What Caused Elisa Lam's Mysterious Death in 2013? | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

NBC News contributor Dennis Romero gives his opinion and suggests Elisa's behavior may have potentially impacted her drowning at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles.

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What Caused Elisa Lam's Mysterious Death in 2013? | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows


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Yonathan Levi
Yonathan Levi:
I heard from an ex-employee of the Cecil hotel that another guest died in a very similar way and she too was found in the water-tank but the hotel management was able to hide the entire event from public. Employees were told not to speak of it and few that did was fired and since they were able to hide all evidence, no one believed them. This hotel sucks, man!
Watermelon Felon
Watermelon Felon:
This is my thought. When the janitor found the body he said the hatch to the tank was open this was when they found the body, when the cops were checking the roof the hatch was closed this was before they found the body. I don’t think she was always in the water tank, she was put there days after being killed, they said she was there for days but maybe she was dead for days and dropped in that tank later on. The detective on Netflix said that maybe the witnesses made a mistake on whether or not if the hatch was open. Another thing, the policeman had them dogs sniffin for Elisa on the roof, they couldn’t track her scent. She wasn’t there in the beginning. Someone was hiding the body somewhere else, they said she took off her clothes while in the tank to try to escape but I don’t think she’s capable of that intelligence. Why would you remove your clothes to potentially be caught naked after getting out? I don’t think taking off clothes would be in her thoughts if she was still “alive” in the tank. She couldn’t have been alive. I’m not a detective but after watching that shet on Netflix, they all look uneasy and so sus as if they know something us viewers don’t know. Ig the documentary was to try and clear up any accusations on the hotel owners or the police.
Tim Drake Robin Beyond
Tim Drake Robin Beyond:
Yet he can't explain why the elevatot footage was edited, and why it showed the door opening and closing several times after she left ... I think she was murdered. There's no evidence that she lost it and didnt know what she was doing . She wouldn't had been allowed to be on her own if she couldn't take care of herself. Also how do you explain the phone? How come it was never found ? How come nothing was investigated about her borrowing someone else's phone . It just doesn't make sense to me that she'd not think straight and end up dead I'm sorry . People are so quick to see with their eyes before actually looking into this mystery.
The Scribbler
The Scribbler:
"Her premature death was either suicide or murder"..... wow great insight thanks bro
Noble Hill,Minister & Prophet
Noble Hill,Minister & Prophet:
She was killed and her body hidden by someone who worked for that hotel.They knew the layout of the building and those tanks!
Иля Попов
Иля Попов:
It's really strange the coincidence with the "Dark Water" movie. Actually, the film has been done 8 years before and the real story of Elisa's death in the tank is so similar to the happening, that even the names of the girl Ceci are almost the same as the hotel's name Cecil. If it's a coincidence it's really a big one.
Very sad story. Based on her blog posts and social media activity, I think she had a good head on her shoulders and could have achieved a lot in her life.
Rob U
Rob U:
There are a lot of information missing. I did my own research and i found out a couple things. The maintenance guy that worked at the hotel for 30 some years was paid a lump some of cash to relocate to Mexico. This was during the time of Lams death and was never seen again. I did more research and found out the last bookstore where Lam visited. The last bookstore p.o. box registry is located in Vancouver, Canada cemetery where Lam was buried. More research done. I found out that the original autopsy was a possible fake report. Due to the initial doctor who reported the original autopsy was arrested for other fake reports. My final research, there is 2 movies that came out that has chilling coincidence of her story. First film was a japanese story second film is american film. There are soo much coincidence from both movies that reference to Elisa Lam before her death occured back in 2005. Last and final research was that during her visit to California on Lams final days, there was outbreak of T.B. (tuberculosis) come to find out there were test being offered to patients with T.B. called Lipoarabinomannan (LAM) Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). It was her Exact name.
Lily Weir
Lily Weir:
It definitely was a murder she was vulnerable and there's no way she could of closed the tank lid if she didn't have to have anything to stand on in the tank I personally think it was the manager the footage provided by her was slowed down and she seemed to be talking to someone by the elevator before she disappeared she ran in the direction of the fire escape so she probably got chased and thrown into the tank
If no one else was involved then how did she gain access to the roof? Also when she jumped inside, the lid was put back on top. How the hell could she have put the lid back on to the tank if shes inside?
I've been to the Cecil Hotel, the hallway looks pretty decent, but the rooms, not so much. There are two ways of accessing the rooftop, one is for the employees and the other is through the fire escape. I was suprised of how easy it was to access the rooftop, and no I did not triggered any alarms. I saw four large water tanks and a red staircase which leads to a surface, close enough for you to jump on top of the water tank. I did looked at each individual hatches of the tanks, and they don't look heavy at all. All had hindges on the edge. I doubt you'll need to have a superhuman strength to open it, because they look light and not even big. My guess is, she opened the lid, enough for her small body to fit in, and gravity closed it for her. She then panicked, and started to take her clothes off to make herself lighter, so she would float.

Everyone has seen the video of Elisa Lam on the elevator. She was on the 14th floor, and on the 14th floor outside of the elevator just to the left, not visible in the video, there is a small size mirror in a shape of a circle. I believe this would explain why it appeared that, she was talking to someone, or something. I still cant explain those weird hand gestures she made in the video. Though, I heard she suffered from bipolar or other mental health issues.

And as of the elevator not closing. Well, if you have ever been in an elevator, you would know after pressing all the buttons, the elevator will not close for at least two minutes. Elisa Lam, after she entered the elevator, she did just that. She pressed all the buttons, that is why it didn't closed.

Edit: Made some spelling mistakes.
@ 1:23 "there wasn't any third party involved" yet the lead detective acknowledges that Elisa met w 2 men in the lobby and received a white box that was the size you might get if you ordered a baseball cap yet they never elaborate on why that is written off and of no importance. Was its contents with her stuff? Since when does a company send two men two deliver a package??? Cover up!!! Never get me to believe it wasn't. Use your head....the stairs were probably blocked on both sides but she thought it was a game until they got on the roof. There was a camera at the end of the hall to the right that would have captured everything. There is other footage of her and wouldn't a close up while at the main check in desk be better for the public being able to identify her then this altered blurry crap they showed the public. Like I said...its a cover up and my guess is that the FBI is involved because it had National Security implications and the people that killed her used her then made her shut up permanently. Even her family was mystified by her trip and she made a similar trip just months before. Videos like these are cementing the cover up for a younger audience and old videos on the subject have mostly been taken down.
If you question everything here:
If it was suicide then why in the tank? Isn't it hard to enter the roof top because you have to go through fire exit which is locked, but if she did somehow got to the rooftop, why in the tanks, its hard to climb and there's no entry point
She would post scheduled meet ups on Tumblr. So I wouldn't be surprised if someone stalked her through social media. She struggled with depression and it most likely lead her to behave recklessly. But to this day I don't believe she killed herself.
johan hern
johan hern:
Just a quick question. Can't satellites that were in the sky at that time be used or checked for storage data as those videos can be enhanced 1000x times over to check and maybe see what was going on on that roof 2 hours before until an image us spotted at the tanks on that night? Or am I being ridiculous?
Phillip Y
Phillip Y:
I can look at it and see what she is hallucinating. She saw some goo type thing coming down the hall following her which is why she hopped to avoid it touching her which it did and it stuck to her hand when it climbed up on her leg. See her trying to get it off her hand. She went into the tank to hide from it.
That hostel is on the end of skid row. There have been people that have come forward saying they had been stalked into the hostel and the door people escorted them out. I have been stalked down that street by drugged out, mentally unhealthy people.
SpeedWalker Igor
SpeedWalker Igor:
I wonder why no one opens the question of who had access to the safety camera from the elevator and who has rejected the last few seconds just when someone passes through the corridor and suddenly the tape after the door just closes and that's all !?
Safet Cucaj
Safet Cucaj:
Bulshit I am bipolar for 47 years and I have never done anything remotely like that, go to a hotel roof , climb a water tower, take my clothes off, go in the water tower close the water tower hatch and die.
Murder 100%
subscribe for n0 reason plz
subscribe for n0 reason plz:
If you focus on her actions in the elevator cameras, you will notice her talking to someone and pressing random buttons, the only explanation is that she played the elevator game and she talked to the woman of the 5th floor and she tried to make the elevator work to go to the other dimension and escape her, if this hotel is atleast 10 floors then this is the only theory possible
Kienth Vasquez
Kienth Vasquez:
She has mental problems
Before she went on the elevator she took her pill and she was on a lot of it.
The hotel said getting to the rooftop was very hard. But a man recorded himself going to the rooftop with ease and there was even a ladder that you could climb on top of to get to the water tank.
ItsMe Ricci
ItsMe Ricci:
They murdered her and covered it up! Period
Kaleb Chavez
Kaleb Chavez:
No one can explain it... Even when they try to explain it they can't
Noble Hill,Minister & Prophet
Noble Hill,Minister & Prophet:
How could a visitor have knowledge of water tanks on the roof??
M. Noe Olivr
M. Noe Olivr:
People need to learn about hypomanic phases within the context of bipolar illness and let this poor soul Rest In Peace.
Frank Yyyuy
Frank Yyyuy:
This is bull. I stayed at this hotel, along with crack heads, People hiding from the cops and all low life. Rest rooms where in the hallways. Not in the rooms. Party in the bar downstairs. Friday and Saturday's guards would unlock the doors leading to the roof. And us residents would party all night on the roof. Hallways were patrolled 24/7 and they never saw ghost and neither did the residence that lived their. Cost to rent a room, $70.00 to $80.00 a month, into the 90s.. And the hotel was surrounded by homeless and druggies. So how did Elisa Lam end up on the roof if guards patrolled the hallways. And also have the keys to to the emergency doors to the roof. And she is talking to someone. The lock out for the Elevator is located on the wall the direction Lam is facing speaking to someone. Guards also have the lock out key for the elevator.
How about the weird behavior she was clearly shown doing in that elevator? How did she get access to a roof that was locked and could have been almost impossible to get onto. Or that she was in that water tank that was locked.

Something happened to her. Something sinister. Something we can't quite understand or are not willing to accept.
Sherry C.
Sherry C.:
Its definitely got to be someone who works there. It would explain not only how she got up into the rooftop watertank, but also the evidence that points to a minute missing out of part of the tapes. Plus after all the decoding of her body language thats been done which shows shes having a conversation with someone (who she also finds attractive), that person seems to know not to get into the elevator or camera shot. And if there truly is tampering with the video evidence theres only 1 reason: bcuz theres something or someone to hide, like an employee everyone would recognize (& perhaps that someone had knowledge to get to that recorder to tamper with it before release ).
Besides suicide, She also had diary&blog entries mentioning issues w tunnel vision, vertigo, & I believe issues her bi polar medication so that may or may not be a factor of her behavior in the elevator footage. Just my theory. (Ive briefly speculated too someone following/meeting her at that bookstore. And if she did have a shady drink or ecstasy or anything of that sort could that have been negatively impacted by her meds or by the unknown issue causing her vertigo complaints). Could be right, cpuld be wrong but...could they just look more, much more into the owners and staff there.....
Austin Howells20
Austin Howells20:
The hotel covered it up to talk to them.
Gena Krein
Gena Krein:
Murdered! Hotel staff have to be involved. I feel the elevator was tampered with and the lid to the water tank was closed. She didn't close it behind herself. Where were her clothes she "removed" to kill herself? Did ANYONE inspect anything? We expect better from you Los Angeles.
「 Sᴛᴜɴɴɪɴɢ Fʀᴇᴀᴋ 」
「 Sᴛᴜɴɴɪɴɢ Fʀᴇᴀᴋ 」:
I have a feeling that Elisa found something, and she was afraid of what she found. It could be something in the hotel. This whole case is still mysterious, but honestly these comments are making me think a lot of things. Also, the camera in the elevator did catch her acting strange. For example, she was hiding in the corners, pressing multiple buttons, and sticking her head out a lot. But, aren’t there more cameras in the hotel? Why just the elevator?
jeanie Isbell-Northcutt
jeanie Isbell-Northcutt:
Everyone keeps assuming possibilities especially about the water tank lid and it heavy or not why did she take her clothes off and did she disarm the alarm and her actions and behavior is suspicious and odd I believe she was being followed. I have bipolar disorder with manic episodes and yes with her not taking her meds normally would cause a psychosis episode but she was found dead in a water tank on the roof naked and the lid was closed plus the 54 seconds of missing footage and the alarm was disarmed too many assumptions and mysterious. It was messy
Brenda Madrigal
Brenda Madrigal:
I think it definitely had to be maybe a worker as accomplice and should all be suspects because how is it there was nothing else captured on camera and how is it that the door alarm to the roof didn’t go off that was very sus
Hitesh Lalwani
Hitesh Lalwani:
It can’t be suicide it can be murder or something out of our hands. Video can be edited alarm and camera can be shut off.but who did it ? It can be a psychopath or a clever enemy .by my thoughts it’s something human can’t do as this hotel past was not so good. Paranormal activity were reported there.
Ok so here is my theory. She was murdered by someone who watch dark water. The reason why they never got trauma is cause her body was dead for weeks. She was acting like she was traumatized In the hotel elevator. Again this is just my theory. And the security on the hotelwasnt good that's how the murderer was able to get up to the roof.
Zandro Zulueta
Zandro Zulueta:
Everybody’s being detectives here . Lol
How is it suicide, she legit hide and peeking several time she was like running from something
Carly Elson
Carly Elson:
I don’t Believe it was suicide somebody did it
Moral of the story: *TAKE YOUR MEDS!*
Miss Stars
Miss Stars:
If it was murder how would that person get Elisa in the water thingy?
9 39th
9 39th:
I think she was trying to get away from a illusion she had in her mind, because that footage shoes she is scared and is pressing different buttons, she could’ve somehow reached the top of the hotel and didn’t know what to do so climbed into the water tanks.

This is just my opinion of course, I am not a detective so don’t hate on me please 😅
Nadia james Roper
Nadia james Roper:
I dont think she commited suicide personally, just because of her being in the water tank , so many other and more common ways to kill yourself , if its a spare if the moment depressed state usually overdose is involved, if it pre planned usually hanging or jumping off a bridge not saying it 100 % couldn't be , but a young woman visiting la , for a much longing and first experience of travelling alone to take her life , it doesn't fit well , and that elevator clip is freaky 😳, she had wanded into and found at a part of the hotel she shouldn't of been in a day before I think she died , so could be something in that. She could of stumbled across something she shouldn't of , but definitely staff related i think, very bizarre
Paul Benowitz
Paul Benowitz:
So.... you have zero to say.... please take this video down.
Burhaun Aghesli
Burhaun Aghesli:
Her soul was transferd to a diffrent dimension and was never seen again so she’s still alive in a diffrent dimension
Monostelies Tsyundae
Monostelies Tsyundae:
Elevator game is a very reasonable option, though many think it's out of date and not true, y'all can believe what you wanna.
Dan Han
Dan Han:
this dude is like if i flip a coin... it'll either be heads or tails
Al Anonimo
Al Anonimo:
She was murdered. Access to the roof could only be obtained by key. Signs of strangulation or of resistance would more than likely have been lost after two weeks in the water tank. Also, bruising would happen once she was thrown in as she made frantic attempts to get out. This bruising could otherwise be attributed to resistance. She would've had no reason to remove her clothes or close the water tank lid behind her had suicide been the motive. Finally, were suicide the motive you'd expect for her to leave a suicide note or jump off the roof.
She's clearly having a manic episode most likely due by her bipolar condition and/or medication...

If you think this is anything other than a suicide or accident caused by her mental state, then maybe you too need to have your head examined... Sometimes our own brain can be our biggest enemy.
Dianna Odekirk
Dianna Odekirk:
Bottom line it's unprofessional
Noble Hill,Minister & Prophet
Noble Hill,Minister & Prophet:
The janitor did it!
James Holmes
James Holmes:
She will be the lady who enters the elevator in the hotel when you play the elevator game
Jorafie Sacares
Jorafie Sacares:
I think she was just scared bcoz the elevator didnt close after she pressed several buttons. I will also the same if the elevator's door didnt close. I will look outside to check and will hide myself at the side bcoz im scared.. And bcoz she had pressed several buttons, maybe thats what brought her up to the floor where the water tank is. And after getting outside she realize that its not the right floor. Due to fear she get outside and come to the water tank and maybe slip through.. I think the water lid arent close. Im not sure..
Jorafie Sacares
Jorafie Sacares:
I think she was just scared bcoz the elevator didnt close after she pressed several buttons. I will also the same if the elevator's door didnt close. I will look outside to check and will hide myself at the side bcoz im scared.. And bcoz she had pressed several buttons, maybe thats what brought her up to the floor where the water tank is. And after getting outside she realize that its not the right floor. Due to fear she get outside and come to the water tank and maybe slip through.. I think the water lid arent close. Im not sure..
Chi Chi
Chi Chi:
I think that muderer spirit maybe possed her and convinced her to do it
Dakota Winters
Dakota Winters:
I think it was murder. Someone from the hotel.
Nazeem Dollie
Nazeem Dollie:
This is my opinion.
• She was running away from someone that wanted to kill her.
• She was ahead by minutes or seconds. The killer was trailing behind.•
• She took off her clothes and got into the water tank, thinking that she would hide from him just long enough for him to think that she's not on the roof and that she went somewhere else where he would never find her.
• She was not sure whether he was still on the roof whilst she hid inside the water tank.
• Most likely the water tank was not completely full - just full enough to keep her head above water.
• She stayed inside too long, her extremeties (hands, feet) started suffering from hypothermia
• Either that, or the lid of the water tank was too heavy and she started running out of air to breathe
• Water tank lids are easy to open from the outside, but once you are inside, it's much harder to close
• As a result, her lower and outer extremeties started freezing and she could not swim
• She gasped and panicked, wanting to get out, but alas, it's too late
• It's dark inside the tank, her hands, feet, calves, are cramping
• She's fighting for air, panicking, and drowns
My Instagram: www.instagram.com/vivadiebokke
The elevator video was heavily doctored in order to sell this narrative that she went crazy. But if you watch the video closely: The "strange gestures" she makes, are a result of video editing. You'll notice short backwards-forwards looping (like some animated memes on Twitter), and at least one instance of frame skipping, which also occurs later when the elevator door closes.

This is also why the time code has been obfuscated - to prevent anyone from seeing the time running. It's fairly easy nowadays even back in 2013 for anyone with a computer to cut and paste video from different times into a new sequence, in order to tell a different story than what actually occurred.

Conclusion: Obvious hotel staff coverup. And I bet the hotel management/staff had a "mutually beneficial" relationship with some of the police in the LAPD. The LAPD moved to close the case quickly, denying justice for Elisa and her family.

If Elisa had been a white American woman with rich parents, the case would have been handled very differently. But the victim here was an Asian Canadian woman. No justice for her. Welcome to America =(
Makala Beckerleg
Makala Beckerleg:
Was the lid of the tank in place when the maintenance man found her ? Did he have to remove it n if so why did he replace it n not tell the police because the police ain’t sure about that fact...
Samuel Victory
Samuel Victory:
There seem to be a black a black shadow behind her in elevator..creepy
Leaky Pussy
Leaky Pussy:
Who is he? Why has been asked?
A to the Z
A to the Z :
they could break the elevator
Whos here after watching the Netflix documentary?
Andrea Brantley
Andrea Brantley:
📍 I think the killer, or killers work at the hotel!... They knew where the camera's were and could've been hiding in blind spots, They could've done something to the elevator to make her take another path to her room... and she was on the roof in a place workers would know about!... js.🤷🏼‍♀️
Kevin P
Kevin P:
She lost her mind.
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez:
If it was murder, why would the killer dispose of the body in a place where it can be found so easily? If it was suicidal, why chose a water tank and not a loaded gun or a noose?
Amyart5 Creative Art
Amyart5 Creative Art:
iff she knew exactly what she was doing???? l mean to say...how can a young woman or anybody as a matter of fact... would now that there are water tanks above the Hotel?? I you truly would do a research on this... not many people would know... let along get up that High and fall into a Water tank... definitely foul play.
Curt Hoaldridge
Curt Hoaldridge:
It really was an accidental drowning. Elevator was acting strange because the last button she pushed was the ‘door hold’ button. She expected the door to close. Her “strange” behavior is a result of that. She steps out wondering if someone pushed the button or anything. Eventually she gives up on the elevator. Takes the fire escape to the roof. She was exploring. Somehow makes it in the water tank. Maybe accidentally while jumping on tank from above. Cover could have been removed already. The water tank is 10 feet tall and was 3/4 full at the time. Once inside, she couldn’t reach the top to get out. She took off her clothes because they were weighing her down. Sad and unfortunate way to die.
Alan Kim
Alan Kim:
For a minute, I thought this was Ronnie from Jersey Shore.
Isabelle larose
Isabelle larose:
I DONT AGREE AT ALL!!!!!she was killed ,maibe she was depress but i am sure she was murdered , their is so much weird things in that case,she was killed.
Burhaun Aghesli
Burhaun Aghesli:
You can survive it
Jaelin Whittaker
Jaelin Whittaker:
She was playing the elevator game
Christopher Swift
Christopher Swift:
Elvis did it!!!!!
Luna Diogo
Luna Diogo:
She was playing the elevator game
Dana Gomez
Dana Gomez:
How could she lift those heavy lids
LeRandom PersonOnline
LeRandom PersonOnline:
if.... just what happenes if the elevator door just closed before it happend
The Hotel should be sued
Arturo Valencia
Arturo Valencia:
She got killed fact I was told at the hotel
ivee honorio
ivee honorio:
My theory she was playing the elevator game
Hahmzed Yuzefan
Hahmzed Yuzefan:
murder obviously
I think the girl was trying to do the elevator game its actually fake or real the girl i think she suicide because of the allmost ending the girl started to get scared enough and started waging her hands
Burhaun Aghesli
Burhaun Aghesli:
But not everybody!
Weirdtuber journalism
Weirdtuber journalism:
Hie eyes...their just so...beautiful
(In a manly type of way)
Hardik Upadhyay
Hardik Upadhyay:
Tatiana Akor
Tatiana Akor:
The manager is sus
Sarah roggen
Sarah roggen:
that is hotel is haunted tho. I mean serial killers used to be there…
Zufall X
Zufall X:
And who asked you and why?
Porter Shabazz
Porter Shabazz:
He looks like death. 😂😂
segara adjie
segara adjie:
We need shaman
SpeedWalker Igor
SpeedWalker Igor:
Whenever I see this man, I recall how I imagine Lucifer's eyes!
aussie  Richard
aussie Richard:
No one more ghost at the hotel
Raul Hardic.
Raul Hardic.:
Datz 1 reason to stick to cheap lodgings
I’m sorry but it seemed like she was worried someone was following her.
Honey Milano
Honey Milano:
It’s truly like the cortez
Fantastic Mr Fox
Fantastic Mr Fox:
You lot have way too much time on your hands looking for things that aren't there..
Jalyhia Germany
Jalyhia Germany:
Someone said she was playing the elevator game but did it wrong
They said that there was a Chopper flying over head along with the body sniffing dogs . Why didn't the choppers see that the lid was open ?
Steely Phil
Steely Phil:
Sorry, Can't take anyone with guyliner seriously.
ícҽís թհօҽղíx
ícҽís թհօҽղíx:
It's Stay on Main now.
Chaminade Mendelssohn
Chaminade Mendelssohn:
The guumy has long eyelashes and matching eyebrows reminds me of one of the participantsnif RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE.. amen
zoro rondigger
zoro rondigger:
Eluminaty sacrifice