Watch Melania Trump’s Full Speech At The 2020 RNC | NBC News

First lady Melania Trump gave her 2020 RNC speech from the Rose Garden at the White House. Trump thanked COVID-19 frontline workers and shared her story of coming to America as an immigrant.
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Watch Melania Trump’s Full Speech At The 2020 RNC | NBC News

100+ comentarios:

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no fraud

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??
Hair by Anjiwike Susie
Hair by Anjiwike Susie:
Is this an original speech? 🤔Asking for a friend.🤷🏾‍♀️
Pearl the rebel
Pearl the rebel:
Her accent isn’t bad. I can understand her clearly. She’s just talking slow
Supper Fan
Supper Fan:
Seriously stop commenting on her accent just try to learn another language. It will ruin your mind.
Stella Karipidis
Stella Karipidis:
Everyone of you commenting on her accent go learn a second language first !
Mira Kan
Mira Kan:
Don't judge people by accent and appearance. Deeper look at what is in their heart.
Olga Lugones
Olga Lugones:
Melanina, I’m Colombian 🇨🇴 your journey to be the First Lady is inspired me, I’m continue to follow my dreams in this prosperous country America. God Bless your family and God blessed America .
Tony Felton
Tony Felton:
Jackie kennedy spoke FLUENT FRENCH. Has anyone ever heard melania speak any other language?
Charlotte A
Charlotte A:
I love how people are commenting in "defense" of her accent in a youtube section where there are literally ZERO COMMENTS ATTACKING HER ACCENT like presumptive much? truly revealing.
John Lopez
John Lopez:
I heard she became a citizen because she got married to a american citizen not a test
Erin Donovan
Erin Donovan:
Just a little more time and she won't have endure reading words someone else wrote.Time to go shopping!
Kimberley Piecuch
Kimberley Piecuch:
Class act! We love our First Lady! 🇺🇸
I keep expecting her to say, 'if he dies... he dies''
I’m here to read the comments
B Laws
B Laws:
What an elegant and intelligent First Lady we have. The last one looked dressed and sounded like a drunk mailman
Tehlawl firm
Tehlawl firm:
I keep picturing the Russian from Rocky " I must break you"
Ahmed Mourjane
Ahmed Mourjane:
What if she was a DEM, with the same accent ?
connie Tws
connie Tws:
Weird, this is the first time I’ve ever actually heard her talk.
JR Munoz
JR Munoz:
Great speech 👏 I can listen to her speak all day
mary pham
mary pham:
The beautiful and perfect language is the language spoken from the heart ! Otherwise .
Ebony Hart
Ebony Hart:
good speech whoever wrote it..shes stunning and she has a great voice but i don't believe anything this administration has to say..she sounds as usual robotic and well trained..shes turning as if on que
sam sabby
sam sabby:
She is like the perfect Bond girl... bless her
Juan Carlos Núñez F
Juan Carlos Núñez F:
Good job, very nice, smart, and elegant First Lady.
Criss W
Criss W:
She is a beautiful looking woman, but like it or not, it's quite a shame that she did not work harder to modify her accent. It is a fair expectation. Most people in her position, would have been working night and day over the last 4 years to improve this very important skill. When you say "leave" instead of "live" and "eel" instead of "ill" "fate" and "faith" "We spoke of a little else" rather than "little else" Politics aside, I have a lot of sympathy for her, but why lower our standards because someone just can't or won't work get to a High Intermediate level in English pronunciation?
lea lea
lea lea:
Our beautiful and genius first Lady..
Anno Nymouse
Anno Nymouse:
How long has she been in the US now? She speaks..., I mean she READS like an east european student beginner. It's horrible to listen to this lady. So hard focusing in reading, you can see she doesn't know what she is talking about. Just a puppet in US politics. Doesn't seem she is surrounded by english speaker in her free time.
Krähen an die Macht
Krähen an die Macht:
Has she strong accent? I mean im worser than this. If i order a cheeseburger in an american drive in restaurant, people could think i driving a Panzer.
Thank you, First Lady!! Four More Years!!
tenzin palden
tenzin palden:
Top speech
Nick Amador
Nick Amador:
Everyone: this is the 1st time I heard this speech...

Melania: me too!
SweetMiyanti Gamer
SweetMiyanti Gamer:
OMG look at her eyes
Nancy Ostler
Nancy Ostler:
Melania is an amazing woman! So intelligent, so classy, so courageous, so gracious! thank you for your service to the country.
Isla Addams
Isla Addams:
Girl, if you're in danger blink 4 times in a row.
Br DL:
She should make her birth certificate public! Not sure if this first lady is a REAL American!
J C:
Donald looks so proud
We're whalers on the Moon, we carry a harpoon. But there ain't no whales so we tell tall tales and sing a whaling tune
Sharon Pressnell
Sharon Pressnell:
Beautifully done. I love you Melania. Your precious ❤️
Larisa Lari
Larisa Lari:
She is just saying 'i know, i know' 😂😂
Decila Khomyuk
Decila Khomyuk:
Huh, this is the first time I'm hearing her voice. Totally forgot she's foreign
tatiana nery
tatiana nery:
Stunning. 👏👏👏
Ismauveacolor? Johnson
Ismauveacolor? Johnson:
5:35 so perfect
donkey face jordan
donkey face jordan:
Grat a tood 😂😂
King k
King k:
Andrea Seferi
Andrea Seferi:
Donald should let her do the talking for him from now and on
Al Ali
Al Ali:
Hazard pay for essential workers !!!
John john The Phenom
John john The Phenom:
This lady is the spy right infront of everyones face
Sometimes in life we are called to be greater than we are. Strength is rising to the occasion. Typically people do not react well when someone diverges from who you think they are. I think she is rising to the occasion & people did not expect it so they are reacting negatively. Many have been in this type of situation. I don’t think this former model saw this coming but she did what she was expected to do despite criticism.
Ice Pixy
Ice Pixy:
I love her, despite english being a second language to her she is incredibly well-spoken!
Mariela Hernandez
Mariela Hernandez:
Melania si quieres ayuda parpadea tres veces 😂😂😂😂
Philly Life
Philly Life:
She can barely speak English. I rather listen to Yogi Bear
Eric Cao
Eric Cao:
People are commenting on people criticizing her accent. Yet, somehow, I still have not seen one comment criticizing her accent 😂

Her accent is fine btw
Michael Kline
Michael Kline:
I thought she spoke better english were she from?I guess you can understand her ok
It’s hard to believe some of these comments are coming from adults
Fode Cisse
Fode Cisse:
The understanding is better than the accent.we don't need about her accent but the content of the message. That's all.
Kitty Martin
Kitty Martin:
Great Job by Beautiful Classy Intelligent First Lady. Anyone finding fault with her, look unto yourself how perfect are you?
some classy lady eat that Bette
Where does she say "Please seek help. You're worth it."
The cicadas are going wiiiiiild
M. Sauvigny
M. Sauvigny:
Wow. Great speech.. ♥️♥️
Joanna Marroquon
Joanna Marroquon:
I truly believe she wishes she was in the white house with someone sane, 😆 love her.
Kazoua Xiong
Kazoua Xiong:
She did pretty good
Lian Zomi
Lian Zomi:
I really2 admire the First Lady's accent!
My Zomi accent is my Zomi identity
Megan Megan
Megan Megan:
Maybe great Bill fundated this pandemia exactly in the year of new election? Good that it was Chinese product. No symptom pandemia at the moment
Greymar Araya
Greymar Araya:
Mrs First Lady thank you for being as classy as always!!! I’m proud you are my #flotus and to those who criticize her accent: if you don’t like you know what to do!!!
Her voice is lovely, soft, clear and restrained.
hildreth family
hildreth family:
Amazing.. So eloquently put!!!
Muhammad mustafa
Muhammad mustafa:
Marijeta Zvonar Hohnjec
Marijeta Zvonar Hohnjec:
Daisy Q
Daisy Q:
Diplomacy is now deemed 'playing politics ' by this administration. 😣
Angella Green
Angella Green:
Hiho hiho
Hiho hiho:
Adam Pap
Adam Pap:
Knowing what she has done before being a trump, political and business influence in her country from poverty I would say her IQ is well over 140. People don't understand how smart she is. Defiantly smarter than D trump and hes a smart guy. Humble aswell. Does all the important stuff behind the scenes with no recognition.
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Whole 'U' Life Improvement Coaching Services:
Divine Darkness
Divine Darkness:
Chris ABD
Chris ABD:
I just love the warmth on her calm and very feminine.
No wonder she snatch the heart of Trump.
Great speech despite her accent.she delivers her speech gracefully.
Tasha Glam
Tasha Glam:
I love how Trump followers complain about the 'horribe bullying" of Melania, when they are the same people that called Michelle Obama transgender or "Big Mike."
Albert Zinger
Albert Zinger:
This is the first time I heard her talk
Amersomoy 67
Amersomoy 67:
254QCC Comedy Club
254QCC Comedy Club:
I am an immigrant who moved to the US the same year as Melania. I speak 4 languages. As a staunch democrat, I applaud Melania on her classy journey as First Lady to the most controversial President. Her accent is Rich and makes her Melania. Stop attacking the woman that is the only neutralizing factor of this administration . Kudos and Great speech Melania. No pressure and attack throughout your speech.
Megan Vann
Megan Vann:
living with a liar will have NO better result.
Son Rise
Son Rise:
Leeann Mandarino
Leeann Mandarino:
Mrs. E
Mrs. E:
Josette Ortiz
Josette Ortiz:
connie Tws
connie Tws:
Real 以德服人👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! GOD BLESS AMERICA✌.
Larisa Lari
Larisa Lari:
Thanks for the subtitle.
Dano Gutta
Dano Gutta:
Some people think immigrants is uneducated but we’re smart and respectful and tolerant people respect us
Michael D
Michael D:
Americans .. will eat anything.. George Carlin...
Eleonora Devi
Eleonora Devi:
Melania has such a beautiful accent !!!...and warmness in her feminine!!!!!!
Amersomoy 67
Amersomoy 67:
When you get a new cell than Please someone trying to take rivange sir you know,when you connected tha (like 16 December movie trailor)
Comedy Channel
Comedy Channel:
The Thunderbirds. Little mannequin moving with strings.. I miss that show .. but I’m happy I got Melania Trump to remind me of them.
Granny Bird
Granny Bird:
😱 😳
Annie Sun
Annie Sun:
So much for y’all saying to love everyone but then you make fun of the First Lady. 😂
Michael Davis
Michael Davis:
my fluffy persian cat هلا Noora 77 jojo ._.
my fluffy persian cat هلا Noora 77 jojo ._.:
she is so cute she talk about peace ,unity,love,and creation opposite from other party. D. they just talk about violence and nonescence. she deserve a clap👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌸🌸🌸🌸
I'm Gee Gee Y!
I'm Gee Gee Y!:
Love Look
Love Look: