *was not expecting a wandavision trailer*

Marvel: Boom. You looking for this?
Brian M
Brian M:
Loved this show!
One year ago 🥺😭 This wasn’t a show, it was an experience ❤️
Just finished watching this series and its FAR and away the best thing Ive seen on Disney +

Beyond being merely a Marvel TV show it was original and nostalgic with plenty of subversion of expectations and a touching romance to boot.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo:
Can’t believe this masterpiece is almost a year old
Ayush Soni
Ayush Soni:
Producer: How confusing should we make the trailer
Marvel: Yes.
Noodle Falcon
Noodle Falcon:
Thank you WandaVision for being a wonderful experience.
Felipe Tobar
Felipe Tobar:
This deserved to win the Emmy for best miniseries 😭
komishetty rishabh2005
komishetty rishabh2005:
Can't believe it's been almost a year I feel like I just finished watching it yesterday one of the best series absolutely amazing
Rhytham Das
Rhytham Das:
Wandavision is one of the best series ever produced. Period.
Any How
Any How:
Am i dead?"

"No, why would you think that?"

"Because you are"

Brave Just Defend
Brave Just Defend:
I have to be honest and say WandaVision was an excellent show!! The minds y'all have produced a brilliant masterpiece
Joe King
Joe King:
Ending is completely unexpected with full of emotions, god its like roller coster ride sometimes up and sometimes down... ufff MARVEL SUPRISED US WITH THIS MASTERPIECE..!!
Ricardo Ramirez
Ricardo Ramirez:
Amazing show. 10/10!
Vania atabay
Vania atabay:
İt was such amazing series i finished the whole thing in one day i wasn’t aware that wanda was this powerful
Danny Anderson
Danny Anderson:
This is probably going to be the most unique of the Marvel Disney+ shows
caleb morffi
caleb morffi:
I’m still not over this show nor do I think I will be. I love it sooo much, I’m sad that it ended 🥺💙
José Francisco Díaz
José Francisco Díaz:
Ame esta serie ❤❤
Mary Joy Reyes
Mary Joy Reyes:
My favorite part of this show is when Jimmy, Rambo, and Darcy were making a plan. The scene was so natural that only after it was over that I realized they were of different races. I hate forced representation in shows, so I love that characters can now be played by actors of corresponding race without the scene feeling unnatural.
Sweta Basnet
Sweta Basnet:
I like how they changed from the boss choking to scolding wanda and vision. Marvel definetly know how to keep the suspense up.
Malhar Patel
Malhar Patel:
Anybody who is wondering whether to watch this or not. Just Watch it without any hesitation. It's Marvel's Best Creation Ever.
Hamdi Maxamed
Hamdi Maxamed:
I remember watching the trailer when it first came out everyone was confused but now after its come out the trailer makes so much sence.
Nisa Pigasus
Nisa Pigasus:
This is the first time ever I cried watching Marvel movies/series. Tony Stark death even can't make me cry. But what Wanda experience and feel here in this series really break my heart. this series is masterpiece.
kim kimondo
kim kimondo:
Can't believe it's been a year since that masterpiece came out!
Francesco Fioroni
Francesco Fioroni:
Can we all appreciate the fact that original Scarlett and Vision costumes have been included?
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez:
i can’t tell you how much i miss this era.
Inzaghi's corn salad
Inzaghi's corn salad:
People who havent been through what wanda and vision have been through with or without the avengers really wouldnt understand. They might love it, but they wont feel it. They might even ask 'a human with a robot?'. How can you not love wanda and vision together.
MI Chowdhury ABIR
MI Chowdhury ABIR:
Really Elizabeth Olsen deserves an Emmy for the performance in Wanda Vision
daniyal Masood
daniyal Masood:
Just feel in love with this series all over again
Gianluca Caravello
Gianluca Caravello:
Disney really just hit us with the "coming soon" with a straight face
This was such a Wandaful show 😁
Bo Shek
Bo Shek:
Kathryn Hahn’s witch laugh is everything I need in my life
Jeon's Toa
Jeon's Toa:
This is the most unique thing they've ever done. Ever.
Watched WandaVision and all I can tell you is IT WAS AMAZING AND TOP TIER AND YOU SHOULD GO WATCH IT. NOW. NOW. NOW.
honestly Wanda really deserves better, she lost her parents, brother, boyfriend, and some of her mentor figures (Steve, Natasha), so I honestly don't blame her for trying to create a new reality, because her current reality doesn't treat her very well.
James Reiniel Quional
James Reiniel Quional:
Now, WandaVision won so much awards for MTV Movie and TV Awards 2021. Congratulations to all! I love this show so much! 💗💗💗
Azzahra Aulia Ranti
Azzahra Aulia Ranti:
I need season 2 pls😩 This is so awesome
Chris M
Chris M:
It is going to win so many awards!!! What a great surprise of a show!
Nell B
Nell B:
Genuinely a masterpiece, I absolutely LOVED it
Afras Shahnawaz
Afras Shahnawaz:
Everyone: this trailer is confusing.
Marvel: *Oh, I don't think that was ever in question.*
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry:
This was amazing ..... The suspense in this show was crazy
I've seen all the Marvel films, but I've been nothing but a casual watcher of them. Was never too invested in any of the stories or characters.

I saw this trailer and was HOOKED. Something about it appealed to me like nothing Marvel has ever done in the past.

The show had my heart from the first scene to the last. In my opinion it's the best thing Disney Marvel has ever made and it's not even close.