Wayne Rooney's Top 10 Premier League Goals | Manchester United

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Enjoy our top ten Premier League strikes from United's all-time top goalscorer! Do you agree with our choices? Let us know your favourites in the comments section below!

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100+ comentarios:

Stretford Paddock
Stretford Paddock:
This is the Wazza we will remember ❤️
We all know what is first
Nakshatra Singh
Nakshatra Singh:
The Rooney-Ronaldo link up was so beautiful 😍
Wayne Rooney is the most underrated footballer of all time. Leading goal scorer for both Man united and England while playing most of his career in every position but no.9. he peaked way too early which makes sense coz he was performing at the highest level since he was sixteen. Legend. My favourite footballer of all time, the reason I support man utd. Build a statue of him already.
Ahhh Unagi
Ahhh Unagi:
Don’t care what anyone says....Rooney at 18 would wipe the floor with any striker currently in the Premier League.
Amir Butt
Amir Butt:
Ngl, he's scored a lot of better goals than some of these. The counter against Arsenal 2010. 25 yard volley against Hull. 30 Yarder vs Fulham. Top 10 isn't enough, we need a top 20 for Waz.
Harry kane
Harry kane:
Who's here after Rooney Officially announced his retirement
The white Pelé
I want a Wazza statue outside Old Trafford
Hoàng Kim Việt
Hoàng Kim Việt:
Miss Rooney :0
Wayne Rooney has too many amazing goals for it to just be a top 10.

Should be a top 20 for Rooney.
Daniel Bigglybomb
Daniel Bigglybomb:
1 dislike from Joe hart who stood no chance
Ames Adamson
Ames Adamson:
Footballers they Come n go but Legends stay Forever.
Wayne Rooney the England Legend 🇬🇧🇬🇧.
William Aley
William Aley:
When that goal against West Ham is only ranked as the third best goal of your United career, you know you've done something right.
Ashish Negi
Ashish Negi:
I miss you my captain Wazza 😍
Aditya V Das
Aditya V Das:
most underrated United player ever. Legend
sachin Dey
sachin Dey:
This man was unlucky like robben, ribery, zlatan, luis suárez, to be in the era of messi and cr7
The true red devil
Matthew McCarrick
Matthew McCarrick:
Who’s here after he officially announced retirement
Michael D
Michael D:
We need a statue of him at Old Trafford.
He is an absolute legend
Rooney and Ronaldo was a deadly combination.
Dragon THE Uncharted
Dragon THE Uncharted:
#1 Was the best goal of his career at United i remembered that match like it was yesterday

We miss you Wayne Rooney continue to do your best
I miss Wayne so much. One of the greatest to ever play the game. Legend...
stop with this music, add some variation, and ye, tunnel cam
The Lord Of The UnDead
The Lord Of The UnDead:
Rooney + Ronaldo was out of this planet. 💥
No.1 goal against man city with his fifa's signature celebration 🔥
Rahul Doshi
Rahul Doshi:
I agree with the overhead kick vs City as Rooney's best goal, out of all his other spectacular goals... What a legend for this club
Sanket Dhakal
Sanket Dhakal:
Legend 😎
JonThan Jones
JonThan Jones:
One of the best scorers in the history of the bpl- Chelsea fan
Ian Deeley
Ian Deeley:
250+ goals! Red Legend.
ManUTD 4Life
ManUTD 4Life:
Wazza needs a top 100. Manchester’s GOAT👌👌👌
Yash FC
Yash FC:
What I grew up watching Man Utd wasn’t about having 60% possession
It was about the goal they scored at Bolton
Dr. Quack
Dr. Quack:
Who’s here after his retirement
nilesh kumar
nilesh kumar:
Wayne Rooney Wayne Rooney
Over the moon we've got
Wayne Rooney
Hawk man
Hawk man:
Ronaldo and Rooney 😭
Bashar Amer
Bashar Amer:
Who's here after Rooney retired?
The 250th goal at stoke, the half pitch against west ham and overhead in the 10/11 derby always become my fav of all time👌
Sad Love Story
Sad Love Story:
3:18 Woooaah ! I really like this amazing goal !
Cody Logan
Cody Logan:
Rooney always killing Arsenal every time we played Manchester United
SNPR Megat
SNPR Megat:
Like: Rooney’s Bicycle Kick vs Man City
Comment: Ronaldo’s against Juve (17/18 season)
Flake Cake
Flake Cake:
The last one always gives me goosebumps
Reza Razak
Reza Razak:
I miss Rooney when he was at his peak during his teenage years. FEARLESS!!! ❤❤❤
Le Famiglia
Le Famiglia:
Who's here after Wazza's retirement?
Nisha Limbu
Nisha Limbu:
I love you Wayne Rooney
my Legend....!!
shazaan Khan
shazaan Khan:
Still get goosebumps watching the city goal !!! Thank you for all the memories legend.
Rusty Ryan
Rusty Ryan:
Rooney scored better EPL goals than this list.
Dylan Kane
Dylan Kane:
Every English commentator when Rooney takes a shot: “ROOOOOOONEEEEEEEEEEY”
Think AboutIt
Think AboutIt:
What about his free kick against arsenal when we demolished them 8-2
Wayne Manchester Rooney we miss you
legend manchster united
samairey 2003
samairey 2003:
Love that guy! What a player! Miss him he still had 1 more League title in him at United in my opinion 🇾🇪
Alex Rincon
Alex Rincon:
أبو مسلَّم Abomusallm
أبو مسلَّم Abomusallm:
Legend leader ROOOOOONEY 🌍😎👏🏼
My favorite childhood player. Rooney was made to kill in the Premier league. There is rarely players like him. Strength, dribble, power, agility, speed, bravery. The perfect English striker.
Meir Issler
Meir Issler:
Zwede HD
Zwede HD:
Okon Jacob
Okon Jacob:
No.1 was the most beautiful goal I've ever seen, the technique is something special.
Wayne Rooney: The Phenomenon
The commentor
The commentor:
Love you Shrek, you'll always be remembered as a legendary captain for this legendary team.
The Broken Man
The Broken Man:
counterattack goal against Arsenal at the Emirates in 09/10 season should've been here
Mohammed Ashmal. V. K
Mohammed Ashmal. V. K:
How many of you after rooney's retirement
Jimmy Wennerholm
Jimmy Wennerholm:
Captain, most goals scored, legend. You will be missed Wazza. ❤️❤️
atul kumar
atul kumar:
Man Utd legend Wayne Rooney, I hope one day he returns to United in some shape or form to create more champions like him
Yo Wayne Rooney is a legend
Ayhunlo Keppen
Ayhunlo Keppen:
And then the legend retires😭
Revi Agusta
Revi Agusta:
i really miss him :"(
Petros Mouchtsis
Petros Mouchtsis:
I love rooney
Ilhom Ikromov
Ilhom Ikromov:
Thank you ROONEY.
Emotional Songs
Emotional Songs:
as a bayern fan i totally respect wayne rooney
hes a true legend
Fawzia Hj Mohiadeen
Fawzia Hj Mohiadeen:
Always scores againts arsenal
Haji Nawi
Haji Nawi:
Thanks for the memories Wayne🖤
Have a happy retirement Wayne! Thanks for all the memories! Forever a Legend!
Dibils YS
Dibils YS:
that counter against bolton is amazing, rooneys lay off to ronaldo is spectacular
Bruiser King
Bruiser King:
Saw my mate, the other day.........
Packet _Peaceful
Packet _Peaceful:
Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle!
Aaron King
Aaron King:
He retired today to become a full time manager never forget Wazza one of the best PL players of all time ❤❤
Do u reckon he will come back, united could do with a decent player
Respawnables 2020
Respawnables 2020:
3:13 golaço, golaço, golaço!!!!
Sachin ramchandani
Sachin ramchandani:
Happy retirement Wazza..!!♥️🥺
Anton Dahlén
Anton Dahlén:
Ricardo Grave
Ricardo Grave:
"You'll be seing this for years and years and years"
Congratulations on a fantastic career Rooney. IMO the best to play in the premier league better then Henry and if he was the out and out number 9 for all of his career he would easily beat Shearers all time goal scoring record and I'm a Liverpool fan.
jose Gomez
jose Gomez:
Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney collaborate so beautiful the speed on Cristiano is amazing
kashik MC
kashik MC:
roony is good
Comment Thief
Comment Thief:
He is so underrated
Udbhav Malhotra
Udbhav Malhotra:
Jeremy Ng
Jeremy Ng:
miss wazza
Killing Machine
Killing Machine:
1:17 Vidic's tackle 👌👌
Joash Pather
Joash Pather:
we know what number 1 is gonna be before watching this vid !
Reeves Wong
Reeves Wong:
Happy retirement. thanks for the memories 🙏🏻
Muhammad Alif Alghifary
Muhammad Alif Alghifary:
Geralt z Fucking Rivie
Geralt z Fucking Rivie:
Rooney and Ronaldo, i miss him :/ Old Manchester is best!
Petar Grlić
Petar Grlić:
Wazza ❤
Devdeep Dutta
Devdeep Dutta:
Please make a video compilation of some of his assists/passes which led to goals
Another player we should have kept but can we just appreciate that speed from Ronaldo on the ball as well 💪🏼😂
SoccerBROS 86
SoccerBROS 86:
1:31 dang those thighs
Somorendro Khangembam
Somorendro Khangembam:
what a legend goal c'mon Rooney..
2:28 that run🔥😍