Watch: Actress Evan Rachel Wood Testifies About Being Sexually Assaulted

“Westworld” actress Evan Rachel Wood testified before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations on Tuesday, telling her story of being sexually assaulted.

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"Rape is often more than a few minutes of trauma, but a slow death."

Franco M. Díaz
Franco M. Díaz:
Now I understand why her character in Westworld looks so strong and authentic. Her RAGE is REAL
Keiser Sozey
Keiser Sozey:
One of my best friends at University once confided in me that she'd been raped at a young age. I pleaded with her to speak to a psychiatrist about it. She killed herself last year. The psychological wounds never healed for her. R.I.P. EC
Maldwyn Dobbs
Maldwyn Dobbs:
You have to admire her courage and determination.
Forrest Starnes
Forrest Starnes:
Rape is unforgivable and rapists should not be allowed back into civilized society once apprehended and found guilty.
Kim Miner
Kim Miner:
I've had trauma patients tell me that it's not just the traumatic event, but how people react to it that traumatizes them. They bring their painful story to light, making themselves vulnerable, and people struggle with the difficult emotions and speculate on the truthfulness of the story or the character of the one who tells it. There is no other crime, where the character or behavior of the victim comes into question, rather than that of the perpetrator. We need to stop throwing rocks at the victims, punishing them for the things that have happened, as it is so disorienting to someone who has lost their trust to see a world that refuses to accept them or help them. We need to stop saying that only monsters rape, that if victims are so common that they are our family members, teachers, doctors and police officers, that surely the perpetrators can also be family members, teachers, doctors, and police officers. If we stop looking for monsters and start looking for human beings, then both the victims and those that support the victims can make sense of the crimes that occur everyday in our homes, our locker rooms, our classrooms and anywhere else trust exists.
Gateaux Q
Gateaux Q:
She didnt just show up to testify, *she wrote the bill.* A real big damn hero! I hope this gets passed in all 50 ASAP because everyone who has been assaulted deserves to have their rights respected. Live to you all.
Phil Pos
Phil Pos:
I always remember her in her roles in “thirteen” and “Mildred pierce”. She’s a wonderfully underutilized talent. And this took tremendous courage
Dani Baumann
Dani Baumann:
So proud of her to talk about it
WOW. This woman is incredibly eloquent, courageous, and strong. THANK YOU, Evan.
Chris McCormick
Chris McCormick:
The tying her up to prove her loyalty sounds a lot like Manson, read his autobiography in this regard .
Mark ODay
Mark ODay:
amazing strength so sorry this happened to her
Jordan Claussen
Jordan Claussen:
She is so brave. I hope she knows how many women she’s helped just by hearing her put words to a feeling that many can’t begin to describe
That was intense, I never would have guessed that she had gone through that hell. Wish I had her strength.
“I was not fine, I am not fine”
If she has been acting since 5 years old, she was likely targeted for abuse even before Manson. Wood is incredibly brave to share her traumatic experiences to improve society.
lydia drady
lydia drady:
she expresses how hard it is to deal with the PSTD
Olive Papyrus
Olive Papyrus:
She is a hero, brave... I wish her success and happiness.
Hadder Yuri
Hadder Yuri:
She's incredibly strong to be able to talk about what she went through so openly, even though she is clearly having real trouble getting it out. On top of which, she looks as though she might break into tears at any moment, but she holds it together to make a point. Breaking down while testifying would only harm the cause, a very sad truth. I knew she'd spent time in a Psychiatric hospital, but not that this was why. Horrifying is a very quiet way of putting it. I admire her not just for her talents as a performer, but because she's willing to stand up and be counted. And she's only just past 30 with all of this behind her...
MadLipz Jagd
MadLipz Jagd:
It seems that the movie industry equals the catholic church when it comes to child abuse.
This just breaks my heart.
Danusha Goska
Danusha Goska:
Heartbreaking. May she experience complete healing and may her persecutors meet with justice.
Meghan McKern
Meghan McKern:
I wish we could treat ourselves like children and say, “I didn’t know what was happening, but it hurt me and I wanted to stop. I wasn’t saying no because I was afraid, insecure and inexperienced. I didn’t say “yes” or “please do this”, even though I didn’t say “stop.” We need protection, laws and avenues for eliminating abuse. Period. Stop.
lovely day
lovely day:
That's my story... addiction, agoraphobia, distrust of men, people... PTSD...thank God I have my dogs...I'd be dead without them.
Xochitl Lee
Xochitl Lee:
I want to hurt the man that hurt her. I'm in tears.
CW Chim
CW Chim:
Love her since "Once and again". She is one of the most beautiful, talented but underated actress in Hollywood. It's shocking and sad to hear someone would have done this to her!!!
Marilyn Manson is the high profile relationship she has had and she has never come out and said it wasn’t him so I think that screams volumes
Elise Brodeur-Jacobs
Elise Brodeur-Jacobs:
I love her, so much. I love powerful women! We need to stand together. We need to support each other
She's so brave to come forward so candidly and I'm so proud and thankful to her for facilitating these conversations and using her voice to give other women a platform. I'm so so proud of her bravery and she continues to amaze me, she is truly an amazing woman.
Blue Phoenix
Blue Phoenix:
I appreciate the courage it took to share this.
Carlos Doe
Carlos Doe:
" All this pain, so that they can patch a hole in their own broken code."
Daniela Torres
Daniela Torres:
she is incredibly brave. god bless her
Nihal Hathaway
Nihal Hathaway:
omg this makes me wanna cry
Siiri Nissinen
Siiri Nissinen:
yes, she is talking about Marilyn Manson. as someone who has admired Manson's work, I do not and never will stand by him and his work again. thank you Wood, for talking about your experiences. It's so hard to even tell a loved one about moments of abuse.
Jess Donica
Jess Donica:
This is heartbreaking. I'm so glad she's alive and pushing forward. Bless you ERW. <3
Nearly every woman I've known well enough to tell me such deeply personal, private things has been raped at least once. Of course, domestic abuse is rampant. These problems invariably lead to other significant issues, some tragic, but all life-altering. I admire ERW and others who have come forward to at least shed more light on them. It seems as though in 2019, more than just legislation and punishment is both needed and possible, like some sort of innovative scientific or medical approach.
Olivia Cantu
Olivia Cantu:
I applaud your bravery and strength as a survivor myself....I understand the insanity and rage. You are my hero.
Okay but the fact that she acted in westworld where william abuse her... man now that i know about this it hurts
Ajinkya Deshpande
Ajinkya Deshpande:
You ma'am, you earned the respect... i never knew this, but you earned it... hats off to this lady, sorry for ur loss
Georgie Henderson
Georgie Henderson:
Thank you, Rachel Evan Wood! You are courageous, great and you help so many other survivors of sexual violence.
Brittany Carter
Brittany Carter:
Best testimony I've ever heard. That's how I've always felt about my experience that it's a slow death of part of your self.
Therapist Gus
Therapist Gus:
Wow. This is amazing and wouldn’t be easy to speak about publicly.
Clara Carmo
Clara Carmo:
Imagine how it must be like for that guy to see his former victim being strong, thriving, furious and out to get him. And also going public about it.
Recommendations hit the nail on the head with this one
Unabashedly Broken
Unabashedly Broken:
She is so beautiful...and so brave!
Jan-Willem van der Zalm
Jan-Willem van der Zalm:
It takes great courage for her to tell this story and to try and help others. The hell she has been through at the hands of a disturbed person. I wish her all the best.
Patricia O'Flynn
Patricia O'Flynn:
Wow she is so brave and strong. I hope helping others will help her find peace.
Bud Cort Appreciation
Bud Cort Appreciation:
Wow. I had no idea what she'd been through. It must have been so hard to speak of it there. I really hope she can find some kind of peace. ~Debbie rose
My God. Shes been through hell. Hope she finds her own joy at some point.
Emma MacGregor
Emma MacGregor:
I"m SO sorry this happened, Rachel. SO proud of you for standing for all of us! Mum finally told us a few months ago...70 years after it happened to her...the first time...she expect us to reject explains why she was so cold and harsh all my childhood and now I no longer feel rejected...just so very sad for her...and pray her burden is somehow lighter and will always stand up for her and love her!
ERW you are so Brave. We need to re-educate people on how not to abuse others. Stop objectifying people, especially women.
Helen Leach
Helen Leach:
When a person, any person is violated, it lasts a lifetime.
Alyssa King
Alyssa King:
I'm so sorry. You're a survivor and you and everyone who's experienced this terrible crime
Misty B
Misty B:
That was so moving & filled with such emotion.
Jana Kanewicz
Jana Kanewicz:
makes me remember the deposition of another actress claiming some facts in the same neighborhood
Tazmin Filipovic
Tazmin Filipovic:
If we should have to live through it, you should have to hear it. ☑️
Chelsea Keylon
Chelsea Keylon:
Wow. I remember watching 13 it was so raw and real and I'm shocked she came out what a strong person she really is.
Milton Avalos
Milton Avalos:
Who is brazen enough to give this video a thumbs down!? I suspect people who are part of the problem and not the solution but most likely childish imbeciles.
Penney Burgess
Penney Burgess:
For all of us who have suffered the same and those who love us, thank you for giving us a voice. We know the courage it took. It makes a difference.
Stevie Everett
Stevie Everett:
Wow. Spoken so eloquently about something so disgraceful.
I have so much respect and admiration for her and her bravery in doing this.
Nova O
Nova O:
Ugh. I love her so much. I wish her nothing but success and happiness. Thank you ERW for your strength and speaking out. 🖤
Interestingly, in CSI Season 3, she played a character in such a situation but with a twist in one episode
Marnie Rose
Marnie Rose:
Gave me goosebumps, prayers with you for your courage, and praying you find peace
Samuel Patchin
Samuel Patchin:
What an absolutely amazing person. They are so brave.
Wow. Giving many of us a voice!! ❤🙏
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm:
You are strong. Thank you for standing up for others
Hannah Edmonds
Hannah Edmonds:
An incredibly brave lady. I have a lot of respect for her.
Moved me to tears
She’s a fookin hero
Amanda Mills
Amanda Mills:
"Rape is often more than a few minutes of trauma, but a slow death." Amen
I admire your strength Rachel.
Nynne Skok
Nynne Skok:
eva k
eva k:
Evan is so brave🙏💙💙 I started crying while listening to this
An Pan
An Pan:
I think I start to understand deloris deeper now
Ana Briones
Ana Briones:
I’ve loved her since I saw her in the movie “thirteen” . She’s a phenomenal actress.
Livia M
Livia M:
She is an amazing beautiful woman ...I admire Her...
Angela Andreasen
Angela Andreasen:
Dear God. I am crying right now... Thank you so much for sharing your story. I hope she feels the love of all the people who support her right now. I know this was so hard to speak about and ahe did a huge justice to many other both men and women who are victims of abuse. It is so unfortunate but this not an isolated incident for this man. Abusers are being shut down and I hope no one has to ever suffer his abuse again.
Incredibly brave to do this!! Thank you for sharing your truth and for your are helping So many people with this!! 🙏
Elle Belle
Elle Belle:
This is heart breaking
xoxXOXO l
xoxXOXO l:
Did he ever abuse rose McGowan? why isn't she speaking out against him like she is with that other billionaire?
Nikki Apple-Williamsen
Nikki Apple-Williamsen:
Oh, wow. That was so brave of her. Was this bill passed?
Thank you for this, all my love to all women and children all over the world ❤️
You tube Love
You tube Love:
I support her and survivors, who are trying to continue to survive! Thank you for sharing your story!
T Murphy
T Murphy:
Love Evan Rachel Wood.
Sending peace, positivity and good vibes her way.
Dominique M
Dominique M:
Damn! She is amazing!
"you're ok" (if you know, you know. keep fighting. you're worth it.)
Leah Brown
Leah Brown:
Thank you for being so brave, and standing up against your abuser. You have paved a way for all of us to not feel alone in facing our nightmares. Be blessed always 💕
What an incredibly brilliant, strong, courageous and well spoken woman.
I really appreciate this. Thank you for this
She did a brave thing for a brave cause.
Aimée Schnipke
Aimée Schnipke:
I hope she can get to a place, emotionally, where she feels safe.
Valentine George
Valentine George:
I understand her eyes now
Isabella Ro
Isabella Ro:
Id be so afraid in her place that people wouldnt believe me when im such a great actress.
I feel so much pain and rage for her and others experiences in this life. I can only hope she and others, like my sister heal from the abuses they have suffered 💔
Thank you for your strength and voice!!!!
I saw this awhile ago and knew who she had to be talking about. I came back because it was finally confirmed.. love all the support for her on here... BUT all the hate on the accusation videos is disgusting and makes me so sad they are calling her a liar. You stand with Manson? Oh okay.
Thank you for publicly reliving something so deeply painful in order to help others. I wish you healing and peace. 🙏
Kin To
Kin To:
Rachel is one of my favourite actresses
Masyn Eliza
Masyn Eliza:
I dont even have words to say of how I'm feeling. I love evan and as soon as I found this video I started crying. I just idk
Nicole Nox
Nicole Nox:
Her strength is an inspiration