Watch: Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin Crew Launch Into Space | NBC News

Watch live coverage as billionaire Jeff Bezos attempts to fly to the edge of space aboard a rocket and capsule developed by his private space company, Blue Origin.

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Live: Jeff Bezos Travels To Space With Blue Origin Launch | NBC News

99 comentarios:

Jamin Slack
Jamin Slack:
Next time NBC, make sure your news people know to shut up and stop talking over mission control. Anyone watching a space launch is more interested in what MC has to say over your employees' synthetic monotones.
Marius Serfontein
Marius Serfontein:
Wow Jeff flew to the edge of space in a huge vibrator🙄
Jeff Bezos’ first time into space since his original flight to planet Earth.
n nicole
n nicole:
why do I feel Virgin galactic is much more comfortable
Bella Casa
Bella Casa:
Jeff: now we delivering to aliens as well.
Les Ant
Les Ant:
Dont let him back to earth without charging him for shipping and handling.
Jair Infante
Jair Infante:
They payed millions for just 10 minutes
Charlie Alvarez
Charlie Alvarez:
That ship was made by all the stuff returned to Amazon over the years.
The Whole Rabbit
The Whole Rabbit:
I like how Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man and his rockets look like something Hezbollah would launch.
Was this 28 million to “travel into space,” or 28 million to ride in a rocket?
This looks like a rich man's amusement park ride
Hoang Vo
Hoang Vo:
If it isn't in orbit it isn't in space imo.

This is a sub orbital flight btw.
A 1
A 1:
Lex Luthor Bezos needs to pay his taxes like the rest of us adults. Should have made him stay up there.
Ankit Khanna
Ankit Khanna:
Now Amazon should give 90% discount to all its customers on their shopping this month.
Alice V
Alice V:
Is it just me or does any one else see Bezos looking different? His face is way chubbier
This isn't space travel. Just freakin expensive drop tower
Taylor Nicholson
Taylor Nicholson:
Virgin Galactic was exceedingly more impressive.
Maybe he should have paid his taxes with the money he has spent on this.
Garry Goers
Garry Goers:
Worse headwear choice: Jeff Bezos cowboy hat or Michael Dukakis tank helmet?
Nubia Aguilar
Nubia Aguilar:
I just want to know who was the artist that designed that ship. I meeaannnn....
Scott No Mates
Scott No Mates:
Did they really have to design it as a gentleman’s shaft?
Blue Coat Rebellion
Blue Coat Rebellion:
I was anticipating this ending up being an "accident" and Bezos being "disintegrated". (Disappears to an undisclosed location) bye bye legal issues. R.i.p Bezos
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab:
Billionaires shooting themselves into space, but the world is falling apart. LMAO
Stanley James
Stanley James:
Meanwhile 25,000 of his employees just got fired for taking a bathroom break. That just in one day 🙄
The plot twist, concerning the safety and success of the space flight, the real Jeff Bezos sent his lookalike while enjoying the live broadcast from his house.
David Martin
David Martin:
I almost never comment, but the feedback is necessary. When you live stream something, stop talking. You can't treat it like a news story. You missed the mark on letting viewers listen to the dialogue and information being shared by Blue Origin Mission Control. For tips, go back and watch a SpaceX launch. Launches aren't about listening to what a journalist learned during a research session. It is about watching history, listening to the crew and control dialogue, and taking it all in.
Sierra Smith-Brown
Sierra Smith-Brown:
So they didn't leave Earth's orbit? Oh.. that means they didn't go to space 😂😂😂
Lee Heard
Lee Heard:
I must admit, I have a problem with these billionaires and their toys but the most important thing I wanted to see was the rocket returning back to the ground.
Virgin Galactic: Sir Richard Branson rocketed to the edge of space first
God Bahamut
God Bahamut:
I love the thrusting! Who’s filming this the Blair Witch? : ) hehe
Stanley Kolacz
Stanley Kolacz:
There are times when it's okay to STOP TALKING.
This is a yoga sesion compared to what Felix Baumgartner did
Dalia C
Dalia C:
I’m so rich I’m running out of things to do with my money while there’s a pandemic and people are loosing homes jobs lmao what a joke
Mad Jack
Mad Jack:
“Thank you to Amzn customers and EMPLOYEES, you paid for this.” - DH Bezos
gregory jergons
gregory jergons:
Imagine being so rich that you dump billions to go to space for a few minutes while other people struggle to keep a roof over their heads haha.
Dr. Evil confirmed his Evil spaceship has been returned to him…
2200 MPH is NOT even close to orbital velocity. Biggest yawn ever.
Tim Jones
Tim Jones:
Some interesting comments here. Always interesting how the very wealthy spend their money. From a technical standpoint, nothing new here. The booster landing on it's launch pad is impressive, but a function of large and fast computing power. Engineers and brave men from the twentieth century, some that didn't survive made this technology possible. I'm going to call this what it is, a rich man's publicity stunt. NBC'S coverage gives new meaning to that great old word: SUCKS!
Desert Dragon
Desert Dragon:
I'd be happy if Jeff Bezos would Start Paying Taxes, And, treated his employees with dignity and fair pay.
Jay Brodie
Jay Brodie:
Come on, the parachutes don't have Amazon logos? Someone in marketing is getting fired.
Wonder if he could see all the Homeless people back on Earth -- When someone has too much money!
While Jeff was up in space the Amazon's employees formed a Union... I honestly don't see what's the big deal about all this🤔🐒
Sasha Bowman
Sasha Bowman:
Sad day for America- middle class supporting the rich and getting nothing back
Now, back to the moon to build a base. Then from there to Mars.
Ramona Zamora
Ramona Zamora:
Reporters, we didn't want your commentary. We needed to hear missing control only. Your reporting could have barn done afterwards, or interviews could have been done at landing!
David Holguin
David Holguin:
Not that I care but Richard Branson's
"Space Trip" looked way more successful...oh and the talking over each other made this borderline unwatchable.
Having spent all that money on the project, I thought he would have installed an elevator to get the passengers up 10 flights of stairs to their seats.
Harold V O
Harold V O:
Money that Jeff Washington post could’ve well spent to raise his employee’s salaries 🤷🏽‍♂️
சமூக ஊடகம்
சமூக ஊடகம்:
Virgin was better. This looked like a carnival game that hit the bell.
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab:
I feel like some rich folk are gonna have a new version of the mile high club
But Jeff….., your good buddy Richard Branson was first … history remembers who was first … 🧐
Mike Sain
Mike Sain:
Why do I feel like a Costco sized librarian isn't exactly fit to go to space
azuur asmr
azuur asmr:
Dr. Evil departs on a phällic spacecraft again
Web Manager
Web Manager:
One small man, one giant ad for humanity.
Josh Struble
Josh Struble:
"It looks like a giant..." (Dr. Evil going to space)
The astronomers in the ISS they are like what they are doing. Sky diving. 😂😂
R Durand
R Durand:
I agree with virgin galactic was more impressive,this guy have 190billion more than Richard,yet virgin galactic was so advance and elegant,it makes you wonder,wealth is truly in the eye of the beholder
Philma Johnson
Philma Johnson:
Nice to see I'm poorer so this corporatist can go to space. Hope it's goes just like the Challenger did!
EPA to ban my “Hot Rod”; but indulgent joyrides such as this are permissible? And by the way; where have all the environmentalist gone? The silence is deafening.
Eva Kozy
Eva Kozy:
I actually thought there was a point to this mission.
Bandana Gogoi
Bandana Gogoi:
Next thing you know Jeff dumping his girlfriend for an alien.LMAO
CheeseSteak Philly
CheeseSteak Philly:
If it's such a special trip and experience why didn't they stay up there? I'll wait
Woohoo!! Another obscenely rich person not quite going to space.
Ralph New
Ralph New:
Amazon Prime will be a little bit expensive now as package deliveries will be dropped from the sky .
Jake Hix
Jake Hix:
"Opens up opportunites for not only people.... some of my students..."
Mine Full Stop
Mine Full Stop:
"Between atmosphere and space" Sooo.. was it space or was it just very high up. This to me is just a very very expensive amusement park ride but don't get me wrong looks fun af!
It's just that we have bigger problems we should be focused on rather then going on fun rocket rides.
Bill Jenkins
Bill Jenkins:
Fun fact: the coronavirus was brought from space back to earth.........
Phyllis Seidl
Phyllis Seidl:
"It looks like a giant...Johnson what elevation is it?"
A.M. Brashear Sr.
A.M. Brashear Sr.:
You we really don’t give a crap about a rich person’s folly or their adventures ! 🤨 Tell us how rich a person has helped someone who’s down and out !
Mike Sain
Mike Sain:
You know Jeffrey boy isn't in there this is a big publicity stunt
Steve H.
Steve H.:
In the era of global warming, what was the carbon footprint cost of that joyride? The hydrogen fuel may only produce water when it burns, but that doesn't make it clean, because it took an incredible amount of energy to produce that hydrogen. I'm sure Bezos is all on board for limiting carbon footprints, but only your footprint, not his. He's "special".
Counterpunch Rock
Counterpunch Rock:
Friendly reminder that this dude makes his employees pee in plastic bottles so he could take a joyride in a space wang.
Connor McDouchebag
Connor McDouchebag:
28 million dollars for a 10 minute carnival ride
banxs j
banxs j:
Why can they actually go to space I mean make it through the atmosphere
Laylah Waller
Laylah Waller:
Daily Bible reminder: Love your enemies!
Virus Untreated
Virus Untreated:
I wonder if they went through that hole in The ozone layer that seems to have closed up that the MSM never talks about anymore along with the acid rain. 😂🤣😂🤣
Ahhh yes "big step to humanity"
Susheel Kumar
Susheel Kumar:
The worlds most expensive Giant Drop ride. Six Flags really stepped it up.
Abby Normal
Abby Normal:
Why am I not surprised Jeff Besos' rocket looks like a giant schmeckle
I Robot
I Robot:
We all just got done with covid. People lost jobs, most Americans earn 40k a year. And this gets broadcasted to us peasants and we watch this like 😒. I swear we are all being conned
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown:
Totally underwhelmed by this event.
A short period of weightlessness and it is history making.
Get this vehicle to orbit and re-enter as Elon Musk's does then there is a reason to sell the family silver, both kidneys and myself to the highest bidder.
Gabriel Bacarin
Gabriel Bacarin:
4:32 "I'm trying to listen in to mission control because she is our best source on exactly what's happening up there" (Face palm)
logan hunt
logan hunt:
That's great hope he stays there we'll send his money to him.
Dad Bod vs The World
Dad Bod vs The World:
The coverage of this phenomenal event was absolutely ruined by your idiots talking over mission control the entire time.
Breaking Packs
Breaking Packs:
Billionaires shooting themselves into space, but the world is falling apart. LMAO
Boston Blackie
Boston Blackie:
So only four can go at one time? To be honest this looks a lot like what we have seen before. Virgin Galactic, now that encroached on sci-fi! If I could afford either I would go with Virgin Gallactic due to the presentation and the lengthy time to get to space.
He barely "penetrated" didn't even feel it.
21:39 sure.... allowing "anybody" to experience seeing the Earth from there... sure Mr. Reporter, sure...
Mari Muthu
Mari Muthu:
Amazon அண்ணாச்சிக்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள் 🚀👨‍🚀👩‍🚀💐👏👏😃
Laylah Waller
Laylah Waller:
Daily Bible reminder: Without faith you cannot please God.
Paul Tillotson
Paul Tillotson:
Can't wait to see SNL's rendition of this... just so much great material lol
Benito Kok
Benito Kok:
I feel like for all that effort they could have stayed up there a little longer...
ትኒጧ ትንኝ
ትኒጧ ትንኝ:
I’m wondering if any desert wildlife have been hurt in the landing of the space capsule. 🤔
Austin 7thGen Texan
Austin 7thGen Texan:
Suzie Sorority was annoying, but I was most happy for Wally to finally get her space flight! At age 83 - and after teaching several thousand people how to fly - she deserved this trip the most! 🚀
5:48 in and we see bubbles in space on the left footage , then he says to focus right footage …. My fellow humans, space is not real , it’s was all a hoax
Enigma The Gray Man
Enigma The Gray Man:
All those billions of dollars and STILL Jeff Bezos can’t soar higher than inflation we’re experiencing! 😏😏😏
Allley Green
Allley Green:
"Work based off 1961.."
That was before I was born.
I promise there's a less forceful way than being launched off a flaming rocket pad. God's Angels travel back and forth everyday.
The future holds a better less expensive way. I look forward to it.
Jesus said, there's nothing man won't do.
Man will do it.
Crash Vanier
Crash Vanier:
What is the carbon footprint for space joy rides?! Time to plant some trees, Jeff.
Signs & Wonders
Signs & Wonders:
That firmament aint no joke