WATCH LIVE: Virgin Galactic spaceflight carrying founder Richard Branson—7/11/21

Virgin Galactic is launching founder Richard Branson along with three other crew members on the company's fourth spaceflight test to date.

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WATCH LIVE: Virgin Galactic spaceflight carrying founder Richard Branson—7/11/21

100+ comentarios:

Dangar Marine
Dangar Marine:
I was expecting this to be a lot more like the Top Gear Reliant Robin. Well done Sir Richard!
cheifjohn paulson
cheifjohn paulson:
You did it like a True Boss today. Well done!!! I’m on board with you and Virgin Galactic. 💎💎🚀
Kam Bhamra
Kam Bhamra:
Truly fantastic 👏 Amazing moment in our history.
Gavin Lew
Gavin Lew:
Thank you Richard Branson and your team at Virgin for inspiring more people to pursue their dreams of space travel. Space flight is certainly for everyone! 

Looking forward to a more eco friendly version of Unity 22 so tourists can fly to space without guilt of adding carbon emissions to the atmosphere.
Robert Järvinen
Robert Järvinen:
Branson has balls, the same ones who made him rich is what he showed us today. Not everybody would go on that flight, you might think you would, but you wouldn’t. Respect. ( plus congratulations to the crew)
Boris Cuduco
Boris Cuduco:
I like how the spacecraft has the timeline of planes history. Beautiful.
I am so happy for this beautiful achievement by Virgin! Congratulations to Richard and the whole team!
A dream come true! See that it's not just anyone who puts their skin in the game to demonstrate how safe and wonderful this new world is that they are inaugurating right now. Very happy to see Richard remembering God all the time. Oh my God! ...remembering how wonderful the creator is to offer us so much and so beautiful things!
Magda S Saltzman
Magda S Saltzman:
Awesome. Congratulations 🎉🍾 happy Birthday sir Richard. Thank you for sharing with us this moment in history
Bryan Potter
Bryan Potter:
52 miles up. extremely generous to call this a trip to space. minimum low earth orbit is 99 miles.
B N:
I could never do this .. but i can dream of how amazing it must be.
Chandy Mohapatra
Chandy Mohapatra:
Awesome ! Only Virgin and Sir Richard Branson could do this, incredible ! ❤️ India.
Glen Begin
Glen Begin:
That's awesome. Congratulations astronauts 001, 002, 003, 004 and the pilots of course. Plus it was done from a modified airplane - glider design. Truely amazing
- Big Congrats to Sir Richard Branson and his team... So much good for all humans worldwide will come out of this exciting and new frontier in the years to come. Many blessings!
Michael O'Boyle
Michael O'Boyle:
I like how you put your logo directly over the altitude
So amazing! Take me to space!
jkanthan shan
jkanthan shan:
Truly amazing sharing thanking you
To you for the new beginning
This was honestly amazing
Demz T.
Demz T.:
Well done Sir Richard Branson!

I bet other millionaires and billionaires are afraid and jealous to travel that high in space, because they are afraid that they might suddenly die and lose their dimes and everything due to spaceship failure or any catastrophe that might arise along the flight.
Jeff Bostick
Jeff Bostick:
Although I applaud the technical achievement and the goal of giving everyone a chance to view their global home, it makes me sad that we can't be inspired by the ocean and things more accessible to the average person.
Amos Chepkoit
Amos Chepkoit:
Love space exploration! Congratulations to R. Branson & the team! the world is fun coz of technology!!
I am happy about the fact dreams coming true somewhere on earth. An earthling taking its first honest lift. It’s beautiful. Even though I know they just scratch the surface of orbit but it’s a beginning. Space is cold deadly vaccum full of deadly forces created by giant planets, suns and galaxies.
Esteban Rivera
Esteban Rivera:
And moments like this make me proud of humanity. We are amazing!
Pablo Leone
Pablo Leone:
it is a step forward, not a very generous one though! I would love to see them orbiting the earth at least once, or that's what I would pay for... to see my entire planet from outside in a couple of hour flight... orbiting the earth will force them to go out space 100km+ and 27k km/h... that would be a great experience!
Daniel Deakin
Daniel Deakin:
If musk and Branson are such good friends, should've used starlink for the a/v uplink XD
A bit underwhelming but still a positive thing. Congratulations.
Technically this is space but really they all should try to make orbit and at least one trip round the world. For most people that is "space". Well, I guess it is not easy to go from 3 mach to 15 mach in order to sustain LEO.
Still an inspirational endeavor. Good job Virgin team!
Also this was not escaping Earth's gravity....but if it was the man's dream and satisfied him then I am happy for him. Humans are great sometimes.
Danylo Zherebetskyy
Danylo Zherebetskyy:
Nicely done video - interesting! Of course without bias (but it has to be here).
Next challenge is to see the Sunset, Sunrise and, hopefully, Northern lights in one flight.
I love this video of Felix Baumgartner skydiving back to earth.

Just superb 👌
Team Dewifed Fishing
Team Dewifed Fishing:
Congrats, you flew an airplane really high STILL IN the atmosphere...
Maurice van Draanen
Maurice van Draanen:
I was trilled around 56 years ago at my grandmothers place when I entered her cellar in the hallway to see how deep it was. I still can remember the exitement of going down those 3 or 4 steps at the stairs and I feld really great that I was able to stand there for a copple of minutes to inhale and see what my grandmother had all stuffed of food and other items in there.
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu:
You see, years later, Sir Richard Branson followed Kobe's advice and elevated himself to the next level; success at success AT success. Sir Richard Branson has done better. Yes, he has. He has now brought fellow humans with him out to outer space now.
Constantine Garza
Constantine Garza:
Love it .!!
Martinko Pcik
Martinko Pcik:
Well done. History for tourism has been made. I wonder how many times can that rollercoaster repeat per week.
Jennifer Dillon
Jennifer Dillon:
I think it's awesome! He fulfilled a dream and you could see his giddiness. That's great!
Michael Clynes
Michael Clynes:
Great flight!
Angel Guereca
Angel Guereca:
It’s not about the technology being used it’s the fact that we all can do things ourselves without depending on others that have a problem with funding and can not excel
Love it!
This was the spaceflight equivalent to

Joe Blinded
Joe Blinded:
The X-15 was operated under several different scenarios, including attachment to a launch aircraft, drop, main engine start and acceleration, ballistic flight into thin​ upper atmosphere.
First flight: 8 June 1959. Birth of the television show, The Six Million Dollar Man.
Star Atom Jinjo Tweety
Star Atom Jinjo Tweety:
Amazing to see Chris Hadfield!
Alex Dillon
Alex Dillon:
I take back evvery bad thing I've ever said about Richard Branson. This entire hour and a half has sent chills through my body and brought be to tears when Richard read the letter written to his mom.
Thomas P Sanzi
Thomas P Sanzi:
"Richard Branson Congratulations On Being The First Man/Astronaut to Travel in Space & Back to Earth Safely!" "I Would Like To Someday Book A Flight With You Or Possibly To A Space Center in The Orbit Someday!"
Raquel Castillo
Raquel Castillo:
You looked awesome up there, Richard 🛰☁️ loved the song 🎧 ✨ you’re still so cool. 🌠
Dipak Ganguli
Dipak Ganguli:
Richard Branson with his BUSINESS acumen is an innovator who oozes COMMERCIAL talent. First of all his design is unique with EVE that separates as a two stage craft. Its unique, safe and exciting both in looks and performance. Richard wishes not to explore but to come up with a practical reliable, safe and exciting solution for people like you and I wishing a glimpse of the Earth only from the EDGE of space and return safely within an hour and half. That is it. He proves it can be achieved for all people on Earth to experience. The man is a genius. His method is reliable, safe and utterly practical. I imagine it is his first step; step by step I think he will try floating a little further into space cautiously making sure his method is the best and utterly appealing to all people who could afford to pay. As a business proposition the project is absolutely brilliant. What an Englishman, hats off to him, he is a lesson for all of us.
Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright:
"...hear his (Richard's) magical words!"
Rolling my eyes a little hard at that line.
Wm. G. Thilgen Jr.
Wm. G. Thilgen Jr.:
This story reminds me of the succesfull motor cycle jump done by Evil Conevil of the Snake River Canyon. Virgin, made it a few thousand miles from space and Evil almost made it to the other side. Both were considered success.
Using any of the numerious meanings in any dictionary in regards to the word "SPACE". Though it doesn't cost me millions, I enter space every time I enter or leave a room.
Thanks for slapping your logo right on top of the altitude readout, CNBC.
I would have loved to see more videos in space .! I guess it was to do with technical issues
I Am Outspoken
I Am Outspoken:
I like the guts of Richard Branson....
Omar Osman
Omar Osman:
Really you are brave and gentle you made high trust to others to go to space then to mars to build a new civilization I wish to be one of you who are earthy supermen
Seems like the X-15 program. While it's a genuine accomplishment to reach space on a spacecraft you've built with your own company, but looking ahead I wondering what Branson is going to do after this. While these are test craft, they have to be planning what the next Virgin craft are going to look like. There is no docking collar on these craft so going to the ISS is out for now until he does a next generation craft. He can achieve maybe low earth orbit launching like he is, but there isn't any cargo capacity to haul anything along into orbit either until a next generation craft is built. All this flight did was a suborbital trajectory and it coasted to apogee where it slowed down to just over mach 1 before beginning to arc back to Earth and speed back up. They didn't need any ablator for re-entry heat since they really never achieved orbital velocity, but what about when (hopefully) future spacecraft actually achieve them. So what does the future hold for Virgin spacecraft? What niche of the "space" market does Virgin want? Unless Virgin gets the cost of lifting a person down to that of an international flight plane ticket and the functionality of delivering persons to other cities (which could be done via suborbital flights) and turn the craft around for another flight quickly they seem limited compared to their competition.
Drew Binkley
Drew Binkley:
they literally spent the whole time they were in space showing us a 240p speck 60 miles away instead of showing us the passengers and the views from the ship.
Kathy Jones
Kathy Jones:
Must have been a great experience for them 👍. We didn't see anything,the video was awful. But now that they have seen there is no where to go but here,earth. Maybe he will be the world's 🌎 biggest advocate for climate change. We must take care now.
Eddie Marquez
Eddie Marquez:
This is Awesome! Historic Commercial Space Flight!
Surendra Barik
Surendra Barik:
Great day for from India👍🙏🙏🙏🙏
Deron Borghi
Deron Borghi:
#1: CNBC , it would've been nice to see the altimeter. #2: a suggestion, more vessel audio would be nice.
Dr. Nigel Pisswater
Dr. Nigel Pisswater:
Felix Baumgartner did this in a weather balloon and jumped out of it free falling with a parachute, his body broke the sound barrier. Just saying….that was miraculous. This was blah…
Aijalon Redmond
Aijalon Redmond:
The fact that they bumpin' Khalid coming back down to earth is pretty dope!
Bobby Mac
Bobby Mac:
Wow that was amazing 😴😴😴
gt3 t
gt3 t:
JD freeman
JD freeman:
“Attention passengers you may now float about the cabin.” Two minutes later: “the captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign, please return to your seats.”
Jay Trock
Jay Trock:
They didn't make it to space. About 46000 feet short. Come on, Man.
Alan Falk
Alan Falk:
History, and just the beginning , it Will improve every flight!!!!
That is almost space but not yet. It's like climbing only 1m of the Mount Everest.
I can't believe it, we painted 60 year old technology to send rich people to the edge of space. The X-15 would be proud. I want to paint a steam locomotive and make it the face of renewable energy.
What an incredible advancement for science and mankind !
Brick Hunter
Brick Hunter:
If Virgin Galactic is gonna call that space light, then I guess I went up in a space flight too, flying to Hawaii 🙄 Just call it for what it is, an air plane ride.
Watched the flight on Virgins channel. To me both Branson & Bezos aren't doing much but spending play money. Both just go up and come right back down. Meanwhile SpaceX has launched many commercial satellites and used the Crew Dragon to go to the ISS. On top of that they've recovered their 1st stage boosters nearly 100 times now and have reflown many of them on subsequent missions. That is Progress! This is just Show-Biz.
Сергей Ильчук
Сергей Ильчук:
one flight of a spacecraft with a jet engine operating at full power at an altitude of 20-30 km destroys up to 10 km2 of the ozone layer ....... 600 flights of such a shuttle into near space and 6,000 km2 of a burned out hard ultraviolet and absolutely LIFELESS desert on earth is provided ...... success in space tourism ..... hallelujah .......
Motivation Within
Motivation Within:
Amazing! Stepping stone to the future! 🇺🇸 🇬🇧
Regis Traiter
Regis Traiter:
Great high-altitude flight... not at all space flight.
Reusability is a pie in the sky though. It won't happen for another hundred years. There are no materials that can repeatedly withstand the stresses of space flight. The "reusable" spaceships would have to have the majority of their components replaced after 2-3 launches. Ship of Theseus, anyone?
Until humanity comes up with some magical lightweight, super-resilient and cost-effective material, cheap single-use spaceships are the way to go. Made fresh for each launch, and you don't have to guess whether something you didn't notice will finally buckle under stress because it's been thrown into the orbit once too many times before.
There is no clear defined line for space, just a long gradual journey further into space. However, NASA and the Airforce declare 50 miles as the line to space at which point they are experiencing weightlessness and not just simulated weightlessness.
Rita Maity
Rita Maity:
The new space era...🚀🚀🚀
Mike Breler
Mike Breler:
"Weightlessness" in orbit is not from being in "space" or from having escaped the Earth gravitational pull as many believe. Weightlessness in orbit is a perfect balance of gravity vs centrifugal force. Reentry is initiated by slowing down and thus reducing centrifugal force and allowing gravity to take effect. Being in space can be defined many ways. ie: A lack of oxygen and air pressure is one definition but often it's a mater of degree. Even just at 40K feet in a commercial airliner, there is enough lack of oxygen and air pressure to not allow humans to survive without the internal support. So if you buy a ticket to ride this bird, is it one way or round trip?
Still never seen the Earth photographed anywhere near this high without a fish eye or a wide angle lens. Wonder why that is?
If they wanted an experience to float for 30 seconds they could’ve just went to iSky for 100 bucks.
N. Curtis
N. Curtis:
Does anyone remember this in Superman Lois Lane was invited to be a passenger to report on it?
Winston Smith
Winston Smith:
The Karman Line defines space at 62 miles above mean sea level.
That's called a true day dreamer ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Inspiration for youth
john k
john k:
வாழ்த்துக்கள் அய்யா ரிச்சர்ட் பிரான்சன்
Royce Benning
Royce Benning:
If I'm paying $250000 for a ticket, I expect at least a full orbit around the Earth.
Great views of the earth from space! It will be great if views of our shared planet spur us to care for our home and save half for nature! That will keep our planet’s wonderful biodiversity intact for future generations!
Wao...they broke buzzlight year space flight infinity and beyond.
P Wu
P Wu:
It would have been nicer if they made a trip around the globe before returning home.
Rich Ryland
Rich Ryland:
I didn't know that a 282000 feet altitude was considered to be space.
Call me Shaggy
Call me Shaggy:
Remember that this was set back several years when a test vehicle broke apart in the atmosphere, killing a pilot.
marius erasmus
marius erasmus:
So 60 years later after man landed on the moon, this flight is an achievement for mankind? 60 years later and that is the craft?
Mech D
Mech D:
Good effort old chap.
What would this cost if I wanted a trip on this?
Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer:
Space travel wasn't the "preserve of governments for national pride." In the wake of Sputnik, it was a matter of national security.
Space huh?? Didn't look like outter space to me.... Didn't see a curve either.
Drunk Ancestor
Drunk Ancestor:
Starts at @18:15
Seeing chris was more exciting than the "Spaceflight"
Im always watching Mr. Elon Musk and Mr. Jeff Bezos never heard much of you Mr Richard Branson. FYI I think your better than both of them having the first billionaire flight outer space orbit... I thought that one of them will be taking the first flight . But You took that first moment. Good luck for the future. I wish we could meet someday in our lifetime... GodBless you and your DNA...
Peter Ningelgen
Peter Ningelgen:
One more coffin nail to the earth.
Thanks Richard.
Collecting microplastic in the oceans we're more gloryful.
Novus Talks
Novus Talks:
Being in space and being at the top of the atmosphere is not the same
Mohammed Rahman
Mohammed Rahman:
Congrats 👏 👏 👏
Rishit Arora
Rishit Arora:
You can feel weightlessness by free falling from anywhere. Dsnt need to be space.

There was no horizontal velocity to keep the aircraft in the orbit. That would have been real space experience. Vertical weightlessness can be felt jumping off a normal air plane in a capsule and free falling.
Leonard Washington
Leonard Washington:
Didn’t astronauts already fly at this level? Like in the 50’s?
James Stewart
James Stewart:
Whats that ! a profitless endeavour for all humans to enjoy .what a guy 👍