Watch Ryan Reynolds SHUT DOWN Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal's Shirtless Handstand Challenge

Ryan Reynolds straight up shut down Tom Holland’s shirtless Instagram challenge.

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“full blow shut down!”

ryan: *literally just said no*
Rock your Natural
Rock your Natural:
I want a husband with Ryan's sense of humor. It would be asking for too much if my husband also had Ryan's physique. So just the sense of humor would be great.
I bet they’re literally laughing right now at how dramatic this is
Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan
Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan:
Jake made it look SO easy lol.
Akanksha Ghildiyal
Akanksha Ghildiyal:
I liked it how she informed us that Tom Holland used three emojies. Hope I never forget that.
Ryan Reynolds is like a lowkey depressed introverted guy that happens to be a movie star and says things that end up being funny but weren't intended to
Sammie Jo
Sammie Jo:
This ain’t nothing. You should see the strippers in ATL. No wall required.
Dan Toledano
Dan Toledano:
Maddox Tolliver
Maddox Tolliver:
*even in a lockdown, we're still worshiping humans i see.*
Elon Musk
Elon Musk:
Tom: Do the handstand shirt challenge thing
Ryan: "No, I don't think I will"
Incredible Tom
Incredible Tom:
This will be a instant meme MARK MY WORDS
Davids Wife
Davids Wife:
Love Ryan & Blake they are the cutest couple .
That host gives me anxiety, yikes.
Daniel Geroe
Daniel Geroe:
I really, really need a Deadpool and Spider-Man movie after this.
10Begin22 Again
10Begin22 Again:
Ryan understood that it's a couple thing so he just let tom and Jake have this one🥴
John Palermo
John Palermo:
WHY is this is in my recommended? Nobody got "shut down" I swear people cannot exist unless their are issues/drama.
Almost nothing in my life has changed during all this. I'm a single mom taking classes online. Like, I haven't seen friends in years anyway lol.
Android Titan
Android Titan:
So....we just gonna gloss over Jake issuing a shirtless challenge to his sister??
Saucy 3153
Saucy 3153:
"Looking HELLA Confused"
How you doin fellow kids
Rosalyn Thomas
Rosalyn Thomas:
Ryan Reynolds will forever be my favorite actor. I love his sense of humor!
Daniel Balzano
Daniel Balzano:
Interesting how she sexualized Jake Gyllenhaal......guess it’s acceptable for women to do so, but not men? 🤷‍♂️
John Doe
John Doe:
He just called her “the chute”.
Jill Alexander
Jill Alexander:
Always a win when Ryan Reynolds is evolved! 😍
MennatAllah Tamer
MennatAllah Tamer:
Ryan: no..
lena pettay
lena pettay:
All of us CrossFit people are like..that's not a handstand,it's a wall walk-up and not even a good
"Multitasking like a boss" Oh dear! I think a vote down. In fact, the entire presentation is cheap wank!
Easton Ruppe
Easton Ruppe:
Dude Jake looks like a pirates of the Caribbean character with his hair 😂
Daughter of The King
Daughter of The King:
"For prompting this glorious shirtless moment..." that's a double standard sis...if if were these guys saying this about a woman, there would be an issue.
Jemel Jordan-Butler
Jemel Jordan-Butler:
She got super Percy and creepy. Talking about, “Thank you, Tom. Thank you for this shirtless moment.”
But if a man said something like that, he’s fired for being a pervert.
Comedic Center
Comedic Center:
"A harsh no"... Ryan literally said the softest no of all time while thinking of another thing to say
Henry God69
Henry God69:
Everyone was complaining how Celebrities have lots of money and rather donating have decided to sing a song. Well here is the celebrity your looking for people.
Why is there a 3 minute video of someone breaking down Ryan Reynold’s “no”
sloppy bitch
sloppy bitch:
her saying “whole damn mood” .. can i unhear it
c l o u d i d a i z
c l o u d i d a i z:
ET is clearly drama thirsty right now, and just needs to be quenched 😂😂 it’s like u guys are trying to squeeze water out of a already dry T shirt 👕 🤤
Dre Cudi
Dre Cudi:
All he said was “no” hahahaha?
Thanks for talking me through that cryptic chain of events. the emoji count was particularly elucidating.
ASMR Barbie
ASMR Barbie:
Ryan you’re the daddy here!!! Common lol 😂
Mahfuza Begum snigdha
Mahfuza Begum snigdha:
That moment still wows every Hollander on earth!

yukki kanade
yukki kanade:
WOW THANK YOU!! for notifying us of this amazing breakthrough for the human race!!👏👏👏
Nat Y
Nat Y:
1:21 she is replacing my feelings LMAO
Coppertop Duracell
Coppertop Duracell:
When Ryan Reynolds so no I was expecting to to doing drugs ad.
•Me: seriously, would you have clicked if this was the title? “Ryan Reynolds says ‘No’ to Tom Holland’s Challenge”••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••You: “No.”
Dat Nguyen
Dat Nguyen:
Really?! Get some hobby people. Noticed how the host was talking reaallly slow? Yeah cus there's no content to actually talk about.
Did you just take almost 4 minutes to give us this information.
Nathan Dean
Nathan Dean:
“Thank you, Tom. For real, thank you.”

Why’s this me?
“ But I’m mostly drinking “ 😂😂
vu viet
vu viet:
Can someone tell me what happened between Ryan & Jake, Haven’t seen them talk about each other and for a while, I also notice they don’t follow each other on IG anymore. I love their friendship and hope they’re still ok
BEBA & Alicia Pagán
BEBA & Alicia Pagán:
I do this exercise in the morning in my tight short pants.
Jake with long hair is a big phat WOW
Official Filmilen
Official Filmilen:
Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal did the shirtless handstand challenge
Ryan Reynolds’ I’m too cool for school attitude is annoying
Being smart Challenge
Being smart Challenge:
Is the long hair finally back????
William Carlson
William Carlson:
Women: men just use girls for their body’s

This women: thank you Tom for that picture
Sarah Adera
Sarah Adera:
Sookie Bookie
Sookie Bookie:
And if a guy said it to a girl their response "dont oversexualize me, my body isnt for you to look at"
This came out a week ago u guys r just now gettin this???
dfsdfdsfdsf fsdfsdfds
dfsdfdsfdsf fsdfsdfds:
This "reporter" is the perfect example of a sensationalist hack.
imagine if this was gender reversed...

get ready to be cancelled lol
Brendon Patrick
Brendon Patrick:
Good to know that's the look of "confused" to the hella power
Blake Adams
Blake Adams:
Why is this even a big deal🙄 People are just bored af
Derek Solomon
Derek Solomon:
Ryan is a gift to Earth. He’s been this funny for decades
Zodidi Jewel
Zodidi Jewel:
Wow, such a longgggg story for a no 😭
Cus he has a family and a family life, those two lonely idiot need to get a life. Smart, imagine if he breaks his neck doing that? How cool will he look then? smh 🤦‍♀️
J T:
I’m glad she told me that he sent three, and exactly three emojis. I had a hard time counting that high. 🙄
Jun Santana
Jun Santana:
“HARD NO! “ Wayne-letterkenny
stoagy mahalo
stoagy mahalo:
oh my god... 3 crying emoji's
Big Ace Boogie Woogie
Big Ace Boogie Woogie:
Im with Ryan. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Owais Ilyas
Owais Ilyas:
Amazing sense of humor.
Even my keyboard's theme is Deadpool's pants style.
Neutral Artist
Neutral Artist:
3:15 throws shade at him or am I seeing things 🤔
that isnt a handstand his feet were on the wall xD
Friends tagging me in insta challenge posts or games .... same reaction
Trixy P.
Trixy P.:
That'll be a "no 😒" from me too haha ..I can't even do a handstand. Maybe in a near future I'll give it a try! 😅 Ryan is too funny!
Jo Po
Jo Po:
Dear lord, what Am I watching?! I feel dumber for having watched 45 seconds of this.
Thanos K
Thanos K:
I would love to see him do it though
Longest 2 seconds of my life
Katrina Ogutu
Katrina Ogutu:
Sister: let’s play
Me :NO
Christian Hunsberger
Christian Hunsberger:
Jake takes the cake
Adriana XoXo
Adriana XoXo:
Gotta love Ryan Reynolds 😂🤣👍🏼
Jason Peck
Jason Peck:
Perfect lol 😂
Ryan is saving this challenge for deadpool 3 🤣🤣🤣
Váradi Norbert
Váradi Norbert:
I freaking love this guy
Ale G
Ale G:
😂😂yes, thank you Tom!😂😂😂
Shane Addinall
Shane Addinall:
Slow news week? Always amazed how you turn a 5 second clip is a full blown "story".
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton:
This post gave me Covid... and I'm rooting for it.
They are one of the best couple ❤️
Michael Wiseman
Michael Wiseman:
I NEED to find that original video of Tom. DAMN!!!!
ya Boy Jonez
ya Boy Jonez:
I nominate this reporter to do the challenge 👀😁🤣
vas happening?
vas happening?:
I just love Ryan ❤ god!
Mr T
Mr T:
1:16 modern day hypocritical objectification at its finest !
Hil SP
Hil SP:
Girl objectifying men lmao. The double standard.
Jeff Mullins
Jeff Mullins:
What was the point of this?
youngz fly16
youngz fly16:
This is no good 🤨
J Fernandez
J Fernandez:
Awesome Challenge, Tom! 👍🏻👍🏻 Jake... You are the Hero for accepting the challenge! 👍🏻👍🏻
Who writes all of what she says? Sounds like me writing a article in middle school trying to reach the minimum amount of words. I can't I just can't.
Ghost Pumpkin
Ghost Pumpkin:
I have a man crush on Ryan . He’s one of the few celebrities I have a hard time calling a moron .
Roshni Jacob
Roshni Jacob:
All he said was “no.” It is not that big.