Was Rodri Offside? Man City 2 - 0 Aston Villa | Bernardo Silva Goal + Dean Smith Red Card

Aston Villa manager Dean Smith was sent off by Lee Mason after arguing with the referee about this non-call. Was Rodri offside? Should Bernardo Silva's goal have been disallowed? Tyrone Mings and most Aston Villa players seem to think so...

This goal has huge implications for the title race. Manchester City go top of the Premier League table, at least temporarily, on 38 points. The game itself was very fast and entertaining but it's a shame that it was decided by some offside controversy. What are your thoughts?
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Offside Rule Explained (in 3 minutes): https://youtu.be/U01-uArNpdw

New Offside Rule Explained (in under 3 minutes): https://youtu.be/ZxNbEyrumKg

1. Offside position = when ahead of (*see 2) both the ball & the 2nd last defender
2. *"Ahead of" does not include arms and hands
3. Foul is called when player becomes active in play (i.e. receives a pass, blocks goalkeeper's view, impedes an opposing player)
4. No offsides during throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks, or in the player's own half
5. Pass must be from a teammate for offside to be considered
6. Key moment is "When the ball is PASSED, NOT WHEN IT'S RECEIVED!"
7. Deflections off a player or a post are not considered; the key moment would still be the original pass (this includes a goalkeeper making a save: the rebound position is not considered... only the position of the player as his teammate was taking the original shot)

Offside Rule Explained by FIFA: https://www.fifa.com/mm/document/afdeveloping/refereeing/law_11_offside_en_47383.pdf

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