Watch live: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris hold campaign event in Delaware

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are appearing together for the first time as a presidential ticket in Wilmington, Delaware on Wednesday afternoon. Biden announced he had chosen Harris to be his running mate on Tuesday.

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100+ comentarios:

"I believe Joe Biden's accusers." Kamala Harris, April 3rd, 2019.
Khin Amara MyoChit
Khin Amara MyoChit:
We all know who does not have the ability to lead the country. Americans are NOT lowering their standards to place someone in charge no matter what the mainstream media says.
Note: People are watching SkyNews instead of CNN to get the real truth.
Rigo Manjarrez
Rigo Manjarrez:
Ladies and gentleman, let the game begin !!!
Hard to believe how out of touch they are with the real world. If they weren't such a threat to our lives, it would be funny.
That is one big contradicting team
Marie J
Marie J:
The Lord appeared to him (Solomon) at night and said:“I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for myself as a temple for sacrifices.13 “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my
face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Family, we have had drought(Abnormal dryness and drought are currently affecting over 62 million people across the United States including Puerto Rico 3/2020) locusts(Locusts Are A Plague Of Biblical Scope In 2020-June) and Covid-19, please just humble yourself before the Lord, he will forgive us all, and heal the land.
V F.
V F.:
I expect better sound quality from a news site of this caliber.
charlotte n HD
charlotte n HD:
This is the real VOTE OR DIE election!!!
Connie B
Connie B:
The Impressions. “Move on Up” . Boomers out there remember.
The music is Curtis Mayfield, "Move on up." -- 1970, which I bought when I was 16 years old. That's right -- I'm a boomer from Hollis, NY. Guess who I'm voting for.
These are the elite class that lie to everyone in America in order to grab more power.
A B:
is it too early for barbara . . . happy days are hear again!
JourneyMan Smitty
JourneyMan Smitty:
As human beings all the decisions we have made in this world through our triumphs trials and tribulations and Nightmares we cannot forget Who We Are and who we are going to be🤔🙏
Tony L
Tony L:
“It’s way past time to put an end to shareholder capitalism.“

. . . . Joe Biden
Rich Brown
Rich Brown:
What, is this a game show?
John Wesly G
John Wesly G:
Starts 21:00
Deepak Dakhore
Deepak Dakhore:
Now this election get spicy flavour .. interesting now.
Karen J. Blige
Karen J. Blige:
Zero energy.
Trevino Clark
Trevino Clark:
Timothy Noble
Timothy Noble:
I would like to see Equal Justice for all around The World of The U.S.A in Jails in On Jobs Workforce at Schools & Colleges & The Police Departments Shake it up all around The World of The U.S.A to Get The some Police Officers out in That's are Bad Apples in Keep The Good Apples on The Police Force Get The Negative 1s out in Keep The Positive 1s all Police Officers are not Crooked but some needs to go Asap
Republicans overwhelmingly praise her performance on the Intelligence Committee, which is charged in part with assessing the country’s most sensitive covert operations abroad, authorizing government spending on intelligence activities, and taking powerful American officials to task when they disobey the law.

North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, the committee chair, called Harris a “quick study” and commended her work. “She’s very effective,” he said.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican on the committee who ran for his party’s presidential nomination in 2016, echoed Burr’s comments about Harris’s work ethic, saying she’s “engaged and active,” and “absolutely” comes to the briefings well-prepared.
Maine Sen. Angus King, an Independent member of the committee, said Harris “asks good questions” and has proven to be “diligent, capable,” and “prepared.”
-Article from Buzzfeednews
Annette Schexnayder
Annette Schexnayder:
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis:
No closed captions and the sound is so low it is nearly impossible to hear. The sound needs to be fixed and this video redone.
Biden comes out at 21:30 if you wanna skip ahead
Michael Stanley
Michael Stanley:
Maria Von Borstel
Maria Von Borstel:
And this is how to speak. No reading.
Robert Price
Robert Price:
Nancy Hurt
Nancy Hurt:
Finally, people speaking in complete sentences.
CCP China 🇨🇳 loves ❤️ Biden 💋
Mike Pipitone
Mike Pipitone:
Did you study senator McCain's playbook 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
“I wish we could talk to those outside”....there is no one outside! If Biden or Kamala could attract a crowd, they would be outside with camera’s rolling!
No bankruptcies here
Idem Otobong
Idem Otobong:
This election will be very interesting
May the best candidate win
Linda Smallwood
Linda Smallwood:
China Joe & Kamaltoe
Mullaney Productions
Mullaney Productions:
My Mambo Style
My Mambo Style:
Thats some super hero music! Whooooo!
Red House Productions
Red House Productions:
They found the Gen X version of Hillary Clinton and put her on stage. Thank you moderate right wing black woman.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams:
Make sure you find a state attorney and get one of those other nominees that job
David Martin
David Martin:
I’m feeling these tunes y’all!
Don from Michigan
Don from Michigan:
Drain the swamp and flood the basement
henry harrison
henry harrison:
Veronica Rhode Island Red
Veronica Rhode Island Red:
M Ramirez
M Ramirez:
What world they live in 😃
modelet dieudonne
modelet dieudonne:
Let the game start right now people
Eric Smith
Eric Smith:
"And just like everything else he inherited, he ran it straight into the ground" - Kamala talking about Trump inheriting the greatest economic expansion at 51:14. Ouch! That one is a stinger!
mr independent
mr independent:
I should have made popcorn 😂🤣😂😅
R W:
CBS leans left.... has 3 million subs this video has 95k views after 3 weeks.

Trump just had a rally, on a channel with 500k subs, that video has over 600k views and 29k likes plus it happened 24 hours ago.

That should tell you all you need to know about November, liberals, invest in more soy and cats... you'll need it for the next 4-5 years.
Jane Miller
Jane Miller:
OMG I have tears in my eyes! How awesome it is to hear Biden and Kamala speak, people that know what they are doing unlike the idiot Donald Trump. It is truly refreshing from the last 4 years of lies, cover ups and corruption and hearing Donald Trump blame somebody else for the stupid choices he has made and the consequences that have come from them. Go get them! Everyone I KNOW is voting for Biden, we want a REAL educated, knowledgable person in the white house representing us, that actually cares about the people of the United States. Donald Trump has done nothing for us, absolutely nothing. He has made America the very worst it could possibly ever get!! The only thing he has done is to steal our hard earned money and to lead the others in his party and administration to do the same. He has totally trashed our country, we are the laughing stock of the world now because of him, remember when the United States was the most powerful country in the world?? It's all about what he gets for his personal benefit, AND he wants respect for that?? Donald Trump is a trailer trash wanna-be president, A very talented crook and con-man, that is all he will EVER be.
Numa Newbern
Numa Newbern:
Poor Joe
Tony Martini
Tony Martini:
The tubby toddler will need his diaper changing.
Blitz Roehre
Blitz Roehre:
Jeez, did this get trolled! Look at likes vs dislikes, makes you think...
Edit: at one time it was over 50% Dislike!
Robert Williams
Robert Williams:
And if it's God will y'all do win clean house
Kevin Josey
Kevin Josey:
I'm glad I can see history
Thanuja Lintotawela
Thanuja Lintotawela:
trump 2020 (o n a g r a v e)
Kevin Soler
Kevin Soler:
So no questions from the media just a stupid song at the end lmao
Phuong Ngo
Phuong Ngo:
💪 Yess
Mariana Francisco
Mariana Francisco:
Wish the best for you guys
GoldenBallz Productions
GoldenBallz Productions:
The Dems gave the election away once again. Stop playing with the Black Vote, Biden 🤮☝🏽
Marilyn Browne
Marilyn Browne:
Congratulations Kamala Harris
Micha Mason
Micha Mason:
Mental prowess.
Wow someone who can actually form a coherent sentence! Congrats Kamala.
Christopher Harrington
Christopher Harrington:
The police stop a violent threat, time to loot and riot. The Dodgers win the world series time to loot and riot. Is this all we are America? The radical left will be there to throw gas on the fire. Its a shame, what we have become. We our better than this!!!!!
Just one question, when is Joe Biden going to answer questions? He never has time or must go before questions are asked. Does this bother any democrats?
Sensei McCall
Sensei McCall:
This would be laughable if it wasn't so serious to the world security.
I hope the American people do their due diligence.
Neither person (BIDEN /HARRIS) is creditable or worthy of the office.
Rafael Ruiz
Rafael Ruiz:
Biden/ Harris 2020
Shirley Allen
Shirley Allen:
Rickey Gray
Rickey Gray:
Kamala Harris 2015
"What else do we know about this population 18-24? THEY'RE STUPID.
That's why we put them in dormitories and they have a resident assistant.
They make really bad decisions."
End Quote
William K
William K:
He’s missing a red nose and a rainbow afro.
funny man
funny man:
dj wlbk
dj wlbk:
It's a love fest, how long will it be before biden has his hands on things?
Let's do it! #BidenHarris2020 🇺🇸💖
King Malith
King Malith:
She's a real leader
James Ratliff 2
James Ratliff 2:
Can't hear a thing
Maizie Murrayx
Maizie Murrayx:
Ear piece in,
Julie Leger
Julie Leger:
Very nice choice. May God bless America.
Ann Martin Trusty
Ann Martin Trusty:
Senator Kamala Harris you are epitome of grace I love you more today I am so proud proud moment globally
Brilliant speech! She has my respect.
Tom Henderson
Tom Henderson:
I didn't hear anything from Biden in this clip. Did he speak today?
Lightning Fast Insurance
Lightning Fast Insurance:
36 comments lmao
Vitalis Okoth
Vitalis Okoth:
I love these two
Albert May
Albert May:
Kamel Harris and Biden are the most transparent FRAUD duos who ran for presidency in US history.
Numa Newbern
Numa Newbern:
Cute Jamaican lady, when will they discuss her ancestors OWNING SLAVES ???
Robin Cantrell
Robin Cantrell:
She had a black woman arrested for truancy because her daughter who suffered sickle cell anemia and was in constant pain missed 3 days of school. She tried to have the little girl have probation officers and the mother got evicted and became jobless for nearly 3 years because of the conviction on her record. Kamala has yet to expunge the lady’s record or apologize. Her and Biden are also trying to take your rights away, they want to mandate mask and vaccines, and GOD knows what else. Biden even said it’s not about your rights
Evelyn G.
Evelyn G.:
Cannot wait to see these two in office! Thank you both!
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones:
Cumala got to where she is the old fashion way by performing feletio on her boss Mayor Willie Brown when she was DA and he was married. And yet Cumala seeks to lecture good God fearing patriotic Americans on morals. What a joke.
Steve Blomefield
Steve Blomefield:
Biden has simply stolen trump's campaign strategy.
1. front line workers need a chance to pay bills
2. Trump was soft on terrorists [REEEEALLLLY????]
In addition to the Race and Sex Card, Biden picked Harris to simply do all of his talking for him over next 80 days - because he's incapable of coherently speaking for himself, and Harris does speak well.
Sander Fortuyn
Sander Fortuyn:
I have no dog in this fight. I am Dutch and I can tell you I represent what most Europeans think. As a kid growing up in the 80s and 90s we Europeans were very much exposed to American culture and very inspired by US sports and music. No country is perfect but the level the US has sunk to throughout the years is mind blowing. Such a big division between the people and childish ways that politicians and the media interact. It's refreshing to hear Joe Biden speak, at least he seems like a decent human being. I don't know if Americans realize how much of a laughing stock the US has become to the rest of the world since Trump is president. Every time we see footage of him speaking it just gets worse, even to the point im wondering if I'm looking at a comedy sketch or something real. I can understand why someone would vote for him and not Hillary Clinton in 2016 but I don't think anyone could have imagined the level of what followed. I realize a lot of Americans don't like Trump and my only explanation of people who keep defending him is a lack of education or common sense . Of course someone will probably react aggressively for me saying that but i think that just shows lack of ability to see the reality of the situation. Of course most Americans don't care about what the rest of the world thinks which is fine. I sometimes just think it would be good for Americans to step out of their bubble a bit and get some perspective to reevaluate certain social conditionings.

I like the way Joe Biden talks about the soul of America needing to be restored. I think you have to be outside the US to realize how bad it is.

I hope you guys can turn it around in the upcoming election. Politicians will be politicians but Donald Trump continuing to be president is just a train wreck.
Heather Deladurantaye
Heather Deladurantaye:
Joe and ho 2020🤣
Jason Hay
Jason Hay:
"Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" - Kamala Harris & Joe Biden [Duet] Cover 2020
Timothy Noble
Timothy Noble:
Hello Hru Biden & Harris Let Go 2020 I'm gonna Vote in Nov 2020
This is politics uplifting it's own body from out of the death of democracy and becoming cosmic as permanent realia... I know for a fact the (IC) is with fingers crossed, and with faith filled proclivity wanting Kamala Harris as a spokes person for the future of the berth of America... JESUS IS RISING LIKE A BIRD "I ALMOST GAVE UP ON YOU MANKIND" Then WINKS LIKE A STAR...
You can tell it's difficult speaking without an audience. The pauses where applause and feedback would normally occur throw the speaking pattern off. If Joe could cut down on the filler words starting a lot of his sentences "You know" it would benefit him. All that considered, I think this was really good. I love Kamala unafraid to say it like it is. Trump's always being nasty. It's laughable for him to tag that on anyone else. He's a horrendous human. I can't wait to stop being mortified over what he says, how he says it, the faces he makes when mocking... He doesn't represent greatness. He encourages smallness and meanness.
Starts @21:14
Manuel Salas
Manuel Salas:
Roger That
Roger That:
This team can read, write and speak like adults. How low we have sunk in the last four years. Let's learn from this Donny Dictator Disaster.