Watch the uncensored moment Will Smith smacks Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars, drops F-bomb

Best actor nominee Will Smith appeared to slap presenter Chris Rock in the face with an open hand and shouted a vulgarity at the comedian for making a joke about his wife's appearance at the Oscars ceremony.
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Rock made a joke about the hairstyle of Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith that referenced the movie GI Jane in which actress Demi Moore shaved her head. Pinkett Smith suffers from the hair loss condition, alopecia. Smith, who later won best actor for 'King Richard,' walked on stage and hit Chris Rock in what at first appeared to be a scripted joke. But the mood turned somber moments later when Smith, back in his seat, shouted back, 'Keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth'

Will Smith appears to hit Chris Rock over joke at Oscars ►

Coda wins best picture at Oscars after Will Smith slaps and swears at Chris Rock – Oscars 2022 live! ►

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Guardian News
Guardian News:
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If this didnt happen I wouldn't even know about oscar today.
Just the fact:
-he walked on stage
-smacked the host in the face
-sat back down like nothing happened
-and then he won his first award with applause and everything
It’s crazy how will smith had one of the best careers in Hollywood but this will forever be his legacy
Fancy A
Fancy A:
Watching this again and I feel horrible for Chris. He handled it well.
The fact that will was laughing at his joke tho but when he saw his wife looking serious he went for the slap like bro 😂
TikTok Dose
TikTok Dose:
At least Chris Rock took that slap pretty well in all honesty.
Josh Frederick
Josh Frederick:
Audience's reaction to Will Smith smacking Chris Rock: 😂😂😂
Audience's reaction to Will Smith yelling at Chris Rock: 😶😶😶
Despite all the drama, you gotta admit Chris Rock took that slap like a champ
Phone Bloke
Phone Bloke:
I love how Chris responds
"It was a joke"
Couldn't have said it any clearer
Veshremy Soldier
Veshremy Soldier:
For those who are wondering:
Yes will smith was laughing at the joke but pay attention to his wife and see her reaction was unamused and when will saw her reaction he understood that she thought it wasnt funny making him mad
Triz Games
Triz Games:
Everyone would have forgotten that joke in 15 seconds but Will just made sure everyone remembers it forever
sum boi
sum boi:
I like the part where Will Smith said "it's Willin' time!" and Willed all over the screen. Truly one of the moments in the history of television.
Just a guy who loves stranger things
Just a guy who loves stranger things:
“I blame chris!” -🤓
“I blame will!” -🤓
*”well, I myself, personally blame jada” -😎*
Baddie :
I love how Chris rock is like that one kid in class that always jokes but the teacher is not in for it
Green Envy
Green Envy:
Scissors cut paper. 
Rock breaks scissors. 
Smith beats rock.
This makes me regret not watching this on live TV. Shoutout to the 17 people that tuned in this year.
Ben Gilhooly
Ben Gilhooly:
If I ever found myself in this situation, I’d probably make it look like I’m gonna slap him as a joke and then shake his hand or something
Donald Metzger
Donald Metzger:
I respect Chris for how he handled the incident that night and since then. He doesn't dwell on it. He's pointed out that he went to work the next day and even said "I'm not a victim". But I am glad he's gotten so much support.
Fun fact: Will Smith refused role of Django in Tarantino movie because he did not want to promote violence. LoL.
Complete Idiot
Complete Idiot:
This is gonna be one of those videos we’ll look back on in 10 years time and think “Wow remember when Will Smith did that”
No matter how many times you watch it, it never feels less awkward
Morgan kingsley
Morgan kingsley:
What I find ironic is that Will actually initially laughed at the joke
I love how Chris Rock just shoves the slap off and acts like he didn't even get slapped
MC Triple Fatal
MC Triple Fatal:
Will: 😂😂
Jada: 😒😒
Will: 😡😡👏
McKinzie Chapman
McKinzie Chapman:
I'm very proud of Chris Rock of keeping really professional after the slap. Chris Rock is a pro!
Will Smith should be a librarian, after he yelled that room was the quietest in the world.
Billy D Williams
Billy D Williams:
When Chris said "oh I could" after the slap, you know he wanted to do a couple of tupac or August Alsina jokes. He handled it with class though 👏.
Will Smith showed his true colors! Chris Rock kept it together and saved the day!
Ben Morgan
Ben Morgan:
I love how Chris Rock thought about clapping back but held his tongue. He could’ve ended that man.
Chris Rock's composure after the slap was class.
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way:
He will always be remembered not for winning an Oscar but for this moment
Datt Dudde
Datt Dudde:
1:06 “oh i could, ohh, ok” “ooh i could, uuh ok” i knew right than he wanted to say “i could roast tf outta you and jada right now and end the both of yall” but he kept it real 😂😂
Fire Tiger
Fire Tiger:
People have said this over and over again, but, the way Chris, no, the way Mr. Rock handled this was amazing and admirable. Seeing the way he handled that, his name is extremely fitting.

If Dwayne Johnson was nicknamed 'The Rock' due to his physique, this man right here 'The Rock' for his mental strength.
follower of Jesus till the end
follower of Jesus till the end:
Everyone was in awe I was the only one still laughing the whole time he was doing all that
0:35 the uh oh richard always makes me laugh🤣
Chris: *joke*
Will: That's funny!
Jada: That's not funny.
Will: That's not funny.
Lupitas face kills me everytime 💀💀💀
Alpha Studios
Alpha Studios:
If he hadn’t screamed afterwards people would’ve played it as a joke
Red X
Red X:
He defines his first name, if Will Smith wants to do something, he "Will" do it. His name isn't "Won't" Smith. 😂 but Chris handled that like a champ, he never fought back, broke out of character, or anything. What a legend.
This is what Will Smith will forever be remembered for... He let Chris Rock make him into a villain
Honestly, Will Smith yelling at Chris was more awkward than the actual slap.
a n t i s m o
a n t i s m o:
Thank you, Smith, for making us notice the Oscars just this once
Patricia Alvarez
Patricia Alvarez:
I'm saddened by the way Hollywood's "elite" handled this situation, not one person went on stage to check on Chris or stop Will. The way Chris handled himself is commendable.
The fact that people keep coming back to see this shows how legendary this actually is
Absolutely Absolute
Absolutely Absolute:
The academy awards should thank chris for making oscars relevant for at least a moment.
If it wasn't for that slap, nobody would have even known the Oscars happened
Evan Holloway
Evan Holloway:
How is Chris Rock not offended!?

Is he laid back just like the characters he played in movies?
Lupita deserves another oscar for that reaction alone
Debolina Kundu
Debolina Kundu:
Just imagine how embarrassed he felt
Jubal Kahona
Jubal Kahona:
He keeps it calm as if nothing happened.
If it weren't for this, I wouldn't have known the Oscars had even happened.
Chrissy MammaBear
Chrissy MammaBear:
I can’t believe they still let him have that award…
Will Smith is like that one friend that everybody likes, but throws it all away for a girl.
Marie Howell
Marie Howell:
He should have just gone up on stage and said, “ My wife is beautiful!!! “ and left it at that.
Iene & Ilisapeci Ratusau
Iene & Ilisapeci Ratusau:
I feel so bad and how embarrassing that was for Chris Rock
Will: “That was funny”
Jada: “That was not funny”
Will: “That was not funny”
Will handled that perfectly.
Dylan Sheets
Dylan Sheets:
Chris should have just said “Well that was quite the entanglement me and Will just got into” 😩😩😩🤣🤣🤣💯💯🏃🏽
The Aquatic Library
The Aquatic Library:
Imagine getting assaulted and yelled at and your kids can just pull it up on YouTube as one of the most watched videos 😭
Anand Nirgun
Anand Nirgun:
Will Smith didn't know how to handle a Joke..but Chris knows how to handle a Slap...👏👏👏🇮🇳🙏
Lets all agree, you never knew the oscars was happening till you heard abot the slap
I miss one Oscar award show and this happens
Josué Aguilar 2001
Josué Aguilar 2001:
I definitely don’t think Will should get “cancelled” for this. I think he just needs to genuinely apologize to Chris, if he hasn’t already. Chris Rock has made himself very clear that he’s not upset by it at all, so why should anyone else?
Ben Johnsen
Ben Johnsen:
Respect to you, Will. :D7
I have a feeling that the mood of the night was never the same... 😔
Shane Luscombe
Shane Luscombe:
I can't believe how calm Chris Rock was after being slapped
Leon Hunter
Leon Hunter:
When ever your feeling down, just watch this 😂
Dara Wulff
Dara Wulff:
bro will smith was laughing after that joke but then he got mad at the end like i still can't believe this happened and i can't believe Chris Rock still stood after that punch wow!
The Zelly Show
The Zelly Show:
Will Smith did all that cussing but I'm like ain't this the same guy who was coming after Eminem an other for using profanity in they raps , I guess he learned curse words is away to express yourself that day 😌😌😌😭
1:05 he could have crushed him he's a comedian a professional titan of comedy chris could have spent the next 3 minutes making a mockery of Will's life but he didn't he could have ended that man's whole career and instead just moved on that's a real human being right there the truest of the true the kindest of the kind love you chris
Angel Dust
Angel Dust:
everybody would've forgot that joke in 5 minutes but Will Smith has made everyone remember it forever.
Phil Bauman
Phil Bauman:
All right let’s get one thing straight I don’t condone violence as for Will Smith he was laughing at the joke open till he looked over at his wife and saw her rolled her eyes I don’t condone violence I don’t care whether you’re a superstar or whether you’re an average person you do not have the right to hit anyone
Will Smith himself laughed at the joke at first.. So weird
Pol Cumaku
Pol Cumaku:
I love how Will Smith laughs at first and then he’s like,” yeh she prob gonna think I’m a lil bch”
The One And Only Ravioli
The One And Only Ravioli:
Everyone talking bout how Will ended his legacy with this. I still love Will, but Chris Rock solidified himself as the best on the stage in the moment comedian and host in this moment. Major props to Chris Rock letting the show go on.
hendrik romkes
hendrik romkes:
If it wasn't for this, I'd have never known the Oscars were going on. 😂
Bollywood trends
Bollywood trends:
It's like I'm getting embarrassed on their behalf 😅
Sarah McFarlane
Sarah McFarlane:
Will Smith: 😂😂😂
Five seconds later: 😡😡🤬
E. T.
E. T.:
I thought Chris Rock's joke was lazy and disrespectful, considering Jada's alopecia, but it wasn't anything to be publicly slapped over. Will Smith could have just contacted him afterwards. Chris handled it like a pro.
he handle the situation, so easily.

handsoff to him 👍😔🙏🥺
Sergeant Jameson
Sergeant Jameson:
"There can be 100 people in a room. 99 people won't slap you, but one Will"
Awakened Garou
Awakened Garou:
Even after all this time, I’m still amazed how strong Chris Rock’s chin is, that was a tough slap and it barely moved him wow
'That was a greatest night in the history of television'. Chris knew that what Will Smith had done has made the biggest history in The Oscars.
Kunal Ketkar
Kunal Ketkar:
101 million yo… guardian made the most out of this altercation 😂😂
Chris Rock was so professional, didn't even break character, if i was him a whole fight would've taken place that night💀😭😂
The way he was literally laughing at the same joke before and then suddenly changed after seeing Jada’s face
Alex Morales
Alex Morales:
For those who are for Will, you know deep down that was NOT ok.
Afraid Monsters
Afraid Monsters:
He literally laughed at it then walks on stage Wth. It’s literally cause of her reaction that he gets mad.
Sohaib Khan
Sohaib Khan:
Chance of dying in a plane crash: 1 in 7 million
Chance of getting slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars in your lifetime: 1 in 107 billion
SmurfStorm and Rod Torque Redline 2011 🇺🇦
SmurfStorm and Rod Torque Redline 2011 🇺🇦:
The most craziest moment I've ever seen in my entire life.
Props to Chris Rock for trying his hardest to keep smiling through this.
Vashta S
Vashta S:
After watching this again... still disturbing. Lost respect for Will, apology or no apology.
Sveinn Frasca
Sveinn Frasca:
He was smirking after he slapped him
Xotic Gamers
Xotic Gamers:
“Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth” Will Smith requested calmly.
Izavier’s Animation’s
Izavier’s Animation’s:
Seriously “the greatest night in the history of television”
alida flus
alida flus:
Will screaming at him is actually more shocking than him slapping Chris.
The stupidity on Chris’s face after Will slaps him is priceless🤣
Steve Alcock
Steve Alcock:
This should of ended Will Smith’s career. The bloke needs to sort his life out. That woman is toxic as he clearly feels he needs to “defend her honour”.
John Lee Pettimore III
John Lee Pettimore III:
i have never found chris rock to be much more than occasionally, accidentally, mildly amusing. but i gotta say, the way he handled the situation actually impressed me. kudos to him.