Watch Virgin Galactic send founder Richard Branson to edge of space

Virgin Galactic launches founder Richard Branson along with three other crew members on the company’s fourth spaceflight test to date. The company's spacecraft VSS Unity launched above the skies of New Mexico on Sunday, with two pilots guiding the vehicle carrying the billionaire founder and three Virgin Galactic employees. Branson is the first of the billionaire space company founders to ride his own spacecraft.

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manimal ace
manimal ace:
Highschool teacher: " Richard, You will do nothing with your life!!
Mike Wright
Mike Wright:
Amazing ... like what, 60 or so years after the first sub-orbital flights, we've done it again. Does the thing carry enough fuel to reach LEO or is it just a toy?
That stock price on Monday.
The Secret
The Secret:
*That's* *one* *small* *space* *trip* *for* *Richard* *Branson,* *one* *giant* *leap* *for* *space* *tourism* *industry*
Branson went up about 50 miles.
Satellites are reported to orbit thousands of miles up. Though an impressive flight, is 50 miles away really space travel? 🤔
John F
John F:
Same bloke was begging Australia for a bailout last year. Must be tough.
Diego Alatriste
Diego Alatriste:
But, no the outer space, by a distance of 20 km less than the IAF frontier of space, or current Karman line, located about 100 km of height.

Instead, it's the greatest exospheric o stratospheric goal inside upper atmospheric flights.
Thats boss moves right there. Where can i get a ticket?
Kishor Thapa
Kishor Thapa:
Just wow 😯
Robert Hysmith
Robert Hysmith:
He didn't go high enough to even hit tha dome
Easy One
Easy One:
When exactly did space come into this video?
josbtheonline Bartender
josbtheonline Bartender:
Thanks... 😁
Samuel Hewson
Samuel Hewson:
So being in space is amazing but shout out to the camera technology.
Kevin Derr
Kevin Derr:
I’m guessing this qualifies as a new gilded age.
Robert Marmaduke
Robert Marmaduke:
Sir Richard Branson, or as he likes to state it, "Branson, Sir Richard Branson, Astronaut 001" just reached the edge of space and blew an intersectionally inclusive hole in the ozone!😂

"So for Thee, but not for We!"
"In the Future, You will Own Nothing, 
and You will be HUNGRY!"
James Ruth
James Ruth:
Branson did NOT go to space.
Space is 62 miles up. Branson went only 50 miles up; twelve (12) miles short of the edge of space.
So, half a century ago, between 1969-1972 men went to the moon 6 times and now I'm supposed to be amazed by a billionaire who built a plane that doesn't even take him to space ? Really ?
How is it an accomplishment ? Taking tourists for a zero gravity flight ? Zero G planes exist for decades, you can book a trip for 9000 bucks today if you want.
Sold VG last month smdh
Joe Petrucce
Joe Petrucce:
And yet,He has to explore the vast wilderness of HIS Mind
Zytron Smith
Zytron Smith:
I hope they are not charging to much for this flight... Its not to much of a "Space Flight"...
What a "space" flight 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🐑
Sam Mencia
Sam Mencia:
Didn't show apogee. Legacy media is dead.
Justin Wood
Justin Wood:
edge of space? They are still not considered to be in space... Space is at 327,360 ft
Knowledge Scishow
Knowledge Scishow:
Great content
To the edge of space. Like, we are going to Hawaii, but only within about 500 feet of it.
Aaaand that'll be 250k.
Chris Perkins
Chris Perkins:
No ads🤔
Marcel Wolfe
Marcel Wolfe:
Horizon line pretty flat up there.
Aaron Burns
Aaron Burns:
Wooooo go Billionaire yeah! Yay Billionaires!
Matter AntiMatter
Matter AntiMatter:
Isn't it cheaper to go up in a balloon and a space suit?
Noris ZilverBergen
Noris ZilverBergen:
Still looks wobbliy!!
Baz _123
Baz _123:
Weren't he asking for a government bailout last year saying he couldn't pay staff but has billions to fly to space 😂
jewel bennett
jewel bennett:
Oh how will the others explain the dome that they hit? This should take care of flat earthers and the dome
Why is there no burn on entry exit or they just in inner space not outer? Curiousity !
Ege Aydın
Ege Aydın:
During the era of global warming we are trying to send rich people into space so that they have a nice view.
Olen Batchelor
Olen Batchelor:
So was it flat?
Marl017 6
Marl017 6:
Where’s the rest of the video?
Blake McMahan
Blake McMahan:
Y’all ain’t happy enough with earth?
cee gee
cee gee:
Harry Jordan
Harry Jordan:
About as exciting as my leaf blower
everyone saved 200k on the ticket. that looks like a complete waste of time
REAL Talk:
ScratchNOFF 760
ScratchNOFF 760:
Torquemada X
Torquemada X:
The first galactic virgin!!!!
#02588 #02588
#02588 #02588:
If I had a billion dollars I’d be like Richard he is one of the few that never lost his humility and personality.
Eduardo Soria
Eduardo Soria:
The engine cut off their Free Falling
Guga's One
Guga's One:
Why is in every heaven Videos interference? I think they are near to the online satellite!? ... I can't believe. 🤦‍♂️...
Anthony Tesla
Anthony Tesla:
Sub orbital! Weak!
They said space flight 😆
Brad Lowe
Brad Lowe:
No monospace font on the metrics? How distracting.
They didn't show the zero gravity film cause someone got kicked in in the face flailing about the craft
Make Money
Make Money:
To infinity and beyond
et après on accusent les gueux de pollué avec leurs voitures, je me marre!!, vive le pognon et les milliardaires!!.
Sheena Kraft
Sheena Kraft:
Yeah, but can you phone home from there?😑
Joe Wamsley
Joe Wamsley:
Why has all the forward camera been scrubbed. I saw forward camera on CNN.
David Carter
David Carter:
Looks like an old Amiga game
enganaram o velho... isso foi um voou de avião kkkk
Willie Weed
Willie Weed:
Commercial spaceflight is dead the second this jet fails to fire. The design of dropping a jet, then your life depends on it firing up, is badly flawed.
kung-fu hustle
kung-fu hustle:
Do you have a coupon day.
Math Demon
Math Demon:
nice camera
Something about this announcer really annoys me. It's like an infomercial that's trying to mimic real spaceflight.
Who was whispering in the background?
Gregg Wilson
Gregg Wilson:
I Sir Richard Branson am Rocket Man.
Joe's Custom's
Joe's Custom's:
Lol total nonsense, low earth orbit is not space, weather balloons go just as high
These flat-earthers are standing on their last legs now
Reyes Family
Reyes Family:
Ooo123 Ooo
Ooo123 Ooo:
Lol actually a think that plane more efecient than use roket i also calculate than roket more use full rather than plane
random person
random person:
Let that stock price come back down to earth. I want to see some revenue. Stock price is over valued.
nn desastre
nn desastre:
the earth is flat
Giovani Lourenço
Giovani Lourenço:
O can see from space kkkkkk the earth is flat kkkkkk
Hunter Dunker
Hunter Dunker:
Didn't they do this already!
Too the moon
Right after she says “we are going to hear a word from our founder” then you hear someone in the background whispering “come one baby, there we go” at 2:08
people arent interested in videos of shutle insted they want truth about space and earth
Jules B
Jules B:
Billionaire boys with their toys.
Rico Spain
Rico Spain:
しᗴᝪ ᒍᗩᏀᝪᗞᝪᑎᏀ ꪜ
しᗴᝪ ᒍᗩᏀᝪᗞᝪᑎᏀ ꪜ:
edge of space. are you sure ?
Dont beleive this crap , since when can 3 paper airplanes glued together do what they claim theyve done! , huge rocketships in recent history have never got off the ground or have explode in space.
Neil Robinson
Neil Robinson:
Americans are so gulable show me the globe Branson you fakir
Derek Reyes
Derek Reyes:
Louie Ruiz
Louie Ruiz:
Why go to space? For like an another quarter million dollars I could buy a Hunter Biden drawing from the White House.
Paul PcP
Paul PcP:
Plenty of humans have been in “space”. I don’t see what the big deal is. Just a giant wankfest for RB.
how do we know he was actually on the flight?
Joe Parkinson
Joe Parkinson:
Eat they Jeffie. For queen and country
Ed Gein
Ed Gein:
I down voted because I don't trust cnbc
Water is flat
William T. Little
William T. Little:
So the expensive airplane went up and then it came down. Unlike the Space X astronauts, the occupants of this flight did nothing but hang on for the ride. Very poor TV coverage. And narrator's last job MUST have been as a tour guide at Universal Studios or some such place. Totally underwhelming.
S C:
Low orbit lol they didn't go to space at all so there is nothing to see here. Next.
Muneeb Iqbal
Muneeb Iqbal:
Anyone see the face at 1.30
为念 黄
为念 黄:
I don't think it is such a big deal.Sensational westerner!Unintelligible!
Super Star
Super Star:
Children could've had life saving surgeries paid for, but hey... a rich guy got a joyride in space so... WORTH IT!!! 👍
Dave Based
Dave Based:
Fake, it’s just a kite with a fire extinguisher on the back
Manuel Jonas Vitruve Roblès
Manuel Jonas Vitruve Roblès:
180000 ft is not 260000 ft and still no stupid curvature
Zion Vas
Zion Vas:
True n everliving god died 4 ur sins n arose on 3rd day is greatest truth in history.u r sure in heaven if u believe n love all.c way to heaven in google.,!,
Lesseirg Papers
Lesseirg Papers:
Then these 6ss billionaires lecture us about CO2 and for two minute pleasure they burn the CO2 amount of a small city.
Tonya S
Tonya S:
how many mouths could this trip have fed. shame.
Wow mankind history 👏
No Name
No Name:
Why you can't see round Earth from such a high altitude?
Lisa Jester
Lisa Jester:
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Investments are the stepping stones to success, investing is what creates wealth.