Wayne Rooney's Top 10 Premier League Goals | Manchester United

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Enjoy our top ten Premier League strikes from United's all-time top goalscorer! Do you agree with our choices? Let us know your favourites in the comments section below!

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100+ comentarios:

Stretford Paddock
Stretford Paddock:
This is the Wazza we will remember ❤️
Rooney was such a beast. Scored some bangers. Had raw passion for the game. Versatile in position. Skillful and creative. Reliable on pens. Idol for loads of kids from my generation back in the Total 90 days. When football was still pure.
The Golden Wolf
The Golden Wolf:
I still remember watching rooney's bicycle kick live on tv like it was yesterday. I was a little boy and despite not being a man united fan,I was still flabbergasted by that goal and I think it was one of the best goal I've seen on live tv.
He was the player that made me love manchester united
Tuku Watchdog
Tuku Watchdog:
Besides scoring goals ,Rooney also had an incredible work rate ,always gave 💯 ,he was simply a beast in his prime
Rooney and Ronaldo was a deadly combination.
Rooney was a true striker. He redefined what it meant to be a striker. To every coach, he played exactly the way they would want. Direct on goal, not afraid to take his chances. He was just a master of his craft and it always feels nostalgic to see old highlights. And it is quite ironic that we don’t see anyone that I could even consider like him, in today’s game
Dylan Kane
Dylan Kane:
Every English commentator when Rooney takes a shot: “ROOOOOOONEEEEEEEEEEY”
Marisa Hernandez morales
Marisa Hernandez morales:
Tom Renard
Tom Renard:
He's the reason I love football and I support man u what a player
Wayne Rooney is the most underrated footballer of all time. Leading goal scorer for both Man united and England while playing most of his career in every position but no.9. he peaked way too early which makes sense coz he was performing at the highest level since he was sixteen. Legend. My favourite footballer of all time, the reason I support man utd. Build a statue of him already.
Jammy Dodger
Jammy Dodger:
Most naturally gifted English player from my era. I really feel like he’s not talked about enough. And that’s coming from an Arsenal fan. What. A. Player!
He scored some great goals when he was at his peak. It's just a pity he continued to play when he was well past his peak - which besmirched his reputation. He also failed to reproduce his club form in big tournaments.
prince devitt
prince devitt:
Wayne Rooney and Ronaldo together in the Manchester in the early 2000s.. Were the best
Javier Parra
Javier Parra:
Un fenómeno, un toro, un delantero natural, uno de los mejores goleadores del mundo, ese estilo, esa seguridad, ese poder de tiro y colocación. Pura técnica, puro arte. Puro Wayne Rooney👌
Don’t care what anyone says....Rooney at 18 would wipe the floor with any striker currently in the Premier League.
If you love true emotions at soccer, you have to love Wayne Rooney
Aaron King
Aaron King:
He retired today to become a full time manager never forget Wazza one of the best PL players of all time ❤❤
Shamak Sarkar
Shamak Sarkar:
Manchester United will not be the same without Wayne Rooney...
The greatest of all time Manchester United player, he made me love football, he made me love Manchester United. He deserves all the applause, after Ronaldo and Messi, i will always put him at number 3rd spot of this era's football.
Nakshatra Singh
Nakshatra Singh:
The Rooney-Ronaldo link up was so beautiful 😍
Jimmy Wennerholm
Jimmy Wennerholm:
Captain, most goals scored, legend. You will be missed Wazza. ❤️❤️
rashid azzan
rashid azzan:
He will forever be among the best strikers we have ever had at Manchester United, I love Rooney he was brilliant
Bernard Narkevich
Bernard Narkevich:
I had chills all over my body throughout the video. Love Rooney, such a spectacular player <3
Wayne Rooney.a high quality striker . a football legend !!!
My favorite childhood player. Rooney was made to kill in the Premier league. There is rarely players like him. Strength, dribble, power, agility, speed, bravery. The perfect English striker.
Sílvio Rodrigues
Sílvio Rodrigues:
Cara bom de bola! Craque que deixou seu nome na história!!!
He had everything :pace, physically performance, very powerfool shot, pace, dribbling..
Tahmid Chowdhury
Tahmid Chowdhury:
An absolute legend. My one of fav of all time. If he hadn't sacrifice his position over the years he would have been top Premier league scorer of all time.
khedup losang
khedup losang:
Alot of the fans might remember him by the number 10 days, well into his decline, but that number 8 shirt Rooney was a different beast. Sent ahivers down oppositions spines.
Michael D
Michael D:
We need a statue of him at Old Trafford.
He is an absolute legend
Ramakrishnan Kunnummal
Ramakrishnan Kunnummal:
2:56 what a goal unbelievable 🔥
Samuel A
Samuel A:
living legend!
idk how this is possible...but the guy is criminally underrated.
Owen Kariuki
Owen Kariuki:
Congratulations Wayne Rooney on making it to the Premier League Hall of Fame 2022. What a player, an icon and a legend of the game.
Antonio Silva
Antonio Silva:
Só golaço, principalmente os últimos três gols!
Amir Butt
Amir Butt:
Ngl, he's scored a lot of better goals than some of these. The counter against Arsenal 2010. 25 yard volley against Hull. 30 Yarder vs Fulham. Top 10 isn't enough, we need a top 20 for Waz.
Daniele Torsello
Daniele Torsello:
fantastic striker, complete with a unique sense of goal, one of the best ever
Emotional Songs
Emotional Songs:
as a bayern fan i totally respect wayne rooney
hes a true legend
big sway
big sway:
:37 was one of the most brilliant goals I’ve ever seen. The awareness of the timing and using that almost back kick. Amazing
Congratulations on a fantastic career Rooney. IMO the best to play in the premier league better then Henry and if he was the out and out number 9 for all of his career he would easily beat Shearers all time goal scoring record and I'm a Liverpool fan.
Wayne Rooney has too many amazing goals for it to just be a top 10.

Should be a top 20 for Rooney.
Kemal Gogić
Kemal Gogić:
The best premier league player ever for me - one and only Wayne Rooney!
Siddarth G
Siddarth G:
Watching that Overhead kick
Me: I get that goosebumps every time... 🔥🔥
Mahoot Expressway
Mahoot Expressway:
Ronaldo and Rooney were truly an unstoppable pair
AmirHossein Shahsafi
AmirHossein Shahsafi:
usually, I don't remember things that well but I remember his goal against man city very well cause I cried after that goal and I couldn't believe how beautiful it is. thank you, Wayne Rooney, One Of The Greatest To ever do it
Underrated legend. Top 5 EPL players in history
Have a happy retirement Wayne! Thanks for all the memories! Forever a Legend!
2:28 that run🔥😍
1:17 Vidic's tackle 👌👌
Dawać spowrotem te czasy gdzie Premier League była taka jak na tym filmiku😍
Tanush Nirwan
Tanush Nirwan:
Overhead kick! Oh my word! Thats Amazing! Sensational! I just cant believe what i've seen! Only Wayne Rooney could produce a bit of genius like that!
Tony Makerrony
Tony Makerrony:
I still remembering he was a fantastic player 💪💪💪💪💪
Francisco J. Mena Girón
Francisco J. Mena Girón:

-559 matches
-253 goals
-16 titles
I'd actually swap numbers 1 and 2. His volley against Newcastle was the absolute pure angst and explosiveness that characterised Rooney in his early years which made him so special.
Leken Ollemoita
Leken Ollemoita:
That goal vs Manchester City was special; But that goal against Newcastle United was something from another world!👌🏾👌🏾
Pranav Chheda
Pranav Chheda:
There never was and never will be a
Jefferson de Moraes Bovolon Júnior
Jefferson de Moraes Bovolon Júnior:
Esse faz falta até hoje no old trafford
Justas Vetcinkinas
Justas Vetcinkinas:
I remember that goal against City :) It was nuts. Had chills for like 5 min straight
I miss Wayne so much. One of the greatest to ever play the game. Legend...
Blake McFersson
Blake McFersson:
That number 1 goal is timeless and legendary.
Mauricio Guerra
Mauricio Guerra:
Todo un Crack, Wayne Rooney🙌
Adam Gordon
Adam Gordon:
That goal vs Bolton is what i miss most about united.. the interchange between Ronaldo and Rooney was devastating attacking football at it’s finest 🔥🔥
David Chau
David Chau:
After Dinho and messi he was my favorite player in my childhood, watching man United w Ronaldo, Berbatov, Ronney on those days was a piece of beauty.
Ames Adamson
Ames Adamson:
Footballers they Come n go but Legends stay Forever.
Wayne Rooney the England Legend 🇬🇧🇬🇧.
Fahad Khalid
Fahad Khalid:
Great legend
The best goal scorer, even though he sacrificed a position for the team
Man I miss Rooney. People forget just how devastating he was.
Mohammed Raffi
Mohammed Raffi:
When it comes to commitment and knowledge of the game .. Wayne is way ahead of all the Ballon De Ors...
3:18 Woooaah ! I really like this amazing goal !
The Lord Of The UnDead
The Lord Of The UnDead:
Rooney + Ronaldo was out of this planet. 💥
He gave his everything since beginning of his career. Thats the reason he cant be competitive at his 30’s. But still he is one of the best United players of all time. Thankz Mr. Wayne. United will always remember u.
Oh how he made that tremendously difficult bicycle look so easy. There haven't been many who could take a ball out of the air like that....
Eriek Maulana
Eriek Maulana:
my irreplaceable idol, versatile player, striker, playmaker, winger
Existe uma coisa forte me cortando por dentro, se chama saudades :(
Varun Pant
Varun Pant:
Ronny and Rooney golden duo and golden generation of man utd❤️❤️❤️.
Thanks for the beautiful memories wayne, u will be missed. 🙏🏽
The Kawi Family - Gia đình Kawi
The Kawi Family - Gia đình Kawi :
2021, but still watch it, and obviously his legacy is untouchable ...
Ronaldo and Rooney sprinting at 2:35 felt like Black Panther and Captain America 😍🤯🔥
Abdelrahman Eltanahy
Abdelrahman Eltanahy:
He is the perfect player defending✅ attacking ✅ passing✅ shooting✅ physical contact ✅ heading✅ double kicks✅ speed✅ 🤩🤩🤩
Vasisht Varma
Vasisht Varma:
what we'd give to have someone like him up top right now😭😭😭
Haji Nawi
Haji Nawi:
Thanks for the memories Wayne🖤
Enrique Calderon
Enrique Calderon:
Leyenda , en uno de los mejores por no decir el mejor manchaster que tuve el privilegio de ver , cuando despertaba temprano a ver la premier narrada por el bambino , tiempos aquellos no me perdía un partido de ese manchester
Dragon THE Uncharted
Dragon THE Uncharted:
#1 Was the best goal of his career at United i remembered that match like it was yesterday

We miss you Wayne Rooney continue to do your best
Daniele Amaral
Daniele Amaral:
O jeito que ele comemorar e muita emoções
Ale Mez92
Ale Mez92:
Simply Top Player. A monster!!!
Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels:
2:54 what a goal❤ 🔥
True talent 🙌🏻
most underrated United player ever. Legend
We miss you Wayne Rooney, they'll never be another leader like you.
Šerif Lelić
Šerif Lelić:
One of the best players ever in the PL ♥️🔥👏👏👏
Christopher Pixley
Christopher Pixley:
This was Rooney in his Prime🔥 ⚽
2:35 he almost overtook Ronaldo in that sprint, respect for Wayne Rooney 👊
William Aley
William Aley:
When that goal against West Ham is only ranked as the third best goal of your United career, you know you've done something right.
"I saw my mate, the other day,
He said he saw, the white Pele,
So i asked, who is he?
He goes by the name, of Wayne Rooney"
Most underrated footballer of all time
Rooney is a Manchester United Legend.
One of the best player of man united.🤩😍
Davide Dato
Davide Dato:
Amazing player, as a Napoli’s supporter i’m very jealous of such a Legend
Ian Mills
Ian Mills:
The last goal is beyond special for many reasons. Rooney was an absolute beast in his prime.
Rahul Doshi
Rahul Doshi:
I agree with the overhead kick vs City as Rooney's best goal, out of all his other spectacular goals... What a legend for this club
iwantgoals 15
iwantgoals 15:
I feel like the best goal in this top 10 was his record breaker not because of the significance of it, but the pure technique. Didn’t touch a single soul or the keepers glove, didn’t hit the frame of the goal and it was taken from quite an obscure angle. Whipped straight into the top bins as well, brilliant goal.
James Puffer
James Puffer:
#5, crunching tackle from Vidic, how I miss that.

#4, the sight of Rooney, Giggs and Ronaldo as the attacking front 3, what a time that was to be alive watching United...