Wayne Rooney reflects on his career as he announces his retirement

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Wayne Rooney has retired from playing after being appointed Derby County manager on a permanent basis. The 35-year-old retires as the all-time leading goalscorer for both Manchester United and England.

Wayne Rooney has reflected on his playing career with additional comments from Jamie Redknapp and David Moyes

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100+ comentarios:

Jaroslav Pospíšil
Jaroslav Pospíšil:
My childhood hero, I believe I’m not alone. He is so special, unlike others..
All of our fifa cover stars becoming managers 😢
Opulence ZTV
Opulence ZTV:
Rooney the reason I’m a Manchester United fan
Christian Herrera
Christian Herrera:
Legend. Pro player since 16, transferred to England’s biggest club at the time and won trophies! Will miss your wonder strike!
If you’re too young to know; Rooney was special. Very special
abdirahin dahir
abdirahin dahir:
As an Arsenal fan he cause me a lot of headaches but you have to admit he was an iconic player.
When Wayne Rooney retires that’s how you know your getting old
t c
t c:
What a player Wayne Rooney was, people forgot just how good he was
Ultimate TNTGamer
Ultimate TNTGamer:
I will never ever forget what this man did to change my life just by playing the way he did thank you rooney
Isaac A
Isaac A:
What a character. He'd run through a brick wall for you. Never cheated the game. Wish we had more characters like him today. Incredible motor. I love football because of Wayne Rooney.
Ferguson bought both 18 year olds CR7 and Wayne Rooney for less than 40 Million....
and now somehow 20 year olds Felix and Sancho worth well over 100 million, unbelievable.
Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez. The best ever front 3.
Fjmg 77
Fjmg 77:
The striker who became the England National Team's all-time top scorer, the striker who remains Manchester United's all-time top scorer, the footballer who made it to FIFA / FIFPro World XI alongside Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the figure who won almost everything with the Red Devils and the spoiled child who became a legend. Today one of the best players of our time officially retired. The ball will never forget it. THANK YOU FOR SO MUCH FOOTBALL, ROONEY.
Stefan Lundin
Stefan Lundin:
I loved nothing better than watching this scouser kissing the red devil badge
One of the best players ever in the premier league - Wayne ‘eym’ Rooney
M.Y 115
M.Y 115:
I hated him as a kid, he was just too good. What a player.
Kunal Modi
Kunal Modi:
We will Miss You Wayne Rooney. (Underrated Legend) 💔✨
Daryn Weir
Daryn Weir:
Legend don't even like the clubs he mostly played for, but can't take nothing away from him. Such a special player
Rooney Aldo
Rooney Aldo:
My idol - I’m forever grateful for what he did for my club! Absolute legend of United, English football and world football!! So underrated and wish him luck at Derby!
Luke Evans
Luke Evans:
Thanks for everything Rooney hopefully we see you down the road 👑
Manan Singh Hans
Manan Singh Hans:
Thank you
Wayne Rooney for igniting a passion in the heart of a 10 year old and being awespiring talisman for man United
Markus Furulund
Markus Furulund:
Sir Wayne Rooney. What a player, hopeful he will become a legendary manager aswell.
HT Regan
HT Regan:
The man who made me fall in love with the game I love and club I love
Arjun Khatri
Arjun Khatri:
My best ever player along with scholes.
Udbhav Malhotra
Udbhav Malhotra:
I was at the game where he scored the over head kick against city, it's like I watched it in slow motion it was that good. Great player and a career to match !
Tony Dimaric
Tony Dimaric:
Im crying i will miss you playing
Watching you since i was young
Greatest player in the premierleague.
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali:
Wayne a legend ❤️🙌 Happy retirement he’s won champions league premier league England best goal scorer
Alfonso Davidson
Alfonso Davidson:
Oh Rooneyyyyyy.

That Newcastle goal 👌

For me, the greatest united striker ever.
Harry Chic
Harry Chic:
🐐 for united and England, numbers don't lie 😎💪
Your neighborhood friend
Your neighborhood friend:
Premier League GOAT. 🐐
No doubt.
He had the talent, productivity, awards, stats and completeness.
Cappuccino Goodfinger
Cappuccino Goodfinger:
I’ve always felt that when Rooney played, he gave anything for his team. He had no problem sacrificing his play if it benefits his team. Hence the selflessness in every game he played.
Ronaldo in the other hand, believes the only way he can help his team is if he’s playing his best. Hence the hunger to excel in every game he plays.
Not saying who’s better or who’s wrong, just to appreciate that despite the accussation of Ronaldo antics in WC2006 against England, Rooney let bygones be bygones... and they won 2008 CL.
Paddy Last
Paddy Last:
Thank you Rooney 🙏 glory glory man united. 🔴🌑
Omer Vaqaas
Omer Vaqaas:
I kind of feel sad the way his playing career has ended. He deserved much better. Deserved to go out on his sword
Johan Rijhkelaar
Johan Rijhkelaar:
Great player and had a brilliant career. One of the greats of English football, no doubts about it
Bruno Gesche
Bruno Gesche:
I suppose he could of went on for another season or two but wants to fully focus on management its not like he needs the money. Would have liked to see him do well at Everton.
Oliver Gee
Oliver Gee:
Does anyone else feel so strange when footballers retire, I remember being 12 having his name on my shirt loving life seeing him burst on the scene. Now it’s 2021 and he’s retired. It feels like footballers age quicker than us and it’s so insane to me, idol. Greatest English player ever imo.
Emal Nottz
Emal Nottz:
Man I grew up watching this legend now I get to see him as manager. Life moves pretty fast.
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf:
FL Irkif
FL Irkif:
442oons is right... He always says "eemmm" 🤣
Abubakar Balogun
Abubakar Balogun:
I became a United fan because of Rooney. You will continue to be my hero.
Cosmic Baggy
Cosmic Baggy:
Hopefully he takes control of his own Twitter account on retirement. Some absolute gems before a pr team for Thier hands on it
Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy:
My favorite player. Make me fall in love with football and admired his playing style so much. He had everything
A legend I watched growing up, sad to see him retire
Hassan Hussain
Hassan Hussain:
Thank you Rooney for the childhood memories and making me fall in love with football. GGMU 🐐❤️
Micah, now this is someone who actually burst on the scene.
Worth A Look
Worth A Look:
Manchester United great 👍🏼
Acntivora titals
Acntivora titals:
My man. Tnq for the beautiful memories. Miss you 💔💔💔💔💔💔
Tit'us Bramble
Tit'us Bramble:
"Ermmmm" what a player
Jordan Belfort
Jordan Belfort:
Sad how quick times gone seems like yesterday i heard "introducing 16 year old wayne rooney"😓
Brent Meister General
Brent Meister General:
Rooney: It’s impossible to manage and play at the same time.
King Kenny: Hold my beer whilst I win the double.
Kan Deuce
Kan Deuce:
The best scorer, when it comes to grannies!
Dondada Dimz
Dondada Dimz:
we need to start looking at this as an all time great neither mind generational. Longlive Wazza
Kings J-man
Kings J-man:
The reason I started playing and watching football
Frankee Wizz
Frankee Wizz:
Great to see this absolute legend making his way in management & wish him a long and successful career in management. One of the last of the old school type of footballers
The Beankid
The Beankid:
My childhood idol youre beyond amazing have a nice retirement you deserve it
Grassroots Football
Grassroots Football:
long live wazza.. thanks for the memories
Drsamw Pepper:David Starr G.O.A.T
Drsamw Pepper:David Starr G.O.A.T:
Id retire to if i played for Derby County.

In all seriousness,thank you wayne for your controbution to man united.
Absolute legend,to goalscorer and aeguably the greatest player in club history.
Peter Paul
Peter Paul:
The streets will never forget 18 year old Rooney! The most unselfish talented English player ever!

Enjoy retirement Wayne!! One of my favourite players ever!
Good luck Wazza, I wish you the best!!!
I Kh
I Kh:
Jamie redknapp 😂😂😂 omg couldn’t they get anyone else to talk about him maybe someone that played with him who the hell is redknapp 😂😂😂
Julio Gomes
Julio Gomes:
Thanks Wayne Ronney, i'm gonna miss your football 😔
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher:
The Goat of teenagers
Ancient Mariner
Ancient Mariner:
I thought this was the retro channel and that he had retired a few years ago
I hope he does really well and ends up at utd in a few years and does a Ferguson time stretch.
Dane Paulsen
Dane Paulsen:
I remember the bicycle kick winning goal against City, wow wow wow🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Lynch 616
Lynch 616:
I thought he retired when he went to MLS
Wayne why.....
Devraj Ray
Devraj Ray:
Feels like yesterday he banged in that worldie against Arsenal aged 16..."introducing Wayne Rooney!"

What an absolute top class legend.
Adeyinka Benjamin
Adeyinka Benjamin:
Good bye the real life "roy of the rovers"
Wayne Rooney
He was an amazing striker.
Adam C
Adam C:
Legend plain and simple 👌🏼
This guy along with Ronaldo made me a United fan
Docter Khumalo
Docter Khumalo:
Wazza; truly an absolute pleasure watching this man play football 💯
Marko Tello
Marko Tello:
The name was remembered
Gareth Burke
Gareth Burke:
I remember when he broke though to play for Everton first team and first seasons at UTD he was like a pit bull so tenacious with Tremendous talent and then turned into a fantastic player for club and Country
Thanks for the memories Wayne
chester dbdhdgs
chester dbdhdgs:
white pele😍😭
He’s the reason me leaving liverpool supporter
FlickzComps シ
FlickzComps シ:
At this point I'm only thankful to watch one of the greatest English players of all time (if not he is the greatest). Gonna miss his greatness.
What a great player, from an AC Milan fan. I still remember the beating you gave us in 08! And by the way I’m feeling old too...
pangawe lukosi
pangawe lukosi:
One of the best in his generation
Tom Gelder
Tom Gelder:
Um I um really um ready um to um become um a um coach um I think um it will um be exciting um
Wayne Rooney will always be my favourite player. My childhood hero.
The Jabber Of Jobbies
The Jabber Of Jobbies:
mark dickens
mark dickens:
Your a legend Wayne really enjoyed beating you at pool and seeing your face after. MUFC
C J:

Harvey Price Boxing Returns
Harvey Price Boxing Returns:
Sir Wayne Rooney?
SMM Productions
SMM Productions:
🔝 3 EPL players in the modern era.
Good luck Wayne!!! One of the most complete players i have seen in English football!
Michael Marks
Michael Marks:
Maybe now he'll finally get the recognition he has deserved his whole career. Truly one of the greats of the game. What a career.
You don't realise how good he was until you go back to the start of his career and watch some clips
He was a beast
Jonathan Burn
Jonathan Burn:
I always think of Rooney as the last of a generation. A throwback old school player and a great one..
abdi mahamed
abdi mahamed:
Wayne ‘Eeeerm’ Rooney
Christopher Chika
Christopher Chika:
When I knew what is football, I became a Man U fan because of Rooney.
BB Ben 2
BB Ben 2:
Wayne Rooney Is Amazing. As A Derby Fan Hope To See He Becomes A Good As A Manager. What a player Icon Card In Fifa 21?
Jacob Gair
Jacob Gair:
Nick Kowak
Nick Kowak:
Farewell Wazza, thatnks for everything and good luck with your manager career