Was I WRONG About Xbox Series X? - Console Review

The next generation of gaming has finally begun with the release of the Xbox Series X but is this console really worth the price? Well today I am checking the system out to test the features and playing some gorgeous games!

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In this video Dreamcastguy reviews the Xbox Series X by playing some Xbox games, xbox 360 games, and upgraded Xbox One games to see the new visuals and a few 4k updates. This includes gameplay for games like Final Fantasy 15, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and some Halo being played on the Xbox Series X. This launch has been rocky since it needs an internet connection to boot up your console but the system is fun to play. Hopefully microsoft releases some real console exclusives for the Xbox Series X soon so they can compete with the PlayStation 5 cause the PS5 has some nice looking games already.

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Thanks for watching and liking the video. 2 DAYS UNTIL PS5!!!
NwB Noah
NwB Noah:
Let’s be honest we never thought Dreamcast would make a video saying how good the series x is😂
Turner D Century
Turner D Century:
You should start an “I was wrong” series.
Dom Demann TV
Dom Demann TV:
I'm tired of hearing about exclusives when the Xbox series x can literally play 4 generations of Xbox games. It has plenty of exclusives and more to come. Sony lost me as a loyal fan boy because they didn't even bother to give us full backwards compatibility. I have jumped ship and now Xbox will be my go to...
Maykon Stinglin
Maykon Stinglin:
Dreamcastguy’s face looks like a kid on Christmas morning
I find it funny that I'm sitting here watching this review on an Xbox series X. Lol
As of today. After the EA games were added to GamePass. THERE ARE 354 GAMES ON GAMEPASS right now.
“What’s coming next?” As a negative....I think that’s a positive because with 20+ studios now working on next gen games for Xbox, I think there’s a lot to look forward to at Xbox
PlayStation killed the Dreamcast. Remember that.
Ero Zen
Ero Zen:
Dude looks like he hasn't slept in a week.
Jenn Alfano
Jenn Alfano:
I camped outside all night for the Xbox series X and I love it too it’s amazing playing lots of games have fun with yours👍😁🥳🥳👋
The XBOX Community gladly sends DreamcastGuy back to the ponys.
Ohh the Series X looks amazing, even with "old" games. I have it hooked up to my LG OLED and ohh boyyyyy!!!
Philip Banks
Philip Banks:
4:14 omg look how good RE7 looks in next gen!! 😭
Sayf Taleb
Sayf Taleb:
"As I smash my kneee in the desk"
Made my day
Michael Myers
Michael Myers:
The x is amazing!!! Xbox already had the edge on ps with backwards compatibility but the upscaling now puts it in a different universe and it's not even possible for ps to do it so they can't catch up.... they missed the boat!!!!
Jason Spears
Jason Spears:
Ori, Gears 5, and Doom are an amazing experience on OLED.
I don’t understand why everybody is so hung up on exclusives.
Stewart Viera
Stewart Viera:
There are games coming. Maybe they just aren't everyone's type of games but they're coming. I can't wait to play The Medium. I was sad to see it be delayed because of Cyberpunk but makes sense. They can't risk losing sales to a hyped up game.
I've never been so satisfied with load times in my life.
Koen Jonker
Koen Jonker:
I love mine, the switch from one s to series x was soo easy. I dont need to buy new controllers, new racing wheel(expensive) etc etc. All my games worked by plugging in the external drive i used on my one. It does need some exclusives but for now i have months worth of stuff to play.
bob jim
bob jim:
" You keep dreamin' " Oh man so much better than your old catch phrase. Keep this!
This is the first video you’ve done that I actually liked..
Finlay Renshaw
Finlay Renshaw:
As long as it fixes the framerates on the souls games, I’m fine with it
TNINJA Creations
TNINJA Creations:
Dont worry about exclusives they bought Bethesda's so their are probably planning for a big exclusive
Crunchy Blend
Crunchy Blend:
How you review a console in less than 1 day
Darkula 666
Darkula 666:
Good review

One thing : assassins creed Valhalla lots faster on PS5. Digital Foundry did a comparison video.

So not all games will be better on Xbox X, don’t forget PS5 has a lot faster SSD
Jesusmelove 1
Jesusmelove 1:
“Old school stuff”
Falcom Scott
Falcom Scott:
The XBOX Series X looks Gorgeous I love it & Congrats Dreamcast Guy on getting this system hope you enjoy it!
Interesting video and respect for being impartial in this video.
One piece of advice, please stop pluralising words/game titles incorrectly! It’s driving me nuts!!😬
Gamzi Wolf
Gamzi Wolf:
I’m curious about that TV you have, I’ve looked into ones other reviewers have talked about like the Sony and LG one but those are out of my range
Genyous Guy
Genyous Guy:
Personally I'm not a big fan of game pass. I can't deny the value, but their's something about actually owning a game that I value more.
Corey Boone
Corey Boone:
Congratulations to you my dude. I'm happy you got the system
Think I’m going Xbox this time..... when ever I can find one.
Joe McGrath
Joe McGrath:
I don't see the rush in getting one. All it really is, is saving 30 seconds to play a game and better graphics which don't matter to me I'll wait to get it for my birthday in August.
Collin Scherber
Collin Scherber:
I cannot stand how he says "Games Pass" and not "Game Pass". There is no "s" in the "game"
I would love to see Lost Odyssey running at 4k 60
Chris Sappenfield
Chris Sappenfield:
Wow, I'm impressed. He wasn't just shiting on Xbox. Maybe we have a bright future ahead of us
Daniel Booke
Daniel Booke:
Sooooo.... your Series X will be your primary system then since 95% of games are multiplat.

I wish more people would figure that out.
Dustin Lambert
Dustin Lambert:
When you've got Dreamcast Guy saying positive things about Xbox you know you've done something right.
Anthony I
Anthony I:
I noticed your audio comes more out of my left earbud, which is probably due to your orientation to the mic. Might be worth looking into fixing in post. Thanks for the great content!
Been playing it all day, it's amazing.
The series x is dope I love the quick resume feature I swapped back from ori to assassins creed soo many times in one day lol it’s super convenient and gameplay is nice I just picked up the ps5 tho this the one I was really excited for
Abraham Samarneh
Abraham Samarneh:
hey dreamcast guy its "gamepass" not "gamespass" lol, keep it up and Enjoy the console :D
I prefer sony overall for their games but my ONE disk drive broke and I missed on the gears of war and in all fairness Xbox series X seems like a well built machine.
Always straight up and honest, I support you all the way!
9:10 it takes a lot more than a few months. A couple years usually

Jesus, the childhood memories this 5 second clip brought back.....
I bet we 20% more game reviews from now on due faster loading, etc :-)
Luke Pocock
Luke Pocock:
He said, he will play all third party games on the series x. Only getting a PS5 for the exclusives. Looks like he has realised that Xbox consoles are the superior console 😂👍🏼
Master Chief
Master Chief:
Great review! I'm glad that the Xbox Series X has been worth all the hype. I'm not interested in any Sony exclusives, so this will be my next-gen system, for sure.
Jere Kleimola
Jere Kleimola:
Thank you for the Review!
Ori at 4k 120 fps is astounding. Auto hdr works really well, too. Destiny 2 crucible is going to run at 120. That's going to be insane.
This thing isn't nearly as large as id thought it was going to be.
Sage Pirotess
Sage Pirotess:
Never played dynasty warriors 2 3 5. Years since 4. It be nice to try those out as 2 3 5 cant be got on pc.
NwB Noah
NwB Noah:
This video surprised me a lot. Enjoy the series x Dreamcast.
opus 1033
opus 1033:
I will probably buy a Series X when I can walk into Best Buy and pick one up. Yes I know that will be a while.
Y'all watchdogs legion and that raytracing is DOPE. Real time reflections on everything is so insanely beautiful!!!
Avengerman 260
Avengerman 260:
Gotta admit, Xbox learned their lessons in some aspects from 2013 lol
Radix Lecti
Radix Lecti:

Kyle Olson
Kyle Olson:
Not to brag but I hooked mine up in 15mins and was already playing
SterlingK Art
SterlingK Art:
So a $500 brick? For the first hour and then boost machine afterwards~
Welp, I'm gonna a 2nd switch jk

Glad to hear its good.
Amir Khan
Amir Khan:
Great review! But I think you will play 3rd parties on PS5 too. Because the haptic feedback feature of the Dualsense5 is simply an incredible game changer
That Alan Awake footage was so good for the soul
Im looking forward to playing cyberpunk on the series X ,not long to go hopefully
I was able to snag one this morning from Wal-Mart. Downloading Ark and DayZ on it right now lol
Both XSX and XSS are amazing! Absoluut amazing! Within a year from now al those studio’s bring new exclusives but till then it’s so amazing to play briljant current gen games at 60fps and 3rd party titles like AC Valhalla, COD, Fenyx Rising and many more. My PS5 is coming next week for those great PS5 games, but everything else will be Xbox. And my Switch for sure 😉
geoff automatron
geoff automatron:
I spy Way of Kings in the background!?!
Everyone loves to claim somebody a console hater. I'm over here playing my original xbox that I recently cleaned up. Yeah I love xbox. I never bought an xbox one and probably never will since I bought a switch and don't have all the money in the world to buy a PS4 and an Xbox One. I'll probably never own those consoles. Most of the time my friends think I'm an xbox "fanboy" cause my love for halo, but I don't see how that's possible. Last month I played Super Metroid and beat it for the first time, I played Otogi on xbox, and Chrono Cross on PS1. I just like video games it doesn't matter what label is on the tech I'm using... it's the games I'm able to boot up on that piece of tech. I love PC, Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, Arcade cabinets, Real hardware, emulation etc. Everything I'm a fan of video games period. This whole fanboy bullshit needs to stop lol
Another great thing about Game Pass this time round is that you can play same games on Pc and Series x with same account, at no extra cost.
Labarynth Maze
Labarynth Maze:
Im waiting for fable, my Ps5 arrives next week
Dylan Thomas Murphree
Dylan Thomas Murphree:
🙏🏼Thanks so much for all your content related to these next gen consoles. You’ve been a HUGE help!
Robert Colón
Robert Colón:
Great review Max! There is alot of good in this console. That switching between games I feel we are gonna use alot. I feel 2022 will be a big yr for Xbox and that gamepass will always help them. My goal 2021...4k tv...PS5 Xbox series X! 🙏🏼
Dan The Movie Man
Dan The Movie Man:
I know you got to GameStop at 4 in the morning to get this beast. nice review!
Kenneth Barbee
Kenneth Barbee:
I’ve been saying that quick resume was such a slept on feature for a while now
Fylde Coast Flips
Fylde Coast Flips:
What game is it at 6:06? The Egyptian one? Looks nice. Great vid! Thanks
I got my Series X today. It's the first time I own an xbox, as I always played on PC and PS. Getting the PS5 also, hopefully on release
Do I enjoy the Xbox Series X? I'll let you know when I can get one, if there is ANY available, of course.
Lmao crazy how impressed everyone is with SSD technology on a console, when it's been available on PCs and phones for nearly a decade 🤣🤣
Thought these would be hard to find but I've been to 2 Wal-Mart's today with plenty of stock. Got one with no headache at all
Joaquin Barreto
Joaquin Barreto:
Dude I hooked mine up at 1030am on Nov 10th and had a seem less experience getting it set up. Don't know what you're referring to it be tough to set up.
Does that quick resume mean you can only do that if it’s digital or installed on the hard drive? Wouldn’t you have to switch discs if it was physical? How would that work?
That’s weird mine worked right out the gate no internet required from what I noticed
Alex O.
Alex O.:
I love your content and I feel like you have a much "closer" relationship with your subscribers than a lot of the YouTubers currently with 500k+ subscribers. I just subscribed recently but I can just tell you are very genuine. While 200k is a lot, I think you'll be getting much more as you deserve it!
Marceau Blétard
Marceau Blétard:
Excellent review! I agree with everything you said.
jedi Stormtrooper
jedi Stormtrooper:
I seen it today and didn't get it.. Thank to covid don't have a job so I'm going to just play ps1 games 🎮🎮😔
Francisco Leite
Francisco Leite:
“Gamepass”? What, you don’t know the name?
R Poe
R Poe:
Forgetting the medium, hellblade 2, and a few others before the year ends
Skeletor Five
Skeletor Five:
They have alot of stuff coming. And owning Bethesda. Of course it doesnt say much at the moment but they will pick up speed.
00:30 YES you are no doubt about it.
G Willy
G Willy:
Odd. I had zero issues with my series X. It logged right in and updated quickly. I loaded up my Assassian Creed game and the Xbox Series X found my save game right away. This is the smoothest console set up I've experienced in a long time.
Felix Jr
Felix Jr:
I got my ps5 delivered😁👍🏻!!! Nov 10th at 6pm...

Wasnt the "launch" supposed to be Nov 12th?? 🤔
Mr. Edward Hyde
Mr. Edward Hyde:
*X-Men Legends 2: Rise Of Apocalypse* 🙌
Moto Miles
Moto Miles:
great review.. and Dreamcast best console ever..
patrick sowders
patrick sowders:
He probably did this after the back lash saying not to get the series s
Really like that game to game switching imagine a RE marathon
CycoMiko 73
CycoMiko 73:
So like I thought I'm fine for a long time with my x box one X!!! Not missing much, a few frames and jumping around between games almost instantly is all im missing no biggie to me!!! The ps5 is the first new console I get!!!
Gab Inidal
Gab Inidal:
Will get this beast in 2 to 3 years.
kurtis biggins
kurtis biggins:
I had no problem with my xbox loading up on first start. I also have about 7devices on my internet and I had no problem. Only thing I dislike is that I cant quick resume live games
Andrew The YouTube Noob
Andrew The YouTube Noob:
That wobbly little table is a disaster waiting to happen bro.