Watch A Minute-To-Minute Breakdown Leading Up To George Floyd's Deadly Arrest | NBC News NOW

Millions have watched the video of George Floyd struggling to breathe while handcuffed and pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis Police Officer. But what happened in the moments leading up to his death? Emmanuelle Saliba looked at new security footage, cellphone videos and police reports to piece together what happened.
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Watch A Minute-To-Minute Breakdown Leading Up To George Floyd's Deadly Arrest | NBC News NOW

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100+ comentarios:

NBC News
NBC News:
Correction: This video has been updated with the latest cell phone footage and has been corrected to accurately represent street names and the location of the black vehicle.
Aaron P
Aaron P:
They better start releasing the body cam footages of the other officers.
If Michael Jackson was living, he wouldn't let this be,
Алексей Плахонин
Алексей Плахонин:
Body cam is another way to see what’s going on, the media lie day after day ,stirring up unrest. Shame on you media, you our enemy
What people don’t realise is that he would of died anyway, whether or not Chauvin was there, FENTANYL
You don't have the ACTUAL FOOTAGE of what happened to George ? I'm out .
Whatever happened beforehand, you can‘t just kneel on a handcuffed man‘s neck until he‘s dead!
So, critical footage of the beginning of the struggle is missing?
Datgamer Chowe
Datgamer Chowe:
This whole story is an attempt to get Americans to fight amongst each other. Wake up you're all being played
James Reene
James Reene:
I find it hard to trust someone who says “another police cars pulls up, obstructing our view”, when it was the same car that turned around 🤦‍♂️
Resists arrest and dies from drugs.. nothing new
Petal Quashie
Petal Quashie:
So if they saw him going into medical distress why would u lay on his neck
Taco Bell gave me diarrhea help
Taco Bell gave me diarrhea help:
If this guy was white the headline would be :man arrested for using counterfiet money.
Anonymous Carrot
Anonymous Carrot:
George’s fault
Ordinary Pete
Ordinary Pete:
1:30 - 1:31 Floyd gets officers to take him to wall (Because he’s “claustrophobic”) and drops the remaining Drugs that he didn’t swallow as the cops pulled up. Nobody mentions that though.. just watch. Click over and over.
Following, he continues his “rant” and leads them away from the drugs but looks back over at his buddy and “ex” gf as he is led across the street...
Vitamin D
Vitamin D:
I need the passenger and the guy who reported the forgery to come out with their story
Duston Bohannan
Duston Bohannan:
If he was in medical distress, why would they even put a knee in his neck? That just proves that they didn't care. What an abuse of power.
artvin nd
artvin nd:
Georg Floyd had a log crime history Home Invasion, robbery and even pointing gun at pregnant women. Look it up yourself. He wasn’t so innocent as they want you to belive🤦🏼‍♂️
CNN turned this criminal into a saint, even though he fought the fuzz
jason thomas
jason thomas:
Car doesn’t drive off it parks over the other side of the road.thats where the witness phone camera footage came from.SET UP
Bry Zers live
Bry Zers live:
Наркоман и мошенник
Америка: давайте его боготворим))
Привет руско говорящим
Black Hole
Black Hole:
Handcuffs on, 4 cops surrounding him, and hes on the ground. He didnt require a knee to the neck, on top of all that. Insensitive, weak, and overcompensating police work.
If Floyd was white he wouldn't be labeled a gentle giant who points guns at pregnant women
Able Danger
Able Danger:
floyd was a long time drug user and criminal. including sticking a gun in a pregnant woman's stomach while his friends looked for drugs and money.
That minute you couldn't see. He was struggling refusing to get into the car and asked to be put on the ground, claiming to be clausterphobic.
Josef Rubix
Josef Rubix:
Floyd put himself on the ground and was Resisting Arrest and said i can't breath when he was in the car he was getting Ready
Meliodas Wraith
Meliodas Wraith:
He was cuffed from the beginning how much could he possibly been resisting
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi:
The medical examiner concluded that George Floyd died of drug overdose. He had Floyd’s blood tested positive for 4ANPP, methamphetamine, fentanyl, and norfentayl. Dr. Andrew Baker added that the levels of drugs in Floyd’s system would be a “fatal level under normal circumstances.” George’s lungs were 2-3x heavier than normal due to the pulmonary edema.
joker Darker
joker Darker:
if you look close ,he drops a white bag as he is sitting down !!!!!!
st prch
st prch:
How come any comment that points out facts is deleted? 1:49 NBC Logo over the bag.
1 2
1 2:
Anyone else spot him drop the baggys???
They said they noticed he was showing medical distress so they called an ambulance and then choked him?
James Haynes
James Haynes:
Prediction :

More riots in MN and Atlanta when the verdicts are released.
Razzel Dazzel
Razzel Dazzel:
Jessica Doty Whitaker, 24, was shot dead on July 5 in Indianapolis, Indiana Murdered by BLM for saying ALM.
1:30 One can see Floyd dropped a white bag when he is seated on the ground.
Security Officer
Security Officer:
Nobody gonna talk about the drugs being dropped
DT raze
DT raze:
Imagine dying just because of a fake $20 bill like the cops are too much
Hernan Menegotto
Hernan Menegotto:
clear example of media manipulation... which is easily 90% of any kind of "media" these days. Selling is what matters... only selling.
Jim Martin
Jim Martin:
There are many cop and law haters out there. Martin Luther King Junior said, "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" We are being unjust when we vilify cops. In almost all cases, if we co-operate when being questioned or detained, we will not be harmed. A cops jobs is dangerous, when we don't co-operate with them, we increase danger for them and ourselves. Cops risk their lives to keep our lives safe, we need them. If there were no cops, there would be absolute chaos and destruction, (none of us would be safe) (even criminals will not be safe) we will wish that we could turn back the clock and treat them with the honor and respect they deserve. The people that are being hurt or killed would be alive and well today if they would have co-operated with the cops. Please stop hating cops, please co-operate with them, this will make things safer for all of us. They are not our enemies.
Random Dude
Random Dude:
At 1:20 you see Floyd drop a small white packet at his feet and then again at 1:28 he drops an identical white packet when he is up against the wall.
Chris Curry
Chris Curry:
Did he drop coke or other drugs there’s a white small thing that wasn’t there before he was put to sit. Please let me know it’s confusing
Tommy Clout
Tommy Clout:
“Medical distress” so they decided to end him there and then? What a load of bs
If you do a background check on Floyd he has been in prison for robbery and drug abuse, he did not serve to die but he is not innocent.
Champ Playz
Champ Playz:
"I can't breathe, officer. " IF HE SAID HE CAN'T BREATHE GET OFF HIS NECK
Niecy Is here.
Niecy Is here.:
There was a passenger in his vehicle, he hasn't said anything and nor did he intervene. What's going on here? 1:06
J p.
J p.:
This story like CNN's is missing just a few things that are important.
Pickle Nick
Pickle Nick:
he begged for his life i hope all those officers are in jail forever that was sick
Egil Gavelin Parker
Egil Gavelin Parker:
Didn't he drops something when he walked behind the car and when he was about to sit by the wall???
Aiden Playz
Aiden Playz:
"Deadly Arrest" I think they meant "Deadly Murder"
Patrick Dumont
Patrick Dumont:
@1:21 he drops a packet on the street next to his right foot.
Big Foot
Big Foot:
Cop cameras are conveniently off. I believe they are getting edited now.
Feeling “Superior”.
Крч, одним больше, одним меньше. Особенно когда это преступник
I'm Gumby
I'm Gumby:
We should celebrate George Floyd.....
We really should...
He has gone 112 days without committing a crime of any kind...
Good job George...
Keep up the good work....

Too soon? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dern Vader
Dern Vader:
You can clearly hear him saying "I cant breathe" as the officer grinds his knee into his neck...
Keerthi Srilal
Keerthi Srilal:
They all must be jailed. Other cops just watched until he died.
Mzima Springs
Mzima Springs:
1:30 what little white package does Floyd flick on pavement as he gets down sliding on wall??? Check it out on slow motion at 1080p, between 1:28 & 1:32
Also slo mo around 1:23 when Floyd drops another white package as he is led behind car.
On top of it the uploader has TRIED to unsuccessfuly delete the package Floyd flings on the road as he is pulled out of car
Korpse Jazz
Korpse Jazz:
1:29 no mention to how that baggie of drugs shows up next to floyds left hand...
Chrome Cyth
Chrome Cyth:
U did see the body cam right? He was resisting and the cops were actually being nice for the first while
JoShawn Tha Beast
JoShawn Tha Beast:
This is set up to divide and conquer us. Wake up people.
Maxford Dax
Maxford Dax:
If this wasn’t captured on ppl’s smartphones, it would have been “Violent criminal resisted arrest, died of self-induced trauma, all cops involved acted heroically. Case closed.”
"We do not know when vehicle arrived" just rewind the video dummy.
1:30 he drops a dime bag of coke or crack or meth haha. Zoom in and you’ll see him toss. Watch before he sits down and after he gets up. Dime bag just magically appears
Ed Farms
Ed Farms:
He would still be alive if he would have done like normal upstanding right minded people do.. comply
jordyn boone
jordyn boone:
isn’t it interesting only 2 cops had mask on. STAGED
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith:
I'm still trying to figure out how pressing your knee down on someone's neck is supposed to relieve "medical distress" as the officers claimed Floyd was experiencing earlier......
T B:
2:42 drugs drop
2:58 drugs drop, use large screen (otherwise covered by NBS News Subscribe 
4:27 police officer finds drugs
Kd 78orangerangerpete
Kd 78orangerangerpete:
It still had the same outcome in the end. He would have eventually died from a drug overdose or killed on an armed robbery in the future. It is very likely. You know things he was notorious for all of his adult life?
latino heat
latino heat:
Something tells me this pos police officer was on some type of bad 💉 wonder if they tested him . he was rogue
Liam Stradling
Liam Stradling:
“We don’t know how Floyd ended up on the ground” so he could’ve attempted to steal there gun?
Lord Chifero
Lord Chifero:
They literally Murdered him in broad day light. Sickos
Paris Wilson
Paris Wilson:
😭😭😭 why r we getting treated like this.😭😭😭
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson:
All you have to do is follow the directions the the cops tell you
John Henke
John Henke:
1:32. You can see him drop the dope on the sidewalk.
Charlotte Mwass
Charlotte Mwass:
Well ...that car that took part of the video didn't took a u turn and parked on the other side of the road
That's one of the most disgusting news I've ever heard this year.
Nelson Williams
Nelson Williams:
Not saying that . My question was what were they putting down their pants?
Jar Jar
Jar Jar:
There’s some stuff cut from the footage
Matt Dinaso
Matt Dinaso:
This video is missing all of the footage that completely changes my opinion on what happened go to Anthony Brian Logan you tube and watch it before it’s deleted
Rick Woodward
Rick Woodward:
At around 1:27 in the bottom right corner, you'll see something fall out from Floyd, and remain there after he leaves...
Pat Alberta
Pat Alberta:
I couldn't take it any longer when Floyd started calling out for his mama. He felt that he was dying. So hard to watch.
What's shocking is that may 26 the day after this is my b day
alllied alllied
alllied alllied:
Hey ya'll.......Fentanyl Floyd's meth dealer and I are carpooling to the funeral if anyone needs a ride....
Asusa Susa
Asusa Susa:
There's new footage of George Floyd's arrest and isn't as portrayed by the media, it's as if they wanted the race riots to happen...
Zanru Van der merwe
Zanru Van der merwe:
the cops no man thats mesed up no no no
Dnyandev Mande
Dnyandev Mande:
Sad no one deserves to die this way
Anne Correia-Covington
Anne Correia-Covington:
I want to see all the footage not just bits and pieces of grainy footage.
Danny Cano Jr
Danny Cano Jr:
Look at the time frame from 1:30-1:40ish...whats that he drops from his hands against the wall?
Joe on 160 Ping
Joe on 160 Ping:
He was resisting arrest so it was His fault
J D:
Those cops did everything they could to safely arrest George Floyd. If he wasn’t strung out on drugs and resisting arrest, George Floyd would be alive today. George Floyd is dead because of George Floyd. Those cops are heroes.
Rick Bray
Rick Bray:
It’s so clear to see how these officers intentionally covered this up
Fyntenol was the main killer here not police, Floyd resisted he was a criminal, this was all an act to discourage voters from voting for trump
Erik Brown
Erik Brown:
I wonder if the pregnant woman was pleading for her life when he has a gun on her ?
Hellcat Masters
Hellcat Masters:
I've watched just these few secs wondering what this officer standing with George felt so important about the object he picks up and pockets ? 20.37 minutes on video.
Looks closely at the date it changes? 🤔🤨
Ali Htx
Ali Htx:
It’s incredible how cruel human can be.
Matthew Forzano
Matthew Forzano:
2:18 Its the Same cop car Bud
Anyone notice when he dropped his baggie of drugs? It was at 1:30 watch his hands as he drops his drugs. He wasn't choked, he was a heavy drug user, panicked about getting caught, while overdosing.
WATCH CLOSELY AT 1:30 bag of meth he's trying to hide behind his back. Oops there it is.
When was the last time anyone was worried about a virus in the summertime? You just got punked America