Watch a young Elon Musk get his first supercar in 1999

Elon Musk showed off his newfound Silicon Valley riches decades before becoming the world's richest person when he received a brand new McLaren F1 supercar. From CNN's archives, watch it all unfold.


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Zafir Naseem
Zafir Naseem:
Mad respect, his hairline restored itself
The hair transplant was the best thing he ever spent money on.
This kid looks smart, he has a bright future.
William Ordonez
William Ordonez:
I like how his neighbor just pretends to not see anything as he gets his bike out.
Jordan B
Jordan B:
Young Elon Musk: half the hair of 21 years later Elon Musk
El Mamoune Benyettou
El Mamoune Benyettou:
He just became the richest man in the world, that's why CNN uploaded this !!!!
Elon Musk is Benjamin Button. Dude is deaging as he gets older.
Wolf Man
Wolf Man:
Elon being older looking in 1999 than he does 20+ years later totally makes sense with a weirdo like him
"Elon's fiancee, 1999"
Friedrich Schober
Friedrich Schober:
"This kid will crash and burn, coal and oil is the future and nobody will use online banking" (Analysts 1999).
1:20 laughing like i'll be one day boss of the WORLD.
Carlo Jay Jacaba
Carlo Jay Jacaba:
1:21 with that laugh and hair cut, I would legit believe he was a serial killer if I didn't know him.
Mo A
Mo A:
I'm more impressed with the come-back of his hairline
Ben Coolman
Ben Coolman:
The internet has created more impact in our life, financially, socially and otherwise, for the betterment of our lives.
What really left earth and came back was his hairline
Dre Plays
Dre Plays:
I’m glad he does what he wants with his own money. I also respect him for wanting to give everything away too, we are not our possessions we are our brains and feelings.
Another fun story Elon once told about this McLaren (that I might be misremembering slightly, so don't quote me): several weeks after this delivery he crashed it, walked away from the wreck, suddenly thought to himself "my god, I can just buy another one right now with no problem, holy shit I really AM unbelievably rich", and started laughing.

And a reminder that this was _before_ became the enormously profitable Paypal, let alone all the money he's made from Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, etc. etc.
The Coincidence
The Coincidence:
He has such a deep voice even 20 years ago. Didn't change much.
Blade Nahrdone
Blade Nahrdone:
It’s amazing that correlation between moving from internal combustion engine to ev according to hairline growth vortex increase
Gotta love that classic DnB at the beginning.
Si quema cuhhh haha v6
La Muneca Rodriguez
La Muneca Rodriguez:
My gawd, love this, he jumped like a child with a new toy.
The Fabulous Life of Jan - Snippet Queen *
The Fabulous Life of Jan - Snippet Queen *:
I am not mad at it. Congratulate!
He just made us all a little richer today! 👍
He always was a decent person. Not a big mouth, not arrogant. Confident yes, and he has reasons for being.
I was riding around Honda like the one in the background. 😂
lawrence TV
lawrence TV:
Oh that girl was on real road I think London season back in the 90s . She was a model and did some acting
Chris Daze
Chris Daze:
1996: the Internet's a fad.
2016: access to the Internet's a human right.
2036: we can't actually exist without the Internet/Reality+ 2.0
Chet Lim
Chet Lim:
bruhmomento _21
bruhmomento _21:
He even made a wise investment in 1999 wow, can’t imagine if he still owns one today he’ll be up another $12 million
Danny Archer
Danny Archer:
Mah boi's Saffer accent still strong here. 😎😎😎
This young dude looks like someone who will name his kid XÆA-12 and become the richest man on Earth one day
Frederick Jackson
Frederick Jackson:
Just casually bought one of the greatest and rarest road cars of all time as his first super car
Ranjit Kumar
Ranjit Kumar:
I think he didn't like that car so he opened an entire company 😂😂👍
Obi Ezeilo
Obi Ezeilo:
"...the fastest car in the world".
Years later, he builds a faster one!
Chet Lim
Chet Lim:
Khornelius Patrick
Khornelius Patrick:
Wow this guys have some style, I bet he will be the richest person in the world
Daphnis 26
Daphnis 26:
Hes so rich, he reversed his balding
Coco Taveras
Coco Taveras:
Multi-Billionaire in the making. I salute and applaud you sir! 👏
Rhema Price
Rhema Price:
Hi. Stay safe and Have a great day.
Watching this is like watching Austin Powers flashback to when he was in spy school.
Yasuke ϟ Musa
Yasuke ϟ Musa:
22 years later: Richest man alive!
David Merwin
David Merwin:
Aron Lane
Aron Lane:
Pretty creature comfort
Jatin Kashyap
Jatin Kashyap:
Wow... And now he's about to become richest person of the world.🤯
Bettie-Marie Burger-Smit
Bettie-Marie Burger-Smit:
And here he still has his lovely South African accent! Hybrid as it may be - but no doubt where that boytjie is from! 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
Justin Porter
Justin Porter:
Nice hair transplant!
Samkelo Key
Samkelo Key:
Bubba Lips Cosmetics
Bubba Lips Cosmetics:
Whoever is reading this I wish you similar success in your passion.
John Browning
John Browning:
This guy looks like he could be the richest guy on earth( and mars soon)
Stevie Rae Pluskett
Stevie Rae Pluskett:
and im buying my first used Toyota corolla at 24 because of him. thanks.
Glorioso Bastardo
Glorioso Bastardo:
0:32 a ej!!!
whesley silva
whesley silva:
Hey, guys thank you 🙏 for yesterday now they will send us our checks and stop F with us !! Good job 👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏😂😂😂😂
If a dude can figure out how to launch space rockets, he can figure out how to get a quality hair transplant. Well done!
Success and high on weed is the best combination ever..
Juan Rios
Juan Rios:
Looks like a smart kid. Luck kiddo
Man the 90s had some dope music, outfits n mobile phones
Angela Lombardi
Angela Lombardi:
So cool 😍 where is mine 😂
This kid looks smart he has a bright future
Outgoing Shyguy
Outgoing Shyguy:
90% of the comments are about his hair line. I really don't get it. It happens to about half the male population at some point in their lives, and he has the money to do it, so good for him.
Tarfand Novin
Tarfand Novin:
He's my love❤
JourneyMan Smitty
JourneyMan Smitty:
It looks amazing I didn't even know that they built McLaren's that far back🤔
He is the richest man in the world now
Fede Y
Fede Y:
Blake Trickey
Blake Trickey:
Karl Marx referred to money as producing a sort of "false consciousness". This clip wreaks of that
Michael Howard
Michael Howard:
That supercar now sitting in a scrapyard stripped for recycling, old ways.
P Miller
P Miller:
Love how he tries to make out he was poor, "I used to sleep on the office floor" Well you could have slept in your Dad's multi-million dollar house, most young people cannot follow their passions because they are to busy earning money to survive, if you got a parent bankrolling you, then yeah follow your f*cking dreams.
Thaddeus Newton
Thaddeus Newton:
Money really does make you more handsome. Congratulations on becoming the richest man.
This kid Will make millions in few years
Niranjan S
Niranjan S:
He just became the richest man in the world
bennet krupke
bennet krupke:
Little did he know in 22 years he’d be the worlds richest man
Connor Tate
Connor Tate:
Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖
April Cole-Lindquist
April Cole-Lindquist:
Shit, i been struggling through college, state aid and who knew...anybody else need anything from me. Its been free for 7 years
Mikail Wahidy
Mikail Wahidy:
That McLaren F1 is now worth $15+ million at the minimum
Daniel Kocjancic
Daniel Kocjancic:
Oh damb
B Chgc
B Chgc:
This is news. BREAKING news. This is very relevant news worth the average persons time. Me, an average person south of Chicago can really benefit from this news. This is definitely not propaganda news no. This is very relevant to me and I care so deeply about what's going on in the world around me, south of Chicago that is.
Sang Nguyen
Sang Nguyen:
1:18 nice smile!
pick me
pick me:
Wow 😍😍
He is a real strange dude but he is super smart. He made his money on his own with his ideas.
Trigg Mancera
Trigg Mancera:
Ex-Fiance is punching the air right now
He should start a electric car company and also build rockets on the side .
Granny's here
Granny's here:
Never would thought this guy would be a ceo of tesla and planing projects to go to mars.
William P
William P:
Young Elon looks like the offspring if Johnny Carson and Jerry Seinfeld had a kid.
ᑎᑌT ᗰᗩՏTᗴᖇ
ᑎᑌT ᗰᗩՏTᗴᖇ:
good luck kid
hope you become rich
Qârâʼ Leom 144mm
Qârâʼ Leom 144mm:
Well... Lol. She didn’t become a spoiled brat and her fears didn’t come true.
The glass tesla roof is good stuff. Have one. The car is cool. The vertical take off battery jet, hyper loop and Las Vegas super taxi? or whatever.... all are a Joke almost of Theranos quality. I'd be careful. But the car and roof are good stuff
"Every men dies but not every men really lives"
(William wallace, braveheart)
viK iS here
viK iS here:
having a great hair is much more value than having a super expensive car
Elon chan 😽
ryan lewis
ryan lewis:
The McLaren F1 is still in the holy trinity of super cars.👌🏻 and currently over 21 million..
Vijayarani Nagaraj
Vijayarani Nagaraj:
Fast forward to 2021, he's the richest person in the world. That's a lot to digest!
reeve 281
reeve 281:
And a few weeks later he crashed that 1 million Dollar Car...This is our Elon!
Don’t like billionaires, but for him it was inevitable. At least his driving the future of innovation and change
Jai Norman
Jai Norman:
Masoud Jafari
Masoud Jafari:
and now the richest man on our planet 😁
Dame who knew in 21 he would be under a ton of lawsuits for worker rights violations
Kevin E.
Kevin E.:
Elon: "Some can interpret purchasing this car as behavior characteristic of a materialistic brat.
Interviewer: "And are you?"
Elon: "No honestly I'm not. Or at least it's not consistent with the rest of my behavior."
I think that's what he said...