WATCH LIVE: Virgin Galactic spaceflight carrying founder Richard Branson—7/11/21

Virgin Galactic is launching founder Richard Branson along with three other crew members on the company's fourth spaceflight test to date.

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WATCH LIVE: Virgin Galactic spaceflight carrying founder Richard Branson—7/11/21

100+ comentarios:

Thanks for slapping your logo right on top of the altitude readout, CNBC.
Dangar Marine
Dangar Marine:
I was expecting this to be a lot more like the Top Gear Reliant Robin. Well done Sir Richard!
This was the spaceflight equivalent to

The Chair Man
The Chair Man:
"Today space is virgin territory"
A poor choice for such words...
CiCi 404
CiCi 404:
If they wanted an experience to float for 30 seconds they could’ve just went to iSky for 100 bucks.
Bryan Potter
Bryan Potter:
52 miles up. extremely generous to call this a trip to space. minimum low earth orbit is 99 miles.
Jay Trock
Jay Trock:
They didn't make it to space. About 46000 feet short. Come on, Man.
N. Curtis
N. Curtis:
Does anyone remember this in Superman Lois Lane was invited to be a passenger to report on it?
J T:
How hard would it have been to slide your logo over to the left 50 pixels? smh
Cerne Uffington
Cerne Uffington:
All that money spent just to see some clouds.
That is almost space but not yet. It's like climbing only 1m of the Mount Everest.
Ashish Pareek
Ashish Pareek:
That was one of the worst audio and video transmission for 50 seconds in space.
Seeing chris was more exciting than the "Spaceflight"
Team Dewifed Fishing
Team Dewifed Fishing:
Congrats, you flew an airplane really high STILL IN the atmosphere...
Steve Biron
Steve Biron:
Total FAIL by CNBC. Logo overlay directly on top of altitude and time of flight. #FAIL
Royce Benning
Royce Benning:
If I'm paying $250000 for a ticket, I expect at least a full orbit around the Earth.
Go for space, not frickin high altitude.
t w0671
t w0671:
sounds like same voice that manages my support calls on my Virgin phone
Michael O'Boyle
Michael O'Boyle:
I like how you put your logo directly over the altitude
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez:
That was so NOT a “space” flight
JD freeman
JD freeman:
“Attention passengers you may now float about the cabin.” Two minutes later: “the captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign, please return to your seats.”
Daniel Deakin
Daniel Deakin:
If musk and Branson are such good friends, should've used starlink for the a/v uplink XD
M M:
Russia has been doing this with MIG's privately for like 20 years if I'm not mistaken.
“Remember where you were and what you were doing on this historical day….”

*me eating cheez its on my bed swapping back to a meme post on Facebook*
Nigel Rogers
Nigel Rogers:
250k for that? Nah! I'll wait for it to appear on my Cheapflights App.
Probably Elon in a few days: "Hey Richard, wanna ride my rocket?"
Andrew Dutton
Andrew Dutton:
I get that the chipper female announcer has to be enthusiastic and cheerful...but , Geez. I prefer the sober tones of 1960's and 70's NASA and TV network announcers. Felt more profound and historically significant.
Jacob Laughbon
Jacob Laughbon:
'Commercial' spaceflight will only come when we stop using engines that must 'burn' a fuel.
Drew Binkley
Drew Binkley:
they literally spent the whole time they were in space showing us a 240p speck 60 miles away instead of showing us the passengers and the views from the ship.
Robert Järvinen
Robert Järvinen:
Branson has balls, the same ones who made him rich is what he showed us today. Not everybody would go on that flight, you might think you would, but you wouldn’t. Respect. ( plus congratulations to the crew)
Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright:
"...hear his (Richard's) magical words!"
Rolling my eyes a little hard at that line.
420rgb2 2
420rgb2 2:
I've never heard of a space flight where you can see the shuttle from the earth's ground surface the entire time..🙄🤣
That's it? All that hoopla just so they can be at the edge of the atmosphere for few minutes? Hope it was worth it...
Star Atom Jinjo Tweety
Star Atom Jinjo Tweety:
Amazing to see Chris Hadfield!
Well, that was underwhelming. Yeah, I'll remember what I was doing... wishing for my time back.
I bet the passengers were having panic attacks during that cabin silence
Watching garlic bread go to the edge of space on a weather balloon is more interesting.
What a "space" flight 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🐑
david gomez
david gomez:
Is this how a billionaire spends the bailout money he begged for?
Eric van Dyk
Eric van Dyk:
“Heading to space.” Yeah right.
J GetsCensored
J GetsCensored:
Tired to watch it live but I gave up after ten minutes of nothing happening.
Karl Iverson
Karl Iverson:
Wait... did she just say "the delay has a long way to travel" ...? Are they bouncing it off the moon?!
Cozmik funk rabbitt
Cozmik funk rabbitt:
I flew on an airplane as well so I too am an AstroNOT
This was holistically unimpressive.
The Millenium Falcon can reach the outter rims in 12 parsecs.
Raquel Castillo
Raquel Castillo:
You looked awesome up there, Richard 🛰☁️ loved the song 🎧 ✨ you’re still so cool. 🌠
Mohammed Rahman
Mohammed Rahman:
Congrats 👏 👏 👏
Dennis Todd
Dennis Todd:
back to old school (technology) for those old enough to remember the X-15
What we learned today: It's Branson's birthday and they're trying to use it to replace Christmas. That narration was barf worthy.
Benito Ramos
Benito Ramos:
I wonder if they saw any stars up in “space “ .. what a joke 😂😂😂😂
Deron Borghi
Deron Borghi:
#1: CNBC , it would've been nice to see the altimeter. #2: a suggestion, more vessel audio would be nice.
B N:
I could never do this .. but i can dream of how amazing it must be.
That's called a true day dreamer ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Inspiration for youth
Jennifer Dillon
Jennifer Dillon:
I think it's awesome! He fulfilled a dream and you could see his giddiness. That's great!
P Wu
P Wu:
It would have been nicer if they made a trip around the globe before returning home.
Dr. Nigel Pisswater
Dr. Nigel Pisswater:
Felix Baumgartner did this in a weather balloon and jumped out of it free falling with a parachute, his body broke the sound barrier. Just saying….that was miraculous. This was blah…
Rich Ryland
Rich Ryland:
I didn't know that a 282000 feet altitude was considered to be space.
So is a real band coming on now?
Juliano Heqimaj
Juliano Heqimaj:
54:37 got dark really quick 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Best zoom lenz from earth. Over 60 miles? Right. Lmao. Show me all of the camera crews keeping up. LOL
Das it?
cheifjohn paulson
cheifjohn paulson:
You did it like a True Boss today. Well done!!! I’m on board with you and Virgin Galactic. 💎💎🚀
Troy A
Troy A:
Let’s put a Flat Earth believer on the next flight!! 😂😂
The White Recluse
The White Recluse:
Remember that this was set back several years when a test vehicle broke apart in the atmosphere, killing a pilot.
He's speechless
Edward Hirst
Edward Hirst:
I'm sure there were plenty of negative comments after the Wright Brothers flew for 59 seconds.
This was thoroughly underwhelming
Constantine Garza
Constantine Garza:
Love it .!!
Kathy Jones
Kathy Jones:
Must have been a great experience for them 👍. We didn't see anything,the video was awful. But now that they have seen there is no where to go but here,earth. Maybe he will be the world's 🌎 biggest advocate for climate change. We must take care now.
Not 1 shot of passengers during burn is lame af
Magda S Saltzman
Magda S Saltzman:
Awesome. Congratulations 🎉🍾 happy Birthday sir Richard. Thank you for sharing with us this moment in history
Leonard Washington
Leonard Washington:
Didn’t astronauts already fly at this level? Like in the 50’s?
Mark Garcia
Mark Garcia:
What??? "Rising excitement like a thermometer going up inside your own body".?.?.?
39:17 .
Then, after that statement, you get the feeling he's still NOT TALKING ABOUT SPACE FLIGHT.?.?.???
I Am Outspoken
I Am Outspoken:
I like the guts of Richard Branson....
Xc64_6ttr Uh
Xc64_6ttr Uh:
Still never seen the Earth photographed anywhere near this high without a fish eye or a wide angle lens. Wonder why that is?
Gee purrs
Gee purrs:
Sounds like an advertisement for an overpriced ride to me.
Jim DeKimpe
Jim DeKimpe:
A little embarrassing. Audio and video failures during the critical publicity flight. I’m a little underwhelmed by this whole venture geared toward celebrities.
Plane flies very high with 1960s video and audio set up.
Chirag Maheshwari
Chirag Maheshwari:
56:47 Floating scene👍😎
1:15:20 Richard Branson saying to himself not as cool as I had thought 🤣
jkanthan shan
jkanthan shan:
Truly amazing sharing thanking you
To you for the new beginning
Nikki O
Nikki O:
Why did your TD's have your logo blocking important speed and altitude info...Then a comic congratulating at the end?
Faces of Hollywood
Faces of Hollywood:
If you’ll not let Chris talk why bring him to the studio smh
Bobby Mac
Bobby Mac:
Wow that was amazing 😴😴😴
Chandy Mohapatra
Chandy Mohapatra:
Awesome ! Only Virgin and Sir Richard Branson could do this, incredible ! ❤️ India.
Tobias R
Tobias R:
Putting the CNBC on top of the data ... great...
"Galactic Space Flight" lol.. They did not leave the atmosphere.
Lisa Mason Lee
Lisa Mason Lee:
They should have hired Stanley Kubrick to direct this
Love it!
Erica Dumont
Erica Dumont:
imagine 52 years after landing on the moon we are celebrating flying to the edge of space?
So amazing! Take me to space!
Brick Hunter
Brick Hunter:
If Virgin Galactic is gonna call that space light, then I guess I went up in a space flight too, flying to Hawaii 🙄 Just call it for what it is, an air plane ride.
Merv's Tash
Merv's Tash:
So many experts on here that don't understand what a test flight or "Sub"-orbital means.
KK Kiren
KK Kiren:
The beginning of human commercialization of space. A nouveau level of experiences of reality hopefully with responsibility.
Marty Loschen
Marty Loschen:
nice CNBC logo
Thomas P Sanzi
Thomas P Sanzi:
"Richard Branson Congratulations On Being The First Man/Astronaut to Travel in Space & Back to Earth Safely!" "I Would Like To Someday Book A Flight With You Or Possibly To A Space Center in The Orbit Someday!"