‘We’re Sick and Tired’: Voices From Minneapolis Protests | NYT News

The death of George Floyd at the hands of the police set off days of protests in Minneapolis. Demonstrators challenged a curfew on Saturday and took to the streets for the fifth day in a row. Here’s why.

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Adapter Z.
Adapter Z.:
I’m going to write a book called “I survived 2020”
Wake me up when its 2021
Kwan Mah
Kwan Mah:
That guy that jumped in to save that girl was brave.
2020 is going down in history as one of the worst years in the 21st century.
elara 24
elara 24:
It's great irony. America's expect the crowd to be in discipline when their trained police couldn't even show the discipline to follow country laws about discrimination
Zadri задри
Zadri задри:
Is America great again yet?

Looks like America is going to need some of that democracy and freedom they destroyed other countries for
Elle T
Elle T:
Once upon a time there was a country called USA.......
Rachel S
Rachel S:
As a Minnesota native (and a Minneapolitan for 8 years), this outrage was inevitable and long overdue. It was disgusting to see nothing happened after the murder of Philando Castile and we need a lot of changing, sweeping reforms to ensure the police serve us and not bully neighbors into some sick definition of submission.

What I don’t support is the looting, no matter who’s doing it. A lot of non-corporate places are being damaged, torched or looted and they’re owned by people in the community or people of color. In a city such as Minneapolis, these places (such as the Karem Mall) are hubs for people and immigrants to connect and places to get essentials on the bus line or without driving. Destroy those places and the most vulnerable are left without.
Jerry Martinez
Jerry Martinez:
I'm sure you're really helping the cause by stealing that 50 inch TV
Lucas Pinto
Lucas Pinto:
And to think that months ago, in other countries there were also riots, people demanding basic human rights, liberation, etc. It seems like this is the start of a decade of revolution.
I'm chilling here in Antarctica
Polenball Animations
Polenball Animations:
Just like the old times: if you want equality and peace, prepare for war.
Hello I’m gay
Hello I’m gay:
People: “we protest against the police killing people”
Cops: “🔫💣”
D.C. Bystander
D.C. Bystander:
Its useless being the world police...
US can't even take cere of it's own police!
Yung CashRegister
Yung CashRegister:
Peaceful protests didn’t work time and again, violent protests have also
proven time and again to not work, how do we fix this deeply rooted problem?
Julio PR-ADO
Julio PR-ADO:
#blacklivesmatter Here in Brazil, we have the same problems, in Rio police killed a 14yo in his own house, he was shot 23 times for doing nothing...
"In the white room with black curtains, at the station"
Also please be careful. Department of Justice is waving habeas corpus and Trump has enacted the War Powers so if arrested an individual can be detained indefinitely till the end of pandemic with no rights.
Shiena Aladad
Shiena Aladad:
Everyone tell me is this a dream I feel like is this the end the world
bre grace
bre grace:
George Floyd’s parents publicly said that he wouldn’t want this.
Winston Smith
Winston Smith:
"What message are we sending by destroying what is ours?" is what the woman at the end states. You're right, and the police should feel the same way when this happens when they destroy their community they are sworn to protect.
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma:
I feel that higher authorities should give some assurance that they will take some action against the culprits and calm down the public first by gaining trust and assuring them security and making serious laws against such stuffs its sad 🙏 peace .....
Jessi Wilson
Jessi Wilson:
"What message are we sending by destroying what is ours?"
Ya Boi Viliam
Ya Boi Viliam:
3:34 Take notes. People are saying that the protests are peaceful while they are destroying the entire city.
There is only one race the human race. The rest is just pigment.
Muath Matthews
Muath Matthews:
Facts that girl at the end was right
Derek Needham
Derek Needham:
I thought we were a Christian Nation this is how we treat our brothers and sisters we should be ashamed
This whole thing hurts so bad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tami Tami
Tami Tami:
Hollywood will make some movies from this years events
Dixie D'Amelio
Dixie D'Amelio:
The fact that they are meant to ''protect'' us but instant fear comes when they are around.
Dig Bick
Dig Bick:
Protesters : we're sick and tired
Cops : I can do this all day
Can't even begin to imagine the thought that death may be a possibility if I encountered some police officers. INSANE! It needs to END- NOW!
Ezra Neal
Ezra Neal:
honestly since when did a counterfeit $20 bill mean a death sentence?

oh wait, its America nevermind
the woman at 3:40 is speaking the truth
Miguel Ángel
Miguel Ángel:
It is time for China to bring order to its soldiers in the United States, "just as the United States did in the Middle East." haha
Robert Kman
Robert Kman:
I love how a criminal is still causing pain and suffering to others. Nicely done George Floyd
Lisa Rosenkoetter
Lisa Rosenkoetter:
The cop should be charged with 1st degree murder not third. I watched the video several times. He knew he was killing the man. US citizens may show up with their own weapons like the white folks in michigan who were not tear gassed or fired upon and were allowed to carry weapons into a government building. I am sick of racist mentality.
Username 384
Username 384:
1:37 that’s it,people have finally had enough...every human has had it with blue privilege “protection racket”
I grew up in a world, where a girl like me, with my kind of skin, and my kind of hair, was never considered to be beautiful. I think its time that stops today. I want children and black girls to see me, and i want to see their face, reflected on mine

- Zozibini Tunzi
Miss Universe2019
Vincent . S
Vincent . S:
That’s last girl was speaking straight facts
Jared Brown
Jared Brown:
“This is America”
I combined these clips with the song “What A Wonderful World”
Edit: Hopefully people understand how important this is.
The Stranger
The Stranger:
iraq need to help america pepole like they help
Some are taking advantage of the tragedy and looting ,causing damages in the name of Floyd.
Guess what? We are all tired. Everywhere people struggle and suffer. You are not the only ones...
Haakon Anderson
Haakon Anderson:
"Look at these slave masters posing on your dollar."
Space NyaNya
Space NyaNya:
As damaging as these riots may be to store owners, they are neccessary. Coming from a country that is free because of the struggle of people for 100s of years, I understand the importance of riots.

#Blacklivesmatter and we shouldn't stop till protection and proper morals are there in the system for black people. Innocent people getting killed for no reason, this is horrible. It's horrible imagining that you can be killed just for doing basic things everyone does.

But at the same time, the people who are using these riots as an excuse to harm other innocent people should be punished too.
Thandeka Duma
Thandeka Duma:
The whole thing is so heartbreaking... I'm so sad 😭😭😭😭😭
that broke my heart😭🥺
Bored Creativity
Bored Creativity:
"A child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel it's warmth"
-African proverb
BeCkY vErSaCe
BeCkY vErSaCe:
there’s too much going on in 2020 UwU
George was high on meth and fentenol hewasnt torchered wtf
I WaTcH yOu sLEeP
I WaTcH yOu sLEeP:
You guys remember childish gambo? When he made "This is America"?
Why are you reading that?
Why are you reading that?:
Black wave coming will it hit
I can taste the fear yeah it's written on my lips
Sipping on a cold one waiting for the rinse
Woke up with an omen tatted on my wrist
Black wave coming will it drop
I can see the fear yeah it's written on the wall
Who you gonna trust when the killer is the cop
Fire in my bloodstream, water in my lungs

Waiting on a black wave
Running in a rat maze
Shaking in my own cage
What do I believe? I believe
Waiting on a black wave
Living under bad days
Shaking in my own cage
What do I believe
Stumbling down the street I swear to god you don't wanna test me

Black wave blocking out the sun
Baby when you go down ain't no coming up
Thought that you were safe but nobody ever was
Choking on a diamond, poison in your lungs
At the end guess we're all just animals
At the end is it all just greed
When the ocean crash down who you gonna call
Hold your breath, hold your breath, counting 1 2

Waiting on a black wave
Running in a rat maze
Shaking in my own cage
What do I believe? I believe
Waiting on a black wave
Living under bad days
Shaking in my own cage
What do I believe
Stumbling down the street I swear to god you don't wanna test me

How did a boy like me
End up in a world so mean
Hevin Amber
Hevin Amber:
Thank you Jesus for these protesters! They are doing a wonderful job. Please Lord give them strength to continue and I support them 100% 😔🙏🏽
mary jones
mary jones:
very well said everyone, stay safe.
ire aut
ire aut:
'wake me up when september ends' i think this quote is quite adequate
Makes you wonder, would george have wanted this to happen? Would he have wanted all of these protest.
ami2fast4y0u gaming
ami2fast4y0u gaming:
uhhhh anyone seeing all the beauty at 2:25 !!!!
Mark Yaske
Mark Yaske:
"You are in violation of the dictates of the state!". The Dem governor commands your obedience!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arria Karelle
Arria Karelle:
We haven't got into the middle of the year yet, and it's got even more worse.
This reminds me of the movie "strike of Sergey einsestine", really interesting what is happening right now.
Aaron Mudd
Aaron Mudd:
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violet revolution inevitable.” John F Kennedy.
Araceli Galaviz
Araceli Galaviz:
Paka Lolo
Paka Lolo:
She's right... all of "this" (vague arm waving) CAN be replaced, preferably and most likely somewhere ELSE. Where my investment will be appreciated by the community, where I might feel safe, period.
1:19 those swim goggles???
Rainy day
Rainy day:
At this point it’s like no one care about the Environment
George Floyd was a career criminal. He literally held a gun to a pregnant lady’s stomach.
Joyce Liu
Joyce Liu:
In 2019,I knew 2020 would not be a good year.
Cesar Canales
Cesar Canales:
"No justice, no peace" (the rational "liberators" of humanity) 😂😂😂
Official dae_dae
Official dae_dae:
Shout out to the white ppl dat support the BLM movement ❤💛💚
Convicted not Convinced
Convicted not Convinced:
if i've learned anything from all of this it's that these people deserve each other
Tom Coster
Tom Coster:
New York Times, can't you stabilize the video? Motion sickness!
Bianca V
Bianca V:
Distinctive MF
Distinctive MF:
2:50, no there isn’t.
Eduard Oláh
Eduard Oláh:
@3:04 scary
3:33 she knows whats up
Araceli Galaviz
Araceli Galaviz:
Mia _
Mia _:
The thumbnail is so powerful
Nefeli S
Nefeli S:
There's one song that describes what I want right now.
Wake me up by Avicii
Just wake me up when 2020 is over.
Natasha T
Natasha T:
1:49 what’s up with those lips?
Shadow_ LG
Shadow_ LG:
This sh*t makes me cry even when nothing is happening in my country
Cookies and Potatoes
Cookies and Potatoes:
Hopefully, George Floyld knows that we are all praying for him

Before, I wanted to work for the police in the US know I know i dont want to
Araceli Galaviz
Araceli Galaviz:
me: I was gonna go to America but NO MAM
Anonyme User
Anonyme User:
I turn 18 soon so maybe I’ll just move back to my country
Kamron Kamren
Kamron Kamren:
We’re having war with our own country
Giving protests a violence, more and more violence will come....☹
Don’t trip G
Don’t trip G:
3:16 this girl speaking fax but if she was dark she’d understand
Efaraima Laulu
Efaraima Laulu:
That one lady is a hero!
Jay Sharuben
Jay Sharuben:
I'll stick to my lofi gang , peace
Nazmul Saqib
Nazmul Saqib:
We need a movie called "2020"
Imgaine if the purge siren started going off. I would have been hella scared
coachlady 68
coachlady 68:
We need change! Let help each other ! Please!!!!
Sol Cutta
Sol Cutta:
Undercover army operatives red flagged the violence into being, the crowd reacted in defence as the police went wild.
Leanne Patriot
Leanne Patriot:
And the last female talking,I’m with you sweetie.
nunya bizness
nunya bizness:
Nice swim goggles🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Calm With Charm
Calm With Charm:
God bless the real protestors who are fighting for changes and freedom. People remember some of the people in the streets are paid to go out there and cause problem
I am so angry at the police I just about could loot a Target get me a big screen TV and 10 cell phones then hit a Prada store for some serious bling then cap off my night of protesting by looting a Nike store.