Watch Virgin Galactic launch Richard Branson to space (first zero G!)

Virgin Galactic's Unity 22 mission has successfully flown billionaire Richard Branson on his first flight into space. Watch the flight (and the first moments in space).

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He certainly showed his own confidence in the system by flying onboard it himself
"One small peek into space, a giant hit to the wallet"
Márcio Moreira
Márcio Moreira:
I am so happy for this beautiful achievement by Virgin! Congratulations to Richard and the whole team!
A dream come true! See that it's not just anyone who puts their skin in the game to demonstrate how safe and wonderful this new world is that they are inaugurating right now. Very happy to see Richard remembering God all the time. Oh my God! ...remembering how wonderful the creator is to offer us so much and so beautiful things!
Jones Wang
Jones Wang:
Suddenly, going into the space doesn't look that difficult now, thanks for making this easier.
james demler
james demler:
Great achievement SRB!
I heard SpaceX is interviewing for entry level positions.
Михаил Михаил
Михаил Михаил:
Поздравления и наилучшие пожелания с уникальным достижением всех участников
This is INSANE!!! Love it! I can't imagine the g-force!
Great technological achievement. Next invention: reliable internet connection.
Joe Blinded
Joe Blinded:
The X-15 was operated under several different scenarios, including attachment to a launch aircraft, drop, main engine start and acceleration, ballistic flight into thin​ upper atmosphere.
First flight: 8 June 1959. Birth of the television show, The Six Million Dollar Man.
Deborah Alqanai
Deborah Alqanai:
Congratulations Sir Richard Branson!! I’m so happy also for the people of New Mexico for deciding to invest in this space project!! So worth it to have invested to see this happen!! God bless!!
no clu4u
no clu4u:
I ve experienced zero g before .
My entire family for 4 generations are pilots . My dad would do an aerial maneuver called a parabolic arch in his plane and we would experience weightlessness for 15 -20 seconds .
If you weren't wearing your seatbelt you would float up out if your seat .
Really cool experience when your a kid .
Amazing technology, yet audio recording sounds 100 years behind!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi:
Great achievement SRB! I heard SpaceX is interviewing for entry level positions.
Иван Волык
Иван Волык:
Это невероятно! 👍🚀
I am so happy for this beautiful achievement by Virgin! Congratulations to Richard and the whole team!
A dream come true! See that it's not just anyone who puts their skin in the game to demonstrate how safe and wonderful this new world is that they are inaugurating right now. Very happy to see Richard remembering God all the time. Oh my God! ...remembering how wonderful the creator is to offer us so much and so beautiful things!
Gregory Johnson
Gregory Johnson:
If only they were this brave and fearless, when called upon to take care of their employees...
True Crime Queen TV
True Crime Queen TV:
Love your videos!! Stay safe out there everyone ❤️
Butter Bear
Butter Bear:
I think this is significant because its a big step towards making this a form of travel for average citizens. Plus, that's got to be beautiful. Talk about an adrenaline rush. People saying this is a waste of time probably don't understand skydivers, bungee jumpers, and rock climbers either. Also, planes were ridiculously expensive in the sure i'll be old or dead before this reaches its full potential. Super cool!!
διαβόητο φάντασμα
διαβόητο φάντασμα:
Some days you'll have flights to outer space, just like flights to other countries. Crazy how far we've come
Christopher Nogowski
Christopher Nogowski:
Congratulations Sir Richard and crew Godspeed. 🪐
Joe Cox
Joe Cox:
Why is this so impressive??
Didn’t we land on the moon and drive buggy’s and play golf like back in the 70’s..?
Francisca Okolo
Francisca Okolo:
Never traveled by air since I was born and these people are already in space....Awesome! congratulations
I'm SO glad there were no mishaps! Congrats!!
S.L. S.L.
S.L. S.L.:
I could feel/see the overwhelming joy on this man's face. Beautiful
It’s just incredible. Congrats Virgin
Charles Rudish
Charles Rudish:
I'm not sure I've witnessed a more anti-climatic event in a long time. OMG, the hype leading up to the flight took me back to 1986 when Geraldo Rivera opened up an empty safe that was suppose to have belonged to Al Capone. It was a total bust. These folks in that very expensive and very funny looking rocket/glider could have got the same few seconds of weightlessness in NASA's C-131 'Vomit Comet". Even Branson looked a little disappointed. "I spent all that money for that? Blimey. what??"
Well done folks; an end to world poverty and starvation while reducing our carbon imprint too, truly the mindful pioneers we need 🙌🏼
Randy Elliott
Randy Elliott:
Cheers Sir. Richard....And everyone that made this work. One of the last great adventures....
Space....the final frontier!
so cool! Congratulations Sir Richard!
Вася Пупкин
Вася Пупкин:
Молодцы! 👍🏻 Поздравляю! 🚩
How did the Apollo 11 crew have a more consistent audio and video feed from the surface of the moon in 1969 than a flight only 50 miles high in 2021?
Weslei de Jesus Venancio
Weslei de Jesus Venancio:
Interessante saber que este é um dos primeiros bilionários a ir ao espaço.
Selena -
Selena -:
This man is living his best life...every day of his life. Wow. 💕
Laurence Gagno
Laurence Gagno:
A similar dilemma must have confronted the early amphibians as they stared at the land and said could we leave the ocean could we breath air and actually make the transition to such a hostile and alienating environment as the land?
Tim Annear
Tim Annear:
Congrats, brilliant achievement👍
Nick Finance
Nick Finance:
Great achievement! I bet there’s more to come. 👊🏼
Jack Rosenthal
Jack Rosenthal:
There you go people. Just take our word for it. We're in Space!
Eagerly waiting for Santhosh George kulangara sir to experience this fabulous space journey.. and share with us.... Proud from india
Lord Karin Whiteford
Lord Karin Whiteford:
People need to understand this is history. Richard is the first person to go this high on his OWN craft.
I thought the boundary to space was usually considered higher than this.
J M R:
Carl Van Den Berg
Carl Van Den Berg:
Amazing to ride 90km off the Earth in a tin can and arrive back safely.
The Moore On Variety Show
The Moore On Variety Show:
They only went roughly 51 miles above the Earth's surface, tho it's cool, it's hardly space, just saying.
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark:
Congrats sir Branson 👍 🚀 way to go !!! Planet earth 🌎 is blue and there's nothing I can do 😃
Congratulations Richard! Well done to you and everyone who participated to make this project reality!
Jack Hayes
Jack Hayes:
i can remember Armstrong, Aldren and Collens going tothe moon, This rates right there with it, bloody well done Sir Richard and team
Alan Shepard went twice as high and 2.5 times as fast 60 years ago. Three weeks before that Yuri Gagarin went more than eight times as fast.
12 people have walked on the moon, we have landed robots on Mars, The ISS permanently occupied and two space probes have left the solar system.
This is nothing more than an amusement park ride for really rich people.
Jason Gaddie
Jason Gaddie:
If you watch the altitude dropping at about 1000 fps youll understand why they could float around up there.
This video is rediculous and it tells on itself
Furkan Karaçam
Furkan Karaçam:
What happens at 3.40? They were still ascending and started to descend without slowing down?
I have to say that I teared up watching this extraordinary venture.
Crypto N Clover
Crypto N Clover:
I read somewhere he was inspired to do this on one of his many flights on his buddy’s plane. That guy with the island, and the New Mexico ranch, and the place in NY. Cheerio mate!
Bruce Bartman
Bruce Bartman:
This is so awesome!
dennis tari
dennis tari:
Congratulations to the virgin galactic team
Young Technologist
Young Technologist:
The closest feeling for a 70 years old to be a virgin
Don Cunningham
Don Cunningham:
Burt Rutan has been one of the most inspirational people in my life. Since I was a kid. Livin' the dream outside of the box!
Chris Jones
Chris Jones:
It's not really going to space is it!? I would want to have a least 1 orbit of the planet.
X G:
Congratulations, Sir Richard!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
Finally! Some good news. Congratulations!
Steven Houle
Steven Houle:
I've been waiting for them to launch this for years... Im very underwhelmed. they made it seem like this was a glorified vomit comet ride... they literally maintained altitude for like a minute... what happened to the like 7-10 minutes in space promise.. maybe i'm missing something here..
I don't want to burst anyone's bubble but space is about 100kms 330000ft from earth. They didn't quite make space but still a remarkable thing to accomplish.
Coffee Stories
Coffee Stories:
Call me hater or not... he went up 50 miles to the height where space begins. The phrase "Been to space" should be used only if you went to earth's orbit and made at least one round. What he did is equivalent to landing in Paris waiting for the next plane but never went out to see the city. Technically yes, you have been to Paris, but... you get my point.
Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson:
You earned it Branson👍✌
3:42 They can figure out how to build that ship and get it into space and back but they can't make a simple radio transmission...even after doing so for multiple decades.
It would be exciting of they could orbit around the earth one time.
Can’t say that I’m that impressed - he just barely brushed what could be considered ‘space’ - this was more akin to a high altitude plane ride - it was barely two and a half times the altitude that most weather balloons burst…
Jerry 50BMG
Jerry 50BMG:
Such great faith in the airframe. Once loss of cabin pressure, and it's adios. No PPE.
Why doesn't the horizon go down as they go up? I thought that's why ships disappear at sea? Either way what an exciting Zero-G Plane ride bravo Branson Sir bravo.
Marie grace Ishihara
Marie grace Ishihara:
Congratulations sir brandon & to all the team.
TD Kane
TD Kane:
This is good to be the first space flight ever with no space suits.
A D Dumitrescu
A D Dumitrescu:
Salut investitia,teamul,specialistii si profesionistii,cat si pe domnul Richard Branson!Proficiat!Congratulations!Felicitari!Flays easy!anca d
SpaceShipOne won the X Prize doing this exact same thing (higher altitude as well) over 15 years ago. What is groundbreaking about this?
NotYourMom YouSnowflake
NotYourMom YouSnowflake:
Imagine there was an emergency on board, how would they be able to communicate the emergency if they cant even get reliable audio going? They should pay passengers to risk their lives under this scenario and not the other way around.
April Mueller
April Mueller:
Amazing that he was able to be so successful without a degree .
ZekeTec CNC
ZekeTec CNC:
To give some context to this flight. Low earth orbital velocity is around Mach 25. The Virgin Galactic craft barely broke Mach 3 before engine shutdown. To actually get to orbit, this craft would have to be going 8 time faster.
Jo Dalinkus
Jo Dalinkus:
27500 feet that's within troposphere, Virgin ought to team up with one of NASA's space mission to explore orbit further at a higher altitude.
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help:
Sean Gelarden
Sean Gelarden:
He went into the upper atmosphere and the weightlessness was caused by falling not an absence of gravity
John Gianiris
John Gianiris:
Fantastic! 🙂👍
Michael Dee
Michael Dee:
UFOs are laughing at us thinking, “ these humans are so proud of going a few feet up!” 🤣🤣🤣👽👽👽
K Rudman
K Rudman:
not even an arbitrary height for when 'space' has been penetrated, just welcome to space. Can anyone explain why the vehicle slows down when 'space' has been achieved? I would have assumed now there would be no resistance against the craft and they would at least maintain their velocity until such time some thrusts are made to redirect the craft for re-entry.
Kuno Egger
Kuno Egger:
They only went 80km up. No escape velocity so no high temperature re-entry. Weightlessness was simulated by dropping altitude at just the right speed. Funny looking contraption. Elon's crew bust a gut laughing.
Clutch Cargo
Clutch Cargo:
Finally! Some good news. Congratulations!
Michael Brush
Michael Brush:
Seeing that initial release with the Virgin label showing was pretty cool. The audio..not so much.
Perhaps they should get a Starlink subscription for the next flight...
John .Mitch
John .Mitch:
Truly a successful space flight is one that does at least a single earth orbit. What use is a space mission that last just a couple of minutes?
fred Ted Stedman
fred Ted Stedman:
Well done everyone -shame your coverage got swamped by the football !!!!! Congratulations to everyone from Wales .
Angus Gafraidh
Angus Gafraidh:
Branson, Virgin Galactic and the aircraft in question, VSS Unity, did not reach space. In fact, they missed by a very wide margin. “Space” begins at what is known as the Kármán line, which is 100 kilometres above the Earth’s surface. It is defined as that upper edge of the atmosphere at which an aircraft will not gain lift under the wings by increasing its speed. VSS Unity reached an altitude of 85 kilometres. They were, literally, kilometers away from their target. The weightlessness they experienced was not due to their entering space. It was a simple and well understood phenomenon that occurs when a high flying aircraft reaches the top of its arc of flight, producing ‘weightlessness’ for a few minutes until the aircraft resumes level flight. The United States Air Force and NASA pioneered this technique in the late Fifties in order to train astronauts to cope with weightlessness. It is still in use today, and Professor Stephen Hawking was famously taken along on such a flight in 2007. Look at this way. If someone was to claim that they has swum the English Channel, whereas in fact they had been picked up by a boat some distance from the French shore, would we be putting their name in the papers?
J Jasper
J Jasper:
Congratulations on fulfilling the dream, however I was dissapointed in the coverage...too much like Nasa when you get a hour of waffle on the ground and looking up when I want to see the entire experiance from inside looking down, out of an hour or so footage theres may a few minutes worth of stunning shots, i'd have gone full go pro taking the audiance with me all inerior looking out! Someones going to do it one day and it will be stunning.
hans mūeller
hans mūeller:
A giant Virgin ad. Thanks for using space to enhance my consumer experience. That and accept Sir Richard Branson as my alien insect overlord
Joseph Astier
Joseph Astier:
So how hard would it be to make a kerolox or methalox rocket engine with the same form factor as that hybrid they are running now?
Kennie 103
Kennie 103:
How are people able to troll this. This is a sick generation.
I love this dare. Anything could have gone wrong but they did something impressive
Migs Goc
Migs Goc:
After a lot of failures they made it!
Yankee Stacking
Yankee Stacking:
Such INSPIRATIONAL WORDS from Sir Richard Branson on this historic flight. Too bad the audio and video stream was over galactic dialup. 😂😂🤣🤣
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok:
"Virgin territory" that was a good one 😂😂😂
Nice when you have the money.
Well done Richard and the team
Jana Waw
Jana Waw:
Vždy jsem si říkala jak super by to bylo, ale když to teď vidím, tak jen doufám, že na to nikdy nikdo z mé rodiny- vnoučat a pravnoučat nebude mít peníze ani kdyby ten bláznivý nebezpečný nápad nedej bože někdy dostal. Jinak užijte si to všichni kdo chuť na dobrodružství máte v krvi :-)
1 FD 2
1 FD 2:
No views shown above 200,000 feet and at the craft's highest altitude. I'll be impressed once they get one unpowered orbit in.
Technologically this is a great win, well done!

From an entertainment perspective, considering what we are used to these days, it was extremely mediocre.
Cooking with Yarda
Cooking with Yarda:
I hope one day they will make this plane/rocket bigger with some handle bars and tickets cost $250 ;-)
Brendan Clancy
Brendan Clancy:
Humans : We can go to space !
God : really that’s not space.. You went up for 3 minutes. Shakes head .