West Ham United 0-1 Everton | Away Form Is Excellent | 3 Talking Points

West Ham United 0-1 Everton | Away Form Is Excellent | 3 Talking Points

Carlo Ancelotti's Everton side won 1-0 at West Ham United in the Premier League this afternoon. Dominic Calvert-Lewin's first half strike, his 21st of the season, was enough to give the Blues a big 3 points and keep them in the race for European football next season.

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Presenters: Peter McPartland & Barry Cass
Video Editing: Mathew Lamb

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Toffee TV : Everton Fan Channel
Toffee TV : Everton Fan Channel:
West Ham United 0-1 Everton | Away Form Is Excellent | 3 Talking Points
Gerryn Cadd
Gerryn Cadd:
I don’t understand how Tom Davies gets so much hate, I understand he has had some terrible games, but when he plays next too Allan instead of Andre Gomes, he has been quality in my opinion. Gomes, Iwobi and Holgate just aren’t good enough.
I would love mina to stay fit we are a lot better and more sure of ourselves at the back when he plays, can't remember the last time when we had a fully fit squad. Good point about godfrey he is well able to play and pick a pass, how eric dier gets into the england squad ahead of him is a crime.
steve wright
steve wright:
My first ever game i saw was at Upton Park 60 years ago , Everton lost 4-0 but they have been my club ever since, my dad was a hammers fan. West ham has since been a happy hunting ground ever since for us, so no surprise we won today 👍🇧🇸
Ian Clarke
Ian Clarke:
Dcl looks like he's still growing ,he had a presence today which bolds well for another step up next season .
Deffo time to to plan for where we want to be the year after next
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson:
Another great defensive performance away from home with the blues grinding out a deserved win once again taking 3 pts . We go again on Thursday at Villa park 🤞🏻hopefully the away form continues.
“Hasta La Victoria Everton!!”
Anthony Unzueta
Anthony Unzueta:
Love that hoodie. Just ordered one . COYB
Clayton Gopie
Clayton Gopie:
Great away win another clean sheet and 4 games to go and 12 points to play for to qualify for Europe
The truth has to be said about Yerry Mina. He's big and strong and good at defending in the air when fit, but his lower body seems fragile so he's rarely fully fit. How many times in the last 2 years has he done his hamstring or groin? Does he just never stretch before matches? How many games has he missed? When's the last time he played a full 90 minutes? When's the last time he played 90 minutes two games in a row? He just seems injury prone and will likely never be reliable. He's good, but surely not irreplaceable. I think we can and should find another defender with similar attributes who can keep himself fit.
Stephen Hartley
Stephen Hartley:
We did it we done what we had 2 let's get this euro COYB
alex 1976
alex 1976:
We need some quality players, 2 or 3, to get to the next lvl, it's that simple
Stephen Hartley
Stephen Hartley:
Well said baz dom should be praised he is a really good player for us need to appreciate what he actually brings to the team
James Newton
James Newton:
Good result. Would be nice to be able to win games convincingly again rather than get a lucky goal and park the bus, which has been our only game plan since Christmas but il take it.
Murrae Blair-Park
Murrae Blair-Park:
Lads appreciate I am a bit late but congratulations on the 50k plus subscribers all power to you I’ve been around since 15k subscribers so I feel I have been on a bit of the journey. Keep up the good work 👍
Gavin Cunningham
Gavin Cunningham:
we need two wingers a right back ball playing centre mid and an extra striker... because Richarlison iwobi gylfi not good enough or bad attitudes even James always injured sadly... get these players in we will be a completely different animal... we've got to stop extending finished ageing players contract extensions to..
Muz Rabs
Muz Rabs:
Yeah it's just a pity Richarlison has been off the boil this season otherwise that GD would be much better, but if we can get a Leon Bailey or someone similar in the summer we'll be a much more effective attacking outfit next season.
Scouse Celt
Scouse Celt:
Well done Everton , great defensive play. Good win . Fitter Faster. Strong. Next Season. 💙
Dom & Richy must have a problem - won’t pass to each other.
tony keggin
tony keggin:
Will be a big summer what with the Euros sandwiched in the middle. Can we get the personnel required in? We shall see.
Well done lads today also be it Europa or E Conference means we'd come in at the play-offs in mid August which is fine IF we get there.
Top Cat Coolio
Top Cat Coolio:
Davies giving the ball away again, nearly came to hammers goal.
Graeme Rodger
Graeme Rodger:
Why do we only turn up for the bigger games this year? Got to have a mentality change for next season. Turn up every game
Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
KIng denied a goal by blatant handball ...VAR missed it
Top Cat Coolio
Top Cat Coolio:
Richarlson selfish. Needs to pass more for the team
Mike Flynn
Mike Flynn:
As a former critic of Dom i'm very happy to admit his development under Dunc and Carlo has been excellent and is ongoing. In the past i'd hoped he would net 20+ per season and we could sell him on for a tidy cash injection....now i think we need him for at least two more seasons before we cash in. Well done to everyone at Toffee TV.
TheMighty Tman
TheMighty Tman:
We need to fix our shite home record
Top Cat Coolio
Top Cat Coolio:
Blues don't play well at home. Because of one of the ball boys is shouting at them
The biggest single improvement would be to better our movement off the ball. We create so few options for the player in possession and we slow the game down with resulting side and back passing. This makes it easy for teams to play defensively against us as has happened too often at home.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith:
Why liverpool allowed 10,000 fans we only allowed 6,500 they always get what they want cos it don't make sense if government are getting rid of social distance
David Sullivan
David Sullivan:
Only Bruno Fernandes (25), Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane (30 each) have scored more Premier League goals since Carlo Ancelotti took charge of Everton than Dominic Calvert-Lewin (24)
Dom does need to improve but he has shown consistent improvement throughout his time with Everton. We need players with pace who can support him and get the best from his hard work. I've said it before and stand by it that the player he reminds me most of is a young Graeme Sharp